Wednesday Y&R Update 6/21/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 6/21/17


Written by Ellen

Michael attempts to calm Victoria after her outburst. Leslie proposes a break in the proceedings and steps out of the conference room to take a call. Juliet follows her.

Abby enters Victor’s office and is bowled over by the glamour shot of Nikki on the concert poster. It’s obvious how much he loves his wife. Abby hasn’t seen much of Nikki lately. Is she feeling OK?

She is not feeling OK. Tessa finds Nikki sprawled on her living room floor, crying and quaking all over, but Nikki is lucid enough to refuse help. Tessa is not to call 911.

Scott meets Lauren in the athletic club dining room. He tells her about his new project at Newman, a digital magazine called Hashtag. He’s excited about it and it should please Lauren that he’ll be overseeing it from Genoa City---no more dangerous reporting assignments. In fact, the only danger he’ll face, at least in his mother’s opinion, is Sharon. He wishes Lauren could see what a wonderful, caring woman Sharon is. If Lauren got to know her better, she might be able to see beyond Sharon’s checkered past. They agree to have dinner together sometime in the near future. In the meantime, Lauren promises no more interference.

Sharon pesters Zack while he drinks coffee and works at the Crimson Lights counter. She’s sorry for the unkind remarks about his dating app, but it’s just not her thing. How is he liking Genoa City? A small town is a bit confining, but he’s getting used to it. Sharon is sure it helps to have made new friends like Abby, and to run into old ones like Tessa. Zack narrows his eyes. Why is Sharon so interested?

Leslie returns to the conference room, beaming. She’d like to call Lily next. She’s now officially on the witness list. The judge said so. This is a surprise to everyone, especially Michael and Lily. Lily doesn’t want to testify, but unfortunately she must.

Nikki’s doctor makes a house call and administers a steroid shot for pain. Nikki hasn’t had an episode like that in a long time. It caught her off guard. She admits to being under a little more stress because of her upcoming concert performance, but she can’t refuse to do it. Good cause or no, the doctor advises limiting stress, and if that means backing out, so be it.

At Newman: Victor tells Abby that Nikki’s been busy rehearsing, so no one has seen much of her. Abby moves on to her favorite subject: herself. She beat Scott and a ticket-selling contest and he owes her coffee for a whole week! Also, her incubator project and warehouse are now officially part of Newman Enterprises. She starts in about the promising dating app she’s involved with but Victor interrupts. He’d like her to make use of Scott’s talents. Although it was phrased as a suggestion, it was actually another demand.

At Crimson Lights: Zack corrects Sharon. He wasn’t exactly friends with Tessa in Chicago. They just ran with the same crowd. To keep him close, Sharon asks about his dating app. What makes it so special? He’s all too happy to explain the concierge service, which schedules dates based on the profiles of the users. He offers her a free trial, but she’s quick to tell him she has no need. She’s dating a great guy. He slides his business card toward her. One never knows. . . . She pushes it back. She’s positive.

Lily is nervous and Michael has to remind her to limit her answers to yes and no. No. Cane didn’t tell her everything about what happened in Tokyo. She didn’t know the deal with Mr. Sato was in danger of falling through until Juliet intervened. It turns out Cane committed a social no-no when he embraced Sato, which caused Sato to reconsider. So if he didn’t tell Lily, who is the liar, Juliet or Cane?

At the ranch: Nikki begins to feel better but Tessa gets on her nerves. Tessa overheard the doctor tell Nikki she would be better off canceling her concert. Nikki adamantly refuses. She’s a Newman and therefore can’t draw negative publicity. She proclaims the conversation over and hopes she can trust Tessa to keep quiet about Nikki’s setback.

At Newman: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to Abby that Victor likes a little competition among his employees. It’s good for business. Is Abby jealous? Is she worried that Scott could be Victor’s successor? It never occurred to her. Scott isn’t family, and Newman is a family company.

In the conference room: Michael chooses to focus on Juliet’s financial situation. She took on quite a bit of debt after her hiring at Brash & Sassy. He asks lots of questions about how Cane came to recommend her for a job but makes it clear that the decision to hire or not was Victoria’s. Therefore Cane was not in a position to exchange a job for sex. Juliet puts the night’s events in sequence. She and Cane drank copious amounts of sake. He made the offer to put in a good word while they did so and put off further discussion of a job until later. They did talk about it---after they had sex. Cane’s supporters are visibly shaken.

