Wednesday Y&R Update 7/5/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 7/5/17


Written by Christine
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At the Ashby home, Lily reminded Cane that they had a meeting with Mattie's teacher. She also let him know that Charlie broke his phone again. Cane asked if they should get him another one. Lily snapped that she didn't want to. She felt that Charlie needed to learn the value of things and that there were consequences to his actions. Lily said they couldn't stop being parents because of what happened. Cane stated that they'd never stop being parents, however, he felt that Charlie needed a phone for his new summer job. Lily agreed. She added that with Juliet's pregnancy, they couldn't afford any more problems. Cane revealed that he planned to visit Juliet. Lily was stunned, and she argued that it was a bad idea. Cane thought the visit was necessary, because he wanted to verify Juliet's claim that this was his baby. He told Lily that they couldn't spend another day wondering if their kids were going to have a sibling. Lily sighed and said she had to prepare for the worst case.

Cane acknowledged that it would take time to earn Lily's trust again. He said he hated himself for getting so drunk in Japan, and he apologized. “It was not your night with Juliet that did this. It was your dishonesty,” Lily replied. Cane admitted that he should've confessed as soon as he got back, but he said that he didn't want to hurt Lily. Lily noted that she'd been humiliated when the truth came out. Cane said he was going to talk with Victoria and see if he could deal with his choices. Lily added that they were horrible choices that could devastate their children. At that moment, Charlie and Mattie walked into the living room. The twins bickered – Charlie told Mattie he was busy too, with football camp and being a lifeguard. Mattie was unsympathetic, noting that he'd be spending his summer running with jocks and hitting on girls. Charlie argued that Mattie had no life; he didn't see why she was going to summer school when she didn't have to. Mattie informed Charlie that she'd been invited to take a college course, but he wasn't impressed. Charlie called Mattie a nerd, and she called him stupid. Cane and Lily chided the teens, and Cane assured Mattie that they were proud of her.

Mattie asked Cane if he could get her an internship at Brash and Sassy. Cane hesitated and said he didn't think they offered internships. Mattie was optimistic that Victoria would do it for Cane, because he was so valuable to the company. Lily suggested that she ask Neil and Devon, but Mattie was concerned that people would think she got the internship because they were family. Cane promised to see what he could do. The kids left, and Cane said he was going to ask Juliet for a paternity test. Lily wondered what he'd do if Juliet didn't agree to it. Cane said he'd get a court order. While Cane was distracted, Lily took his phone out of his briefcase and slipped it into her pocket. Cane admitted he was dreading talking to Billy, but Lily was unsympathetic. Cane left.

Hilary woke up in Jordan's arms. She was about to slip out of bed, but he playfully pulled her back and asked if she was sneaking out. Hilary explained that she was going to surprise him with room service. Jordan smiled at Hilary and said he wished he could photograph her right now and capture her sweet side. In a sultry tone, Hilary asked if he wanted to reform her. They had sex. Later, Jordan put on his pants, and Hilary wore his shirt. She teased him instead of giving it back. They flirted and kissed as Hilary suggested that she was corrupting Jordan. She said she wouldn't want him to compromise his principles, and she asked for his take on journalistic integrity. Jordan surmised that Hilary thought he came on too strong when they previously discussed her role in the lawsuit. Jordan admitted he'd been a little judgmental. Things started heating up, but Lily interrupted the moment by calling and asking Jordan to come over. Hilary understood that Lily needed a friend.

Back at the Ashby's, Lily remembered Cane confessing to having sex with Juliet. Jordan arrived, and Lily told him that Juliet was pregnant. Jordan asked if there was any doubt it was Cane's. Lily didn't trust Juliet's word that she hadn't been with anyone else since she'd lied about the sexual harassment. Jordan suggested that Juliet's allegations were true. At first, Lily was adamant that Cane would never harass anyone, but then she admitted she wasn't sure what to think. Lily confided that she'd planned to go through Cane's phone and read every text and email between him and Juliet. She hadn't done so yet because the thought of snooping made her feel guilty. Jordan urged her to do it. “You need to know what's going on so you can make informed decisions for you and your kids,” he said.

