Thursday Y&R Update 7/6/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 7/6/17


Written by Ellen

At home, Lily vents to Jordan. It’s possible Cane isn’t the father of Juliette’s baby, but if he is, it means big changes in their lives.

At the pool, Mattie and Reed continue to learn new things about each other. Not only does Mattie’s dad work for Reed’s mom but so does Mattie’s mom. Reed knows Lily is the spokesmodel for Brash & Sassy. Does Mattie have any aspirations in that direction? No, she likes to eat. What she would like is a summer internship at the company. Reed is eager to help and offers to put in a good word with his mom. Mattie has that covered. No offense, but she thinks her dad might have more pull. Reed agrees. Mattie would be wise to consider an alternative plan, though, because at that very moment, at Brash & Sassy, Victoria fires Cane.

Paul and Michael share a table on the Crimson Lights patio and discuss Kevin’s whereabouts. Paul is worried sick. Michael tells him to relax. Kevin is on a well-deserved vacation. Paul won’t let it rest. Does Michael have the phone number of the resort where Kevin is staying? Yes. Then for God’s sake, call it! Paul says. Michael does so and learns that Kevin never checked in.

In a car in front of Dr. Harris’s house, Kevin and Chloe consider their next move. His plan is to retrieve Bella from Genoa City and meet up with Chloe somewhere to be determined. Chloe has many doubts about its viability. The doctor will regain consciousness eventually and he’ll call his accomplice for help.

Again at the Ashbys’: Lily frets about how to tell her teenagers they might have a sibling on the way. They idolize their dad and will be crushed to find out he’s been lying all along about getting drunk and having unprotected sex with another woman. Jordan can do nothing but sympathize.

At the pool: Reed challenges Mattie to a swimming contest. She declines, but he’s free to do a few laps while she studies.

Hilary pays an unexpected visit to Juliette’s hotel suite. She’s disturbed about something Juliette said earlier, about expecting Cane to be a hands-on father to Juliette’s child. If she thinks that will happen, she’s deluding herself. Juliette takes offense and lashes out at Hilary for forcing the lawsuit that led to this point. She immediately apologizes for losing her cool but makes it clear she wants more than money from Cane.

At Brash & Sassy: Cane begs Victoria to reconsider and has the nerve to tout his role in securing the Asian market. Victoria won’t budge. She can’t trust Cane, pure and simple. And she can trust Billy? This remark further inflames Victoria. Cane should have done the noble thing and resigned. Fixing his family should be his priority. She tells him to be gone by the time she returns to her office. If he isn’t, she’ll call security.

At Crimson Lights: Michael still gives Kevin the benefit of the doubt. Paul wishes he had more resources to locate Kevin. Kevin was his best tracker and now he’s the one missing. Meanwhile, in the car, Kevin assures Chloe that they’re safe. Kevin is the best tracker at the GCPD, so he would know if he were being followed. Chloe is unwilling to cooperate and is still shaken from the trauma of being mistaken for the doctor’s dead daughter. Kevin urges her to trust him. They’ll make a new life after he makes a solo trip back to Genoa City.

In Juliette’s room: Hilary says one doesn’t need a father in order to become a successful adult. She’s living proof. Juliette respectfully disagrees. Her dad meant the world to her, and Juliette has seen firsthand what a fantastic dad Cane is. Hilary suspects Juliette has developed feelings for Cane.

At the Ashbys’: Jordan invites Lily to call if she needs him; otherwise, he’ll see her at the next photo shoot. *If* there’s another shoot, Lily says. She’s enjoyed working with Cane at Brash & Sassy even though he wasn’t too keen on her modeling. It would be a shame if it ended. Whatever the outcome, Jordan says, Lily isn’t to blame. Cane is.

Kevin makes a quick run for fast food and startles Chloe when he returns to the car. She’s jumpy and eager to get the show on the road before she loses her nerve. Kevin thinks he knows the source of her anxiety and wants to talk about it.

From Crimson Lights, Michael leaves a voice mail for Kevin, begging him to call back ASAP. In the meantime, Paul has decided to initiate a search. Michael has his own idea and takes off to pursue it.

