Tuesday Y&R Update 6/27/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 6/27/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Christine

A red convertible pulled into Jabot's parking lot. Jill got out of the driver's seat. Shortly afterward, Billy parked his SUV in the space next to hers. Mother and son hugged, and Jill said she missed Billy so much – it was the worst part of an otherwise fabulous vacation. Billy was pleased to see that she looked strong and well-rested. Jill replied that she didn't want to arrive at her three month check up looking any other way. Billy stated that he would've picked Jill up at the airport if he'd known she was coming. Jill asked how he and Victoria were doing. At that moment, Phyllis hopped out of Billy's passenger seat. Jill looked repulsed. “Please, Billy. Tell me you spotted this in the gutter on the way here and picked her up out of pity,” she spat. Phyllis said it was good to see that Jill and her sunny sense of humor were still alive and kicking. Jill grimaced as she watched Phyllis pull Billy into a passionate kiss. Phyllis pointedly told Billy that they'd pick it up later at home, then she went into the building. Before Jill could question Billy, he announced that yes, he was with Phyllis, yes they were living together, yes Victoria knew, and she was fine with it. Billy hoped that Jill would accept his relationship some day, then he kissed her on the cheek and left.

Victoria was at the Athletic Club when she received a concerning phone call from Victor. She promised to look into it.

Nick had spent the night at Chelsea's. He walked downstairs and she greeted him with a kiss and a mug of coffee. She stopped him from drinking the beverage and pointed out the design she'd put in the foam. Nick thought it was a frog, and Chelsea clarified that it was a heart. She told Nick she loved him, and he replied that he loved her too. They kissed and he began to remove her robe, but his phone rang – it was Victoria. Nick asked Victoria to slow down and tell him what was wrong. Later, after Nick and Chelsea got dressed, he told her that Victoria couldn't get into what happened over the phone. Chelsea revealed that she had a business meeting that could be a game changer. She kissed him goodbye and left just as Victoria arrived.

Victoria explained that Victor called demanding to know where Nikki was. Nick wondered if this was another one of Victor's stunts to keep them in his orbit, but Victoria said Victor genuinely had no idea where Nikki was, and she wasn't answering her phone. Nikki left a note that didn't say where she'd gone or how long she'd be there. According to Victoria, the cryptic note was of no comfort to Victor. Nick didn't care about Victor's feelings; he was worried for their mother. Victoria thought it was odd that Nikki had just dropped out of sight at a time when she'd been so focused on the concert. Nick revealed that Victor's believed he was about to win Nikki back. Nick theorized that Victor had been emotionally pressuring Nikki. Victoria sighed that Nikki had left at the worst possible time where Victoria was concerned. Victoria explained that she'd learned that Cane had been lying to her. She was optimistic about winning the lawsuit. She didn't think Cane was guilty of sexual harassment, and she was adamant that she wouldn't roll over and open her checkbook because Juliet was making threats. Victoria refused to be blackmailed because of her last name. Nick stated that Victor's legacy was a double edged sword; it gave and took. He hoped that the sword hadn't cut Nikki too deeply.

Lily and Jordan worked on a photo shoot at the park. Lily knew it didn't go well, and she asked Jordan to be honest – could he use any of the photos? Jordan said that while the shoot was for Dare, the pictures were more like dire. Lily admitted she was distracted because she knew everyone thought she was an idiot for sticking by Cane. Lily apologized for not being focused. She stated that she and Cane had worked through the issue and were fine now, but she was bothered that people were judging her. Jordan assured her that he wasn't judging her. Lily thought Neil and Devon were, and she assumed Victoria did too. Lily said she couldn't just give up on her marriage and family.

