Thursday Y&R Update 7/13/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 7/13/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Hilary is on the scene at Chancellor Park to cover the benefit concert. She collars Reed Hellstrom, a typical teen with little to say. Not exactly what she was hoping for. Backstage, Abby and Victoria talk about the elusive safety permit. Victoria’s pointing out Abby’s shortcomings doesn’t help. After Victoria leaves, Tessa approaches Abby about her spot.

Elsewhere backstage, Nikki can’t believe the show will be canceled. Nick and Chelsea try to console her. Nick says the party itself should raise plenty for MS research, and it’s really in Nikki’s best interest anyway. Victor swoops in and says the show will go on. He promised Nikki it would, so it will.

In Dina’s club suite: She regrets leaving Graham behind this evening, but he is gracious. She’s sure to dazzle everyone in attendance. While Dina does some last-minute primping, Graham answers Jack’s knock at the door. Jack smirks and says he’s sorry Graham won’t be able to join them. Graham doubts that very much.

At Sharon’s house: Sharon and Scott and Devon and Mariah take pictures of one another all gussied up for the big night. After Devon and Mariah leave, Sharon gives Scott a few pointers for his first Newman event. The most important: Keep your head down.

Tessa hears about Abby’s problems, gives her an atta girl, and retreats to the dressing room. Victor arrives for an update. Abby has a new sound crew on the way. She’s hopeful they’ll make it on time. They’d better! Victor bellows. He turns to the safety inspector and blatantly offers a payoff. Mr. Pittman doesn’t work that way. Abby intervenes, explaining her dad meant no offense. After Pittman leaves, Victor takes it to Abby. She dropped the ball. She should have hired a better team.

Victoria now appears with Reed and Hilary on camera. Victoria plugs her son’s musical talent and refers to his performances at the Underground. Ashley and Ravi are Hilary’s next victims. Ashley credits Ravi for opening her mind to all types of music, from EDM to opera. Hilary’s attempts to talk romance go nowhere, so she asks Ashley how it feels to attend a concert given by her ex-husband’s wife. Ashley chooses to play up her daughter’s role in planning the event.

Backstage, Nikki is a bundle of nerves. Nick asks Tessa to keep any eye on her. Tessa approaches Nikki with caution. Maybe a cancellation would be for the best. Nikki is obviously in pain.

Noah brings flowers for his grandmother and Tessa. Abby scoffs at such a trivial concern and then unloads on him. Noah offers to have a look at the equipment. From working at the Underground, he has a basic knowledge of sound boards. Abby warns him to be careful; the thing was smoking earlier.

Hilary next snags Nick. No comment, he growls. Chelsea, at his side, saves the day. Nikki will be wearing a Chelsea 2.0 gown, selected by Victor. Now that’s romance, Hilary says.

Victor surveys the stage area. He shushes Victoria about a possible cancellation. Ravi and Ashley approach Victor and make small talk. While Ravi goes for champagne, Ashley and Victor discuss Abby and her drive to please her dad. He tells Ashley not to hover.

The new sound crew is delayed by traffic. As Ashley approaches the backstage area, she hears Abby shrieking into her phone. Ashley offers to help. The best thing she can do is mingle with the crowd and behave normally. Noah returns. He has to make a quick run to the Underground.

Chelsea takes Nick aside and tells him to work on his poker face. Mariah arrives at the park and sees Hilary working. Why didn’t she tell her co-host? Hilary says it’s a one-woman job---plus a cameraman, of course. He’s an acquaintance from LA and the former owner of GC Buzz. Hilary takes the opportunity to interview Mariah’s escort, Devon, and his new business partner, Neil Winters. Neil refuses to talk about his own company in favor of praising Nikki. Devon also gives props to Nikki, and to the next big musical sensation, Tessa Porter. Hilary bypasses Mariah entirely.

Sharon arrives on Scott’s arm, which surprises Victor. Scott credits her for his remaining in Genoa City. Victor asks Scott to slip backstage and lend a hand to Abby. Moments later, Victor tells Victoria that Scott and Sharon are an item. His purpose is lost on her. He was hoping Scott might show an interest in Victoria. No way! Victoria says.

Backstage, Tessa sees Nikki with ice packs on her hands and wonders how it will affect her playing. Nikki feels she has no choice. The pain is overwhelming. Abby pops in and has similar concerns about the ice. Tessa covers, saying it’s a well-known remedy among musicians. Abby lets it go and delivers Noah’s bouquets. She apologizes to Nikki for leaving her in limbo. Perhaps it’s time to make an announcement. Nikki objects vigorously.

Jack and Dina take their turn with Hilary, proceed to greet Victor---well, Dina does---and then rendezvous with Ashley and Ravi. While Jack and Ravi scout out the seating, Dina compliments Ashley’s choice of “young man” (wink, wink). Ashley refuses to engage. Her relationship with Ravi is nothing like Dina’s with Graham. Dina suspects otherwise.

Nick says it’s time to call off the show. The equipment is beyond repair. Victor wonders what makes him so sure.

Abby refuses Scott’s help backstage. She’s prepared to take the fall all by herself. Scott persists in his offer and praises her work. He’s impressed she was able to pull it off. Almost pull it off, she laments. She dismisses him. Noah returns; she hopes with good news . . . ? He brought a new sound board, and because it’s a matter of family pride, he’s ready to set it up in record time, unlike those hourly wage workers. Abby turns to Mr. Pittman expectantly. If it passes inspection, he’ll sign the permit.

Nick keeps on his dad. Let it go. The party will be a big money maker, with or without a piano recital. Victor is disappointed in Nick’s lack of family support. Chelsea rushes up to Nick. Connor is sick and asking for his mom. She’s sorry and wishes him luck with his “project.”

Backstage, Nikki gets an unexpected visitor, a fan and fellow MS sufferer with an orange MS ribbon for Nikki to wear onstage. It gives Nikki a much-needed lift.

Hilary gets hold of Victor. Is he avoiding her? No . . . he’s been busy escorting guests to their seats. What a guy! she says. Such individualized attention will likely result in hefty donations, right? Yes, he says, and that means more research and eventually a cure for multiple sclerosis. He seems about ready to throw in the towel and make the cancellation announcement on camera when he receives a text summons from Abby.

Backstage, Abby bubbles over as she explains. Noah came up with a solution, which Nick should have thought of last night when he was at the venue during set up. The nickel drops for Victor. He pats Abby on the back. Meanwhile, the audience is seated and becoming restless. Nick decides to take matters into his own hands.

Nikki tells Tessa about her visitor. It really shouldn’t surprise Nikki that she has a positive effect on people. Victor appears. Are they ready? Tessa is up first.

Onstage, Nick addresses the crowd. He’s about to deliver the bad news when the lights flicker and then Tessa strides out with her guitar. He introduces her. Tessa dedicates her piece to Nikki, the first friend she made in Genoa City. Backstage, Victor reminds Nikki that he delivered on his promise. He’ll never let her down. He loves her and knows she loves him. She says she does and kisses him.

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