Friday Y&R Update 7/14/17

The Y&R Update Friday 7/14/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Tessa knocks ‘em dead at the charity concert in Chancellor Park. Nick squirms in his seat despite Noah’s assurances that Grandma is fine. Meanwhile, Victor is with Nikki backstage. He declares her ready and leaves to introduce her. Seconds later, she’s struck with a pain in her left arm, which leaves her gasping.

Hilary directs her cameraman’s attention toward the place Victor is expected to appear. They agree his demeanor changed after the text he received earlier. Before proceeding to the stage, Victor stops to ask the sound tech the cause of the equipment malfunction. Someone spilled liquid on it and fried it. Whoever did it was probably afraid to speak up for fear of reprisal. Abby finds Victor and hands him the microphone. Victor strides onstage to a round of applause and glares at Nick in the audience.

The Ashbys seem to be the only Genoa City residents not at the big do in the park. They have major family problems. Lily will talk to Mattie at home while Cane talks to Charlie at Crimson Lights. No weaseling out of it, Lily tells Cane over the phone.

Tessa finds Nikki in a heap backstage. She moves to tell Victor so that he can cancel the show, but Nikki objects. Meanwhile, Victor gives his wife a big buildup. She’s not a professional, but she plays like one. He presents her, but she doesn’t show. After a few uncomfortable moments, she walks out and pauses next to him. Then she seats herself at the piano, hesitates, and begins to play. Everyone is enraptured, especially Victor.

Simultaneously, Lily and Cane tell the twins that although the lawsuit has been settled, there are complications that led to Dad’s firing. Cane finally tells his son that he lied about having sex with Juliette. And that’s not all. She’s pregnant with his child. Cane wishes it wasn’t so, and so does Charlie. Charlie bolts from the coffeehouse patio.

Nikki gets a standing ovation. She takes a bow and exits the stage. Victor again shoots daggers at Nick. Jack, seated in the audience with his mother, sister, and Ravi, has a bad feeling. He excuses himself and heads backstage. Hilary now commands her overzealous cameraman to ease up on Victor. Give the man a moment of privacy.

Nikki barely makes it to the sofa in the greenroom and collapses in pain. Victor finds her thus and asks why she didn’t tell him about her flare-up. She didn’t want to let everyone down or be perceived as weak. She tells him about the young woman who visited earlier. She also suffers from MS and called Nikki an inspiration. Nikki wanted to live up to her praise. Victor assures her that she did. Jack barges in. Is Nikki OK? He sensed something was wrong. Victor tells him to get lost. Jack says he will if it’s Nikki’s wish. Nikki will see Jack at the after-party. Victor is prepared to cater to Nikki’s every need. What can he do? He can listen: The lead-up to the concert was mired in misunderstanding, but she’s glad she followed through and thanks Victor for giving her the push she needed. She takes his hand. Nick bursts on the scene and demands to know what happened.

Sharon and Scott loiter in the staging area. Abby is MIA. Scott wanted to tip his hat to her. She appears and he does so. Abby is ungracious, but Sharon vouches for Scott’s sincerity. Victoria follows, with Reed in tow. She also tells Abby good job and gets a similar response.

Victor goes in search of Doctor Miller. Nikki admits to Nick that she struggled, but she persevered and is now ready to celebrate. She hopes Nick can put aside his hostility toward Victor. The decision to perform was hers and hers alone. Nick doesn’t fully believe her, but he’s proud of her nonetheless. The rest of the family streams in and showers Nikki with accolades.

Charlie storms in the front door, where Mattie, with Lily, is in near hysterics. Cane isn’t far behind his son. When he enters, all eyes are on him.

The party is under way at Top of the Tower. Hilary and her videographer jockey for the best shots of the movers and shakers. Neil, Devon, and Mariah comment on Hilary’s ambition, and not favorably. Victor and Nikki arrive arm in arm and pose for pictures, both as a couple and with the whole Newman clan. Nick reluctantly joins the group; again Victor glares.

At the Ashbys’: Mattie talks sense to her dad. Of course things are going to change. Cane insists despite the new developments, he’ll always love her and her brother. Charlie can stand no more and leaves the house. Mattie isn’t far behind. Lily remains seated on the sofa next to Cane, but eventually she too leaves the room.

Dr. Miller, the dean of the medical school, appears on camera with Nikki and Victor, praising their generosity and efforts toward finding a cure for MS. Dina observes from the Abbotts’ table and says Nikki appears to be in perfect health.

Abby gives Nick a big hug and a thank you. For what? The show was on the verge of disaster until Noah came through with a sound board from the Underground. Nick is taken aback.

Mariah approaches Tessa and Noah and teases him about the flowers he sent his lady before the show. Noah excuses himself, leaving the girls to dish about Noah and Devon. Mariah seems preoccupied with Hilary. How come? Tessa asks. Mariah waves it off. She’s just imagining things.

Tessa wanders toward the bar and runs into Zach. Her jaw drops. She thought she’d seen the last of him. What can he say? That’s a small town for you. He’s Abby’s business partner. Tessa is so shocked that she barely hears Noah ask who the guy was.

Across the room, Ashley is stunned that Abby is dating Zach, her subordinate. Dina and Ravi join them and meet Zach. It turns out Ravi and Zach have something in common. Both are technological wizards.

Nick confronts Noah. What’s this Nick hears about Noah playing the hero? Noah tells his dad how he took the bull by the horns and made the show happen. Rather than being proud, Nick scolds Noah for not consulting Nick first. Noah is stung. Nick is mad at him for helping? No, Nick is upset with him for taking risks. Noah is left scratching his head. Tessa approaches, hears about the exchange, and laughs it off.

Nikki chats with the Abbott contingent. Dina gushes over the performance. Ravi, a musical expert, told her what to listen for. Jack spirits Nikki to the hors d’oeuvre table---she’s famished---and comments how relieved she must be. Victor shouldn’t have put so much pressure on her. Nikki tells him to calm himself. She did it because she wanted to. Meanwhile, Ashley lays into Victor for putting too much pressure on Abby. He should at least tell her what a great job she did. He will.

Zach continues to lurk near the bar. This time he gloms onto Victoria, not realizing she is Abby’s half-sister. He chats her up and offers to get her a chardonnay. A moment later, Abby appears at Zach’s side and stakes out her territory. This act is becoming tiresome for Victoria. She takes her drink and leaves. Abby warns Zach to steer clear of Victoria. From across the room, Scott and Sharon see Abby getting cozy with her new guy. Good for her. Maybe she’ll lighten up a little at work. Victor gets everyone’s attention and announces that donations have exceeded all expectations. Nikki may have been the brightest star on the stage that night, but the guests are stars in their own right (applause, applause).

Victoria finds Reed. He’s a bit frazzled because he can’t reach Mattie. He thinks something is up. She answered her phone earlier but said she couldn’t talk. Victoria doubts that her firing Cane has anything to do with it, but how wrong she is.

Dina, with Ashley and Ravi, takes in the glamorous scene and says what a pity Graham couldn’t join them. Ashley rolls her eyes.

Nick stalks to his car in the Newman garage. He takes off his jacket and tosses into the car, clearly frustrated. Just as he’s about to slip behind the wheel, Victor grabs him. They have unfinished business.

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