Monday Y&R Update 7/10/17

The Y&R Update Monday 7/10/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine


At the park café, Chelsea asks Kevin why Bella would think Chloe is still alive.

Nick talks to Faith on the phone. He’s glad she’s having fun at camp and assures her it’s OK to miss Grandma’s concert. Grandpa is fine too, and no, he hasn’t found a new chess partner.

At the main house, Victor dazzles Nikki with gifts: a Chelsea 2.0 gown and a sparkly necklace. She deserves them, according to him. She’s endured the ravages of MS nobly. He moves to help her with the necklace clasp, but she insists on doing it herself. He turns his back to pour himself a glass of water and doesn’t see her struggle.

Lily talks to her dad on the phone. Does he have any free time? For her, always. They agree to meet at the athletic club in an hour and a half. After she hangs up, Cane comes home. Lily tells him they have more problems. Mattie knows something is amiss. The kids must be told. Cane, coward that he is, wants to put it off, at least until the results of the paternity test are known. They’ve been down this road, if she’ll recall. Chloe tried to pass off her child as Cane’s and it turned out to be false. Lily sighs. It would be a small blessing if Cane isn’t the father of Juliette’s baby. But just as she begins to have a little hope, he delivers more bad news. Victoria fired him.

Victoria bemoans the increased workload at Brash & Sassy. Billy is astonished that she fired Cane, but she says she had no choice. No explanation necessary, Billy says. It’s about time. He’s willing to work longer hours if need be.

At the park: Kevin assures Chelsea that Bella knows Mommy is in heaven. She refers to going to Chloe’s gravesite as “visiting Mommy.” He probably shouldn’t allow it, but he doesn’t have the heart to correct her. Chelsea has been there. Connor used to talk about Adam like that all the time, but he doesn’t so much anymore. It kind of bothers her---as if Connor has forgotten his father. Kevin realizes they wouldn’t be having this conversation if not for Chloe’s actions, and he apologizes. Not to worry. She knows that anger is nonproductive and has moved beyond it. She suggests scheduling a playdate for the kids. He’ll have to take a raincheck. He and Bella are moving to Portland, OR---today. Genoa City holds too many painful memories for him to be able to move on. Chelsea is disappointed but wishes him well.

At the ranch: Nikki comments on Victor’s extravagance. It’s too much. He insists it isn’t. As much as she appreciates the trinkets, they don’t change anything between them. She occasionally flinches as if in pain and she looks tired. Victor says he never meant to cause her undue stress. She dismisses his concern and says she’ll follow through with the concert because it’s for a worthy cause.

At the Ashbys’: Lily isn’t surprised Cane was fired. She tells Cane to stop blaming others, especially Billy, for his predicament. Cane was the one who got drunk, had sex, and then lied about it. Cane knows and he’s ashamed. He reaches for her hand but she shrinks from him.

Chelsea goes to Nick’s and tells him about Kevin’s fresh start. Nick thinks it’s a fine idea. Talk shifts to preparations for Nikki’s concert. Nick tells her that Nikki is back from her spontaneous trip. She was at a holistic health center in Colorado and claims to feel better. Chelsea senses doubt. Without Nikki’s knowing it, Nick observed her at the piano and saw the pain she was in. He didn’t tell Victor about it because she made it clear he’s not to know about her flare-up. His only hope is that some act of God stops the concert. Chelsea assures him that Nikki will ultimately do what’s best for her.

Gloria goes to the Chancellor mansion, at Esther’s request. She stunned to hear about Kevin’s relocation plans. He’s shutting out his own mother and she’s plenty angry about it. She intends to talk some sense into that boy.

Paul meets Kevin at the park. He doesn’t play the heavy, but he is curious about Kevin’s disappearance and the bloody scratches on his face. Kevin doesn’t go into great detail but tells Paul where he went and what his plans are.

At the Ashbys’: Cane admits he was naïve to think settling the lawsuit with Juliette would solve all his problems. Damn straight, Lily says. If the baby is his, they’ll be dealing with consequences for many years to come. She still can’t get over the humiliation of finding out about his infidelity as she did. She knows the truth only because Cane was caught on videotape. How can she ever trust him again?

