Tuesday Y&R Update 7/18/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 7/18/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

In the Abbott cabin, Jack and Nikki were locked in a passionate kiss. Nikki suddenly pulled back and apologized for kissing him. She explained that she was still out of sorts because of what happened earlier. Jack didn't think Nikki should feel bad since they'd kissed before. He noted that they were married once. Nikki admitted the night hadn't gone as expected. Jack knew something had gone on between Victor and Nick. Nikki was upset with Nick for undermining her, but Jack sympathized with Nick. He felt that Nick was trying to do what was best for Nikki, unlike Victor. Jack conceded that Nikki performed wonderfully, despite her agonizing pain, but he noted that the concert could've easily gone the other way. “And Victor should've known that no event, no charity, no fat donation check is worth the risk,” Jack contended. Nikki revealed that she hid her flare ups from Victor because she wanted to perform. Nikki felt great about encouraging fellow M.S. sufferers and raising so much money. Jack asked if she felt great about Victor.

Jack served Nikki tea, and they resumed their conversation. She explained that she used to think Victor arranged the benefit to control her, but now she believed he was truly trying to do something good and make her a part of it. Jack asked why Victor arranged such a lavish evening for her – the couture, the jewelry, her name on a building. “Because he's desperate for me to forgive him,” Nikki blurted out. Jack asked what for. Nikki sighed that it was a long list. Jack recalled that she'd been acting like a loving wife at the benefit. Nikki said she'd been acting on and off stage. Jack asked what was going on. “It's about what he did to you,” Nikki claimed. She said she was angry because Victor wasn't remorseful about what he'd done to Jack and Phyllis. Nikki blamed herself for continually forgiving Victor and making excuses for him. She now believed that the man who thought about retiring to focus on their marriage wasn't the real Victor. She said that the man who disowned his son tonight was the true Victor. Jack marveled that this was the most intelligent thing he'd heard her say in a long time. Jack wasn't sure if Nikki truly meant what she said or if she was blowing off steam. He said he'd understand if she decided to forgive Victor.

Jack said he used to think he could forget that Victor destroyed his life, but now he realized that he'd never forgive the “bastard.”

“He stole my happiness,” Jack said. Nikki asked if Jack was planning to get revenge. Jack had learned that seeking revenge was pointless. Nikki said she realized that he hadn't been happy since he broke up with Phyllis. Jack admitted that she was right. He said he'd been putting on a show and even indulging in meaningless sex. Jack added that he used to think having his mother in town would help, but it hadn't. Nikki told him it would take time to get over Dina abandoning him. Jack confessed that he'd been obsessing about Graham. Nikki thought Jack was right to look out for Dina, but she asked him who was looking after Jack. Jack assured her that he could take care of himself. Nikki said that when Jack whisked her away, it was like a switch flipped and gave her permission to do what she wanted. She snuggled up to him on the couch and said this was exactly what she needed.

Victor, who was at the Top of the Tower, got a call from Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris explained that Kevin had come to the house with a gun, tied him up and taken off with Chloe. Victor was furious because he'd paid Dr. Harris an obscene amount of money to keep Chloe hidden. Dr. Harris mentioned that he thought Kevin and Chloe were on their way to pick up Bella. Victor asked if Kevin knew Victor was involved. Dr. Harris assured Victor that he and Maggie didn't say anything about Victor. Victor asked who Maggie was. Dr. Harris stated that she was his daughter and that Victor had brought her back to him. Victor realized Dr. Harris had lost touch with reality. Dr. Harris begged Victor to find Maggie and bring her back. Victor told Dr. Harris to destroy the number and never contact him again.

Kevin and Chloe packed their bags and prepared to leave the motel room where they'd been hiding. Kevin estimated that it would take a couple of days to reach Oregon. He said they should drive till dawn and sleep once they were far away from Genoa City. Chloe looked worried, and Kevin assured her that no one was looking for them. Chloe cringed when Kevin promised that they'd live happily ever after. She accused him of jinxing them, but Kevin was confident that Dr. Harris would never inform Victor about Chloe's escape. They were about to wake Bella up and go, when there was a knock on the door. Kevin asked who it was. “Your worst nightmare,” Victor replied. Kevin had Chloe hide in the bathroom, then he opened the door. Victor mentioned that he was able to track Kevin because he paid for the room with a credit card. Kevin kept up the charade about leaving town to get away from the painful reminders of Chloe until Victor ordered Chloe to show herself. She walked out.

