Wednesday Y&R Update 7/12/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 7/12/17


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Nikki winced and massaged her hand, as she went to answer her door. She hid her pain as she greeted Victoria. As they sat in the living room, Victoria said she thought Nick was afraid that the concert would lead to Nikki letting Victor back into his life. Nikki asked how Victoria would feel if that happened. Victoria admitted that her own life was such a mess that she wasn't in the position to judge what Nikki did. Nikki asked if this was about the lawsuit. Victoria explained that she'd had to settle and fire Cane, and now her company was suffering. Nikki gently suggested that Victoria was taking on too much. Victoria asked Nikki not to go there. Nikki insisted that she didn't say anything, and Victoria revealed that Jill was in town. Nikki realized Jill had been making her opinions known. Victoria knew Jill wanted her to rely on Billy, but Victoria said that wasn't going to happen. She insisted that she didn't need anyone. Victor entered the room and commented that he was a lucky man to have two beautiful women to take to the concert. Things grew awkward when Victor said that they could go to the concert as a family. He then announced that he had a surprise, and he showed Hilary and a cameraman into the house. He explained that Hilary would interview Nikki so that people all over the world could see what someone with M.S. could achieve. Nikki discreetly demanded to know why Victor brought Hilary there. Victor stated that it would be free publicity for Nikki's cause. He offered to send Hilary away, but Nikki grudgingly admitted that the interview was the right thing to do. Hilary directed Nikki to sit next to Victor, then she asked them to turn off their phones.

At the tack house, Nick and Chelsea were dressed for the concert, but Chelsea thought it was odd that they were going, given what they knew about Nikki's health. Chelsea confessed that she'd unsuccessfully tried to convince Nikki to cancel the concert. Nick cryptically told her that he took care of things. Chelsea wanted details, and Nick admitted to sabotaging the soundboard.

At the venue, Abby was pleased because everything seemed to be on track for the concert tonight. Mr. Pittman, the safety inspector, explained that he needed to do a final walk through. Abby confidently told one of the hired hands to check the lights and sound. The lighting was fine, but when the soundboard was switched on it began to shoot out sparks and smoke. Abby promised Mr. Pittman that it would be fixed. Mr. Pittman noted that there could be a problem with the soundboard or it could be an issue with the electricity. He said he'd have to shut the venue down if they couldn't identify the cause of the problem. Abby asked him to reconsider. She asked if he knew who her father was, and she told him that lots of people had donated large sums to this worthy cause. Mr. Pittman wasn't swayed, and he refused to put lives in danger. Abby asked if he'd give them a permit if they fixed the problem. He said yes. Abby called Victor, but he didn't answer. The technician admitted that he was having trouble isolating the problem, and Abby nearly hyperventilated. Nick and Chelsea arrived. Abby brought them up to speed, and neither of them let on about Nick's sabotage. Nick warned Abby that he knew from experience, at the Underground, that these problems were hard to fix. Abby was determined to make sure the concert happened. When Abby walked away, Chelsea asked if Nick was enjoying this. Nick hated it, but he felt like Victor gave him no choice.

Back at the ranch, Victor's phone was on silent, so he missed Abby's call. Later, Victoria privately spoke to Hilary. Victoria apologized for blaming Hilary for the lawsuit. Hilary said she was sorry that Cane's lies hurt Victoria and the company. It was time for the interview to start. Hilary instructed Nikki to be natural and remember that she was there with the husband she loved. Nikki discussed her hopes for the research center, but Victor encouraged her to talk about herself. Hilary asked if Nikki had any pain, and Nikki lied and said no. Hilary asked about Victor and Nikki's love story. Victor said they'd persevered, despite their ups and downs, which was a testament to true love. Hilary asked Victoria to be part of the interview. Victoria didn't want to, but Hilary talked her into it. Hilary asked if Victoria ever took Nikki and Victor's love for granted. Victoria said there had been many times when she thought her parents would never get back together, but they had.

Victoria, Victor and Nikki arrived at the venue. Victor was surprised Nick was there. Nick said he was supporting Nikki, as always. After Victor went inside to chat with Abby, Nikki told Nick that she knew what he was thinking, but she was going to perform and show people what she was capable of. Nick revealed that it wasn't that simple.

Abby filled Victor in and moaned that all their plans might go down the drain. “Honestly, I just don't know how you could let things get so out of hand. All you needed to get was a master electrician in here,” Victoria told Abby. Offended, Abby snapped that she'd already done that. Victoria said she was just trying to help, but Abby went on a rant, explaining that the problem could be electrical. She snapped that they couldn't just get another soundboard, because the new one could start smoking too, and the safety inspector would shut them down. Abby stormed off. Meanwhile, Victor told Mr. Pittman that he wouldn't allow him to throw his weight around. Mr. Pittman countered that it was his responsibility to ensure the safety of the guests at Chancellor Pavilion. Victor insisted that his technicians and equipment were the best available, but Mr. Pittman wouldn't budge. Victor went back to Nikki and let her know that the concert was canceled.

