Monday Y&R Update 7/3/17

The Y&R Update Monday 7/3/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

The party gets under way on the athletic club roof. Hilary sunbathes alone. She may be wearing an electric blue bikini, but she gives Jordan a chilly reception. Downstairs in the dining room, Neil talks business. Devon appreciates his expertise and drive, but it’s time for some R&R. They touch on the subject of Lily and Cane. Neither is too thrilled with Cane and both suspect that Hilary has been egging on Juliette. Neil also supposes Hilary is ready to reap the benefits in the form of television ratings, but Devon says he talked her out of airing the story. Or so he thinks, Neil says.

Sharon works the counter at Crimson Lights, but Nick can expect to see her at the big party later. Chelsea will be there with Nick, of course, and Scott will be Sharon’s date. Nick grimaces. Isn’t she moving a little fast? Not really, and she hopes Nick can be happy for her. On the patio, Paul runs into Scott and they talk about Kevin. He should have been back from his vacation by now. Paul is worried, as well he should be. . . .

Kevin and Chloe are locked inside Dr. Harris’s house. Kevin is outraged, but Chloe reminds him it’s a temporary arrangement. In any case, Kevin has had enough. It’s time to retrieve Bella and be a family. They can’t return to Genoa City, of course, but they’ll start fresh somewhere else.

Again at Crimson Lights: Sharon defends her relationship. She and Scott began as friends and he’s good for her. She’s not ready to mention it to Faith, though, which pleases Nick. He’s concerned about his daughter, naturally---and his daughter’s mother. He’s also a little worried about Scott, now that he’s in Victor’s clutches. Sharon laughs it off.

On the coffeehouse patio: Paul hopes Kevin found solace but doubts that he did. One shouldn’t be alone after such a trauma. Paul knows firsthand what it’s like to lose a troubled loved one suddenly and tragically. He refers to his son Ricky, who was mentally ill and dangerous, and Paul still feels pangs of guilt for not doing more to help him. Although Kevin appears to have his act together now, it wasn’t always so. Scott says the best they can do is support Kevin, and Bella should serve as an incentive for him to stay on track.

Poolside: Jordan assumed the worst of Hilary and that wounded her deeply. He’ll notice that she didn’t air the Ashbys’ dirty laundry. Yes, Jordan noticed and that was noble of her. Lord knows he has his own problems with Cane. Hilary thinks they have more to do with his feelings for Lily. Not in the way she thinks, Jordan says. He admits Hilary’s ugly side took him by surprise. Hilary justifies it, saying the animosity between the two women is longstanding. She becomes frustrated with his lack of understanding and flounces off to the bar for a drink.

At Mariah’s house, Tessa plays the tune she hopes to record for Devon. Mariah loves it, but Noah, also in attendance, is more circumspect. It’s OK for open mic night, but she can do better. No offense, just his humble opinion. No offense taken, and she values his honesty. It’s one of the things Tessa likes best about him. Mariah, feeling like a fifth wheel, takes off for the club. They’ll meet up later.

Scott enters the coffeehouse and greets Sharon with a kiss. Nick regards him with suspicion. He’s been seeing Scott around town a lot lately---kind of odd for a globe-trotting journalist. Chelsea to the rescue. She’s ready to hit the pool to work on her tan. As soon as Chelsea and Nick leave, Scott asks Sharon if her ex has a problem with him. She explains their long history, going back to high school. If Scott is going to get mixed up with the Newmans, he’d better get used to the complexities of the family. She thinks once Scott gets to know Nick, everything will be hunky-dory.

At the pool, Chelsea jokingly calls out Nick for his overprotectiveness, first toward Phyllis and now Sharon. Jordan follows Hilary to the bar and explains his position. He doesn’t like being caught between his friend (Lily) and the woman of his dreams (Hilary). The compliment isn’t lost on Hilary and she starts to come around. He suggests they make another go of it. It takes her a nanosecond to decide. She gets the bartender’s attention and orders two drinks, one for her and one for her man. Neil and Devon arrive, pool-ready in their swim trunks and tattoos. Devon approaches Jordan and Hilary, but she has eyes only for Jordan. She kisses him and goes back to her chaise lounge. Devon is full of questions about the state of Hilary and Jordan’s relationship. Jordan thanks him for his concern, but it’s all good.

Dr. Harris comes home with Fourth of July provisions. Kevin announces his intent to leave---immediately. He’ll fetch Bella and bring her back. Chloe has made great strides in her therapy, but she needs her daughter. Dr. Harris isn’t too keen on it, but Kevin has always been free to go. Chloe is the one who has to stay, for her safety. Good enough for Kevin. He demands his things from the safe, including his phone. The doctor refuses his last request, insisting Kevin won’t need a phone for a trip to Genoa City and back. He gives the couple a moment of privacy to say goodbye and then holds the door for Kevin.

Tessa and Noah have a picnic right there on Sharon’s coffee table. She’s excited about launching her music career but regrets having to resign as Nikki’s assistant. Noah assures her his grandma will be OK. Does Tessa at least plan to remain in town? Yes, of course. It was silly of her to consider leaving in the first place. Noah hopes she’s not staying on his account. She’s taken aback. He explains: He knows he tends to smother women and needs to ease up a little. So she should know he has no expectations where Tessa is concerned. Instead of making her feel better, it appears to do the opposite. She recovers quickly, though, and says she’s OK being friends. Music is her number one priority now, anyway.

It seems as though everyone who isn’t at the athletic club is at Crimson Lights, ordering fancy coffee drinks. Scott rolls up his sleeves and pitches in. It can’t be any harder than working for Victor Newman.

Mariah passes Hilary’s chair on the pool deck and they have words---ridiculing each other’s appearance and the like. Jordan and Devon join them and there are many public displays of affection. Moments later, at a table, Mariah tells Devon about Tessa’s song and her reaction to it. Devon half listens, watching Hilary and Jordan all the while. Mariah continues: She’s Tessa’s biggest cheerleader, and Devon’s too. Devon makes an inane comment and goes to the bar for drinks. From there he watches Jordan and Hilary rub lotion on each other.

Chloe finds Dr. Harris in the living room, gazing at his photo album. He shows Chloe a picture of his daughter, Maggie, who bears a stunning resemblance to Chloe. Before Maggie was able to complete medical school, she and her mother were killed by a drunk driver. He looks straight at Chloe and says she reminds him of Maggie, which is why he feels so protective of her. Chloe is somewhat alarmed.

Darkness has fallen on the club rooftop, and Hilary couldn’t snuggle any closer to Jordan if she tried. She’s glad they’re back together. She could really fall for him. Devon witnesses this exchange, and so does Mariah.

Crimson Lights is officially closed and Scott lies flat on his back on a table. How does Sharon do it? He’s exhausted and she looks fresh as a daisy. She laughs and assumes he’s never worked a day in the service industry. Is he ready to party?

Again at Dr. Harris’s house: He serves Chloe a glass of lemonade and they continue their discussion, or rather he continues his monologue. Taking care of Chloe has given him a purpose. Chloe’s fears intensify. She comforts herself with the thought that Kevin and Bella will be with her soon and says so. The doctor looks down. He has bad news. He’s been anticipating Kevin’s departure, and the truth is Kevin won’t be back. Chloe is now officially panic stricken. What did Dr. Harris do? Meanwhile, Kevin drives in darkness. He’s mildly concerned when his car hits a bump.

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