Friday Y&R Update 7/7/17

The Y&R Update Friday 7/7/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At the Chancellor mansion, Michael and Esther try to talk Kevin out of moving with Bella to Portland, Oregon.

Sharon finds Mariah deep in thought at a Crimson Lights table. Mariah asks the loaded question “Do you ever get over the love of your life?” Speaking for herself, Sharon thinks it’s possible to have more than one “love of your life.” She thought Nick was it for her, but then there was Dylan. She’s not ready to place Scott in that category just yet, but she gets the feeling they’re not talking about Sharon. Is everything OK between Mariah and Devon?

Abby and Scott oversee preparations for Nikki’s concert in Chancellor Park. Scott is eager to get the whole thing over with. He supposes Victor feels likewise. Indeed. Victor sits alone in his office and contemplates Nikki’s cryptic note.

At the tack house, Nick grills Tessa about Nikki’s state of mind before she left town unannounced. He knows it has something to do with this dog-and-pony show Victor is putting on. He thinks his mother doesn’t want to perform. Or can’t, Tessa blurts. Meanwhile, Nikki returns to the main house. No one is home. She opens the piano, positions her hands over the keys, and hesitates.

Chelsea greets Sharon and Mariah at the coffeehouse. She hopes she’s not interrupting. Not at all. Mariah was just leaving. Chelsea and Sharon discuss the Fourth of July festivities. Nick and Scott butted heads, but luckily no fireworks between them. Anyway, Chelsea is there for more than latte and chitchat. She has a proposition for Sharon.

In the park: Unlike Scott, Abby gets a charge out of event planning. Victor arrives, scopes out the venue, and gives the thumbs up. He knew Abby and Scott would make a great team. Abby hopes Nikki comes by to check out the scene, but Victor wouldn’t count on it. Scott marvels at Nikki’s courage. He could never perform in front of crowd.

At the tack house: When Nick presses Tessa to elaborate, she backpedals and tries to leave. Nick stops her and tells her to spill. She does. Nikki suffered an MS flare-up before she left, but Tessa has no further information such as Nikki’s destination or plans to return. She begs him not to tell Victor; Nikki swore Tessa to secrecy. Nick won’t tell his dad, but there will be no concert.

At the Chancellor place: The object is to go someplace new and start fresh, and Portland is Kevin’s choice. Michael can’t wrap his mind around the turn of events. Why didn’t Kevin go to Tahiti as planned? Because it was where Kevin and Chloe were to honeymoon. Kevin couldn’t face going there alone, so he took a ticket to Oregon instead. He got a good feeling from the place. Esther is in anguish. He means to uproot Bella? Michael agrees. Kevin and Bella need family. Despite family, Genoa City holds too many painful memories for Kevin. If he’s to be a good parent, he must leave, and he’d like their blessing. Bella wakes from her nap and flies into Kevin’s arms. Michael opts for a change of scenery to continue his campaign. He proposes they all go to the park.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon is flattered that Chelsea wants her to return to work in the studio, but she has her hands full with the coffeehouse, classes, and her daughter. Chelsea is disappointed, but she understands. She wants to take her company to further heights, but she needs help.

Nick strolls into the tent near the staging area for the concert. He greets Scott and Abby but would like to speak to his dad privately. Victor wonders what the hell Nick is doing there. He obviously disapproves of everything his father does. What Nick disapproves of is the stress Victor is causing Nikki. Nonsense. By showcasing Nikki’s talent, he’s complimenting her strength. Nikki arrives in the middle of the conversation, all smiles and in good spirits. She is solicitous to her husband, thanking him for the opportunity to perform. She can’t wait till tomorrow. Victor’s smug expression speaks volumes. Nikki wanders away for a moment and winces in pain. When she returns to the group now gathered, Abby asks whether she’d like to test the piano. As tempted as she is, she’d rather go home to practice, and she does. Naturally, Victor wants to resume his discussion with Nick---to gloat. See how happy Nikki is? How dare Nick presume to know her better than Victor does.

Tessa shoots a text to Mariah, who lingers on the Crimson Lights patio. They need to talk.