At Brash and Sassy, Jill bemoaned the end of Billy and Victoria's relationship. She told Billy that he and Victoria were so close when she left that she'd expected to come home to a wedding announcement. Billy explained that he tried hard with Victoria, and at one point he thought they'd get back together, but she kept blocking him out. Billy felt that he couldn't do anything right in Victoria's eyes. He said Victoria didn't trust him enough to let him in, and he just couldn't do it anymore. Jill noted that trust could be rebuilt. She asked if Victoria was seeing anyone. Billy stated that he didn't know and it didn't matter. He thought Victoria loved him as a co-parent, but he didn't think she liked him. Victoria walked in and announced that she liked him more than certain other executives. Victoria told Jill that they were busy and hinted that Jill should leave. Billy decided to go check on Lily's photo shoot, but Jill closed the conference room door. She refused to leave until they told her why everyone was so glum. Billy told Jill about the allegations Juliet made against Cane, and she burst out laughing. Jill was adamant that Cane was the last man around here who'd ever be mistaken for a sexual predator. “Wow. Thanks for that,” Billy sarcastically said, “but unfortunately, Cane is more like his old man that you're willing to admit. They try and lie themselves out of bad situations and then dig themselves into deeper ones.”

Billy went to the park and met with Jordan and Lily. Jordan went to get some equipment out of his car, and Billy vented to Lily about Jill. Billy explained that Jill hadn't let him out of her sight for hours, and he'd used Lily as a reason to flee. Lily said she was happy to help. Billy jokingly suggested that he and Lily take part in an elaborate scheme to get Jill to leave town again. It made Lily laugh, and when Jordan returned, he noticed that she was in the right mood to take good photos.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Jill read the documents for the lawsuit and called it a shameless cash grab. However, Jill thought that Victoria should settle. While Jill believed Cane, she didn't think the jury would, especially after they watched the video of Cane and Juliet entering his room. Victoria wouldn't consider settling. She said that the tape didn't prove that Cane harassed Juliet or that they had sex. Jill stated that Cane was a drunk married man out of town on business. She thought that the minute the jury saw him allowing an attractive younger subordinate into his room, they'd believe he was capable of anything. Victoria countered that the jury would want proof and there was none. Victoria said that settling would make Cane look guilty and the company look weak. Victoria felt that this was a game about willpower and blackmail and she refused to play. Jill complimented her on sounding like Victor.

Neil and Jack discussed the charity concert over breakfast at the Athletic Club. Neil said he was looking forward to Nikki's concert, but Jack felt that it was Victor's concert and that Nikki was just a featured performer. Jack grumbled that Victor was in control mode, as usual, but this time it was disguised as altruism. Jack found it nauseating. He just hoped it didn't make Nikki truly sick. Neil predicted that Nikki would do a wonderful job, and he announced that the Hamilton-Winters Group had bought a block of tickets. Jack stated that Jabot had, too. Jack also believed that Nikki would throw herself into the concert, but he told Neil that they both knew her that Victor was her one weakness. Jack revealed that he was taking his mother to the concert. Neil thought that Dina would love that, but Jack admitted he wasn't sure what or who she loved. Neil knew from experience that it was difficult to connect with your mother as an adult. Jack was surprised Graham allowed Dina to stay in Genoa City. He believed Graham wanted to separate her from any potential heirs. Neil was startled to learn what Jack thought of Graham. Jack noted that Neil and Devon had spent more time with Graham than anyone else in town had. Jack hoped Neil could give him some dirt on Graham, no matter how small. Neil didn't have anything negative to say about Graham. Neil said that Graham seemed to know the ins and outs of Mergeron, and Neil thought that was why Dina deferred to him. Neil assured Jack that Graham wasn't siphoning money off of Dina; Neil had checked the books and they were clean. Despite Neil's opinion, Jack still sensed that something was off about Graham.

At the Ashby home, Colin urged Cane to take Lily on vacation. Cane wasn't receptive to his father's suggestion, and he moaned that his last trip nearly ruined his life. Cane told Colin about Juliet's allegations and lawsuit. Colin mused that Juliet was running a scam, but he said that, fortunately for Cane, Colin knew every scam in the book. Colin asked Cane to tell him exactly what happened in Tokyo. Cane insisted that nothing happened, but Colin said he knew his son well enough to tell that he was holding something back. Cane told Colin the entire story. “You have to understand that when I woke up alone in that hotel room, I was so hung over that I don't even remember drinking, or the karaoke bar, or the fact that I – that I cheated on my wife with a coworker I just met,” Cane explained. Cane continued that Juliet didn't tell him what happened until after she showed up in Genoa City to interview for the job – a job he'd told her that he didn't have the power to give her. Cane admitted that he'd started to remember things after Juliet told him what happened. Cane explained that the didn't remember the feeling of it, just the fact that he did it.

