Wednesday Y&R Update 7/19/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 7/19/17


Written by Christine
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Victor gazed out of his high rise at Top of the Tower, while Nikki simultaneously stared out the window of the Abbott Cabin. Jack walked in, and Nikki informed him that she slept well in the guest room last night, and she felt great. She thanked him for getting her out of there. Jack showed her a positive article about the benefit, which featured the a photo of the smiling Newman family. Nikki wished the smiles were genuine. Jack served breakfast. Nikki enjoyed the meal and said that everything was better at the cabin. She loved the peace and quiet. Jack admitted the trip to the cabin was doing him good, too. Nikki confided that it was hard to play the perfect happy family at the concert. Jack thought they should talk about going back to town. Nikki confessed that she wasn't ready to face what was waiting for her. Jack and Nikki got ready to leave the cabin. Nikki replied to Nick's messages and let him know she was okay. However, she decided not to reply to Victor because she thought that they needed to speak face to face.

Back at Top of the Tower, Ashley congratulated Victor on the benefit. He gave credit to Abby. Ashley sensed tension between Victor and the other Newmans, and she urged him to confide in her. Victor revealed that he got in a fist fight with Nick because Nick tried to sabotage the concert. Victor said he would've canceled the benefit if Nikki told him that her M.S. flared up. Victor had a feeling that Jack had tried to convince Nikki that he cared about her more than Victor did. Ashley now understood why Jack took Nikki somewhere last night. Victor admitted that he didn't think the evening would end that way. Ashley's associate arrived for their meeting, so she left. Victor pulled up the family photo from last night on his tablet, and his eyes filled with tears.

Scott stopped by Victor's office. Abby told him that Victor wasn't in yet. Abby wasn't sure if Victor would still be angry after what happened with Nick or if he'd want to discuss work instead. Scott didn't understand how the Newmans could go on as usual after a fight. Abby snapped that it wasn't up to her. She reminded Scott that this wasn't his family and she ordered him to back off. Abby apologized for lashing out, and Scott apologized for being so direct. He explained that if this were his family, he'd want to talk things out instead of letting it fester. Abby wanted to, but she said that wasn't how her family worked. Scott understood that she felt like an outsider. Abby grew defensive, but Scott assured her that he wasn't criticizing her.

Scott noted that, unlike Nick, Abby worked hard to make things perfect for Victor and Nikki. Scott hoped that Abby would sing her own praises when Victor arrived, so that he'd see that he shouldn't take her for granted. Victor arrived after Scott left. He hugged Abby and told her what a good job she did last night. He said he'd never forget that she was the only one of his children who was willing to help. Abby suggested that they should have asked Nick to help out. Abby was taken aback when Victor announced that he'd disowned Nick. Abby wanted to know why, but Victor wouldn't tell her. Abby noted that there seemed to be something going on between Nikki and Victor too. She thought that Victoria knew the truth and wouldn't tell her. Abby admitted that this made her feel like she wasn't really a Newman. Victor assured her that whatever was going on with the others had nothing to do with his relationship with her. He told her that he could trust and rely on her. They hugged.

Victor told Abby and Scott that he expected great things from them in the second half of the year. Victor asked Abby to give him a minute with Scott. Once Abby was gone, Victor thanked Scott for helping out with the concert. Victor assumed Scott would like to talk about the incident last night. Scott wasn't sure of the details, but he knew that Nick was out of line. Victor agreed. “Effective immediately, my son Nicholas will no longer enjoy the privilege of being a Newman,” Victor stated. Scott didn't feel it was his place to judge Victor's decision. Victor said he felt that people were against him. Scott noted that he and Abby weren't.

Later, Scott returned to Victor's office and found Abby there. Scott was going to leave, since Victor wasn't there, but Abby asked him what he and Victor talked about. Scott filled her in. Scott sensed that Victor wanted him to support his decision to cut Nick out. Abby didn't understand why Victor was disowning Nick. She said that there was no point in disinheriting him, since she, Nick and Victoria once successfully sued Victor and won enough money to last a lifetime. Abby didn't see what else Victor could take from Nick. Scott thought it was best that they didn't know what Victor was up to.

Jack brought Nikki home. He offered to stay and provide support while she talked to Victor, but she thought that would only make things worse. Jack believed Nikki was at peace for the first time in a long time, and he didn't want Victor to ruin that. Nikki promised that he wouldn't. Jack left. Victor came home. Nikki said good morning, but Victor disagreed that it was good. Nikki made it clear that she didn't plan to apologize. Victor noted that she'd walked out on the accolades people were giving her. Although they were cool toward each other, Victor complimented Nikki on her performance, and she gave him credit for arranging the event. Victor noted that Nikki looked great last night, and Nikki said it was probably because he had a dress made for her. Victor was hurt that Nikki left without saying anything. Nikki explained that she had to get out of there after everything that happened. Victor asked if she had to stay out all night, and Nikki said she needed space to gain perspective.