Chloe and Kevin played with Bella in a motel room. Chloe gave Bella the stuffed bear that she'd placed on Chloe's casket. Chloe praised Kevin for bringing them back together. “Of course. We're a family,” Kevin replied. Chloe somberly noted that, because of her, they only had each other. Kevin said he wouldn't have it any other way – all he wanted and needed was right there. Later, Chloe peered out the window while Kevin put Bella down for a nap. When he returned, Chloe was tense. She was afraid that “he” would track them down. Kevin insisted that they didn't have to worry about Dr. Harris. He was sure things would be great once they started over in Oregon, but Chloe was worried that she'd be recognized. Kevin wondered why she was suddenly so scared. Chloe said Kevin was everything she hoped for – he kept coming back in spite of the horrible things she'd done. Kevin said that was because he loved her. Chloe loved Kevin too, but she felt bad because she'd been lying to him the whole time. She admitted that Victor arranged her early release from the facility so she could help him frame Adam. Chloe understood if Kevin was mad at her. Kevin didn't blame Chloe, because she was sick. Chloe also admitted to being the mystery woman on the prison security footage. Kevin recalled scrutinizing that video. Kevin realized that Victor helped Chloe escape after Chelsea discovered that she killed Adam. Chloe told Kevin that she wouldn't stop him if he decided to leave her. Kevin was conflicted – he wondered how he could keep Chloe and Bella safe when she kept hiding things from him. He also wondered how he could blame her for having a breakdown and being vulnerable to Victor's manipulation. “I shouldn't love you, but I can't help it,” Kevin said. He was confident that Chloe was improving because she was with him and Bella. They kissed. Later, as they cuddled in bed, Chloe admitted she was still terrified that Victor would use his resources to track her down. Kevin wasn't afraid, because he said he had skills of his own. Kevin said he'd worked too hard to get Chloe back, and he wasn't going to lose her to anyone else.

Lily returned home after dropping Mattie off at the library and Charlie at the gym. She told Cane that the kids were asking a lot of questions. Lily asked Cane how he was doing. He was depressed because he was unemployed and unable to provide for his family, but he mentioned that he had a lead on a new job. Juliet dropped in and announced that she had the paternity test results - Cane was the father. Juliet was offended when Cane asked if the results were real. She informed him that the hospital would be mailing him a copy. Cane apologized to Lily and promised that they'd get through this. Juliet said she was keeping the baby. Cane said he'd step up, but Juliet told him that she planned to raise the baby alone. Juliet said she no intention of disrupting Cane and Lily's lives, and she noted that the settlement would allow her to take good care of the child. Juliet said she didn't want Lily to suffer because of Juliet's mistake. She told them to go back to their lives, then she left. Lily hurried off into another room, and Cane wept. Later, Lily found Cane on his computer. He told her he was looking for a legal document to take to Juliet. Lily was appalled. “Do you think I want to abandon my own baby!? I messed up and I'm trying to fix it!,” Cane exploded. “You don't fix anything by walking away from your responsibilities! That's how we got here in the first place,” Lily shot back. Cane insisted that he wanted to do the right thing, but he wasn't sure what that was. He begged Lily to tell him what to do. Lily ordered him to go make Juliet change her mind. Although Lily knew this would change her family forever, she was adamant that Cane be there for Juliet and the baby.

Phyllis and Billy were dressed for swimming at Dive Bar. Billy bought Phyllis a cocktail, and she wondered why he didn't get one for himself. Billy claimed he didn't want one, but Phyllis assumed he didn't want to drink because he thought he might get called back into work. Billy noted that they were short-staffed now. Phyllis didn't want Billy thinking about work during their quality time. She told him to give her his undivided attention, then she planted a kiss on him. Phyllis came back from a dip in the pool and caught Billy checking his phone. Concerned, she encouraged him to tell her what was bothering him. Billy admitted that the latest sales figures weren't good. He explained that he'd have to put in more time at work because Victoria would need him. Phyllis said Victoria was lucky to have him. Billy thanked her for understanding. Phyllis asked if the company would be in jeopardy if they couldn't turn things around. Billy said Jack would love that, and he told Phyllis how Jack came by to gloat. Phyllis said that Jack hated sharing a building with Billy, but Billy said Brash and Sassy wasn't going anywhere. Phyllis was glad because she liked sharing a building with Billy. They kissed. Later, they saw Juliet arrive. Phyllis wondered why Juliet didn't take the money and leave town. Billy revealed that she was pregnant. Billy invited Juliet to join them. Juliet said she always liked Billy, and she confessed that he was right – she could've handled the lawsuit better. She explained that she acted badly because she felt cornered. Billy admitted that they could've believed her sooner. Phyllis asked what Juliet would do next. Juliet said she planned to raise Cane's baby alone. Billy was surprised she didn't want Cane to be involved, and Juliet noted that Cane hated her. Juliet left. Billy rubbed sunscreen on Phyllis, and admitted he was still thinking about Cane. Phyllis told him that Lily was the real victim. Phyllis theorized that Juliet was displaying false bravado and that she wasn't really going to disappear from Cane and Lily's lives. Billy almost felt bad for Cane. They shifted gears, and Billy nuzzled Phyllis's neck, then they raced off to the pool.

Juliet ran into Hilary at the Club and told her what happened at Cane's place. Hilary was surprised that Juliet said she didn't want Cane's help. Juliet said that in the moment, she thought she should make a stand and be independent, but now she was having second thoughts. Juliet recalled the look on Lily's face after Juliet revealed her intentions. Juliet didn't think Lily would let Cane abandon the baby.

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