Thursday Y&R Update 6/22/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 6/22/17


Written by Ellen

Nick ran into Phyllis at the Park Cafe. She told him she was waiting on news, from Billy, about the sexual harassment lawsuit against Brash and Sassy. Nick said Victoria told him about the lawsuit, but not what it was about. He assumed Billy was the accused, which annoyed Phyllis. She clarified that Cane was the one named in the lawsuit. Nick didn't think Cane would do such a thing. He couldn't picture him cheating on Lily. “Right. What kind of despicable man would betray his wife?,” Phyllis quipped. Nick conceded that he couldn't throw stones, but he said he was just making an observation. Phyllis said Cane wouldn't be the first happily married man to screw up. She wanted the trial to end so that she and the others could move on. Phyllis said she was embroiled in the drama by association. She stated that Billy was tied up in knots, and he'd been taking on more responsibility at the office and with the kids in order to make things easier for Victoria. Nick wasn't impressed, noting that fathers were supposed to take care of their kids. Nick thought Phyllis felt insecure due to the attention Billy was giving Victoria. Phyllis said she wasn't threatened, she was annoyed. Phyllis was irritated that Victoria had pushed Billy away because he'd crossed her boundaries, but now she was letting him go above and beyond. Nick mused that Phyllis had been in this position before, when Nick bounced back and forth between her and Sharon. Nick said he'd been a jerk then, and Billy was a jerk now. Phyllis confidently stated that she and Billy were committed to each other and had a future. She asked if Nick could say the same about him and Chelsea. He didn't reply. Phyllis told him to stop judging her relationship and take care of his own.

The discovery hearing was underway in Michael's conference room. Leslie asked Cane if Juliet spent the night in his hotel room. Cane quietly confirmed that she did. Victoria's jaw dropped. Lily rushed out of the room, and Cane went after her. He caught up with her at the elevators. Lily blasted Cane, accusing him of lying to her from the minute he arrived in Japan. She asked if he invited Juliet in. Cane insisted that he didn't. He reminded Lily that the footage proved he could barely walk. Lily demanded to know what he said at the bar, when he was so drunk that he forgot about his family. She asked if he talked Juliet into sleeping with him. Cane swore he didn't, but Lily suspected that he had no idea what he said. She ordered him to tell her exactly what happened. Cane said he passed out, and when he woke up and took Lily's call, he'd been embarrassed that he got that drunk. Cane was adamant that he had no idea Juliet spent the night until she told him. Lily was angry that Cane kept this from her and that he wouldn't have said anything if Leslie hadn't produced the footage. Cane said he didn't want to hurt her. He promised that he was telling the truth and begged her to believe him. Lily got on the elevator without Cane.

Back in the conference room, Leslie told Michael that her side would consider a settlement. Leslie and Juliet left. Victoria reeled, and Billy vowed to kill Cane. He headed toward the door, but Victoria told him to stay so they could figure out their next move. Billy went on a rant – he didn't understand why they kept defending Cane after he lied to everyone. Billy predicted that Cane was going to take the company down with him. Victoria admitted that Juliet spent hours in Cane's hotel room, but she said that didn't mean Juliet was harassed or coerced. Billy said it proved Cane was a liar. Billy thought Victoria should settle the case before more damaging evidence came out. Victoria said she couldn't even think about settling until she talked to Cane. Billy tried to get Michael to back him up. Michael admitted that the footage was damaging, but he said Victoria was right – it didn't prove Juliet's claim. Victoria appreciated Billy looking out for her, but she wasn't swayed by his argument.

In the hallway, Juliet grinned as she said she had no idea Leslie had the security footage. Leslie assured her that their case was stronger now. Juliet wondered if they'd settle. Leslie said they would, if they were smart, but there was a chance they'd dig in their heels. Leslie told Juliet to go get some rest, and she promised to call her if Michael reached out. Leslie was confident that Michael would let Victoria know their case had taken a huge hit. Leslie figured that Brash and Sassy couldn't afford this PR nightmare after the problems with the hockey league.

At the Ashby home, Cane noted that Lily had been quiet in the car. She said she'd been thinking of what to say. Her eyes were filled with tears. She stated that he deceived her; he'd lied to her, Michael and Victoria. Cane swore that he didn't betray Lily. He said he lied because he was ashamed of getting drunk. Lily found Juliet's testimony convincing. Lily said she'd been sure Juliet was lying, but once she heard her speak, she began to wonder how much of the story was true. Cane promised that he wouldn't throw his family away over a stranger. Lily knew what it was like to make the wrong decision and be filled with regret and guilt. She reminded Cane that she came clean to him, but he'd lied to her. Cane assured Lily that Juliet was lying. He said that was why Juliet was originally willing to drop the case until Leslie talked her out of it. Cane joined Lily on the couch, but she immediately moved away from him.

