Tuesday Y&R Update 6/20/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 6/20/17


Written Christine

At the park café, Billy and Victoria discuss their upcoming depositions. Billy is worried. His animosity toward Cane is no secret, and Juliet might use it to her advantage. Nope. Victoria is sure Juliet’s case, based on a single lie, ends today.

At the Ashbys’, Michael preps Cane. He’ll be asked for details about what happened in Tokyo. Cane is to make no allusions to sex because Leslie will exploit them. Michael expects Lily to be present, but Cane objects vigorously. Lily walks in and overhears. If her presence will help, count her in. Besides, she wants to confront Juliet.

In Dina’s suite, Graham wonders why she’s in such a sour mood. She dined alone last night and has been cool to him today. Dina saw him with Ashley and it looked cozy. Why does Graham hang around with an old lady like Dina, anyway? What’s in it for him?

At Jabot, Jack and Ashley can’t agree how to handle Graham.

Scott walks into Victor’s office and interrupts his meeting with Abby to unveil the promotional poster for Nikki’s concert. Victor talks over Abby and approves the poster. Abby’s concern is put on hold for another project. Victor wants Scott and Abby to sell tickets to the benefit. Neither is thrilled and both try to weasel out of it, but Victor has spoken.

At home, Nikki struggles through her piano piece. She hears Victor’s voice in her head. He said she was nothing without him. She wanders to the sideboard, picks up a decanter of liquor, and removes the stopper. Sharon startles her. Faith left her sweater, so Sharon came to pick it up. Sharon attempts to engage Nikki in conversation about the concert and how she feels about performing in it. Nikki dismisses the pressure but she’s a lousy actress. Sharon saw Nikki with the bottle in her hand. Would she like to talk about it?

Again at the café: Billy thinks of another thing that could go wrong. Cane could make an even bigger mess than he already has. Victoria defends Cane. She’s never seen him mistreat a woman and doesn’t believe Juliet’s allegations for a minute. Juliet, on the other hand, stabbed everyone in the back, and Victoria aims to teach her a lesson. Further, she hopes to humiliate Juliet.

In her suite, Dina softens toward Graham. He’s her most trusted adviser and she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Can she count on him? You bet. Still, Dina can’t get past her concern about Ashley. Graham assures her he has no romantic interest in Ashley and kisses Dina’s hand. He offers to speak to Jack and Ashley on Dina’s behalf, but she refuses. She’ll makes things clear to them.

Back in Jack’s office: Ashley refuses to flirt with Graham to trick Dina into dropping him. It’s a crazy idea. She’ll continue to reach out to him, but not in a romantic context. Jack is ready to settle for that until he’s struck with another idea, one that doesn’t require Ashley’s help.

All the key players from Brash & Sassy gather in the conference room and receive instructions from Michael. They are to control their emotions, speak only when spoken to, and keep their answers short. No talking during the proceedings otherwise. And another thing: It’s OK to say they don’t remember a particular thing, but they mustn’t lie. That could land them in prison. Leslie and Juliet arrive. Leslie doesn’t approve of the extra people and threatens to call the judge. Juliet says she’s OK with everyone there, including Lily. They’ll try to get to Juliet, but they won’t succeed.

At the park café, Scott and Abby consider their menial task and decide to make it interesting. After a little trash talking, Abby challenges him to a sales competition: loser buys the winner coffee.

At the ranch: Nikki denies she was about to take a drink and is defensive. She’s just nervous about performing. Sharon doesn’t believe that. Nikki was a stripper. Seriously, though, Nikki and Sharon are still family on some level, and Sharon has had some crisis training. She’d like to help. Nikki’s pride won’t allow her to accept and she lashes out, saying crises are certainly Sharon’s area of expertise.

At Jabot, Ravi presents Ashley with his research on Graham Bloodworth. He’s a former actor, and not a very successful one. His last film was in 1999. All of it raises more questions for Ashley. She tells Ravi about Jack’s plan to try to drive a wedge between Dina and Graham. We’ll see. . . . In Jack’s office, he reiterates to Gloria that they are no longer an item. She’s disappointed but says it was fun while it lasted. She’s not so accepting when he suggests she move on---with Graham. Jack begs. Graham is playing Dina and it galls Jack, but the answer is still no.

In the conference room: Victoria admits she encouraged Cane and Juliet to celebrate the closing of their deal in Tokyo with dinner and a city tour. Leslie focuses on the amount of sake consumed during the evening and asks whether Victoria realizes that excessive alcohol intake often leads to sex. Michael objects. They move on to Cane’s recommending Juliet for a job with Brash & Sassy. Although Victoria was impressed with Juliet, she went with a more experienced candidate. Cane was disappointed. But, Leslie asserts, when Victoria created a marketing position for Juliet based in Genoa City, Cane lost his enthusiasm for Juliet’s employment, correct? He seemed to want her as far away from Genoa City and his wife as possible.

At the ranch: Nikki finally admits she’s angry with Victor for not asking her to perform but ordering her. By doing so, he was making one of his usual grand gestures. Victor calls in the middle of the conversation and is surprised to hear Nikki address him as “darling.” Nikki explains she has company. She ends the call quickly and tries to conceal her hand tremors from Sharon. Nikki continues: It was never her desire to be the MS poster child, but she sees no way out of it. Sharon suggests she change her approach. Look at it as something fun, free of pressure. Nikki smiles a little. Sharon is right; she might make a good therapist after all. Sharon leaves Nikki to practice.

In the park: Scott concludes a phone call. He’s almost sold his allotment of tickets, but Abby is finished with hers. Not really a fair fight, he says, when she’s already well acquainted with all the high rollers in town. He bets she never even mentioned the reason for the benefit. She maintains the contest was about sales, not the cause. Sharon happens upon them and asks whether they need a referee.

After Graham leaves Dina’s suite, he makes a call right outside her door. He wants to get her will squared away. No changes are to be made.

According to Victoria, she was well within her rights to fire Juliet. She made a costly mistake on the job. Leslie asks about the aftermath, including Cane’s reaction and Victoria’s offer to give Juliet a referral. The league insisted Victoria fire someone if the contract was to remain in place, and Victoria offered Juliet a recommendation because she thought Juliet was a decent human being. Leslie gets to the point: Does Victoria believe coercion by Mr. Ashby was possible? Victoria can no longer hold her tongue. What she believes is that a disgruntled employee is demanding money and trashing the reputation of a fine man. She ends her tirade by demanding Juliet end the proceedings---now! Juliet remains stoic.

In the park: Sharon is told about Victor’s demand and Scott and Abby’s wager. All’s well that ends well. Scott and Abby seem to have called a truce. He’s ready to pay up and asks Abby how she takes her coffee. Abby gets a call and leaves Scott and Sharon to talk. So Scott is a sore loser, huh? Yes, he hates to admit it. It’s no surprise to Sharon. Victor tends brings out the worst in people.

At home, Nikki plays the piano but suddenly cries out. Her hands shake uncontrollably. She yells for help and stumbles to the living room, where she collapses in tears.

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