Friday Y&R Update 6/30/17

The Y&R Update Friday 6/30/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Brash & Sassy, Michael is dumbfounded. Why, all of a sudden, does Victoria want to settle the sexual harassment case? Because Cane admitted he had sex with Juliette and that’s not all---she’s pregnant. Michael considers this and feels sorry for the Ashby family.

At Crimson Lights, Reed makes a pest of himself while Mattie tries to study. Calculus in the summer? Did she flunk? No, she’s just trying to get a leg up for next year. Wow. He never met anyone who volunteered for summer school. Say, about that movie she agreed to see with him . . . Too busy, she says.

In Jack’s office, Dina defends her decision. She’s leaving most of her estate to Graham, not all of it. Jack isn’t comforted and takes potshots at Graham. Graham, ever the gentleman, offers to leave, which Dina thinks is best. After he’s gone, Dina demands her children respect her wishes. To this point, Ashley has remained silent, but she’s with Jack on this one. Dina stands firm. Graham gave up plenty to be with her. Please! Jack protests. Ashley points out that even Dina used the word “deal” when she referred to her arrangement with Graham. What are they to think? Dina couldn’t care less. She just wanted to get everything out in the open, and now it is. Gloria returns to her desk in the reception area and finds Graham there. She giggles and flirts shamelessly.

At an athletic club table, Victor tries and fails to reach Nikki by phone. Tessa arrives for her meeting, and Victor questions her about Nikki. Did Tessa know Nikki intended to leave town? Does she know Nikki’s whereabouts or when she plans to return? No, no, and no. Victor is concerned. The concert is coming up soon. Tessa isn’t keeping a secret for Nikki, is she? Across the room, at the bar, Hilary attempts to boost Juliette’s resolve. She’s pregnant, so now she holds all the cards. Devon overhears and when Juliette leaves to take a call, he approaches Hilary for details. Not here. She invites him to talk in her suite.

At Crimson Lights: Mattie doesn’t like being made fun of for showing initiative. Reed takes the hint and backs off, but not for long. He returns and apologizes. She barely looks up from her work, so he takes a seat next to her and starts writing on a pad of paper---song ideas, specifically titles, all about Mattie. She smiles and says she’s unaccustomed to attention from boys. And yes, she can squeeze a movie into her schedule. Charlie bounds up to defend his sister from what he assumes (or hopes) are unwelcome advances. Charlie and Reed insult each other until Mattie puts a stop to it. Reed gets off one more zinger before he promises to call Mattie later and leaves. Charlie can’t believe his sister intends to go out with that guy. She jokingly suggests they double. Charlie can bring Zoey.

At Brash & Sassy: Whether or not the baby is Cane’s, Victoria is ready to pay, and pay dearly. Michael agrees to keep a lid on the story while the details are hammered out. He admires Victoria’s poise under stress. On the outside it must appear so, she says, but inside she rages.

Cane comes home to face Lily. She isn’t jumping for joy about the settlement. Cane accepts blame and realizes he’s not a very popular guy these days. For sure, Lily says. He should be glad Neil left before Cane returned. Cane did a lot of thinking on the drive home and wonders whether they still have a marriage. What a question! Lily has one for him: Why did he sleep with that woman? That he “didn’t mean to cheat” means nothing. He not only cheated, but he told one lie after another. And he’s not helpless, as he claims; he’s weak. Was he exacting revenge for Lily’s cheating years ago? Absolutely not. Actually, in her eyes the two incidents don’t compare. Cane allowed Lily to defend him. How humiliating. After working so hard to rebuild their marriage, why would he tear it apart again?

In Hilary’s suite, Devon talks nonstop about the mess Lily is in. He holds out hope that Cane isn’t the father, but Hilary thinks that’s unrealistic. Devon continues. He knows firsthand what broken trust can do to a marriage.

At the club: Tessa evades further scrutiny. Nikki is Tessa’s boss, not her best friend. Nikki confided nothing. She moves to leave, but Victor has another “request.” He’d like Tessa to open for Nikki at the concert. It will calm Nikki’s nerves. Tessa would love to. And one more thing: If she hears from Nikki, she’s to let Victor know.

