Wednesday Y&R Update 6/28/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 6/28/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Christine

At the Athletic Club, Jack told Jill that he'd been admiring the photos she posted online. He was impressed that she'd hiked Machu Picchu after her... Jill assured him that it was okay to say heart attack. She admitted she was huffing and puffing, like the other flat-landers, but she said that Colin took care of her. Jill admitted that a health crisis made one accept their limitations. Jack asked how long she'd be in town. Jill explained that she was only back for her three month check up with the cardiologist; after that, she was off to complete the next item on her bucket list. Jack was pleased that Jill was doing so well. Jill wished she could say the same for Jack; she said she'd expected him to patch things up with Phyllis. Jack thought that Jill just hoped he'd reunite with Phyllis so that Billy wouldn't end up with her. Jack told her that ship had sailed over the horizon and sunk without a trace. Jack thought it was time for Jill to let go of the fantasy of Billy and Victoria getting back together. Jill grudgingly admitted Jack might be right, but she groaned that Billy could do better than Phyllis. Jill thought that Jack could, too. Jack thought Billy and Phyllis deserved each other. Jill was still worried about her son. Jack perked up when Jill stated that Billy and Victoria were under siege with the sexual harassment suit. Jill sighed that Juliet was out for blood. Jack offered to lend an ear if Jill wanted to vent about the lawsuit or Billy, but Jill realized she shouldn't discuss it in public. Jill had to leave for her appointment. They hugged goodbye. Jack did an online search for information about the lawsuit.

At the Brash and Sassy conference room, Billy proposed that they sue Cane for endangering the company if they lost the case. Cane insisted that he didn't pressure Juliet into sex, and Billy noted that Cane didn't actually deny that they had sex. Victoria ordered them to stop arguing. She felt that they needed to present a united front. Cane decided to work from home for the rest of the day. Cane stalked out, without acknowledging Phyllis, who'd just arrived. Billy went into the lab, and Phyllis let him know that she just had a run in with Jill. She revealed that Jill said that Phyllis didn't deserve Billy and that Victoria and Billy were endgame. Billy apologized for his mom. Phyllis suggested that she and Billy get away for awhile, maybe go to a bed and breakfast. When said Billy he didn't think it was a good time right now, due to the trial, a disappointed Phyllis said she knew he had to be there for Victoria. Billy told her not to do that; he explained that it was all hands on deck right now. Billy took Phyllis into the hallway and confided that he was worried Victoria was setting herself up for a big fall – losing the case could bankrupt the company. Billy said it wasn't that he didn't want to go away with Phyllis, but he felt that he needed to stay in town and make sure Victoria knew what was at stake. Phyllis understood. They kissed, and she left. Billy returned to the conference room, just as Victoria hung up the phone. She explained that she and Michael were prepping for the trial. A frustrated Billy said he hoped Victoria had come to her senses by now. Victoria adamantly refused to settle. Billy agreed with her in principle, but he didn't think they could win now that Cane had destroyed his credibility. Victoria noted that Juliet was out of a job, her bills were piling up and the severance from Brash and Sassy wouldn't last very long. Victoria didn't think Juliet could drag out the lawsuit indefinitely. Victoria said she pockets deep enough to outlast Juliet.

Jack arrived and asked Victoria if Billy was around. She said no, and Jack was pleased since he came to talk to Victoria. Jack assured Victoria that he understood that she was under a lot of pressure. Victoria claimed she didn't know what Jack was talking about, so he revealed that he knew about the lawsuit. Victoria was upset because the records were supposed to be sealed. Jack noted that they were in the same building, and he said it was hard to keep a secret. Victoria hoped that Jack wasn't going to take advantage of it. Jack said he wouldn't. Jack said he was sympathetic, but he reminded Victoria that he'd warned her about Billy. Jack looked crestfallen when Billy returned and clarified that Cane was the accused. Billy guessed that Jack took what little Jill said and assumed the worst. Jack replied that assuming the worst about Billy paid off more often than not. Jack was still sympathetic, because he'd been falsely accused of sexual harassment too. Billy said their situation was different than the Jack- “Clarissa” situation with Gloria. Billy sarcastically congratulated Jack for how he handled that – hiring Gloria, then sleeping with her for real. Jack asked if Victoria was going to fight. She said yes, and Jack was supportive. Billy thought Jack's approval was a sign that Victoria was making a mistake. Jack didn't think Victoria should listen to the man who almost lost the hockey tie in. Jack noted that Victoria had to fire Juliet to save Billy's job. Jack left. Billy asked Victoria if she agreed with Jack's contention that Billy was responsible for this disaster. Victoria thought she'd made her feelings clear when she fired Juliet instead of him. Billy asked if Victoria trusted him. He noted that she'd asked everyone else what to do, but she blew off his advice. Billy left.

