Monday Y&R Update 7/17/17

The Y&R Update Monday 7/17/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Top of the Tower, Scott praises Nikki’s performance and they chat briefly before she catches sight of Victoria and excuses herself. Neither has seen Victor or Nick for a while and that worries them, as it should. At that moment, Victor accosts Nick in the parking garage. He knows Nick tried to ruin his mother’s event. Shame on him! Nick fires back: Victor was playing God with Mom and the rest of the family---again. He’s mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.

Phyllis isn’t sure about meeting Johnny and Katie at Victoria’s house, but Billy thinks it’s perfect. Victoria is out and should be all evening. She doesn’t want the kids at Phyllis and Billy’s apartment, so why not.

At the Tower: Victoria and Nikki agree that an encounter between father and son could be explosive. Victoria decides not to worry about it anymore, though. She’ll put on a happy face and continue to play family ambassador. Nikki can’t let it go so easily. She leaves the party. Jack sees her and follows.

In the garage, while Hilary and her cameraman, Howard, crouch between parked cars, Victor and Nick duke it out. Literally. Victor lands a punch after Nick calls his old man arrogant and heartless.

In a seedy motel room, presumably in Louisiana, Kevin doctors up a fake ID for Chloe. Soon they’ll begin anew in Oregon. What would she like her name to be? Nothing glamorous or anything that could point to her previous life. Anything but Maggie is OK with her. Kevin casts about for something plain and not easily traced on the Internet: Helen Jones. She approves.

In the Newman garage: Nick recovers and lunges at Victor. Nikki arrives and screams at them to stop, whereupon Victor commands Nick to tell his mother what he did. Nick admits he shorted out the sound board to prevent her having to perform. Nikki is outraged. Who asked him to save her? Nick saw how she suffered under the strain of preparation and wanted to spare her. Then he turns to Victor and calls him sick for forcing her. Victor points his finger in Nick’s face. He’s crossed a line. As of tonight, Nick is no longer his son. [Where have we heard this before?] Fine with Nick. He hops in his car and peels out. Victor collects himself, looks at his watch, and suggests he and Nikki get back to the party. She’ll be along in a minute. But as soon as Victor is gone, Jack emerges, and is she glad to see him. At her request, he spirits her away.

At Victoria’s: The kids clearly have no interest in Daddy’s new friend. Phyllis takes it in stride. She’ll let them have time with their dad while she plays a cool new video game she bought. It involves dancing elephants.

In the motel: Kevin isn’t presumed dead, so he doesn’t need a new identity, and he doesn’t think it’s necessary for safety. Dr. Harris is in such deep trouble that the last thing he would want is Kevin found. Kevin paints a pretty picture for Chloe. They’ll find a little house, enroll Bella in school, and make friends. They leave tonight after he runs one errand.

At the Tower, Tessa sees how concerned Noah is and urges him to go look for his dad. She’ll find her way home. Across the room, Ravi rises from his seat next to Ashley and asks Dina for a dance. She bats her eyes and says of course. Victoria meets up with Victor and hears about Nick’s sabotage. Abby joins them, but Victor hasn’t the time to stroke her ego or to tell her about the unfolding drama. He snubs her. He approaches Scott, with Sharon, and thanks him. He’s far more loyal than certain family members. Scott doesn’t entirely understand his motive for saying this but offers to help. Victor refuses and tells them to have a good evening. Hilary and Howard return to the reception, giddy over their ratings gold. Well, he is. She’s has second thoughts about using it. After all, Victor hired her to cover the event, and he wouldn’t be too keen to have his dirty laundry aired on the Hilary Hour. As they debate, Mariah, flanked by Neil and Devon, approaches. Mariah can tell by the gleam in Hilary’s eye that something’s up. Hilary won’t tell.

Still at the Tower: Victor returns to speak to Victoria. Victoria tells Abby to run along and mingle. One can imagine how Abby takes this.

Noah catches up with Nick on the Crimson Lights patio. Wow. Where’d he get the bruise on his jaw? Grandpa, Nick says nonchalantly.

Jack drives though the darkness. Where to? Anywhere but home, Nikki says.

