Tuesday Y&R Update 7/4/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 7/4/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine


It was the evening of July 4th, and the the Athletic Club rooftop party, sponsored by Neil and Devon, was still underway. Nick and Chelsea cuddled on a sofa, while Sharon and Scott arrived. Noah and Tessa appeared just as Scott kissed Sharon. Sharon was a bit sheepish, but Noah was just happy to see her taking the night off. Devon said hello to Abby, then he joined Neil, who welcomed everyone to the celebration. Devon stated that their company was the embodiment of the American dream. Neil added that they planned to pay it forward by focusing on companies run by women and minorities thrive and reach their full potential. Devon informed everyone that the music was courtesy of Mergeron Streaming, and he added that there was a free taxi service to take everyone home. Mariah was proud of Devon, and she kissed him after the speech. Abby observed the moment and expressed surprise that they were dating. She wondered why she hadn't heard about it on social media. Mariah explained that they weren't big on posting about their private lives. Abby admitted that was probably smart. Mariah went to chat with Tessa and Noah. Abby thanked Devon for buying Mergeron and said that because of him, she had a grandmother in her life. Abby asked if Mariah and Devon were serious. Devon thought so. Abby admitted she couldn't picture them being together. She clarified that she didn't still have a problem with Mariah, but she was just surprised that Devon was with her. Devon noted that he and Mariah had always gotten along; they had a great time together and she made him laugh. Abby didn't believe in the fantasy of falling for your best friend. She thought the attraction was either there, or it wasn't. Devon said he was genuinely happy, and he suggested that Abby rethink her rules of attraction.

Sharon suggested that she and Scott find a place to sit. Scott wanted to avoid sitting near Nick and Chelsea, since he didn't want to give Nick an excuse to mark his territory. Sharon told Scott that Nick didn't have a problem with him, but Scott didn't buy it. Later, Scott crossed paths with Abby and stopped to say hello. He noted her flag and striped bikini top and flippantly wondered if he should sing the star spangled banner, then he walked away.

After Noah stepped away from Mariah and Tessa, Mariah mentioned that things seemed chilly between the pair. Tessa revealed that Noah had put on the brakes. Although Noah had said he thought they should get to know each other before things got serious, Tessa thought that was his way of saying he wasn't as into her as she thought. Mariah explained that Noah had a history of falling hard and getting hurt. She didn't think her brother was making excuses. She thought he really cared about Tessa and didn't want to mess things up. Mariah offered to talk to Noah, and Tessa was grateful. Tessa was glad Mariah was there. She admitted that she felt out of her element at the party and only came because she didn't want to blow off an event thrown by her boss. Mariah was happy to have a friend at the party, since her only other friend was out of town trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his life.

Nick and Noah asked Tessa if she had any idea where Nikki was. Tessa apologetically stated that Nikki never said anything about leaving. Nick asked if anything else was going on, and he assured Tessa that he'd keep what she said in confidence. Tessa said she had no idea what was going on, and she suggested that Nikki just went off for some rest and relaxation. Noah went and struck up a conversation with Devon. Devon noted that they were both working with their fathers. Noah didn't think his little club compared to Devon and Neil's conglomerate. Devon noted that Nick and Noah could expand or make it into a chain. Noah admitted he'd been thinking about the same thing. Noah went back to his dad and suggested that they open a chain of Undergrounds. Nick didn't see why they should do something that would take so much work. Noah thought they should do it because they could.

Chelsea walked over to Hilary and Jordan and noted that they seemed to be having fun. Hilary assumed Chelsea was surprised because Jordan had confided in her about their rough patch. Chelsea assured Hilary that Jordan didn't go into detail. Jordan told Chelsea it was okay. He told Hilary that Chelsea was his friend and friends talked to each other about problems. Hilary agreed that there was nothing wrong with that. Hilary was curious to hear how the friendship started. Chelsea and Jordan tensed, then she said they met in NY during fashion week. Jordan stressed that it happened a really long time ago and that there was nothing else to tell. Hilary sensed that Jordan and Chelsea were glossing over something, but they stuck to their story, and Chelsea made a quick exit. Hilary asked if she had anything to worry about, since it seemed to her that Chelsea and Jordan had once been serious. Jordan told her that they just knew each other back in the day. Hilary noted that Chelsea was a con artist back then. Jordan pretended to be surprised, then he shifted gears by kissing Hilary. Neil found Devon staring at the happy couple from a distance. Devon explained that Hilary told him she and Jordan were having problems. Devon said it seemed Hilary and Jordan had made up faster than Devon and Hilary ever did. Neil mentioned that he'd never met Jordan, so Devon seized the opportunity to introduce them.

