Tuesday Y&R Update 7/11/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 7/11/17


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At the tack house, Nick was distressed because Nikki intended to perform in spite of her M.S. flare up. He wondered how to convince her to pull out of the concert. Chelsea opined that no one could make Nikki do anything she didn't want to, but Nick countered that Victor could. Nick was worried that the concert would have irreversible effects on Nikki's health. Chelsea argued that it was just a couple of pieces on the piano. Nick maintained that it wasn't just the physical movement – the emotional stress also took a toll on Nikki. Chelsea reminded Nick that Nikki was an adult who knew her limits, and Nick admitted that he should back off. Chelsea comforted Nick, and they kissed.

At the ranch, Jack told Nikki that she scared him when she just took off. She apologized and explained that she left town for some self-care. Jack revealed that Victor had come to him seeking information on her whereabouts. Jack stated that Victor didn't like their friendship. Nikki noted that he never did. Jack said that in the past, Victor always knew Nikki would come back to him. Jack was curious about Nikki's time at the treatment center. She stated that she had acupuncture, yoga and daily massages. Although Nikki claimed she felt great, Jack didn't think those treatments were enough to combat the agony she'd been in. Nikki played a short piece on the piano to assure Jack that she was ready to perform.

Jack admitted he was still worried. Nikki changed the subject and asked about Dina. Jack confided that Dina was leaving the bulk of her estate to Graham. While Jack didn't want his mother's money, he didn't understand why she was leaving it to someone Jack barely knew. Later, Nikki told Jack that he was staring. He said he was reading her face, and she was beautiful. Nikki admitted she didn't know what she'd do without Jack, and he promised her that she didn't have to worry about that. Jack noted that Nikki was always there for him, he suggested that the universe was trying to tell them something. Nikki gave Jack a look, and he told her not to get nervous on him. Jack gave Nikki a friendly peck on the lips, then he left. As soon as Jack walked out, Nikki grimaced in pain and applied an ointment to her hands.

Chelsea took Nikki's dress to the main house. While there, Chelsea admitted that she and Nick were concerned about Nikki's health. Chelsea hoped that Nikki would let Victor know if something was wrong. Nikki appreciated the concern, but she asked Chelsea to tell Nick that she could take care of herself. Chelsea assured Nikki that she was brave and strong whether she played the piano or not.

Hilary asked Victor why she'd been summoned to his office. Victor wanted her to showcase a benefit for the research center on the Hilary Hour. Hilary said she'd love to support such a worthy cause, but she mentioned that she'd need certain content and freedom. Victor offered her complete access to his family and the opportunity to go backstage, but he stressed that Nikki should be the focus of the story. Victor was impressed with Hilary's Julie Chen interview. Hilary was flattered, and she mentioned that the trip to L.A. was life-changing. Victor noted that she'd been in L.A. with Victoria, which caused Hilary to say some sympathetic things about the lawsuit. She hoped that Victoria was doing okay after being forced into a settlement. Victor assured her that Newmans bounce back.

At the Ashby home, Cane told Lily that the kids had gone out to get something to eat. Lily felt that they should eat at home, because the family had to watch what they spent. Cane explained that the kids wanted some time alone because he'd told them he got fired. He said he told the kids the truth, and he made it clear that there was no sexual harassment. Lily informed Cane that she still had her job at Brash and Sassy. Cane was glad, because modeling made her happy. Lily clarified that it was hard to be happy about anything right now, but she was grateful that Victoria cut her a break. Cane assured Lily that he'd find employment soon and that in the mean time, he'd help out around the house. He begged Lily not to let the mistake affect them, but she said that it already had. She reminded Cane that the kids could have a sibling soon. He wasn't sure the baby was his, but he thought they'd get the results today.

Cane got a text, and Lily asked if it was Juliet. Cane told her it was a job contact, and he encouraged her to look through his phone. Lily admitted that, although she wasn't proud of it, she already secretly read his correspondence with Juliet. Cane didn't mind; he was glad Lily knew that he and Juliet had only talked about work. He told Lily that they could get through this, just like they'd gotten through similar things in the past. Lily shifted gears and told Cane to go to his meeting. Cane asked if she'd be there when he got home. “This is my home. Where else would I be?,” Lily asked. Jordan arrived after Cane left. Lily told him about Cane being fired. She said she had to pull herself together before the twins got home. Jordan asked if there was anything he could do. Lily wasn't sure what she needed, besides someone to talk to. She revealed that she still had her job. Jordan assumed that would make her feel a lot better, and Lily said she wished it did. Jordan offered to help Lily work through the decisions she had to make. Lily said she couldn't make a decision until she knew if Cane was the father.