Back at the Tower: Hilary senses doubt and assures Mariah and company that she’ll handle her discovery responsibly. Howard scurries away to get a better look at what they captured on film. Mariah suspects Hilary has something on Victor and discourages her from running with it. Remember what happened last time Hilary crossed him? Hilary looks to Devon, expecting him to pile on, but he clings to Mariah and declares Hilary no longer his problem. They separate. Privately, Devon invites Mariah to his place. No thanks, she’s tired and wants to go home. He says OK but seems disappointed. Tessa approaches and bums a ride. Mariah does one better and asks her to spend the night at Sharon’s.

Jack texts his apologies to Ashley. Something came up. Please see Mom home. Ravi and Dina return from the dance floor. When Dina is told that Jack left, she becomes flustered and flees to the ladies’ room. Ravi and Ashley are a bit unsettled by her reaction, but it’s been a weird night all around.

Chloe and Bella wait for Kevin in the motel. Chloe considers them lucky to have Kevin. She promises not to screw things up this time.

At Victoria’s: Billy reads the kids a fairy tale on the sofa while Phyllis puts her whole body into her video game. Ultimately, Johnny can stand it no more and wanders over for a peek; Katie follows shortly after. Billy watches them all together and beams.

Reed finds his mom at the party but wonders where everyone else went. Victoria politely puts him off. Across the room, Abby gets cranked up. She complains to Zach about being kept in the dark and decides to take action. She confronts Victoria and throws a tantrum. [Is it any wonder Victoria treats her like a child?] It ends when Abby tosses a drink in Victoria’s face and Victoria falls backward. Victoria recovers quickly, uninjured except for her pride. Abby apologizes profusely. Reed and Victoria excuse themselves and head for the elevator. Abby turns to Zach for reassurance. Victoria makes a quick detour to offer her dad solace. She’ll smooth things over with Nick. Not worth the effort, Victor sniffs. He tells her he loves her and wishes her goodnight.

Elsewhere at the Tower: While Ashley goes in search of her mother, Dina reappears at Ravi’s side. She’s still agitated and can’t understand why Graham would desert her. Before Ravi can respond, Ashley returns and they head out.

At Crimson Lights: Noah refuses to believe Victor was serious about disowning Nick, but Nick couldn’t care less. He feels worse about the way he spoke to Noah, who saved the day with the replacement sound board.

Sharon arranges to have an employee close the coffeehouse, so she and Scott are free to go. Or not. Abby and Zach appear, needing a place to chill. Then Devon pops in. Any chance he can get an espresso? Suddenly it’s a party. Scott and Sharon roll up their sleeves. Hilary is next to arrive. She takes a seat across from Devon and asks after his date. She’s tired. Ah. Hilary senses trouble in paradise, and if Devon continues to ogle Hilary as he has been, things will get worse. Devon scoffs. Mariah is self-assured and would speak up if she had a problem. We’ll see, Hilary says.

At Sharon’s, Mariah confesses she lied to Devon. It was easier than lying to him in his home and in his bed. She sighs. It’s obvious he’s not over Hilary, try as he might to convince himself and everyone else. Mariah thought she could be the rebound girl but she doesn’t have the fortitude for it. She breaks down and cries. Tessa gives her a comforting hug.

At Victoria’s: The kids are in bed and Phyllis was a hit. Billy rewards her with a kiss, and then another, and then Victoria and Reed walk in.

Dina says goodnight to Ashley and Ravi at the athletic club door. Ravi tells Ashley just how upset Dina was about Jack’s departure. She referred to him as Graham, and more than once. Ashley frowns and then chalks it up to drinks and exhaustion.

Victor, now alone at the Tower, gets a disturbing call from Dr. Harris. Chloe escaped. Then he’d better find her, Victor says. He can’t. “They” stole his car. Who? Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin returns to the motel with the necessary papers for Helen Jones. Now all they need to do is pack, and Helen needs to answer one question: Will she marry Kevin? Very funny. Actually, it wouldn’t be legal, but he vows to always keep her safe, and that’s good enough for her.

Jack takes Nikki to the Abbott cabin, a great place for collecting one’s thoughts. Nikki is beyond grateful. Jack has been her rock. She kisses him, and it’s not just a friendly peck. She immediately apologizes. Then she does it again, with Jack’s full cooperation.

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