Friday Y&R Update 6/23/17

The Y&R Update Friday 6/23/17


Written by Ellen

At the cottage, Sharon walked downstairs wearing Scott's shirt, and she smiled at him. Scott pulled her onto his lap and they kissed. Sharon asked how the new digital media company was going. Scott said that he felt lucky, and Sharon replied that it wasn't luck - he deserved this job. Scott admitted he was talking about more than the job. They kissed until Scott got an email alert about business that he needed to discuss with Victor. Scott mentioned that Victor was working from home, and Sharon suggested that he walk over to the main house. Scott asked if Sharon was ready for the Newmans to know he spent the night. Sharon thought that Victor's ego was so huge that he'd assume Scott drove all the way to the ranch just to see him. Scott was curious why Sharon lived on her ex-in law's property. Sharon felt that Faith needed to be in close proximity to her father and grandparents. Sharon admitted that it was also good for her (Sharon) to live there. She said that Nikki and Victor didn't seem to have a problem with it. Scott promised to do his best not to destroy any of that good will. Sharon teased Scott for assuming that he'd be spending a lot more nights at her place. Scott said he was an optimist.

Graham entered Dina's room. She noticed his tank top and commented that he must be planning to go work out. Graham asked if she'd spoken with her lawyer, Jean-Marc. Dina had. Graham asked if Jean-Marc was emailing her the documents about the Mergeron sale. Dina said yes, so Graham asked if the lawyer was handling the other matter as well. “You mean my will?,” Dina asked. Graham noted that she'd intended to sign the will before they left Paris. Dina assured Graham that she'd get to it. Graham wished he'd been prepared for what awaited them in Genoa City. Dina asked if he was sorry he came. Graham insisted that he wasn't. He told her that he intended to keep his promise to her. Graham was troubled by Jack and Ashley. He admitted that Ashley turned out to be somewhat pleasant, but he felt that Jack was insistent on rehashing old grievances. Graham said he could deal with Jack's hostility, but he hated seeing how it effected Dina. Dina said that Jack didn't understand, and Graham agreed. Graham was concerned that Dina's kids would talk her into moving into the Abbott mansion. He warned her that Ashley and Jack wouldn't let her live her life the way she wanted. Dina didn't see how they could stop her. “They can attempt to take away your power by claiming all sorts of things,” Graham stated. Dina brushed off his fears, but he persisted. Graham told Dina that Jack and Ashley would have no problem abandoning her. “They're not invested in your well-being. I am,” Graham gently said. Dina asked Graham to print the documents for her to sign, including her will. She admitted she should've signed them before they left Europe.

Jack was in his office. He left Nikki voicemail, in which he explained that he was worried and asked her to give him a call. Ashley walked in and reminded him that Nikki had a husband. Jack said that Nikki was under a lot of stress because she'd been practicing nonstop for the charity event. Jack added that they were dedicating a wing of the hospital that Victor had named for Nikki. Ashley knew about the event because she bought some tickets from Abby. Jack said he was looking out for Nikki because Victor didn't have a clue what was going on with her. Ashley contended that Victor loved Nikki deeply. Jack argued that this travesty Victor forced Nikki into wasn't about love. He believed that Victor wanted to look like a great philanthropist and husband and that he hadn't considered the effect on Nikki. Jack maintained that Victor had manipulated Nikki into agreeing to perform by telling her about the concert while they were with the Dean of the medical school. Jack thought Nikki was on the brink of taking a drink, and he hoped to prevent that.

Ashley accused Jack of letting his personal opinions cloud his judgment. When he disagreed, she reminded him that he'd just tried to make her seduce Graham. Jack admitted that wasn't his finest hour. He wished he hadn't asked Gloria to approach Graham, either. Ashley thought it was hypocritical of Jack to accuse Victor of being oblivious to other people's feelings. Jack asked if Ashley hadn't noticed that things seemed off between Victor and his family. Ashley suggested that Victor was in mourning for Adam, but Jack was sure that something happened to put a strain on Nikki and her marriage. Ashley assumed Jack was looking for dirt to use against Victor. Jack said he wasn't. Jack was adamant that he wouldn't let Victor hurt Nikki again.