Tessa makes a beeline for Mariah’s house. She unloads about Victor’s grilling and her command performance at the charity event. Tessa agreed to it, but she isn’t sure how that will affect her contract with Devon. Mariah talks her down and proposes they watch the sequel to that horrible movie they saw the other night. Tessa is game, but why no plans with Devon tonight? He’s busy.

In Hilary’s suite: Devon asks a favor of Hilary. Would she keep the story off the air? Hilary agrees to do so. That was too easy. Why is she so concerned about Lily? Everyone knows how Hilary feels about her. Hilary means what she’s been saying along. She wants to be a better person, and she cares what Devon thinks of her. She always will. He thanks her and leaves.

At the Ashbys’: Cane wants Lily to fix their marriage? He doesn’t ask much, does he. Cane grovels. He’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to her. She reminds him that she’s not the only injured party; they have children. He again takes the coward’s way and proposes not telling them. Too late. Charlie and Mattie walk in and ask what’s wrong.

In Jack’s office: Ashley explains that she and Jack are concerned about their mother. Dina still says my life, my decision. In the reception area, Gloria comes on like a freight train. When Graham solves her computer problem with a touch of a key, he’s a genius. And he smells wonderful. What is he wearing? DARE. She playfully scolds him for uttering the name of the competition. Dina spoils the fun when she emerges from Jack’s office and leaves hand in hand with Graham. Jack wants an immediate conference with Ashley to discuss their next move, but Ashley needs a drink and heads for the athletic club.

At Brash & Sassy, Reed tells Michael about open mic night. Michael is aware. Lauren showed him a video of Reed’s performance. He hopes to catch one live someday soon. Michael turns to Victoria and assures her he’ll handle that private matter they discussed. Victoria obviously has had a tough day and Reed wants to hear about it, but she’d rather talk about him. OK. He’d like an advance on his allowance. She guesses it has to do with a girl. Yes, but he’s short on details about her. She goes to Walnut Grove, so Victoria probably doesn’t know her. Victoria is flustered and distracted and Reed asks again what’s wrong. She gives him the abridged version. She was forced to settle the lawsuit because of an employee who lied to her. Now she needs to decide how to handle that employee.

At home, Charlie and Mattie hear about the settlement. Charlie takes it as a good sign. This means it’s over and done with. Call him when dinner is ready. Mattie is more astute. This means her dad’s accuser will get paid for telling stories. She also notices that her parents aren’t as happy as they should be. Lily tells her not to worry. Mattie tries once more to get her parents to spill. When they won’t, she offers a sympathetic ear whenever they’re ready, and she speaks for Charlie too. When she goes to wash up for dinner, Cane thanks Lily for keeping mum.

Devon pays Mariah an unexpected visit. He hopes he’s not interrupting the girls’ evening. Not at all. Tessa was on her way out. After she leaves, Devon tells Mariah about his encounter with Hilary. Things look bad for Cane. No one is more surprised at Hilary’s restraint than Mariah. Devon confesses he asked Hilary to sit on the story and she agreed. This raises red flags for Mariah, but Devon is willing to give Hilary the benefit of the doubt.

Ashley stares into her glass of wine at the club bar. Victor greets her. Is she meeting someone? No, Ashley is drinking alone. Her mother drives her to it. Victor already knew Ashley’s concerns about Graham, and they are well founded. Ashley and Jack neither need nor expect money from Dina, but they fear she’s being taken advantage of. Jack is even more upset than Ashley is, but that’s probably no concern of Victor’s. Victor doesn’t deny it. He tells her about his run-in with her brother the other day. They talked about the concert, which is shaping up to be big success.

Gloria breezes into Jack’s office and dumps a report on his desk. Before she gets to the door, Jack asks her intentions toward Graham. She’s vague. Jack tries to pin her down by telling her he’s filthy rich, or he will be when he inherits Dina’s fortune. My, my! Gloria says. She walks back to her desk with a smile on her face and the wheels turning.

In her suite, Hilary reviews the video she made of her private conversation with Juliette, in which Juliette disclosed her sexual encounter with Cane. There’s a knock on her door. Juliette is all smiles. It’s done! Brash & Sassy settled. Juliette’s money troubles are over, thanks to Hilary. She throws her arms around Hilary, but Hilary doesn’t share her enthusiasm.

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