Lily had Jordan read her the messages between Juliet and Cane. She was relieved to learn that they were all innocent. Jordan reminded her that it didn't change the fact that Cane got Juliet pregnant and lied to Lily for months. He thought she should kick Cane out. Lily confessed that she'd had an affair. She felt that it would be hypocritical not to forgive Cane after he forgave her. Jordan didn't see it that way. He told Lily that she didn't deserve to be cheated on, and if Cane thought she did, that was another reason for her to walk away. Lily was torn. – she loved Cane, but she was still hurt and angry. She said she couldn't just walk away from her family, but she also couldn't forget the fact that Juliet might be carrying Cane's child.

Charlie arrived at Dive Bar, for his new job as a lifeguard. He spotted Reed and told him that no outside beverages were allowed. Reed protested that he bought it at the locker room vending machine. Charlie threatened to toss Reed if he broke the rules or messed with his sister. Reed argued that Mattie could handle herself since she got the brains in the family. Charlie predicted that it wouldn't take Mattie long to get bored with Reed, just like Zoey did. He added that Zoey said hello. Charlie walked away and met up with Mattie. They discussed the strange way their parents had been acting. Mattie wished that Cane and Lily would confide in them. Charlie told Mattie not to get agitated about it. He reminded her that they'd be off to college in two years and they'd only have to deal with their parents' weirdness on the holidays. Mattie wished that she could be more like Charlie and not care. Charlie clarified that he cared, but he figured Cane and Lily would open up when they were ready.

Mattie spotted Reed, to Charlie's chagrin. He called Reed a loser, but Mattie disagreed, and she went to say hello. Mattie asked Reed if he ever thought about college. Reed planned to major in music. He knew he had to have a great audition to make up for his less than stellar GPA. Mattie mentioned that she had a 4.5 GPA, thanks to her AP classes. They discussed summer jobs, and Reed said his mom paid him to drive his siblings around. Mattie revealed that she wanted to intern at her dad's job. During the course of conversation, the teens realized their parents worked together.

When Billy arrived at Brash and Sassy, Victoria was already at her desk. He wondered if she'd been there all night. Victoria informed him that she'd slept well and even had breakfast with the kids. She also revealed that she'd decided to settle the lawsuit. Billy asked what changed her mind. She told him that Juliet was pregnant. Victoria didn't think it mattered whether Juliet was harassed; she said that a big bad company picking on a poor pregnant woman was not a good look. Billy snapped that Cane lied from day one and screwed over Victoria and the company. Michael walked in and announced that he and Leslie spent the holiday hammering out the settlement. Victoria wasn't happy with the figure they'd agreed upon, but Michael said he worked hard to get Leslie to agree to accept so little. Michael said that Leslie wanted to let it play out in court. He offered to let Victoria take her chances, but Victoria admitted that the negative press would cost the company 20x the settlement amount.

Victoria was furious and regretted believing in Cane. She thought that they could've settled for a lot less if she'd known the truth up front. After Leslie and Juliet arrived, Michael made it clear that the settlement wasn't an admission of guilt. Victoria gave Juliet the check on the condition that she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Victoria said that if Juliet shared the details of the settlement with anyone, she'd be obligated to pay back every dime, with interest. Cane walked in just as Juliet signed the agreement. Billy walked Leslie and Juliet out. Billy told Juliet that this was wrong, and he thought she'd realize that one day. Juliet placed a hand on her abdomen and said she wished things had turned out very differently.