Cane wanted to tell Lily the truth, but he felt that he couldn't, because he knew it would rip her heart out. Cane said that once Juliet got fired, it became more than a drunken mistake. Colin was confident that Cane wouldn't extort sex from a powerless underling, and he thought Victoria should believe in Cane too. Colin felt that Victoria should pay Juliet off so she'd leave town. Cane explained that Victoria believed him, so she was fighting the lawsuit. Cane noted that he was in danger of losing his family, marriage, reputation and children. Colin thought they were strong enough to withstand a bogus claim. He admitted that alcohol wasn't to blame for his mistake. Cane confessed that he'd schemed to get Billy fired, and it went wrong, resulting in Juliet being let go. Colin quipped that karma was a bigger bitch that Juliet, but Cane clarified that she wasn't like that. He admitted that Juliet got a raw deal because of his actions, and he felt that he deserved everything that happened to him. Colin disagreed, stating that Cane was a good guy who made a couple of mistakes. Cane was open to advice, and Colin told him to stick to his story. “Victoria and Lily have already bought it, that means your lying skill have been grossly underestimated,” Colin said.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria left Nikki a message and asked her to get in touch with her or Nick. Cane walked in with the reports Victoria asked for. She told him that things weren't going to be business as usual because he'd broken her trust. Cane said he intended to regain it. Victoria told Cane that since he'd hidden the fact that he'd almost killed the Asian deal, she didn't want him making any big decisions without running it by her or Billy. A contrite Cane said he understood. He vowed to do whatever it took to prove himself. Billy walked in and opined that Cane could start by proving himself to his wife. Cane told Billy to stay out of his marriage, and Billy said he'd be happy to as long as it wasn't about to destroy the company. Victoria chided them, then she asked about the photo shoot. Billy said it went great, because Lily was a professional, even though it was clear that Cane's lies were killing her. Cane ordered Billy to back off, but Billy refused. Billy didn't think Cane harassed Juliet, but he was convinced that they had sex. “Just because you can't stay faithful to any relationship Billy, it doesn't mean the rest of us can't put our marriages first,” Cane spat. Victoria insisted that they stop arguing. She was adamant that Juliet was going to lose, but Billy asked at what cost. He accused Cane of leaving the company wide open for an attack.

Jordan and Lily went to the Athletic Club to celebrate the successful shoot. Jordan noted that everything was golden after Lily talked to Billy. Their good mood soured when Juliet approached them. Lily said she should've had her brother ban Juliet. Juliet had something to say, but Lily didn't want to hear it. Juliet wondered if Lily wasn't interested in hearing the truth. Juliet apologized for hurting Lily and admitted she'd felt sick since the deposition. Lily thought Juliet should feel that way after she'd committed slander for a payout. Juliet said it wasn't just about the money. Jordan reminded them that they shouldn't be talking. Lily grabbed a wad of money from her purse and began to throw it at Juliet, who begged her to stop. Lily angrily ordered Juliet to pick the money up. Lily and Jordan were shocked when Juliet suddenly passed out and collapsed on the floor.

Chelsea ran into Phyllis at Jabot and stated that she had a meeting with Lauren. Phyllis said she couldn't offer Chelsea a soda because Jack, who was convinced that Brash and Sassy was stealing drinks, had put a lock on the Jabot refrigerator. Phyllis thanked Chelsea for defending Billy to Nick at The Underground the other day. Chelsea explained that Nick was overprotective of Phyllis because he considered her to be a good friend. Phyllis thought Nick and Billy were both great guys, but there was a lot of tension, due to their complicated history. Chelsea admitted she had a role in creating some of that tension. Phyllis assured Chelsea that Chelsea had changed. Phyllis was glad that Chelsea was making Nick happy, and Chelsea was happy for Phyllis and Billy too. Chelsea and Phyllis both received texts from Lauren – she was facing a crisis at the store and had to postpone the meeting. Phyllis offered to hear Chelsea's pitch instead.

