Thursday Y&R Update 7/20/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 7/20/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

When Tessa and Mariah bumped into each other at Crimson Lights, Mariah teased that Tessa was a stalker. Tessa was curious about how things went with Devon. Mariah thought she'd come off as pathetic and needy while telling him how she felt. Mariah believed Devon when he said he was over Hilary and that he wanted Mariah. Tessa thought that Mariah must be relieved. Mariah said Devon was an amazing guy who treated her like gold. Mariah asked how things went with Noah. Tessa said things were weird in a good way. She explained that Noah had said he wanted to take things slow, but once she tried that, he seemed to get more interested. Mariah said those were the kinds of games that Hilary excelled at and Mariah didn't. Tessa told her to stop comparing herself to Hilary. Mariah said she didn't think Noah was playing games – she thought that Tessa's willingness to pull back made him feel safe enough to feel comfortable with moving the relationship forward. Tessa thought Mariah's insight made perfect sense. Tessa couldn't believe Noah was interested in her. Mariah assured Tessa that she was gorgeous, talented and confident. Tessa admitted she'd never been with someone like Noah, who was willing to open up. She said it was cool and scary to let herself be vulnerable. They shifted back to Mariah's relationship. Mariah was scared to let herself fall for Devon, because she thought she might get hurt. Tessa thought that was normal, and she gave Mariah some encouragement.

Hilary and Howard were on the set of the Hilary Hour. They watched the footage of Victor and Nick's altercation. Howard gleefully imagined airing the fight, but Hilary looked uncertain. Howard conceded that Victor might get angry if they released the video, but he thought they were in their right to do so, since Victor gave them access to film the benefit. Hilary countered that Victor asked them to do an inspirational story, not a fight. She decided not to release the video because she didn't want to make an enemy of Victor. Later, a stunned Hilary ended her phone call with Victor. She told Howard that Victor had given her permission to air as much of the video as she saw fit. Mariah arrived and found them watching the video again. “You're not gonna air that,” Mariah snapped. Mariah thought it was important that they stay on Victor's good side. Hilary told her what Victor said. Mariah didn't understand why he would say that. Howard didn't care about Victor's motives. Hilary agreed. She was glad she could air the footage without self-righteous people like Mariah and Devon accusing her of being a bottom-feeder. Mariah said that Devon was finished with Hilary, so she could stop throwing herself at him like she did at the party. Mariah contended that Hilary was embarrassing herself. Hilary disagreed, and she said that Devon couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Hilary said it wasn't her fault Mariah couldn't keep Devon interested. Mariah noted that Devon could have any woman in the world, and he chose her. Hilary thought the reason for that was obvious. She said that a man in Devon's position had to worry about gold-diggers, but he knew he could trust Mariah. Hilary maintained that she and Devon had once in a lifetime chemistry. Hilary contended that Devon undressed her with his eyes. Mariah argued that Devon was done with Hilary. She added that her (Mariah's) sex life with Devon was hot as hell. Hilary said that she and Devon recently had a heart to heart conversation. Hilary said that it was clear that Devon still wanted her, and she admitted she wanted him too. “Devon is committed to me now, so deal with it,” Mariah replied.

Nick dropped by the main house to visit Nikki. She was still upset because of Nick and Victor's fight. Nick said he was fed up with Victor and couldn't play the dutiful son anymore. He brought up Victor punching him, and Nikki noted that Victor did punched Nick because he tried to sabotage the concert. Nick maintained that he did that to protect Nikki. Nikki accused him of sounding like Victor. Nick felt completely justified in his actions because he'd seen how much pain Nikki was in after the concert. Nikki countered that Nick disregarded what she wanted. She noted that Victor used the same logic when he played God with other people's lives. Nick said he didn't want have to do what he did, but he felt like he had no choice. He noted that the concert was over now, so they didn't have to lie anymore. Nikki noted that Nick had been very upset over the last few months. She wondered if Nick really tried to ruin the concert out of concern for her or if he thought that if he stirred the pot he could bring the family around to his point of view on how to handle Victor. Nick denied it. Nikki admitted that Nick had been clear about his concerns that the concert could exacerbate her M.S., but she told him that he'd put just as much pressure on her as Victor had. Nick swore he never intended to do that. Nikki urged Nick to see what rage was doing to their family.

Nick asked how Nikki was feeling. Nikki said the pain had pretty much subsided; the night away did wonders. Nick asked where she went, and she readily admitted to being with Jack at his cabin. Nick asked if she was going to patch things up with Victor. Nikki said no, and she informed him that Victor stormed out after she told him so. Nikki thought Nick would be thrilled to hear that, but Nick was just concerned for Nikki. Nikki said that Victor made it clear that he was finished trying to win her back. She said that she and Victor were both sick of pretending. Going forward, Nikki intended to focus on her own life and happiness. Nikki and Nick said they loved each other.