At the park: Paul has more questions. Does Kevin have job lined up? A place to live? Has he really thought this through? Kevin is confident he’ll be able to land a tech job. As for the void he leaves at the police station, he’ll be happy to return to train his replacement. Paul gets emotional. He never thought he’d say it, but he’ll miss Kevin. They stand and hug.

At the ranch: Nikki adores the gown, but the hemline is a bit too long and might cause her to trip. Victor dials up Chelsea. She’s on her way. Smooth move, Nikki says. Too bad their personal problems can’t be solved so easily. Victor vows never to give up trying.

Charlie and Mattie come home, taunting each other. She calls him a shallow, skirt-chasing lifeguard and he calls her a nerd. Cane intervenes. Solemnly, he says he has something to tell them. The lawsuit has been settled and yes, that’s good, but there were extenuating circumstances so Cane was fired. Charlie and Mattie jump to their dad’s defense. It’s unfair. He’ll find a better job. Charlie offers his earnings as a lifeguard to help with the loss of income and Mattie says she’ll do her part by getting a job at the coffeehouse rather than pursue an internship.

Lily enters Victoria’s office. No one is there, but she sees a cardboard box with Cane’s name on it. Victoria and Billy return. Victoria apologizes for Cane’s termination, but Lily says it’s not necessary. The company still wants her as brand ambassador if she’s still interested. Of course she is. Victoria casts a glance at the box. She was going to have a courier deliver it to Cane, but Lily is welcome to take it. She leaves empty handed.

When Kevin arrives at the Chancellor place, Esther escorts Bella to the kitchen for cookies while Gloria scolds Kevin for keeping her in the dark about his comings and goings. Kevin says if she cares as much as she says she does, she’ll accept his decision to move. He again refers to his bad memories as a reason. Liar, Gloria says. Kevin is a creature of habit and can’t stand change, so his desire for a fresh start rings hollow. Kevin admits he clings to the familiar, which is probably why he tried to marry Chloe three times. It’s time to break out of his comfort zone.

Chelsea to the rescue at the main house. Nikki looks great in her dress. Victor sure knows her well, Chelsea says. Meanwhile, at the tack house, Nick presses Victor to end Nikki’s misery and cancel the concert. Victor will do no such thing and he expects Nick to be in attendance. Victor says his motives are pure. He wants to honor Nikki, and she’s no shrinking violet. If she didn’t want to perform, she’d say so. Nick disagrees. Victor says canceling the concert now would cause her emotional pain. Better than physical pain, Nick says. Back at the main house, Chelsea is ready to proceed with alterations, but she needs to take the dress to her studio to do them. Nikki struggles to undo the fastener and Chelsea helps her.

At a secluded club table, Lily and Neil talk about the mess she’s in, the paternity test, and what her next move will be. She’s at a loss. She told her teens only what she thought they needed to know: that their father was accused of sexual harassment. She hopes she won’t have to tell them about a sibling on the way. That’s not her only concern. Her marriage is obviously on shaky ground. Neil agrees she has some big decisions to make.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria and Billy agree that they like and respect Lily, but they disagree about Cane. Billy is glad to be rid of him, but he was a valuable employee for Victoria. Now she’s more concerned about the Ashby family as a whole. To complicate things further, Reed is interested in Mattie. Victoria had to tell him she fired Mattie’s dad. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, they do. She gets a notice that the spring quarter sales were way down, and no wonder with all the turmoil within Brash & Sassy. Victoria assumes full responsibility. Billy says they’ll weather the storm, as always.

At the Chancellor mansion: Kevin and Bella say their goodbyes to the grandmas. Once out the door, Kevin wipes his tears and tells Bella they’re off to be a family.

At the Ashbys’: Cane is touched and tells his kids not to worry about money. He gives vague answers to their questions about his firing and is grateful for their loyalty.

Victor startles Nikki at home. Does she still want to perform? He realizes he never asked if she wanted to; he just assumed. The party alone will produce hefty donations. She asks why the change of heart. He’s worried about her stress level. Under no circumstances is he to cancel. At first she thought his goal was to humiliate her and she intended to prove him wrong, but now her motives have shifted. She’s going to follow through for her own satisfaction. Victor seems puzzled.

At the tack house, Chelsea says Nick is right. His mother is clearly in pain. Nick resolves to cancel the concert, come hell or high water.

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