Phyllis returned to Jabot. She stopped at the reception desk and asked for Gloria's help. Phyllis explained that Chelsea wanted to create a line for Fenmore, but Jack wasn't bowled over by proposal. Phyllis thought it was a fantastic idea, and she asked Gloria to get Jack on board. Gloria said she didn't have any pull with Jack, but Phyllis said Gloria had Jack's ear. Gloria thought Phyllis was trying to manipulate her, but Phyllis swore she was giving Gloria a compliment. Gloria told Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis sat down on the couch across from Gloria's desk. Phyllis acknowledged that Gloria didn't like her. Gloria thought it was tacky and disrespectful of Phyllis to move in with Jack's brother. She was sure that Jack was humiliated, but too classy to admit it. Phyllis noted that Gloria cared about Jack and was protective of him, but she added Jack didn't reciprocate. Gloria stated that Phyllis was doing a poor job winning her over. Phyllis assured Gloria that she wasn't trying to be mean. Phyllis knew Gloria wanted to be taken seriously and that she didn't want to be an assistant forever. Phyllis thought Gloria was the perfect person to bring Jack around, because she once worked with Chelsea, and she had expertise in the fashion realm. Phyllis thought Jack would realize Gloria had the vision that Jabot needed, once the profits started rolling in. Phyllis told Gloria not to pretend she didn't have pull with Jack. She admitted that no one expected Gloria to last a week at Jabot, but she'd proven them wrong. Gloria asked if Phyllis really thought the project could be a money-maker. Phyllis said she wouldn't suggest it otherwise. Gloria considered the possibility that she was being selfish in not selling Jack on this just because it was Phyllis's idea.


Jack called Gloria into his office. She mentioned Chelsea's line, but Jack said he had something more important to discuss. He instructed her to find out everything she could about Juliet Helton. Gloria asked why. Jack said he might want to hire her – she had a vendetta against Brash and Sassy and had intimate knowledge of their marketing plan. Gloria said that there were easier ways to stick it to Billy.

Billy got home and called out to Phyllis, who didn't answer. Billy was about to bite into an apple, but he dropped it when he saw Phyllis dressed in underwear and an apron. She asked if he wanted dessert, and she fed him a pastry. He asked if she made it, and she said no. Billy wondered what happened to her cooking class. Phyllis said she quit after he didn't eat her soufflé. Phyllis unbuttoned Billy's shirt, then he lifted her onto the counter and they shared a passionate kiss.

Lily and Jordan were at the Emergency Room waiting on news on Juliet. Lily thought it was bizarre that she hoped Juliet would be okay, but Jordan thought it reflected well on Lily's character. Lily felt bad about yelling at Juliet before she fainted. Jordan asked if Juliet had family that they should notify. Lily assumed that the only person who knew the answer to that was Cane. Jordan suggested that HR would still have Juliet's emergency contacts, but Lily thought that Cane should know what happened to Juliet.

Cane had just arrived home when he got Lily's call. She brought him up to speed and explained that she and Jordan followed the ambulance to the hospital. Cane told Lily he was on his way. Cane arrived at the hospital and thanked Jordan for taking care of Lily. Jordan left. Lily told Cane about her argument with Juliet. Jill arrived, and Cane thought she was there because of Juliet, but she explained that she was there for her appointment. A disappointed Jill asked Cane what he was thinking. Lily snapped that Cane didn't do anything wrong. Lily confessed that she said some mean things to Juliet before she passed out. Both Cane and Jill assured her that she wasn't to blame. Jill scolded Cane, noting that he'd made a bad situation worse by lying. Cane said he lied about Juliet coming in the room because he didn't want to hurt Lily, but that didn't mean he lied about the rest of it. Jill warned him that the jury wouldn't see it that way. She didn't think the jury would approve of Cane partying all night with a subordinate. Lily pointed out that Juliet's timing was suspect – she didn't make any allegations until after she'd been fired. Lily said it was obvious from the video that Cane did not coerce Juliet into bed.

Jill apologized for being hard on Cane, but she reiterated that he shouldn't have lied. Cane said he knew. Jill's doctor arrived. Jill told Cane to listen to how his wife just defended him and told him not to ever take her for granted. Jill left, and Cane and Lily hugged. Lily wondered if Cane should leave since he'd already gotten in trouble for being around Juliet once. Cane refused to leave Lily to deal with this alone. Cane found it amazing that Lily was doing right by Juliet and that she defended him to Jill. Lily thought she was right to defend Cane, because she was confident that he didn't do what Juliet accused him of. Lily said that people wanted her to think he worst of him, but she couldn't. They hugged.