After Michael left the conference room, Cane apologized to Victoria. Billy returned and needled Cane about the baby. Cane said he wouldn't bring his personal life into the workplace. Billy thought that Victoria should take the settlement money out of Cane's pay. Victoria said that would be illegal, and she added that she didn't need Billy's input on running the business. Cane suggested that Billy respect Victoria's wishes, which irked Billy. Victoria advised them to stop dwelling on the past and focus on the future. She announced that they were starting with a clean slate. She wanted Brash and Sassy to recover their losses and become stronger. Victoria intended to make Brash and Sassy the most profitable cosmetics line in the country. Cane vowed to do whatever it took to achieve that. That set Billy off and he lambasted Cane for being the cause of all the trouble and for putting himself ahead of the company. Victoria told Billy that this wasn't productive, and she asked him to leave. He stormed out. Cane thanked Victoria, but she told him Billy was right. Victoria said she needed to trust her staff, and she didn't trust Cane. “You're fired. Effective immediately, she said. Victoria walked away before Cane could respond.

Juliet went to Hilary's and let her know the lawsuit was settled. Hilary asked how much Juliet got, and Juliet explained that she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Juliet was worried because she hadn't expected or wanted this pregnancy. She wasn't sure what to do, and she felt alone because her coworkers were the only friends she had. Hilary assured Juliet that she'd always be there for her. Hilary asked if it was really Cane's baby. A defensive Juliet snapped that she was 100% sure it was Cane's because he was the only one she'd been with. Hilary believed Juliet, but she predicted that Cane wouldn't. Juliet revealed that she saw Cane today. She was sure he hated her and probably wished he'd never met her. Juliet felt guilty for making up the story about sexual harassment, but she said that she and Hilary were the only ones who'd ever know the truth. Hilary thought that Juliet was a victim, since she was only fired because she'd been the last hired. “They owe you for that. You just – you fudged the details a little,” Hilary said. Juliet added that she'd ruined the reputation of the one person who supported her. Hilary argued that Juliet wasn't responsible for Cane's lies. She encouraged Juliet to think of the money as payment for pain and suffering. Juliet wanted to talk to Cane alone and try to make him understand. Hilary didn't think it was likely that Juliet would be successful with that. Hilary said the money would be a big help because single parenthood was tough. Juliet didn't think she'd be a single parent, since Cane was the father, no matter what he said or how he felt.

At Dr. Harris's, Chloe thought about her predicament. She told herself that Dr. Harris had snapped – he thought she was his daughter, and he'd and killed Kevin. A cheerful Dr. Harris strolled in carrying a breakfast tray with mimosas. He was surprised that “Maggie” wasn't happier during what was supposed to be a celebration. Chloe played along and pretended to be Dr. Harris's daughter. She asked if they could look at the photo album. They looked at pictures of Maggie throughout her life. Dr. Harris reminisced about various moments, and Chloe pretended to share his memories. She said she missed her mother, and Dr. Harris said he did too. He admitted that he'd done things that he never would have if she were still here. Dr. Harris wished his wife could come back, like “Maggie” had. Chloe begged Dr. Harris to let her visit the grave. Dr. Harris said leaving was against the rules. Chloe persisted, and Dr. Harris sharply told her not to ask again. Chloe asked if they could pretend to visit the grave, so her mom could see the diploma. Dr. Harris agreed. Chloe hit him over the head with the champagne bottle when he was distracted. He fell, and she grabbed the keys and unlocked the door. To her horror, Dr. Harris rushed at her, grabbed her and slammed the door shut.

Kevin, who was covered in cuts and bruises, limped up to the house. Back inside, Dr. Harris injected Chloe with a syringe. He apologized to “Maggie” and noted that she was usually better behaved than this. Kevin burst into the door, shocking Dr. Harris. Kevin noted that they could add attempted murder to the doctor's list of crimes. Kevin panicked when he found Chloe unresponsive. Dr. Harris assured him that she was fine. While Kevin checked Chloe's pulse, Dr. Harris ran to the safe and retrieved the gun. He and Kevin struggled over it and the gun went off. No one was hurt. Kevin got the upper hand. Later, the bound and gagged Dr. Harris watched helplessly as Kevin helped Chloe out of the house and into Dr. Harris's car. Kevin gently talked to Chloe as she came to. She smiled and called Kevin a badass, but she worried that Dr. Harris would come after them. Kevin assured her that he wouldn't, because if he did, he'd be charged with attempted murder.

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