Thursday Y&R Update 6/29/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 6/29/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine


Victoria is busier than a one-armed paper hanger at Brash & Sassy. Because of the lawsuit, some business matters slipped her mind.

At the hospital, Juliette gives Lily and Cane her diagnosis: She’s pregnant, and Cane has to be the father. The timing coincides with their sexual encounter in Tokyo.

Dina and Graham dine at the athletic club. She’s been dragging her feet, but it’s time to tell Jack and Ashley about her big decision. Graham says she doesn’t need to, but she disagrees.

At Jabot, Jack tells Ashley about the sexual harassment suit against Brash & Sassy. She immediately assumes Billy is at its center. Meanwhile, Billy and Phyllis get busy at home with a can of whipped cream. Finally, they collapse from exhaustion, happy as can be. Billy says he’s hungry. Phyllis orders food for delivery, but that’s not the kind of hunger he meant, so they go another round while they wait.

Ashley is surprised Cane is on the hot seat, not Billy, and she’s sorry for jumping to conclusions. No problem, Jack had the same initial reaction. The point is, Jack says, with Brash & Sassy otherwise occupied, it’s time to strike. What does Ashley know about Juliette Helton? Jack is interested in hiring her. She’d be a wonderful asset, with all her inside knowledge about the competition. Ashley rolls her eyes. She’s sure Victoria had Juliette sign a non-compete clause, so Jack should put it out of his mind. She may be right. Oh well, he has more pressing issues on his mind such as their mother and her constant companion. Ashley is ready to back off Dina and Graham and tries to get Jack to do likewise.

At the club: Devon stops by to chat with Madame Mergeron and Graham. Has Devon found a place for Graham at Hamilton-Winters yet? Not yet. Devon has been busy signing music acts. They part amicably, but Graham despairs of landing a job with the new company. One thing remains constant: He’ll be with Dina always. Dina watches Devon, now across the room at the bar, waiting for an appointment. She beams. Kay would be so proud of her grandson. Jill approaches Devon and Dina’s smile fades. Devon and Jill take a table of their own and catch up. Of course, the lawsuit comes up. Jill refuses to believe Cane is capable of such dastardly deeds. What is Devon’s take?

At the hospital: Juliette seems to take no pleasure when she says now they know who’s been lying. She thanks Lily for looking after her after she fainted and seems sincere. She’ll take a cab back to the club. Lily and Cane obviously have a lot to talk about. Lily is through being the supportive wife and demands the truth from her husband. Cane hems and haws but finally whispers that he did indeed have sex with Juliette. Lily nearly hyperventilates as she boards the elevator alone.

Hilary ambushes Juliette at the club door. Why hasn’t Juliette returned her calls? Hilary hears the suit is moving forward. Well, maybe not now, Juliette says. Soon the proof will be undeniable. In the dining room, Devon measures his words. Although he doesn’t think Cane forced himself on Juliette, it’s difficult to believe no intimacy took place. It could get ugly and spell disaster for Lily and Cane’s marriage. Jill prefers to look on the bright side. Speaking of broken marriages, she couldn’t be more pleased about Devon and Hilary’s divorce. He confesses he’s moved on with a wonderful woman, Mariah, but he won’t share details. He changes the subject to the music streaming service he’s planning to launch. Mergeron, the company he purchased, is well positioned for it. Jill sputters, and a second later, Dina appears tableside. Clearly there’s no love lost between these two. Jill supposes Dina’s stay will be short; she’s never been one to stick around. Au contraire. Dina’s is an open-ended visit.

Still in the club foyer, Hilary hears Juliette’s tale of woe and practically rubs her hands together with glee, although she’s not too keen about Lily’s being with Jordan at the time of Juliette’s collapse. Juliette regrets causing trouble for Lily. She likes her. Hilary waves her hand. Juliette should be thrilled; she’s been vindicated. Maybe, but Juliette isn’t thrilled. In fact, she’s exhausted and heads upstairs to rest. Hilary reminds Juliette that she’s available to help.