Phyllis looked at Chelsea's new line and was impressed by her collection. Chelsea reminded Phyllis that Lauren had once proposed making Chelsea 2.0 a Fenmore exclusive. Phyllis recalled that Chelsea wasn't interested in Lauren's offer at the time. Chelsea explained that she'd been focused on autonomy back then, and she didn't think it would be beneficial to tie the brand to one chain. Phyllis noted that Fenmore wasn't just any chain, especially after it was revitalized by the virtual dressing room app. Jack walked up. He was curious about their meeting and wondered why Chelsea was meeting with Phyllis instead of him. They went into his office, where Chelsea explained that she hoped to make a collection of clothing, especially designed for Fenmore. Phyllis noted that, as Chelsea was talking about clothing, not make up, Jack wouldn't have to worry about anyone edging him out or doing something behind his back. Jack snidely commented that Phyllis had a lot of experience doing things behind his back. Phyllis loved Chelsea's pitch, and while she couldn't make any promises, she thought Lauren would too.

Jack thought that Lauren would be wise to hold off on making a decision until she had more information – such as what Chelsea's goals were. Chelsea wanted to focus on design without having to worry about marketing. She acknowledged that Jabot had been supportive of her from the beginning and said this deal would be almost like going back to her roots. Jack graciously promised to consider the proposal. Chelsea left. Jack disapproved of Phyllis trying to negotiate a deal this big on her own. Phyllis clarified that she stood in for her boss and listened to a pitch. Jack conceded that he didn't have a controlling interest at Fenmore, but he felt that a deal this large needed his input. Phyllis noted that input wasn't the same as approval. Phyllis accused Jack of wanting to control everything at Fenmore. Jack said he comment was inappropriate and none of her business. He got up and showed Phyllis the door. Phyllis said she wasn't trying to be insulting; she just thought Jack should leave the design to Lauren, since he had enough on his plate. Jack told her not to underestimate him. Phyllis left. Jack tried to get in touch with Nikki and left her voicemail.

Nick went to Jack's office and told him about Nikki's abrupt trip. Jack mentioned that Nikki seemed really stressed when he saw her yesterday. Nick stated that he expected Jack to tell him if he knew anything else. Jack noted that Nick's arrival made it clear that things weren't going well at the Newman house. Nick didn't want to say much, but he admitted that he wished Victor would back off sometimes. Nick confided that he was unhappy that Victor pressured Nikki into doing the concert. Jack told Nick that Nikki was adamant that she was doing the concert for herself and other M.S. patients, not Victor. Jack said that Nikki needed to feel that she, and not Victor, was in control of the event. Nick wished she'd apply that viewpoint to other facets of her life.

Jill found Phyllis at Jabot. Jill said that Billy made it clear that he wanted to be with Phyllis. Jill asked if Phyllis was committed to Billy. Phyllis confirmed that she was, and she added that she wanted to make him happy. Jill noted that Phyllis had wanted to make Jack happy once, and she wanted to make Nick happy, back when she cheated on him with Ronan Malloy. Jill wondered if Phyllis planned to cheat on Billy or if she'd already exhausted the town's supply of men. Phyllis noted that Jill once had a torrid affair with Jack while she was married to his father. Jill admitted that she used to be just like Phyllis. However, Jill said she'd changed, while Phyllis hadn't. Jill wondered if there was any line Phyllis wouldn't cross. “There's one I'm thinking of right now, yeah,” a seething Phyllis replied. Jill stated that Billy always went back to Victoria – the mother of his children and love of his life. Phyllis asked why Jill was wasting her time with Phyllis if she was so confident that Billy would go back to Victoria. Jill said she was trying to spare Phyllis the misery and cut some drama out of Jill's family. Phyllis noted that Jill had gone to outrageous lengths to reunite Billy with Victoria and been unsuccessful. Phyllis thought Jill should consider the possibility that they weren't meant to be. Jill asked if Phyllis thought she and Billy were meant to be. Phyllis thought it looked that way, and Jill called her delusional. Jill spat that Phyllis and Billy wouldn't go the distance, no matter how much time they invested in their dirty little fling. Phyllis stated that most people changed after a heart attack, but Jill still didn't care what her son wanted. Phyllis told Jill that she'd lose Billy if she kept trying to push him and Victoria together. “And then who's going to take the front row seat at our wedding?,” with that, Phyllis walked away.

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