Again in Victor’s office: Abby thinks she’s being held to a higher standard than the other Newman children. He defends himself. Does she want a handout? No, but it seems as though he questions her loyalty. Is it because she’s an Abbott as well as a Newman? Victor has no problems with Abby. It’s her uncle Jack who Victor doesn’t trust. Abby dismisses Jack’s influence. He’s focused on Dina these days. In any case, Abby is determined to prove herself to her dad. She kisses him goodbye [which of course is something all professional employees who expect no perks do].

At Crimson Lights: Sharon continues to pry for information about Tessa, but Zack cuts her off. He’s busy. He moves away from the counter to take a call. Abby surprises him just after he hangs up. Didn’t he get the app notice about their coffee date? He did indeed and suggests they move to patio for more privacy. Abby likes his style.

In the conference room: Juliet describes what happened after she and Cane left the bar about 2 a.m. He was very drunk and needed help to his room. He insisted she help him into bed, which she did for his safety. He grabbed Juliet and thanked her profusely for saving the deal and for the city tour. Juliet tried to escape, but he told her to stay if she wanted that Brash & Sassy gig. Juliet is ashamed to say she did as he said. Cane squirms in his seat.

At home, Nikki resumes rehearsal and stumbles over a difficult section. Tessa eventually gets her to take a break but then Victor enters with the poster and announces triumphantly that the concert is sold out. Although Nikki looks haggard, Victor insists she play a little for him now. She tries to put him off but finally consents to just a few notes.

Scott surprises Sharon at Crimson Lights. She’s agitated and explains why. There’s something fishy about Zack. On the patio, Zack and Abby get on with their second test date. So far the app is hitting all the marks. She likes the private setting it selected for them. He’s skeptical. He thought Abby Newman would be more champagne and caviar than coffee and pastries. He shamelessly makes a play for her, but she says she likes to keep her business life separate from her personal life. Zack takes what he can get. Is she up for a third test date? Absolutely.

The depositions continue: Michael takes on Juliet next. He doubts that much coherent conversation could have taken place after drinking three bottles of sake, but Juliet sticks to her story. She assures him that no one is more surprised at Cane’s outrageous behavior than she. She continues to tell about the next morning’s breakfast. It was awkward only when he returned her earring, which he’d found in his bed. To Michael’s satisfaction, there was no witness to this claim. Michael returns to her acceptance of a position at Brash & Sassy, a lesser one than she’d interviewed for. That would indicate a lack of concern about further sexual harassment. Isn’t this all about money? Not money from a job but money from a settlement.

At Crimson Lights: Scott gets Sharon to confess the reason for her intense interest in Zack. She’s worried about Noah, who is interested in Tessa. Scott rolls his eyes. Are all moms like this? As they talk, he watches Zack and Abby together on the patio. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other. Sharon insists he’s hiding something. On the patio, Abby fiddles with the app, which sends a request for a third date. She’s astounded at Zack’s instant refusal. She wants to take him to Nikki’s concert? Is it appropriate to take him to a family event?

At the ranch: Nikki finishes her piece. Is Victor happy now? Very. He bids her and Tessa goodbye and heads to the stable to work out.

In the conference room: Leslie questions Cane. He recalls talking about a possible job for Juliet but little else. She gets to him and he loses his cool. She asks directly whether sex took place. Getting no answer, she offers a refresher in the form of a security tape from the hotel on the night in question. It’s damning. Cane is seen hanging all over Juliet in the elevator and at the door to his room. She follows him inside and exits, according to the date stamp, early the next morning.

At Crimson Lights: Abby doesn’t understand the big deal. It’s not a *real* date. Still, Zack thinks others might assume it is. Abby waves off his concern. She wants to show off her star entrepreneur. Inside the coffeehouse, Sharon pegs Zack as a “bad boy.” And what is Scott’s type? he wonders. He’s got that smoldering quality that affects all women, including Abby Newman. Sharon saw it for herself. Scott sets her straight. The only heat between him and Abby is white-hot dislike.

At the ranch: Nikki complains about Tessa’s hovering and demands she say nothing to Victor about the day’s events. She’ll follow through with the concert to prove herself to Victor. End of story.

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