Things were tense at Brash and Sassy, because the company wasn't doing as well as expected. Billy sarcastically thanked Cane. Victoria said she didn't want to think about Cane right now, or frankly ever again. Billy, continued to gripe about Cane until Victoria told him not to put all this on Cane. Billy asked if Victoria blamed him (Billy). Victoria just wanted Billy to come up with a solution to their problems. Billy assured her that he wouldn't let the competition best them. Victoria thought they should keep the sales figures under wraps until they had a chance to regroup. Billy agreed. Jill texted Billy, and Victoria told him to ahead and meet her – they could start fresh tomorrow. Victoria asked Billy not to tell Jill what was going on. She didn't want Jill to itemize her failures. Billy clarified that Cane was the one who failed. Victor walked in, and Billy decided to stay, but Victoria assured him it was fine to go.

Victor announced that the separation Nikki ordered had gone on too long. Victoria thought Victor should be glad Nikki didn't tell the police that he brought Chloe to town. “You may not be in Mom's good graces, but at least you're not in court,” she noted. Victor revealed that he'd heard about the lawsuit. Victoria admitted she made a mistake trusting Cane. She explained that she settled because new details came to light. Victoria felt like she gave in. Victor thought that she took charge, but the dejected Victoria said she lost. Victor noted that the lawsuit wasn't public knowledge. He encouraged her to regroup and go in a different direction. Victoria said she just told Billy the same thing.

Victor assured Victoria that he was willing to help if she came to him with business problems. Victoria stated that things were under control. Victor was upset by her reply. He accused her of treating him with the same contempt that Nick did. Victoria said that Nick's anger and sadness weren't going away any time soon. She noted that the rest of the world thought that they were still a family. Victor insisted that they were a family. Victoria suggested that they focus on Nikki's concert. Victor asked her to come look at the venue, and she agreed. Victor headed to the door, and Victoria thanked him for stopping by.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Jill talked to Colin on the phone. She told him that he didn't have to pick her up at the airport. Jill laughed when Colin suggested a reunion in the car, and she told him it could wait until the hotel. Esther walked in and made a snide comment about Jill flirting. Esther mentioned that she checked Jill's medication and uploaded some healthy recipes to her tablet. Jill asked how Esther was doing. Esther was upset that Kevin and Bella were moving away, but she understood. Jill suggested that Esther go with them. Esther said she couldn't go, because she could feel Chloe in the mansion. Jill gave Esther the number of a therapist. They exchanged snippy comments about it, but they hugged. Esther left the room.

Billy arrived and asked about Jill's check up. She said the doctor gave her a clean bill of health and signed of on her continuing to travel with Colin. Jill announced that she wasn't going to give Billy any more grief about Phyllis. Billy was glad until Jill predicted that the relationship would soon fail without any help from her. Jill brought up the lawsuit, and Billy told her it was Cane's fault. Jill disagreed because Cane had assured her that Juliet was lying. Billy revealed that Cane came clean to Victoria, who fired him. Shocked, Jill wondered how Cane could be so stupid. She exclaimed that he loved Lily. Billy stated that people did reckless things while drunk, but he noted that Cane had been sober when he chose to lie. Jill felt that she was needed in town, and she decided to cancel her trip. Billy encouraged Jill to go on her vacation and continue to focus on her health. He promised to keep her updated. Jill agreed to go, but she vowed to return immediately, if necessary. She hugged Billy and begged him not to do anything idiotic while she was gone. “I love you too,” Billy replied.