Michael gets Kevin alone at the park café and demands the truth. His sudden decision to up and leave makes no sense. Kevin calls it a gut instinct. He doesn’t want Bella to suffer because of her parents’ reputations in Genoa City. They recall the day Kevin reappeared in Michael’s life. He showed up in Michael’s office with a black eye and in need of legal representation. Michael smiles. They sure have come a long way since then, and now they have Gloria back in their lives. Their family isn’t the American ideal, but it’s close by Fisher/Baldwin standards. Kevin shouldn’t feel indebted to Michael. They’re family, and family members stick their necks out for one another. And by family Michael means extended family, including Lauren and Scott. Kevin is touched, but his mind is made up.

Back in Victor’s office, he and Abby discuss Nikki’s demeanor. Victor is relieved by her positive attitude. He means this event to be a gift to her, not a burden. Abby apologizes in advance for overstepping, but are there troubles in the family? They haven’t had a family dinner in a while and things seemed tense between Nick and Victor. Victor decides Abby has a right to know.

Scott finds Chelsea and Sharon at Crimson Lights and updates them on the concert plans. Nick made an appearance at the venue, but not to worry, he and Scott were civil to each other. Chelsea is glad to hear it and goes in search of Nick. Scott confesses to Sharon that Nick’s bad attitude gets under his skin. He hasn’t lifted a finger to help. Sharon understands the dynamics at play and tries to explain. On the patio, Tessa admits she broke a confidence with Nick. Mariah doesn’t ask for details but asks why she caved. Nick wore her down. Mariah tells her not to panic. Nick is a decent guy---loyal. Unlike Tessa, she means. . . . Mariah tells Tessa to ease up on herself.

Nick visits his mom at the ranch. She scared him by taking off as she did. She dismisses his concern. She went to a wellness center in Boulder, Colorado, where she did yoga and received alternative therapies. It was invigorating and she feels like a million bucks. Nick knows about her MS flare-up and asks her to be more upfront with him about her health in the future. Nikki assures him she’s fine and will be ready to take the stage tomorrow. Over his dead body.

At Crimson Lights: Scott doesn’t completely understand the Newman family, but he feels sorry for Abby, constantly bowing and scraping. She’s so hungry for her dad’s approval. Scott wonders how his dad would have felt about him. Sharon is sure he’d be proud. Sharon doesn’t give her dad much thought. He abandoned her when she was a child. It was just Sharon and her mom. Another thing she and Scott have in common, he observes.

At Newman Enterprises: Victor praises Abby and Scott for pulling everything together, and they did it without Nicholas or Victoria. Abby snuggles up to her dad on the leather sofa in his office. He admits the division in the family is killing him.

At the ranch: Originally, Nikki meant to follow through with the performance to prove herself to Victor, to show she didn’t need him, but she’s gained new perspective. Now she’s going to do it for herself, and for the worthy cause it represents. Nick can’t help but wonder, though, whether she would have considered giving a concert if she hadn’t been forced into it. Of course not, but this is now bigger than just a one-night gig. This is a turning point for her. Nick still worries about the hold Victor has on her and what it’s doing to her health. After she plays a few bars for him to demonstrate her resolve, he kisses her goodbye and leaves her to practice. She continues with her piece but suddenly seizes up in pain. Nick, still lurking in the doorway, sees.

At the park café: This is goodbye. Michael hugs his little brother and seems reluctant to let go, but he does and walks away. Kevin composes himself and turns to the next matter at hand.

Again in Victor’s office: Abby approves of the gown and jewels Victor chose for Nikki. What a lucky lady! He hopes the evening heralds a new beginning for the Newman family.

Bella sits on Kevin’s lap at the café. She understands that she’s to keep the secret he just told her. Chelsea happens upon them and apologizes for creating a spectacle at Chloe’s funeral. All is forgiven. Kevin wasn’t exactly on his best behavior either. Chelsea is glad to see the two of them doing well. Kevin alludes to his imminent departure and Chelsea asks where to. Bella says, “To see Mommy!”

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