Ravi met Ashley at the Athletic Club. She asked him to help an business acquaintance put together a website. Ravi agreed. While they waited for the man to arrive, Ashley asked Ravi about his observations on Dina. Ravi explained that Dina had been confused and that she'd referred to Jack as Graham. Ashley noted that Ravi had picked up on things that she and Jack hadn't. Ravi suggested that there could be a mundane explanation for Dina's behavior, like tiredness. Ashley didn't want to dismiss what Ravi saw. She decided to spend time with Dina, one on one and observe her behavior. Ravi noted that Dina was an older woman who'd just been through a lot of changes. Ashley wondered if that was why Dina was treating Graham like a security blanket. She thought that Dina might be so close to him because she was almost like a stranger to her own children.

Ashley thanked Ravi after he helped out her friend, then they resumed their discussion on Dina. Ashley noted that Traci thought Dina seemed different. Ashley recalled that Dina had seemed uncharacteristically emotional that evening while reminiscing about the song she used to sing to Jack when he was little. Ashley said that Dina usually a very cold person. Ravi said he found Dina to be very warm and with a wicked sense of humor. Ashley admitted she wasn't very welcoming when Dina came to town. She wondered if her change of attitude had thrown Dina.

Jack was in Dina's suite. Dina slapped Jack after he noted that she had pursued married men. Dina immediately apologized, but she pointed out that Jack had been very rude. Jack admitted she was right. He noted that this was the second time he'd been rude in the past 24 hours, and he said that he'd come by to apologize for leaving her at the party last night. Dina thought that it had been very disrespectful of Jack to abandon her so he could run off with Nikki. Jack pointedly noted that being abandoned hurt. Jack's comment stung, and Dina fought back tears as she told him so. She asked if he was happy now. Jack apologized for what he said and he admitted that he should've let Dina know he was leaving. Dina disapproved of Jack running off with Victor's wife. Jack refused to avoid Nikki to appease Victor. Dina didn't want to see Jack make the mistakes she did. Jack reminded Dina that he used to be married to Nikki. Dina didn't think it made sense to rekindle a relationship that already failed before. Jack said he wasn't making a play for Nikki; he was helping a friend in a crisis. Dina warned him that Victor wouldn't buy that. Jack's biggest regret was that helping Nikki came at Dina's expense. Jack had a good time last night and he hoped they could do something fun together again; just the two of them. Dina said she'd like that.

Jack and Dina were both near tears. Jack admitted he sounded selfish sometimes, but he said he'd developed some self preservation skills at a young age. Jack said he was trying to hold onto what he had now, not what he'd lost as a kid. Later, Abby dropped by at some point after Jack left. Dina said she liked Abby's new beau, but Abby clarified that Zack was just a colleague. Abby told Dina about the Newman family drama that unfolded behind the scenes of the concert. Abby felt that Victoria was dismissive of her when she asked why Nick and Victor fought. She admitted she threw a drink in Victoria's face. Dina approved of Abby's reaction, but Abby didn't feel good about what she'd done. Abby explained that Victoria fell and could've been hurt. Dina noted that she wasn't. Dina thought that Victoria should've been more respectful after all Abby had done for Victoria's mother. Dina noted that Abby had even made the Newmans look respectable. Abby reminded Dina that she was a Newman. Dina thought of Abby as an Abbott, but she knew it must be difficult for her to be the go-between for both families. Dina thought that being a member of both families was an opportunity, not a handicap. Dina noted that Abby would learn things about the Newmans and the Abbotts that no one else would. Abby smiled as she thought of the advantage of that, and she thanked Dina. Abby loved talking to Dina because she was so supportive. Dina said that she wanted to give Abby her wisdom and objectivity, which was something that Abby's parents couldn't do. They hugged.

At Jabot, Ashley complained to Jack about him leaving Dina behind. She thought Nikki could've taken a limo. Jack stated that Nikki needed him. Ashley scoffed. She informed him that she ran into Victor earlier. “With your car, I hope,” Jack replied. Ashley continued that she told Victor that Jack left with Nikki. Ashley got the impression that Victor had no idea that happened. Jack revealed that he took Nikki to the cabin, and then he asked if they could drop this. Ashley told Jack what Ravi said, then she asked if Jack had noticed anything unusual about Dina. Jack told Ashley about Dina slapping him and why. Ashley said she would've slapped Jack too for that comment. Jack conceded that he'd been a bit tactless, but he thought it was out of character for Dina to lash out physically. He asked if Ashley agreed. Ashley admitted she didn't know Dina well enough to say. She thought they should keep an eye on Dina. Jack thought that Dina would be too proud and stubborn to tell them if something was going on with her. Ashley noted that Dina could confide in Graham. Jack thought that she should be able to confide in her children. Ashley thought it was clear why she didn't. Jack wasn't proud of the fact that he'd held onto his childhood resentment, but Ashley thought it was good that he was expressing his feelings to Dina.