Hilary thanked Neil and Devon for the party, then Neil complimented Jordan on the photos he took of Lily. Jordan gave all the credit to Lily. Neil thanked Jordan for being a good friend to Lily, especially during the last few weeks. Neil went to prepare for the fireworks. Devon decided to tag along when Jordan went to refresh his drink. Once they were alone, Jordan asked Devon what was going on. Devon admitted he was surprised by how quickly Hilary and Jordan patched things up. The fireworks started. Devon thought Jordan had finally gotten a taste of the real Hilary. Jordan said it wasn't easy to stay mad at her, especially tonight.

Mariah found Noah and called him a jerk. She let him know that Tessa thought he wasn't interested, due to what he'd said. Noah was shocked because that wasn't his intention. He said he'd been trying to be straight with her. Noah thought it was best to take things slow because he had a bad pattern of moving too fast. Mariah said that Tessa was really into Noah, and she needed to know that he felt the same way about her. Noah asked how to fix it. Mariah sensed that Tessa had been hurt before and that she wasn't willing to show Noah her vulnerable side. Noah didn't realize that. Exasperated, Mariah told him to look into Tessa's eyes, listen to her music and pay attention. Noah took Tessa aside. He apologized for the misunderstanding and assured her that she was important to him and he didn't want to screw it up. Tessa explained that her first instinct was to run instead of letting her insecurities show. Noah told her that she didn't have to run from him. He suggested that they go back to the ranch. They kissed.

Abby ended up near Scott and Sharon. Scott commented on the naked heiress being alone. Abby tore into Scott for implying that she needed a man to validate her presence. Scott clarified that he made that comment because he was going to offer her the free chair near them. The embarrassed Abby declined the offer and rushed off. A few feet away, Nick asked Chelsea to do him a favor and keep Scott away from him. Chelsea revealed that she planned to do the opposite. Chelsea and Nick went over to say hi. Nick and Scott exchanged a tense greeting. Chelsea said they wanted to toast Scott's new job. Sharon and Chelsea unsuccessfully tried to start a cordial conversation. Scott asked what Nick's issue was. Nick felt that Scott was either too proud or too stubborn to admit Victor was using him. “Or maybe you're using my dad. Which is it?” Nick asked. Chelsea asked Nick not to ruin the atmosphere, but Nick insisted that he wanted an answer. Nick said that Victor treated everyone like pawns, and he warned Scott that he couldn't outwit the master. Scott said he wasn't trying to outwit anyone. “Are all you Newmans so proprietary? Even when it comes to something you're not even interested in yourselves,” Scott said. Scott was adamant that he wasn't trying to scam Nick's father or his ex wife. Scott understood that Nick wanted to be possessive and protective, especially when it came to the mother of his kids. Scott didn't want to fight with Nick. Nick said he didn't have a problem with Scott, but that would change if Scott hurt anyone he cared about. Scott understood. Chelsea and Nick left.

Abby struck up a conversation with Neil. She recalled him saying he left Newman because he kept hitting too many ceilings. Neil said he realized that a family business would always put family first. Abby said that her dad had been bedazzled by a non-Newman, Scott. Neil said that Scott and Victor might seem close, but Abby was the only one in line for the throne.

Nick griped to Abby about Scott. He wasn't happy that Scott had gone from writing Victor's biography to getting a division at Newman. Abby didn't like Scott either, but she said he was more altruistic than calculating. Abby said that if Scott was a suck up, he wouldn't be dating Sharon, since that wouldn't put him in Victor's good graces. Nick conceded that she was right. Abby enjoyed talking to someone who didn't think Scott walked on water.