Victor asked if Kevin really wanted to be with Chloe. Kevin called Chloe the love of his life and said Victor would do the same for Nikki. Victor countered that he wouldn't be stupid enough to leave a paper trail. Chloe asked what he was going to do to them. Kevin told Victor to let them go. He insisted that they wouldn't reveal his secrets. Victor said he couldn't take that chance. Victor didn't understand how Kevin could think he'd allow Chloe to get away with murdering Adam. Kevin argued that Victor was just as culpable. Kevin said that if Victor went after Chloe, he'd tell Paul that Victor conspired with Dr. Harris to get Chloe out of the mental hospital so they could frame Adam. Kevin said he and Victor had the same goal – to make sure no one knew Chloe was alive. He promised to take Victor's secret to the grave. Chloe smiled as Kevin said that Chloe and Bella made him a better man and that he'd go to any length to make sure they stayed together. Later, Chloe held Bella and she and Kevin looked to Victor. He promised to let them leave as long as Chloe let everyone think she was dead. Chloe tearfully thanked him, and Kevin promised that he wouldn't regret this. Kevin hugged his family, and they left the motel.

Nick, whose face was still bruised from Victor's punch earlier, sat alone at Crimson Lights. He sent Nikki a text asking her to call him and he apologized for what he'd done.

Billy and Phyllis exchanged awkward hellos with Victoria and Reed after they came home unexpectedly. Billy hoped Victoria didn't mind him letting Phyllis spend time with Johnny and Katie. Victoria didn't seem upset. She asked how it went. Billy said it went great, but Phyllis clarified that the kids had initially been distant. Billy gushed about how good Phyllis had been with the kids, then he asked Victoria if she was really okay with the visit. Victoria said she never expected Billy to keep Phyllis a secret, and she was glad Phyllis officially met the kids. Phyllis complimented them on having great kids. Victoria went to take something for her headache. Billy asked Reed about it, and he explained that Victoria had a minor fall and bumped her head. Reed left to hang out with a friend, and Phyllis went to wait in the car. Billy asked about the fall, and Victoria blamed it on her klutziness. Billy asked again if Victoria was okay with Phyllis meeting the kids. Victoria noted that since Billy kept saying Phyllis wasn't a fling, she'd have to meet the kids eventually. Victoria wished Billy had told her first so she could've prepared the kids, but she didn't think that mattered since things went great.

Billy asked if Victoria was feeling okay, and she said she just needed to get some sleep. Billy left, and Victoria rubbed the back of her head. Nick came by and asked if she'd seen Nikki. Victoria hadn't. Nick stated that she wasn't at the main house. Victoria figured Nikki heard about Nick's attempt to sabotage the concert. Nick admitted that Nikki saw him and Victor fighting. Victoria surmised that he was fed up with protecting Victor from his secrets. Victoria felt the same way, and revealed that she'd told Nikki to either stay with Victor or kick him out. Victoria chided Nick for trying to prevent the concert. Nick maintained that he was protecting Nikki because her M.S. had flared up. Victoria asked why he didn't tell Victor, and Nick said that Nikki didn't want anyone to know. Victoria thought that Nikki's performance showed she was a better judge of her condition than Nick was. Nick revealed that Nikki was in agony after the concert. Victoria thought that Nick should have come to her (Victoria) before the concert so they could've approached Nikki together. Nick blamed everything that happened on Victor. Victoria's back was turned to Nick. She spun around to say something and she almost fell. Nick was concerned, but Victoria swore she was fine, so he left.

Mattie and Charlie came home and asked Lily where Cane was. She explained that, given how upset the twins were, she and Cane thought it was best that he leave before they got back. Lily assumed they had lots of questions about Cane's co-worker. Mattie couldn't believe Cane cheated on Lily. Lily assured her that he was remorseful. Charlie thought Cane was a hypocrite because he always lectured them about safe sex. Lily reminded Charlie that everyone made mistakes. Mattie argued that this wasn't a mistake – mistakes could be fixed. Mattie asked if they had to pretend to love the new baby or spend time with its mother. Lily gently noted that Juliet's baby would be their brother or sister. “Half,” Charlie spat. Lily told them that Cane wasn't going to shirk his responsibilities toward the child. Mattie asked what about his responsibilities toward her, Charlie and Lily. Lily assured them that Cane loved them. She explained that Cane and Juliet got drunk while celebrating and weren't thinking straight. Mattie thought Juliet sounded like a horrible person. Lily admitted she once considered Juliet a friend. Lily said that Juliet took a one time thing and blew it out of proportion and hurt a lot of people. Lily didn't want this to change the way the twins looked at their father. Cane said it already had. Lily hoped they could forgive him. Mattie asked if Lily forgave him.