Victor asked if Nikki saw the family photo in the online paper; he noted that they looked like a happy group. Nikki found the picture sad, because she knew it was all a charade. Victor blamed Nick for ruining things. Nikki asked Victor not to badmouth Nick. Victor reminded her that she'd been upset with their son too. Nikki said she'd never disown Nick. Nikki noted that Nick was trying to protect her. Victor thought that Nikki should've been honest with him about her M.S. flare up. Nikki argued that Victor's sins paled in comparison to hers. Victor admitted that he thought they'd reconcile after the concert. He asked how Nikki was feeling, health-wise. Nikki felt better, but she planned to take a break from the piano. Victor snidely suggested that she ask Jack to introduce her to a hobby that wouldn't strain her system. Nikki said she needed a friend last night. Victor told her he wasn't going to argue with her about Jack. He announced that he didn't care anymore. He quietly said he'd tried to apologize for his involvement with Chloe, he'd atoned for his mistakes and he'd told Nikki how much he loved her. Nikki said she would always love Victor, but she didn't look at him the same way anymore. Victor knew how hard it was for Nikki to pretend they were still together, so he said he'd stop hiding the fact that they split up. “You are the love of my life, but if that is no longer of interest to you, then I bid you farewell,” Victor said. Both were in tears. Victor left the house.

Tessa thanked Mariah for letting her spend the night at the cottage. Tessa added that she intended to avoid the main house for awhile. Mariah was embarrassed about blubbering all over Tessa about Devon last night. Tessa was glad she could be there for Mariah. Tessa asked if Mariah was going to talk to Devon. Mariah wasn't sure what to do. She said she knew what she was getting into when she started dating the recently divorced Devon. Mariah was hesitant to open up, but Tessa encouraged her to share. “I just wanted to matter to him as much as he matters to me,” Mariah admitted. Tessa urged her to tell Devon that. Mariah was scared that it made her insecure or pathetic. Tessa assured Mariah that she was smart and funny, and although she hid it, she had a huge heart. Tessa was adamant that Mariah was incredible and that she didn't deserve to be anyone's second choice. Tessa gently stroked Mariah's hair and they stared into each others eyes. There was a knock at the door – Devon and Noah.

The guys brought coffee and Devon told Tessa that people had been calling about her performance all morning – they couldn't wait to hear her first single. Devon wanted to get Tessa into the studio ASAP. Tessa was eager to start soon. She suggested they all go out for breakfast. Mariah declined, so Tessa and Noah left. Devon asked Mariah out to dinner, and she said maybe. noticed that Mariah was distant, and he asked if something was bothering her. Mariah admitted she felt like Hilary came first with him. Devon said he was over Hilary. Mariah thought the way he looked at Hilary and talked about her said otherwise. Devon felt that he and Hilary would always be connected, due to a shared past, but he said he divorced her because he was tired of the lies and manipulation. He said that Mariah was nothing like Hilary. Mariah thought that, deep down, Devon started dating her because he knew it would irritate Hilary. Devon took Mariah's hands. He assured her that she made him happy and that she lifted him up when he was at his lowest point. Devon never wanted Mariah to feel like she was second best. He said he wanted her by his side, and they hugged.

Tessa and Noah went to the Club. Tessa noted that Noah had asked her out last night and this morning. Noah admitted that he'd asked to take things slow, but he said he kept wanting to spend more time with her. Noah asked how Tessa felt about him. Tessa said she was taking it day by day, but she was happy. They kissed.

Graham said he was sorry that Dina didn't get to spend as much time with Jack last night as she thought she would. Dina didn't respond, because she was frantically searching the suite for her reading glasses. Graham told her to keep looking while he went to the venue to see if she left them there. Dina was surprised Graham would do that for her. She thanked him for taking such good care of her. Dina wished Graham had been at the event since Jack had proved to be such a disappointing escort. Graham promised that he'd never let Dina down. Graham left. Ravi returned Dina's glasses, which he'd found in the back seat of his car. Dina complained about how rude it was for Jack to leave her alone last night. Ravi was sure Jack had a good reason. Dina was grateful that Ravi and Ashley took care of her. Graham returned after Ravi left. Dina told him that she'd left her glasses in Ravi's car. Graham assured her that things like that happened to everyone. Dina said she'd been thrown by needing a ride from Ashley and Ravi.

Jack dropped by Dina's suite. “Well it's about time. What do you have to say for yourself?” Dina scolded. Jack's jaw dropped. Graham chimed in, adding that Jack shouldn't have left Dina alone. Jack snapped that he left Dina at a private event with several people she knew, including her daughter. Dina argued that Jack should've stuck to the plan. Jack asked Graham to leave. Once Graham was gone, Dina continued to lecture Jack about leaving her behind. Jack said he was sorry, and Dina spat that he should be. Jack explained that Nikki asked him to take her out of the party. Dina was shocked, and she said Victor would be furious. Jack didn't care. He said that Nikki was a friend and he didn't want to see her get hurt. Dina stressed that Nikki was married. “For now,” Jack replied. Dina warned Jack that he was playing with fire. She read the look on his face and noted that he seemed to want to jump into the flames. Jack admitted that she might be right – maybe he'd been playing it too safe. “After all, you never let a little fact like a man being married get in the way of your being happy,” Jack stated. Dina slapped Jack.

Ravi met with Ashley at Top of the Tower. He was concerned about Dina, and he told Ashley how agitated she'd been about Jack. Ashley recalled Ravi telling her that Dina had referred to Jack as Graham and had been really confused last night. Ashley remembered that Traci had sensed that something was off with Dina during the family dinner. Ashley thought that Dina seemed to be on the top of her game when it came to business. Ravi suggested that it might just be the normal aging process. He hoped he didn't overstep. Ashley was glad that she came to him, and she vowed to be on the lookout for signs that something was wrong.

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