Monday Y&R Update 6/26/17

The Y&R Update Monday 6/26/17


Written by Ellen

Sharon is frustrated with Nick’s lack of candor about what’s going on with the Newman family and shows him the door.

From home, Chelsea leaves a voice mail for Nick. She has an idea and wants to run it by him before she acts on it. Please call back ASAP.

At the park café, Jack tweaks Victor. Perhaps Victor should check in with his wife once in a while. Jack met with Nikki because she needed a friend. Apparently she’s not getting adequate support at home. Victor scowls and declares Nikki is using Jack.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Tessa and Devon are ready to make it official, but before Tessa can put a pen to her contract, Mariah arrives and stops her. Is she sure she wants to trust this guy? She tells Tessa to beware of the fine print and so on, but Devon knows she’s just joshing and they all have a good laugh. Devon details the terms of the contract for Tessa, which includes making a demo, doing promotional tours, and eventually performing live. He expects her full commitment, so she guesses that means after the charity concert, she’ll have to resign as Nikki’s assistant. Mariah doesn’t think that’s such a hot idea.

Lily comes home after an early morning outing. She can’t get over the fact that Cane spent a night with Juliette. He insists Juliette is lying about being sexually harassed and begs Lily to believe him. She doesn’t think Cane coerced Juliette, but she needs space. Cane will give it gladly. He kisses her and says he loves her. She doesn’t respond.

At Sharon’s: Nick finally agrees to tell all. Victor had a hand in Adam’s escape from prison and ultimately his death. Now the family is freezing out Victor in private while playing the happy family in public. What a burden, Sharon remarks. Nick swears her to secrecy. Sharon fears Nikki’s wrath, so she won’t breathe a word. She’s sorry Nick is going through such a tough time when he should be happy with Chelsea. Oops. Sharon apologizes for overstepping, but Nick agrees. If he wants a lasting relationship with Chelsea, he needs to come clean with her about everything.

In the athletic club sauna, Gloria gets better acquainted with Graham. She asks about his relationship with the Abbott kids. She knows they’re giving him a hard time. Graham asks point-blank how much Jack is paying her to get information from him.

In the park: Jack says the concert is far too much pressure on Nikki, and if Victor really cared about her he’d let her off the hook. Nonsense, Victor says. She wants to do it and has been playing the piano beautifully lately. Jack tells him he’s in denial. Victor orders Jack to stay away from Nikki.

At the club: Tessa has grown fond of Nikki and respects her, so resigning won’t be easy. She looks forward to working with Devon, though. He comes highly recommended by Mariah, which is good enough for Tessa. He trusts Tessa as well, so they’re off to a good start. Mariah proposes they celebrate with a bottle of expensive champagne---on Devon, of course. Devon gets a distress text from Lily, so the girls will have to carry on without him.

In the sauna: Gloria denies spying for Jack, but Graham won’t talk anyway. As VP of corporate strategy, he signed a nondisclosure agreement with Dina. He is not a gigolo, as Gloria and so many others assume. She’s also surprised to learn he’s a Midwestern boy from a broken family. It’s because of that background he regrets causing a rift in the Abbott family. Gloria has a sad family story too. She was a bad mom. She was neglectful and exposed her boys to her abusive husband. She knows they still harbor resentment. Graham touches her hand. He could use a friend like her. Her eyes widen. Then he’s got one.

Jack happens upon Dina in the club dining room. She’s just had an exasperating phone conversation, which she says was with Neil about a corporate acquisition. She’s just trying to give him the benefit of her expertise, but he’s not open to it. Jack reminds her that Neil and Devon want to cater to businesses owned by women and minorities. She smiles. Jack’s no slouch as a business executive either. She’s followed his career and is proud of him. John Abbott would be too. This gets to Jack. He’d like to think so. Jack might have been of some help to Dina with Mergeron if she’d let him, but she preferred to rely on Graham. This gets her goat. She doesn’t *rely* on anyone. She makes her own decisions. Point taken. Jack changes the subject and invites her to attend Nikki’s concert, as his date. She’d love to go. He underscores that it’s a date, meaning no more than two people. Now she gets the point. Graham will have to occupy himself otherwise. Graham appears just then and isn’t offended. Jack takes notice when, within minutes, Gloria saunters up.

Chelsea thanks Victor for seeing her in his office on such short notice. She’s to think nothing of it. He’s delighted to see her. Here’s her dilemma: Chelsea 2.0 bills itself as an affordable clothing line, but Chelsea uses high-quality fabrics, which cost more and may alienate her target market. Should she change her business model and go for the cheap knock-offs that everyone seems to want? Victor advises against compromising her brand. She realizes he’s right and thanks him. He smiles and says she’s turning into quite a fine business woman. Not only that, she’s good for Nicholas and for Connor, and Victor is proud to call her family.

Tessa and Mariah kick back with a chick flick, popcorn, and their bottle of bubbly. Sharon comes home from the store and comments on the scene. When she learns the reason for the celebration and is shown the contract, she congratulates Tessa and seems genuine. Tessa becomes uncomfortable, though, and decides to take off. Mariah teases her. Did the movie inspire her to go home and write a love song about Noah?

Cane jogs through the park, presumably to work off some tension, but it only aggravates things. He runs into Hilary and they have words about the sexual harassment case. Spare him her phony concern! Hilary can’t suppress a smile when she hears the case is going to trial. That must mean Cane lied in his deposition. As soon as Cane bolts, Hilary whips out her phone and calls Juliette. Her message: Hilary changed her mind. Juliette can count on her full support.

At home, Lily confides in Devon. Cane wasn’t as forthcoming as he should have been, but she’s sure Juliette fabricated that story for financial gain. Devon wonders. Perhaps there was no harassment, but does Lily think there was no sex? According to Lily, Cane wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt her, so no, she doesn’t think Cane betrayed her.

At the club bar, Jack quizzes Gloria about her encounter with Graham. He’s glad she decided to help him after all. Not so fast. Gloria is still smarting from Jack’s rejection and won’t give him any satisfaction. Her conversation with Graham was innocent, and she doesn’t believe for a minute that he’s bilking Dina. Jack rolls his eyes. What is it about that guy? He’s fooled both Dina and Gloria.

At Sharon’s: Tessa gathers her things and says no, sappy songs aren’t her style. Sharon is more interested in how life at the main house has been lately. Tense, Tessa says, but that’s not why she’s moving out. She’s used to being on her own and prefers it that way. Sharon has a lot in common with Tessa. Sharon has recently learned to stand on her own two feet and it feels great. She thinks it’s possible to reinvent oneself.

Nick arrives at Chelsea’s penthouse. She waited as long as she could for him to get back to her before forging ahead. It went well, but she hopes Nick won’t be upset. She tells about her meeting with Victor, who gave her some sound professional advice and was utterly charming. Nick swallows hard and prepares to make his own announcement. He prefaces it by telling Chelsea that he loves her and feels protective toward her. He hopes that doesn’t scare her. Not in the least. She loves him too and gives him a big kiss.

Cane returns home as Devon and Lily finish their talk. Lily approaches Cane, kisses his cheek, and leaves the room. Devon is civil but warns Cane that if he’s lied to Lily again, he’ll have to answer to Devon.

At the club bar: Although Jack doesn’t understand Graham’s appeal to women, he’s glad Gloria is making inroads. She takes a sip of her martini and breaks the bad news. If she chooses to pursue a relationship with Graham it will be for her pleasure, not for Jack.

Victor returns to the ranch and calls out to Nikki. There’s no answer, and he spots a note on the mantel. She’s gone away for a few days to clear her head.

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