Devon and Neil said goodbye to Nick and Chelsea as they left. Mariah watched, from a distance, as Hilary and Jordan said their goodbyes to Neil and Devon next. Hilary admitted she thought it would be weird to go to Devon's party, but it wasn't. She figured it meant they were finally moving on. Devon agreed. Meanwhile, Abby complimented Mariah for helping Devon get over Hilary. Abby said she'd assumed that Devon and Hilary would be circling each other forever.

At the cottage, Sharon apologized to Scott because Nick ruined their first holiday together. Scott gave Nick credit for loving Sharon and the kids, and he revealed that he enjoyed himself in spite of Nick. They kissed. Sharon asked when the last time Scott was in the country on the 4th. Scott said he always thought about Independence Day, no matter where he was. He noted that the company was much better this year, and they kissed again.

At Dr. Harris's home in Louisiana, Chloe demanded to know why Dr. Harris said Kevin wasn't coming back. Dr. Harris gently stated that they were better off without Kevin. Chloe vehemently disagreed. She reminded Dr. Harris that he'd agreed to let Kevin pick up Bella and bring her back to the house. “Kevin won't even make it to the airport, Maggie,” Dr. Harris apologetically replied. Chloe asked why he called her Maggie. Dr. Harris said it was a slip of the tongue; he explained that talking about his daughter had stirred up a lot of memories. Chloe asked what Dr. Harris did to Kevin, and he cryptically revealed that there was an issue with Kevin's car.

Chloe tried to maintain her composure as she asked what he did to Kevin's car. Dr. Harris suggested that she needed her medication. Chloe disagreed, and she asked to call Kevin to check on him. Dr. Harris reminded her that Kevin left his phone in the safe so that the people trying to hurt her couldn't track him. Dr. Harris was adamant that he was trying to protect Chloe. Chloe tearfully insisted that Kevin wouldn't hurt her. She regretted inviting Kevin to the house. Dr. Harris said he'd fixed the problem and no everything could go back to the way it was, with just the two of them. Dr. Harris felt bad when the terrified Chloe asked if Kevin was going to die. He tried to cheer her up by handing her a box. “Open it, Maggie,” he urged. Chloe opened the package – it was a dress. Dr. Harris told her that it was for her graduation. He assured her that this time there wouldn't be a drunk driving accident, because he'd made sure that man wouldn't hurt anyone. Chloe asked if he realized that Kevin had nothing to do with his daughter's accident.

In her head, Chloe silently vowed to escape from the house and find Kevin. Dr. Harris didn't understand why “Maggie” was so sad. Chloe asked if he knew she wasn't really Maggie. Dr. Harris confirmed that he did know, just as Chloe realized that Bella wasn't Delia, but it filled the void. Dr. Harris talked about how devastated he was when he lost his daughter. “Now you're back,” he said, while caressing Chloe's face. Chloe played along and said she was happy to be back with him. Dr. Harris told her that her graduation ceremony was today, and he asked her to put on the dress. Chloe choked back tears as she said she loved it. Later, Chloe put on the dress and began an ultimately fruitless search for the key or a phone. Dr. Harris returned to the living room, and Chloe suggested that they go to the graduation. Dr. Harris revealed that they were having the ceremony at the house. He opened a safe to get the diploma and Chloe saw a gun inside. She distracted Dr. Harris by fantasizing about going into practice together after “Maggie's” residency. Chloe suggested that Dr. Harris go get his own diploma so they could hang them up together. He excitedly agreed and started out, but Chloe's hopes were crushed when he doubled back and closed the safe before leaving the room. Chloe, now in a cap and gown, accepted her diploma, in front of the row of chairs Dr. Harris had set up for the pretend audience. He then began to take several photos of Chloe, while she helplessly stared at the window.

Kevin had car trouble and coasted to the side of the road in a remote area. He attempted to repair the car and hopped back inside. The car filled with smoke and Kevin bailed out and ran, but not fast enough; the car exploded and the blast knocked him to the ground, where he now lay motionless

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