Ashley revealed that Victor had shown some compassion about the Dina situation. She said Victor shared their suspicions about Graham. Jack asked if Ravi's investigation turned anything up. According to Ashley, Ravi confirmed that Graham was born and raised in the Midwest. Ravi also discovered that Graham moved to Hollywood twenty years ago to pursue acting, but was largely unsuccessful. Jack surmised that Graham was using his thespian skills to con Dina. Jack noted that Graham had only been with Dina for a year and he wondered what Graham had been doing before that. Ashley said Ravi didn't find that much, but Graham's online profile at Mergeron said he was the Executive V.P. of Corporate Strategy. Ashley rolled her eyes and wondered what that meant.

Ashley admitted she'd had a change of heart. She thought Graham was had been sincere during their recent conversation. Jack scoffed and asked if she trusted Graham. Ashley didn't trust him and she didn't necessarily like him, but she noted that Graham acted like Dina was the most important thing in his life. Ashley thought they should be glad Dina was happy and that they should accept her choice. Jack suspected that Ashley thought Dina deserved to be scammed by Graham as payback for abandoning them. Ashley reminded Jack that she asked Ravi to research Graham, and she sat down with Graham to figure out what he wanted with their mother. Jack asked if Ashley forgave Dina. Ashley clarified that she never said that. Ashley didn't want to see Dina get hurt, but she thought Dina seemed happy. Ashley felt that Jack should stop micromanaging Dina's life. Jack insisted that he cared and wanted what was best for her. Ashley told Jack he was allowed to do that, but she told him that Dina was free to make her own decisions. Ashley predicted that Dina would resent Jack if he refused to accept that she was with Graham. Ashley felt that they had no choice but to let Dina pay for Graham's lavish lifestyle if she chose to. Jack said he just wanted more time with Dina, which was why he invited her to stay at the house. “She's family. Why can't that mean something more?,” Jack asked. Ashley hugged him and advised him to give it time. Dina called Ashley and invited her over. Ashley promised to let Jack know what happened.

Graham stood by as a notary watched Dina sign the paperwork. Graham stated that there was one last paper. Dina noted that it was the will, and she signed the document. Graham suddenly noticed Ashley standing in the open doorway. She didn't appear to hear about the will. Ashley asked what the paperwork was about, and Graham said they related to the sale of Mergeron. Graham told Dina that he'd be in the spa if she needed anything. He kissed her hand and left. Ashley noted that he seemed to be in a good mood. Dina said that was why she liked having him around. Ashley told Dina that Jack was disappointed because he felt that Graham had a monopoly on her time. She explained that Jack had been hoping Dina would move into the family home and spend time with him. “Just him?,” Dina asked. Ashley smiled and said she'd come by sometimes. Dina said she loved spending time with Jack, but she asked if Ashley would want to live under the same roof as her. Ashley noted that it was a very big roof; they wouldn't even have to share a bathroom. Ashley asked if Dina regretted that they didn't have those kinds of mother/daughter moments. Dina said she was glad Ashley and Abby had them. Ashley noted that Dina dodged the question. Dina stated that Ashley was a wonderful mother and had been everything Dina wasn't. Ashley admitted she was surprised that Dina complimented her parenting skills. Dina said the proof was in Abby, and she revealed that she saw a quite a bit of herself in her granddaughter. Ashley wasn't sure how to feel about that. Ashley confessed that she was still concerned about Graham. Dina said that people often jumped to unflattering conclusions when a younger man met a wealthy older woman. Dina insisted that Graham wasn't going to steal. She said that Graham was well-rewarded for his loyalty, in addition to having a life that most people couldn't imagine. Dina was adamant that Graham was her good friend and that he had her best interests at heart. Ashley surmised that Dina didn't want to be alone, and she asked what would happen if Graham found someone else. Dina dismissed the possibility of that happening. Ashley wondered how Dina could be sure, and Dina stated that she and Graham had a deal.