Neil comforts Lily at home. She’s crushed. Cane slept with another woman and then lied about it repeatedly.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane steels himself and enters Victoria’s office. She’s all about business today. Does Cane have that report he’s been working on? Not yet. He closes the door and sits opposite her. Victoria yammers about not settling with that greedy bitch, so Cane mustn’t worry. Cane says she might change her mind. Over Victoria’s promises to stick it to Juliette, Cane mentions the words “sex” and “pregnancy.” Victoria changes her tune.

At the club: Jill is stunned that Dina was invited to the Abbott home for a family dinner, and that it was Ashley’s idea. Dina gushes about the evening and about meeting her lovely granddaughter. Graham appears at Dina’s side and meets Jill. Jill is charmed. Graham sees that John Abbott had fine taste in women, referring to Dina and Jill and to Gloria, whom he met recently. Dina and Jill exchange a few more unkind words before Dina takes Graham’s arm and departs for Jabot.

At the Ashbys’: Neil holds out hope that Juliette’s baby isn’t Cane’s, but Lily says all signs point to his being the father. She still believes Cane is innocent of harassment, but the lies . . . they’re a game changer.

The doorbell rings at Phyllis and Billy’s, but it’s not the Chinese food. It’s Billy’s mom. Billy is shirtless and the place looks as though it was hit by a cyclone. Jill asks Billy if he’s sure Phyllis is the one he wants. Seconds later, Phyllis descends the stairs wearing only Billy’s shirt and tries to maintain her dignity and civility. Jill doesn’t make it easy.

Ashley tries to talk business in Jack’s office, but he’s preoccupied. Ashley reminds him that Ravi’s thorough Internet search on Graham turned up little to condemn him. Dina likes the guy, the family had a pleasant evening together---why not leave well enough alone. After some thought, Jack relents. Maybe Ashley is right. As Ashley opens the door to leave, she’s faced with Dina and Graham. Dina has something to disclose.

Devon approaches Hilary at the club bar and asks what she knows about the lawsuit. Nothing? The host of the Hilary Hour? That’s hard to believe. Hilary insists she’s focused on helping her friend Juliette. In fact, she tried to persuade Juliette to drop the case. It’s put enormous stress on her. The only facts Hilary has are that Victoria won’t settle and Cane and Lily are loyal to each other. Devon seems unconvinced. Hilary swears she’s turned over a new leaf. Trying to navigate without her moral compass (Devon) hasn’t been easy, but she’s making progress. Devon lightens up. Now that sounds like the woman he fell in love with. He hopes she can get Juliette to drop the suit.

At home, Lily takes a call from one of her children and gives the performance of a lifetime. Everything’s A-OK at home. Neil praises her, but Lily knows this can’t go on forever. The kids deserve to know what’s going on and they need to hear it from their parents. Lily is overwhelmed, and whether or not Juliette’s child turns out to be Cane’s, she can no longer trust him.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria paces as Cane gives the gory details. She puts her hand to her head and then yells at Cane for making a fool of her. She hadn’t wanted to settle, but now she sees no other option.

In Jack’s office: Dina gives a brief history of her relationship with Graham. He began as an employee but then became a friend, and now he’s an invaluable support to her. Jack’s response is sarcastic and judgmental. Graham doesn’t let him get away with it but remains calm. The truth is Dina felt she couldn’t reach out to her children after the way she left them and the years of no contact at all. She was afraid of rejection. Now she wants to tell them about her decision, which was hers and hers alone. Surprise: She’s signed a revised will in which she leaves the bulk of her estate to Graham.

At the apartment: Billy scolds Jill for her hostility toward Phyllis. The bottom line is Phyllis makes him happy, just as Colin---not Billy’s favorite person---makes Jill happy. So Jill can like it or lump it. He opens the door as he offers his ultimatum. Jill says hmmmm, and walks out. Phyllis grabs Billy and kisses him. He’s sexy when he stands up to his mom.

Juliette steps up to the club bar and orders a club soda. She sees Hilary is still lurking about. Juliette thought she’d have taken to the airwaves already. Hilary shakes her head at not being taken seriously. Has Juliette checked her messages? No. Then she obviously didn’t get the one in which Hilary pledges her full support. Juliette relaxes a little, apologizes for assuming the worst of Hilary, and thanks her. Devon passes by and overhears Juliette talking about her pregnancy and all the troubles that come with it. Hilary tells her to buck up. Juliette has a solid case.

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