As a lifeguard, Charlie patrols the pool deck. He trumps up a charge against Reed for kicking other swimmers and confronts him in front of Mattie, who defends Reed. It’s obvious Charlie disapproves of his sister’s taste in boys, but in the midst of his posturing, a blonde sidles up and tells “Charles” to call her later, and he gets a ribbing for it.

In her suite, Juliette insists she has no long-term expectations. She and Cane had a one-nighter. She misses their friendship, though, and hopes to restore it. Hilary thinks that’s unlikely. Juliette is irritated by Hilary’s constant negativity. No, she hadn’t planned on moving halfway around the world for a job, getting fired, and winding up pregnant, but she’s trying to make the best of it. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Cane smirks when Juliette answers and he sees Hilary perched on the sofa. Celebrating? he asks. Juliette invites Hilary to leave, which she does. Juliette is glad for the opportunity to talk to Cane. They haven’t had a chance to since she broke her news. Cane’s cynical response stuns her. Does she work this scam often? Get pregnant for a payoff? Falsely accuse men of sexual harassment? Juliette strikes back. Getting fired for someone else’s mistake wasn’t part of her plan. That was just dumb luck.

Gabrielle is a guest at the hotel and Charlie agreed to show her around town. That’s all. Reed can’t help taunting him. Does Zoey know about this arrangement? Charlie storms off. Mattie is amused by the repartee between her brother and Reed, but she thinks if Reed gets to know Charlie, he’ll like him. Mattie leads Reed to think that Charlie scrutinizes all of her suitors. This piques Reed’s interest and he presses her to commit to a movie date. She tells him to check the theater schedule, pick out a good flick, and text her. On her way out, she passes Hilary, who comments on the teen’s good mood and then proceeds to Jordan, stretched out on a lounge chair. How did his conversation with Lily go? Jordan isn’t smiling when he asks Hilary whether she already knew Juliette was pregnant.

In the car: Kevin and Chloe haven’t had a chance to discuss her murdering Adam. He wishes she hadn’t done it, but he understands her motives. Not to worry. He’ll stick by her.

Michael’s plan to get information from Esther at the Chancellor mansion doesn’t pan out. She hasn’t heard from Kevin either. While there, Michael gets a call from Paul with more disturbing news. It turns out Kevin didn’t even board his flight to Tahiti. As Michael and Esther speculate and try not to panic, Kevin enters. They smother him with hugs and then demand to know where he got the bumps and bruises. More important: Where has he been? Oregon. He’s moving there with Bella.

Victoria plants herself on a barstool poolside and orders a vodka martini. Reed finds her thus. Would she like to talk about her bad day? In a nutshell, she settled the lawsuit that’s been hanging over her head and fired one of her top executives. In contrast, Reed is having an outstanding day. Do tell. Well, he met that girl he’s been telling Victoria about, and she agreed to a movie date. Wonderful. Victoria looks around. She’d like to meet her. Reed smiles. That’s the best part. Victoria already knows her: Mattie Ashby. Victoria stares blankly and says Cane is the employee she let go.

Lily stews at home and even sheds a few tears, but she pulls herself together when Mattie enters, full of questions. Where is Dad? Why hasn’t he returned her texts? Did he ask about the Brash & Sassy internship? One question is answered when she spies Cane’s phone on the coffee table. Lily encourages Mattie to consider an internship elsewhere. Things at Brash & Sassy are in a state of flux. But Mattie is more determined than ever. Remember the guy she told her mom about? He’s Reed Hellstrom. His mom is Lily's and Cane’s favorite boss. Small world, huh? Now about the internship: Why are her parents trying to prevent her from working at Brash & Sassy? Is Dad in trouble?

At the pool: Hilary defends herself. Juliette’s pregnancy wasn’t Hilary’s news to tell, and besides, breaking the story would have adversely affected Lily and Charlie and Mattie. Jordan understands completely. His beef is with Cane, not Hilary. Hilary ventures that Lily might be driven to revenge with another man. Jordan can’t imagine Lily would sink to such depths.

In her suite, Juliette reminds Cane that he’s not the only one suffering consequences, although his firing is news to her and she’s sympathetic. He doesn’t need her pity; he needs her to cooperate with a paternity test. Now. Juliette refuses. Not today. She’s exhausted. He implies that her reluctance is an admission of guilt and she goes willingly.

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