Nikki was at the spa. She told the massage therapist that she was starting to feel a little better after the massage, and she was going to spend a few minutes in the sauna. The woman asked if that was okay for her M.S. Nikki testily informed her that not every M.S. sufferer was heat-sensitive. She added that she'd cleared this with her doctor. Nikki's expression grew worried as she stared at her tremoring hands. In the spa room, she did her best to relax, but in her head she could hear the instrumental that she'd been practicing. She also imagined Victor tell her that she was nothing without him. Gloria walked in. Nikki sat up and grimaced in pain. Gloria was concerned, but Nikki said she'd just overdone it. Gloria revealed that Jack told her about the concert. Nikki stated that she and Jack were good friends, without benefits. Gloria wondered if that was a dig. Nikki said no, but she noted that it could be hard to stay attractive in such a relationship. Gloria clarified that she was more concerned about protecting Jack. Gloria confided that Jack had been acting strange since Dina's return. She told Nikki that Jack asked her to seduce Graham. Nikki noted that Jack's mother left when he was very young. Nikki thought Jack was confused about his adult responsibilities to Dina. Gloria was afraid Jack wanted something that Dina was incapable of giving. Nikki stood, with some effort, and Gloria took her hand to steady her as she hobbled out the door. Nikki called Jack and begged him to meet her.

Graham ran into Gloria at the spa, and he remembered her from their earlier meeting. It appeared that Gloria was about to leave before Graham's arrival, but instead, she poured water over the hot rocks to make more steam.

Nick dropped by the main house to see Nikki. Victor announced that Nikki wasn't home. Nick turned to leave, but Victor opined that Nick couldn't avoid his father forever Victor wondered if Nick expected congratulations for his detective work in Louisiana. Nick asked if Victor had any idea what he'd done to Nick, Victoria and Nikki. Nick said they'd been doing everything they could to hide Victor's role in the tragedy. Victor argued that it was their choice. Nick felt that Victor forced them to protect the family. Nick thought Victor should accept responsibility for his role in Adam and Chloe's death. Victor stated that he already had accepted responsibility for Adam's death. Nick asked if Victor expected them to forgive him. Victor said that if Nick really cared about the family, he would help end the hostilities, for Nikki's sake. Nick saw the poster promoting the charity event and worried that Nikki had forgiven Victor. Victor said that she didn't. Victor thought his family should be loyal to him because he'd moved heaven and earth to provide for them. Nick didn't think things were so great back when Nikki used to forgive everything Victor did.

Nick assumed that Victor forced Nikki into doing the concert. Victor insisted that he wasn't forcing her into anything. Victor believed he was allowing Nikki to do something that she loved. Victor noted that Nikki had enjoyed performing at Nick's club. Nick thought the situations were different because Nikki wasn't under pressure at open mic night. Victor predicted that Nikki would be applauded after her performance at the fundraiser, and she'd realize that Victor was the only one who could give her what she needed. While Nick grudgingly admitted that Victor's manipulation could work, he said that Victor would eventually hurt Nikki again, causing another rift. Victor was fed up with Nick criticizing and despising him, so he said that he was finished trying to win Nick over. Victor asked Nick to bring Faith to the concert. Nick stated that Faith wouldn't be coming, because she'd gone to sleep away camp for a month. Victor asked if this was Nick's way to keep Victor away from her. Nick clarified that Faith wanted to go to camp. Victor was upset that Nick let Faith leave without saying goodbye. Nick said that they'd tried, but they were running late and they couldn't find Victor. Victor wondered what this was really all about – he noted that Nick didn't like Adam. Nick conceded that Adam did a lot of things he didn't like. Nick stated that Adam was complicated, and he died just as Nick was beginning to understand him. Nick spat that they both knew why that happened. Victor accused Nick of being a hypocrite, since Nick couldn't stand Adam.