Chelsea was at home doing alterations on a dress. Someone called; she told them that the dress was almost ready and asked them to make sure it was delivered directly to Lauren. Jordan arrived just as Chelsea shipped the dress out. He offered to get a model to wear the dress and to take some photos of it next time she did a project like that. Chelsea wished she thought of that. Jordan began to tell Chelsea what happened with Juliet at the Athletic Club earlier. Chelsea assumed there had been a cat fight, and she said she wouldn't blame Lily for wanting to claw Juliet's eyes out. Jordan said that wasn't Lily's style. He explained that Juliet collapsed during the argument. Jordan wondered if Juliet was running a long con and was now faking an illness. Chelsea noted that Jordan was very invested in this. Jordan was afraid that Juliet's scheme would hurt Lily. Jordan didn't think Cane harassed Juliet, but he thought it was possible that Cane slept with her and now she was embellishing the truth out of anger. Jordan said if so, Cane was a dog and Lily deserved better. Jordan also considered the possibility that Juliet had been running a con since Tokyo. He wanted Chelsea's opinion as a former con. Chelsea admitted that she ran this con once in Myanmar. “Basically what you do, is you get the guy out of his comfort zone, especially in a foreign country, you have a few drinks and then you mess with his memory later on,” Chelsea stated.

Jordan began to think there was a stronger possibility that Juliet was running a scam. Chelsea didn't think the timeline fit. She noted that Juliet excelled at her job for months and didn't go after Brash and Sassy until she was fired. Chelsea noted that most con artists wanted a quick fix. She thought that if Juliet was running a scam, she would've gone after Cane right after the trip or tried to blackmail him. Jordan admitted there could be a third option – Juliet was telling the truth and Cane was a liar. Chelsea didn't think Jordan had enough information to draw a conclusion. Chelsea wondered why Jordan cared. Jordan didn't want the company to go under because he'd be out of a job. Chelsea noted that this was the second time in a couple of days that Jordan's main concern seemed to be Lily. Jordan said Lily was the real victim in all this. Chelsea asked Jordan to help her create a look book that highlighted some of her new designs. She thought it would give Lauren something tangible to hand Jack that might nudge him into approving the project. Jordan suggested that Chelsea model the clothes since she was the embodiment of her target consumer – a career woman, who was a mom with a great since of style. Chelsea liked the idea and agreed.

Back at the hospital, a nurse showed Juliet to the waiting area. Juliet noted that Lily brought reinforcement. Lily said she wasn't going to desert Juliet – she wasn't unfeeling. Juliet clarified that she never said Lily was. Lily asked if Juliet was okay. Juliet made a sarcastic comment. Cane thought that Juliet should tell them what the doctor said, since they waited for her. Juliet thought the concern was a ploy to get her to drop the lawsuit. Cane stated that the lawsuit was bogus. Juliet reminded them that she'd tried to settle. They started to bicker until Lily got fed up and snapped that Cane did not have sex with Juliet. “Well then. Explain this,” Juliet said, as she gave Lily her paperwork, “I'm pregnant.” Lily and Cane looked shocked.

Dr. Lang planned to send Jill for an echocardiogram after they talked. According to Dr. Lang, she'd received stellar reports about Jill from the cardiac rehab. Relieved, Jill said she'd been following the instructions to the letter. Dr. Lang smiled a she recalled Jill's earlier refusal to believe she'd had a heart attack. Dr. Lang asked how Jill was dealing with stress. Jill joked that she and Colin had an understanding – she didn't want to strangle him as often as she used to. Jill revealed that she'd put an executive team in charge of Chancellor, and now she was traveling the world, doing yoga and meditating, all of which helped her relax. Jill wasn't experiencing any health issues, aside from heartburn. Later, Jill returned after her echo. Dr. Lang said that Jill's ejection fraction, which was a measure of her cardiac function, had improved to 72%, which was outstanding. Dr. Lang was optimistic that Jill would eventually come close to full function. Jill's cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar numbers were all in good shape. Jill mentioned that she planned to return to the Mediterranean, but there were some issues in town that needed her attention.

Jill went to Brash and Sassy. A stressed out Victoria said Billy left early, which was just as well since he didn't agree with how she was handling the lawsuit. Jill contended that Billy would be fighting by Victoria's side if she hadn't served him up to Phyllis on a platter. Jill said it wasn't too late. Victoria groaned and said she had a business to run. Jill admitted she'd learned the hard way that there was more to life than business. Jill said that Victoria needed love, passion and her children needed their father. Jill asked why Victoria wasn't fighting for what was rightfully hers. Victoria said she had too much self respect to chase after a man who wasn't interested in her. Jill argued that Billy was interested in Victoria, but he couldn't figure out how she felt about him, so he grabbed onto a shiny object in a skintight dress. Jill told Victoria to come to Billy's rescue before she lost her chance.

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