Jack told Ashley that Dina found his friendship with Nikki unseemly. He assumed Ashley agreed. “If Nikki makes you happy, who am I to judge?,” Ashley said. Jack reminded her that she'd always judged before. After Ashley left, Nikki came by. She told Jack that Victor knew she wasn't running back to him. Nikki thanked Jack for giving her the strength to move on. She exclaimed that she felt so free. Jack marveled that she sounded like the Nikki he knew when they were young. Jack felt that helping her get to this point was worth getting slapped by Dina. He told Nikki that Dina was scandalized about him leaving with Nikki. Nikki burst into laughter trying to picture Dina being scandalized about anything. Jack enjoyed hearing Nikki laugh. He said he assured his mother that nothing happened at the cabin. Nikki said that Victor walked out on her so she couldn't care less what people thought. Jack asked if she was sure. Nikki responded by kissing him. Abby walked in on them. She demanded to know what was going on. Nikki said she was thanking Jack for his support and donation. Abby asked if that was how Nikki usually thanked people. “When the spirit moves me,” Nikki said. She caressed Jack's face and promised to talk to him later, then she left. Abby glared at Jack. Jack said that Victor walked out on Nikki and that if Abby had an issue with the way Nikki was living her life, she should take it up with Mr. Mumbles. Abby snapped that she was talking to Jack.

Ravi ran into Ashley in the lobby of Jabot. She told him what Jack said. Ravi was shocked that Dina slapped Jack. Ashley theorized that she and Jack reverted to rebellious teens when they were around Dina, because the old wounds opened up. Ravi asked if Dina had a history of hitting people. Ashley had never known her to get physical with anyone. Ravi noted that people change, but he told Ashley to keep an eye on Dina. He was sure that Ashley would notice if something was going on with her.

Back at the suite, Dina called her accountant and asked to make a major purchase in the biotech industry. The accountant cautioned her against such an aggressive move, but Dina was adamant that she knew how she wanted to structure her portfolio.

Victor dropped by The Underground and thanked Noah for bringing the new soundboard to the benefit. Noah asked what was going on between Victor and Nick. Victor revealed that Nick destroyed the original soundboard in an attempt to sabotage Nikki's concert. Victor said that Nick should've come to him when he found out about Nikki's M.S. flare up. Victor theorized that Nick had taken action because he wanted to punish Victor for not being attuned to Nikki's health. Nick walked in and was unhappy to see Victor. Noah asked them to remember that they were family. Victor asked Noah for privacy. After Noah left, Nick ordered Victor to leave his son out of this. Victor argued that Nick dragged Noah into this with his backstage shenanigans. Nick was dismayed, but not surprised, that Victor told Noah what Nick did. Victor contended that Noah was too smart to be wasting his time in Nick's bar. Nick said that Noah made his choice and so did Nikki, when she decided to stop putting up with Victor. Victor concluded that he'd been too forgiving. He noted that he forgave Nick for going to the feds and accusing him of commercial bribery, and he forgave Nick for suing him for the $500,000,000 trust fund. “You have betrayed me over and over and I've let it go,” Victor said. Nick argued that Victor never let anything go. Victor noted that Nikki, Nick and Victoria accused him of being controlling and being obsessed with wealth and power, yet they were all living off that wealth and power. Nick said he'd built strong relationships with his children and he'd never let them deteriorate. Nick told Victor to keep his wealth and power. Victor reiterated that Nick was no longer his son. He predicted that Nick would come to regret getting disowned, but by then it would be too late. Victor left.

Noah met up with Tessa at Crimson Lights. He told her a bit about Victor and Nick's relationship – how Victor's grim childhood had lead to him being so tough on Nick that he quit working at Newman. Noah said that Nick worked hard to be a different kind of father than Victor was. Noah said that the concert was supposed to be a good thing, but instead it brought out the worst in Nick. Noah sensed that Victor came by to make sure he still had a relationship with Noah. Although Noah and Victor didn't get along, Noah believed Victor meant well. Noah revealed that Victor didn't like him working at The Underground. According to Noah, Victor thought Noah should follow his dreams. Noah was caught off guard when Tessa asked about his dreams. He noted that people rarely asked him that. Noah admitted that he wanted to open up a chain of Undergrounds, focusing on small places where there wasn't a lot of live music. Tessa liked the idea and she said she'd play at every location. She asked who Noah wanted to work with. Noah wasn't interested in working with Victor; he wanted to build the franchise with Nick.

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