Lily asked if Cane had been so eager to help Juliet get a job because of what happened that night. Cane said no. He explained that he thought Juliet would be an asset to the company. Cane said Juliet work in Japan was good; better than he let anyone know. Lily snapped that this was something else he didn't tell her. Cane walked over to Lily. He insisted that they could get through this, after all they'd been through. He begged her to tell him that she knew it too. The phone rang, but Cane ignored it and waited for Lily's answer. Lily told him to answer the phone. Cane did – it was Victoria. Cane told Lily that he didn't have to leave right now, but Lily told him to go. Cane tried to touch Lily, but she moved away. Lily silently wept, but once Cane was gone, she sank onto the couch and began to wail.

In Chelsea's penthouse, Jordan stated that it looked like her living room had been hit by a fabric hurricane. Chelsea said she was falling behind on her latest collection – it was hard because she didn't have a partner anymore. Jordan said he was sorry about Chloe. Chelsea sensed that he wanted something. Jordan told her about the lawsuit and how Hilary encouraged Juliet to sue. Jordan asked Chelsea for her take on Hilary. Chelsea thought she seemed high energy, high maintenance, and that she seemed to put herself and her show above everything else. Jordan found it troubling that Hilary had no problem trashing his employer just to whip up a scandal for her show. He added that Hilary also had no issue with causing problems for Lily and Cane. Jordan said he and Hilary got into a fight, and although she promised to kill the story, he now saw her in a different light. Jordan reiterated that Hilary was going after Lily. Chelsea noticed and wondered if Lily and Jordan were more than friends. Jordan said they were only friends. Chelsea asked if Jordan was serious about Hilary. Jordan once thought they had a shot at a long term relationship. He said she was smart, driven and funny. Chelsea noted that Hilary almost made a bad choice, but she didn't, because of Jordan. Chelsea thought it was clear that Hilary cared about Jordan and his opinion. She told him to decide whether the relationship was worth fighting for. Nick dropped in. Chelsea introduced him to Jordan as Brash and Sassy's photographer. After Jordan left, Nick asked if Chelsea was going to hire Jordan. Chelsea admitted that she and Jordan went way back. Nick was caught off guard because Chelsea previously lead him to believe she'd just met Jordan.

Chelsea explained that she knew Jordan back when she was bartending and running scams. Chelsea said that Jordan wasn't like that; he was a photographer who took the kind of pictures you wouldn't put on your resume. Nick hoped Chelsea realized she could've told him that before. Chelsea knew, but she said that Jordan didn't want people to know about his checkered past. She asked Nick to be discreet. He said he would. Nick asked if Jordan took pictures of Chelsea. She said no. Nick wondered if she and Jordan dated, and Chelsea said no. she changed the subject and said she had her hands full with work. Nick observed the fabric and said it was thanks to his father's checkbook. Chelsea knew Nick wished she'd return the money, but she said it would help her take her company to the next level. Nick assured Chelsea that he wanted what she wanted. Chelsea said she had to hire people to help out. She stated that this was her passion. Nick said he thought he was Chelsea's passion. She said that he was, in a different way. They kissed. Chelsea said she'd been thinking about him, and she didn't think he was passionate about his job at The Underground. Nick said he'd never been passionate about any of his jobs. He explained that he was passionate about his kids and family, and he didn't feel the need to be a superstar in business. Chelsea admitted that she did, and Nick was supportive of that. Nick announced that he had gifts for Chelsea. He pulled flowers out of a gift bag, then a tee shirt with a doughnut on it. Next he gave her tickets to a water park for the two of them and the kids. Chelsea loved it all, but she told Nick that he didn't have to impress her. Nick countered that he did. He promised that he wouldn't take their relationship for granted. They kissed.

Jordan went to check on Lily. She brought him up to speed. Jordan felt that Cane didn't deserve Lily if he'd cheat on her and let her find out that way. Lily explained that Cane swore nothing happened, and she really wanted to believe him. Lily thought about the time she spent with Juliet and Cane. She'd never noticed an attraction or flirtation between them. Jordan hadn't either, but he said that didn't mean they didn't sleep together. Jordan said that if he had a wife like Lily, he'd never let another woman sleep in his room. Jordan was angry that Cane made Lily question him and herself. Jordan noted that Lily had a big decision to make – would she forgive Cane or had she had enough?

“How stupid is Cane?,” Billy said to Phyllis, after he joined her at the cafe. Phyllis admitted it was unlikely that Juliet and Cane just napped, but she said it was a big leap from consensual sex to coerced sex. Billy stressed that Cane lied. He told Phyllis about the looks on Victoria and Lily's faces when the truth came out. Phyllis asked how Victoria was doing. Billy said she was handling things like a champ, as always. Billy hoped Victoria would cut Cane loose. Billy thanked Phyllis for everything. He admitted he'd been focused on Victoria and that he'd been distant with Phyllis. Billy said Phyllis was right – Victoria's emotional well being wasn't his responsibility. He added that Victoria made that clear to him. Billy told Phyllis that she was the only woman in his life, then he kissed her cheek. Phyllis asked what Billy thought was going to happen with the case. Billy didn't think Victoria would give up, but he hoped she would settle.