Reed met Mattie at Crimson Lights. She explained that she just got bad news. Reed thought she just learned that his mom fired her dad. Mattie said the firing was justified. Mattie sighed that her family had become a gigantic mess. Reed said she'd come to the right guy because he knew what that was like. He told her that Victor followed Nick, at the party, and returned looking like he'd been in a fight. Shocked, Mattie asked if Victor really fought his own son. Reed didn't know what happened because no one would tell him. Mattie could relate; she grumbled about being treated like an immature little kid, too clueless to realize the adults were hypocrites. Mattie said that up until recently, her dad was her hero. Reed grew increasingly uncomfortable as Mattie said that she used to think her parents knew a secret because they were married and in love, unlike the other kids at school who had divorced parents, half siblings, step siblings etc. Mattie saw the look on Reed's face and apologized. Reed said it was okay. He explained that he'd grown up with his dad and only visited his mom on vacations, so he didn't expect a fairy tale. Mattie said she used to. She looked upset, and Reed put his hand on hers.

Cane was at the Athletic Club bar. Juliet hesitantly approached and admitted she didn't know what to say. Cane thought she could start with sorry. Juliet though Cane knew that she was. Cane revealed that he told his kids about the pregnancy and now they despised him. Juliet reminded him that she didn't expect anything from him. Cane said he'd pay child support and provide whatever the child needed. Juliet asked if that included fatherly love. She added that she wouldn't pressure him. Cane snapped that she'd been pressuring him since she filed the lawsuit. Juliet said she was sorry he got fired, and Cane wondered what she expected to happen after she falsely accused him of sexual harassment. Juliet confessed that she was only thinking about how unfair it was that she'd lost her job and she wasn't thinking about Cane's. Cane angrily reminded her that she filed a false claim of sexual harassment instead of filing for wrongful termination. Juliet argued that she'd been taken advantage of. She felt that she'd done excellent work for Victoria and Cane that had gone unappreciated. Cane accused her of exaggerating, but Juliet insisted that she was right. She said that promises were made and ripped away because Billy couldn't keep his mouth shut around the hockey players. Cane agreed that Billy was a massive screw up, and Cane predicted that Billy eventually destroy Victoria's company.

Cane told Juliet that Victoria didn't give him a severance package. Juliet thought that was outrageous, but Cane said it was par for the course. Meanwhile, Billy and Phyllis arrived. Phyllis spotted Cane and Juliet and wanted to leave, but Billy said they should change their plans just because his ex-coworkers were there. They walked in. Cane saw them and spat that Victoria was so consumed with winning Billy back that she was acting irrationally. Billy mocked Cane for blaming Victoria for his predicament. He said he didn't get the memo Victoria sent instructing Cane to cheat on his wife. Cane didn't think Billy should be defending marriage with his track record. Billy argued that the only mistake Victoria made was trusting Cane. Juliet contended that Cane was right about one thing – Victoria let Billy get away with murder. Billy couldn't believe Juliet was defending the man she accused of sexual harassment. Juliet argued that she knew which employee made the most serious mistakes. She stormed off. Billy felt that Cane had almost brought the whole company down. Cane said that the lawsuit wouldn't have happened if Billy had been fired instead of Juliet. Billy pointed out that Cane would still have a baby on the way. Cane snapped that he owned up for his mistakes and it was time Billy did the same. Cane left.

Billy thought Cane was delusional to blame Victoria. Phyllis felt bad for Cane. Billy argued that Cane brought this all on himself, but Phyllis said that self-inflicted wounds could hurt the most. Billy said that Cane almost destroyed Brash and Sassy. He talked about how Victoria continued to back Cane, even though the company's numbers were falling. Billy thought Cane was looking for an enemy and was using Victoria as a scapegoat. Phyllis thought the best way for Cane to get back at Victoria was to find another employer. Billy was concerned that Cane would share company secrets with the competition.

Cane went home and asked Lily how things went. She told him that the kids were still upset. Cane assumed they thought he was a fraud after all he'd told them about responsible drinking, safe sex and honesty. Cane wasn't sure how things would go back to the way they used to be. “You didn't really think things would magically be okay, did you?,” Lily asked. Cane asked if Lily was saying she wanted a divorce.

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