Scott suddenly entered the main house and announced that he had some time sensitive paperwork for Hashtag. Nick asked what Hashtag was. Victor revealed that he purchased a media outlet and put Scott in charge. Victor added that Scott helped put together the fundraising concert. Nick noted that Scott had done a 180 since he arrived in town, and he'd now embraced the Newman Enterprises lifestyle. Scott explained that he didn't think he'd be sticking around back then, but Victor gave him a great opportunity. Scott and Victor began to talk business, and Nick left. Scott wanted Hashtag to focus on real investigative reporting and not click-bait. He admitted it might not be the fastest route to a profit, but he thought it would pay off in the end. Victor told Scott to create a presentation for the marketing department. Scott admitted he'd been expecting more resistance. He thought Victor wouldn't think his idea was commercial enough. Victor said that was a job for the marketing department. Scott hoped that Nick didn't leave on his account. Victor said he and Nick didn't have the best relations right now, and he added that he'd rather talk to his daughters, since they loved business. Scott noted that Nick was running a successful club. Scott could relate to Nick's desire to do his own thing. Victor decided to head to the Chancellor Pavilion to make sure the venue was prepared for the concert.

Nick arrived at the cottage and vented to Sharon about his run in with Victor. He was fed up with Victor's controlling ways. Sharon reminded Nick that this wasn't new for Victor. Nick explained that Victor was annoyed that Faith was at summer camp. Sharon had assumed that Nikki would tell him. Nick said that his mom was dealing with her own stuff. Sharon revealed that she tried to talk Nikki out of performing. Nick was curious to hear what Nikki said. Sharon said that Nikki was a bit worried about being the poster-child for living with M.S. and feared that her performance wouldn't meet Victor's expectations. Scott returned and things were awkward for a moment. Sharon mentioned that she and Nick were talking about the concert. Nick asked Scott to give him some insight on Victor's plan for the concert. Scott said the plan was to celebrate the dedication of the research center in Nikki's name. Nick thought it was more like a celebration of Victor's massive donation to the medical school. Scott recalled Victor telling them that there was a time that Nikki's M.S. prevented her from playing the piano. Scott thought that Victor wanted to celebrate her recovery. Scott thought it would be an inspiration to other sufferers, but he noted that it was Nick's family, and Scott didn't want to step on Nick's toes. Nick assured Scott that he wasn't. Scott left.

Nick commented that Sharon and Scott had moved fast. Sharon disagreed. She said she and Scott had spent a lot of time together and he was a great guy. Nick mentioned that Victor felt the same way about Scott, and Nick hoped Scott realized that he was being used. Sharon thought Victor was lucky to have a world-class journalist like Scott. Nick didn't understand why Victor would spend millions to bring Scott home, then give him this position, usually reserved for relatives. Sharon pointed out that none of the Newman kids, except Abby, wanted to work with Victor. Sharon told Nick that she saw through the Newman's happy family act. She assured Nick that he could confide in her.

Jack met Nikki at the Park Cafe. She told him that Gloria was genuinely concerned about him. Jack hoped this wasn't why Nikki had him rush over. Nikki grimaced in pain. She said that Jack was the only one she could confide in regarding the concert. She admitted she was terrified. She said she'd been practicing constantly. Nikki explained that she had a massage and went to the spa to deal with the stress. Nikki's doctor had prescribed steroids for the swelling and the pain, and they were starting to help, but Nikki wished she could get something to work long-term. Jack suggested that she pull out of the concert. Nikki was adamant that she couldn't do that. Jack said that Victor might not notice or care what this was doing to Nikki, but Jack did. Jack thought that Victor wanted to bask in Nikki's performance and make the night about him. He urged Nikki to walk away from Victor. Nikki was sure that Victor felt clever for springing this on her. She was galled that Victor was trying to orchestrate their lives. Jack asked why she was doing it. Nikki was adamant that she couldn't let Victor take her confidence away from her. Nikki said the concert was her way of trying to find a true part of herself. Nikki was overcome by an intense pain, and she told Jack that she had to leave. Jack hugged her and promised to do whatever he could for her. Nikki said he'd already done it by being such a good friend. After Nikki left, Victor walked up and confronted Jack. “What in the hell do you think you're doing with my wife?,” he demanded.

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