Cane arrived at the Brash and Sassy conference room. He told Victoria that he'd been trying to come up with an explanation. Victoria cut him off and said she knew he lied to her. Cane admitted he should've told her that Juliet passed out in his room. Victoria angrily agreed. She listed his mistakes – he'd almost blown the Asian deal, causing Juliet to have to save it, he'd downplayed how drunk he got that night and he'd let them get blindsided in a legal proceeding. Victoria wasn't sure why she bothered with Cane. She decided to give him one more chance to tell the truth. Cane told Victoria that he and Juliet just got drunk and passed out. He admitted he was an idiot, but he swore Juliet was lying. Victoria wished Cane had been honest from the start. She told him that Billy thought they should settle. Victoria didn't know if Cane had sex with Juliet, and she didn't care; she just wanted to know if there was anything that could support Juliet's claim of sexual harassment. Cane swore he didn't sexually harass Juliet. He pointed out that Juliet had been fine up until she was fired. Cane wondered if it was best to settle. Victoria said it all came down to credibility – both Cane and Juliet had been less than truthful, but Juliet couldn't produce evidence for something that didn't happen. Victoria vowed to fight.

Dina arrived at Jabot and told Jack that she got his message. Jack said he wasn't sure she'd come. He noted that things got awkward yesterday after her announcement that she and Graham were a package deal. Dina firmly stated that Graham was a part of her family. Jack argued that Graham wasn't family. He felt that Dina should lean on her actual family instead of Graham. Dina said that she and Graham were very close, and he knew things about her that her blood family didn't. Jack believed that Graham had taken advantage of Dina's age and loneliness and that he'd want something in return. Dina knew that Jack was talking about her will, and she assured him that she wouldn't be dying for a long time. Dina said she wasn't a lonely old woman. She was adamant that she knew exactly what sort of arrangement she had with Graham. Jack asked what kind of agreement she'd made with him. Dina said that they were there for each other. Jack felt that if the relationship was that platonic, she should rely on her children instead. Dina said that Graham was there for her when she was alone and she needed someone. She noted that Jack and the others weren't there then. Jack countered that she'd made it clear that she didn't want them then, but they were here now. Dina flatly refused to abandon Graham.

Jack didn't trust Graham, but Dina said that was Jack's problem. She said that Graham never let her down. Jack asked if the family had. Dina stated that they weren't part of each others lives then. Dina said she was happy to have her family back in her life, but Jack accused her of making Graham her first priority. He wondered why Graham wasn't with his own family – why did it seem like Dina was the only person in Graham's life. Dina wondered if Jack was afraid that he wouldn't get an inheritance. Jack said he and the family did not want her money, and they also didn't want anyone to take advantage of her. Jack said he couldn't let it go because he cared – she was the only mother he had. Graham suddenly arrived.

Jack wondered why Graham wasn't back in Paris taking care of Dina's affairs. Graham admitted there were things that needed attention. He told Dina that Jean-Marc, her attorney, needed her to sign some documents. Graham turned to Jack and explained that that there was paperwork to be completed for the sale of Mergeron. Jack thought that would've been taken care of by now. Graham assumed that a businessman like Jack understood that there were always details to be finalized after such a transaction. Dina and Graham left. Jack immediately placed a call to Michael. When Michael arrived, Jack asked about his options in terms of controlling Dina's finances and holdings. Michael said Jack had no options unless Dina gave him power of attorney. Jack asked if there was a loophole. Michael said no. Jack figured Michael would know Dina's lawyer, Jean-Marc, since they both worked on the Mergeron deal. Jack asked Michael to contact Jean-Marc or put Jack in touch with him. Michael noted that it wouldn't go over well with Dina. Jack assumed Michael would want to act if Gloria was being robbed blind. Michael understood where Jack was coming from, since Gloria already had been robbed blind, but he said his hands were tied. Michael wished Jack luck and advised him to be careful since people did strange things when love and money was involved.

Dina and Graham went to the Athletic Club bar. Graham was unhappy because he thought Jack upset Dina. Dina insisted that she wasn't upset. Graham felt that Ashley and Jack kept rebuffing her attempts to reach out. Dina clarified that Jack had been very gracious and that he'd offered to move her into the family home. Graham said they both knew what that wasn't a good idea. He predicted that Jack would never put his resentment aside. Graham said that Jack wasn't a child - he was a grown man who couldn't accept that she had a full life before he came back into it. Dina was adamant that she wanted Jack in her life, but she was sorry if this was difficult for Graham. Graham insisted that he was only thinking of Dina, not himself. He thought it was a mistake to stay in town, but he assured her that he was content to stay by her side. He said he made a commitment to her, one her children would never make.

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