Cane arrived after Billy left. He told Jill that his meeting had been canceled. Jill revealed that she knew everything. Cane admitted that he cost Victoria a lot of time and money. He wished that she'd settled earlier. Jill noted that it would've been more convenient for Cane, because Lily wouldn't have found out he slept with Juliet. Cane said that wasn't what he meant. He explained that he'd just told his kids he got fired, so he didn't want to have this conversation with Jill. Jill asked how Lily was. Cane said she was better than he expected. He disclosed that Lily had gone through his phone and learned that his texts with Juliet were strictly professional. Cane was optimistic that they could get through this. Jill was sure that Lily wouldn't throw away everything they had over a one night stand. Cane told her about Juliet's pregnancy. Jill asked why he didn't use protection. Cane said if he was sober enough to do that, he wouldn't have slept with Juliet in the first place. Jill hoped the baby wasn't his, because she wasn't sure how his family could recover if it was. Cane admitted he didn't know if they would. Jill acknowledged that she'd messed up in the past, but she said she'd clawed her way back. She advised Cane to do the same and make things right. Cane vowed to do whatever it took.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy noted that Jack was on the wrong floor. Jack said he wanted to discuss Brash and Sassy's numbers with Victoria. Billy said Victoria wasn't there. Billy assumed Jack had come to gloat about the slight increase Jabot's numbers, but Billy was adamant that Brash adamant that Brash and Sassy wasn't going anywhere. Jack predicted that their numbers would sink lower as the lawsuit dragged on, but Billy revealed that it was over. Jack surmised that Cane must have really screwed up. Billy divulged that Cane had been fired. “So Victoria not only wrote a check with a lot of zeroes in it, she also lost a high level executive. Wow,” Jack noted. Jack said that Jabot would be happy to take the company off her hands. Billy laughed and said that Brash and Sassy would be crushing Jabot once again soon. Jack left, after saying that he expected the rent check to be paid on time.

Abby supervised as people put the finishing touches on the concert venue. She made it clear that she wanted everything to be perfect. Nick arrived just as Abby told a worker the lighting and sound had to be up as soon as possible. Abby explained that the safety inspector wouldn't give them a permit unless everything was up to code. Abby was a bit lost about what the safety inspection would entail. Nick told her he dealt with this all the time at The Underground. Abby asked Nick to oversee the task, and he agreed. Abby left him to it. Later, Victoria arrived, and Abby assumed she was there to observe and not to help. Victoria said she planned to stop by earlier, but things had been hectic. Abby was unsympathetic because she'd been successfully juggling on the incubator project while setting up the venue for Victoria's mother. Abby testily wondered if Victoria would be able to fit the concert into her schedule. Nick hovered nearby as Mr. Pittman, the safety inspector, arrived.

Victoria and Nick talked while Abby took Mr. Pittman on a tour. At first, Victoria wondered if Nick had also been invited by Victor, but she quickly realized that Nick would've refused Victor's invitation. Nick said that he was only at the venue for Nikki. He added that he also planned to attend the concert to support her. Victoria was glad to hear that because she felt that Nikki needed them to present a united front. Nick thought the concert was a power trip for Victor. “He gets to throw around some money, mom will be at his side, playing the dutiful, grateful wife in front of a bunch of socialites,” Nick complained. Victoria thought that Victor was genuinely trying to make amends because he missed his family. Nick accused Victoria of caving. Victoria insisted that Nick was wrong. She said they'd smile and pose for the camera tomorrow, then everything would go back to the way it was. Victoria thought they should enjoy the concert since it was too late to cancel. As she said this, Nick's gaze zeroed in on a can of soda that was near the sound system.

Back at the ranch, Victor told Nikki that he wanted everything to be perfect tomorrow, so the world could see that she was resilient and beautiful. Nikki hoped she didn't disappoint him, but she warned him that the performance might not be what he expected. Nikki started to explain that she'd never wanted to do any of this. Victor interjected that she'd be great. He told her that the whole family would be there to support her. “And this family is not a sham. No matter what you think,” he declared. Nikki said she didn't think that, but Victor disagreed. He announced that he visited Victoria and helped her with a serious business problem. He said Victoria thanked him because she knew he'd never give up on family.

Hilary called Howard and asked him to fly in from L.A. to help her with the episode on the concert. Juliet dropped in, explaining that she didn't want to be alone while she waited for the paternity test results. She wasn't sure if it was the hormones, but she needed company. Hilary wondered why Juliet was so nervous, when she claimed to be certain that Cane was the father. Juliet said she knew what the results would say, but she was worried about Cane's reaction. Hilary recalled that Juliet had previously been convinced that Cane would step up because he was such a good guy. Juliet was adamant that Cane was a good guy. Hilary didn't think Juliet should expect to be welcomed into the Ashby family. Juliet accused Hilary of being mean. Hilary said she helped Juliet with her case, but she didn't sign up for the “baby mama drama.” “I'm not gonna lose Jordan just because you have no other friends in town,” Hilary snapped. Juliet was shocked that Hilary was abandoning her. She noted that Hilary was the first one to find out that she'd slept with Cane. Hilary added that she was also the only one who knew Juliet admitted it wasn't sexual harassment. Hilary said Juliet had enough on her plate without that getting out. Just then, the clinic called. Juliet took the call, then she slumped onto the couch. Hilary asked if Cane was the father.

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