Monday Y&R Update 6/19/17

The Y&R Update Monday 6/19/17


Written by Ellen

At their apartment, Phyllis and Billy discuss Victoria’s state of mind. She’s so obsessed with winning the lawsuit that Billy is worried about her. Phyllis agrees he shoulder his part of the burden at work and with the kids, but Victoria’s emotional state isn’t his concern.

Victoria and Michael talk about the case at his apartment, specifically the discovery process, which starts tomorrow. Victoria is edgy. If Leslie is so willing to go through with it, she must have something damning to reveal. Michael keeps calm and reminds her that Leslie and Juliet have to provide proof, and they’re not likely to. He also allays her fears about bad publicity. The depositions will be sealed. Now about Victoria’s deposition, Michael wants her to stick to three points: 1) Juliet never filed a harassment complaint while employed at Brash & Sassy, 2) Juliet was fired for cause, and 3) it was Victoria’s decision alone to fire her.

Cane comes home and finds Lily in the arms of another man. Jordan provided a shoulder to lean on, Lily explains. Cane takes her in his arms and looks directly at Jordan when he says she’s lucky to have such a good friend. After Jordan leaves, Lily comes undone when Cane tells her the case was not dismissed. It’s even worse than that. She tells him Hilary is planning a story about it. Jordan tried to dissuade her, but you know how tenacious Hilary can be. She won’t rest until she destroys the Ashbys.

Jack and Dina continue their conversation in his office. He can’t conceal his childish jealousy. Why does Dina prefer Graham to her own family? Dina tries again to explain why she refuses to stay at the Abbott house. She’s afraid of letting everyone down again.

At the athletic club, Ashley charms Graham and gets him to reveal plenty. His last name is Bloodworth. He went to Paris after college and never left, and his business career took off when he met Dina---their skills and experience complemented each other. Graham is a Midwesterner, just like Ashley, and he knows all too well about complicated family dynamics. Ashley encourages him to elaborate.

Again at the apartment: Billy sees a connection between his responsibility for his children and concern for their mother’s emotional well-being. He likens it to Phyllis’s feelings for Jack. Not exactly the same, she says. She and Jack don’t have children. He reframes things for her: He’s partly responsible for the lawsuit, and the preparation for it and moving in with Phyllis has left little time for the kids. By all means, spend time with the kids! Phyllis says. In fact, she suggests he go to them now. Have dinner with them. He’s touched. She’s the greatest.

At the GC Buzz studio, Hilary sends a text to Devon, requesting a meeting.

At Jabot: Jack tries again to convince Dina she’s welcome in the family home, even by Ashley. John Abbott himself would have wanted it. Was Dina aware that John was so hopeful for her return that for a long time he refused to change a thing about the house? Gloria breezes in and announces that Jack is due at a meeting. Bad timing, but he goes, leaving Dina in Gloria’s hands. Gloria is surprised and dismayed about Dina’s extended stay.

Jordan finds Hilary at GC Buzz. He tells her what a wreck Lily is, thanks to Hilary. Hilary defends herself---she’s a reporter doing her job---however, on reflection, she realizes she allowed her personal feelings to dictate her behavior and so is backing away from the story. Jordan is hopeful until Hilary, in an effort to bolster her image, says she refused Juliet’s request for Hilary to be a witness. Jordan narrows his eyes. And what kind of information might Hilary offer in a testimony? Is she in even deeper than he was led to think? Hilary makes it clear that she was asked to serve as a character witness only. She thanks Jordan for calling her out on her stuff and keeping her in line. It’s a full-time job, she knows, but she’s trying to be a better person. He’s good for her. She moves in for kiss. Jordan pushes away and compliments her acting skills. He wishes her luck and leaves. She hangs her head.

In Jack’s office: Dina suggests she and Gloria have lunch sometime. They’d have lots to talk about, both having been married to John Abbott and both caring about Jack. Gloria insists her connection to Jack is strictly professional, but Dina knows better. Obviously Gloria is sleeping with Jack. Such candor makes even Gloria flinch. Dina tells her to relax. She’s just interested in knowing what makes her son happy these days. Gloria snorts and says so is she.

At the Ashbys’: Lily wants to tell Charlie and Mattie about the case immediately, before they hear about it by some other means. At first Cane resists---what will they think of him? But eventually he agrees.

At Michael’s: Victoria wants the worst-case scenario. A jury trial, Michael says, but it won’t come to that. They have the facts on their side, and Juliet has much to lose, professionally.

Phyllis pays Michael a visit at home. She gets to her point: How long might the case take to resolve? And why does she ask? Victoria is playing vulnerable to keep Billy close. Michael scoffs. Phyllis elaborates. Billy feels responsible for the hockey debacle and of course for their children, and Victoria is exploiting that. Phyllis isn’t fooled. Victoria is no weak female; she’s more like her father.

Billy arrives at Victoria’s and is disappointed. The kids are on an outing, but they’ll be home later for dinner. Billy is welcome to stay.

Jack returns to his office, but only Gloria remains. Dina left. Damn. He should have expected as much. He’s overcome with frustration and wishes he could accept his mother as she is. Gloria understands. Jack has a deep-seated desire for Dina’s approval. To add insult to injury, Gloria reveals that Dina knows about Jack and Gloria’s intimate relationship. Jack blows it off as insignificant, which disappoints Gloria. He reminds her that it was for fun and games only. She knows, but still . . . she misses their time together. Getting nowhere, she slinks back to her desk.

At the club, Graham continues: His parents had a perfect, loving relationship---until suddenly they didn’t. It was jarring, but he soon realized that life goes on and one should never judge based on appearances. He takes the opportunity to make a plug for Dina. Jack and Ashley are lucky to have her back in their lives. He hopes they make the most of it. He quickly apologizes for his passion. Ashley pats his hand in a gesture of compassion, which Dina sees from the doorway. Graham spots her and calls her over. The three of them chat amicably until Ashley departs for the office.

Victoria shrugs off Billy’s offers to help at home. Everything is well in hand, thanks to the nanny. And Victoria expects Michael to work his magic and make the lawsuit disappear, so Billy needn’t worry about her emotional state either.

With misgivings, Devon responds to Hilary text and meets her at the studio, but he speaks first. Why is she torturing Lily so? Hilary quickly interjects that she’s dropping the story. Devon is surprised but suspects an ulterior motive. Hilary throws up her hands. He doubts her sincerity, just as Jordan did. And there it is, Devon says. Jordan cast her aside, so she called Devon. Hilary protests. No one knows Hilary better than Devon. She’s confused about what she wants out of life and is adrift without Devon’s moral guidance. She honestly doesn’t know what to do. She begins to cry and Devon gives her a comforting hug.

At the Ashbys’: Charlie and Mattie are super busy and hope the family meeting won’t take long. In a weak voice, Cane explains the “harassment” suit filed by Juliet. Mattie, smart cookie that she is, puts two and two together and is horrified. Lily jumps in. The real issue is that Juliet made a mistake on the job and was fired for it, and now she wants money. Mattie puts on a brave face and leaves to start her homework. Lily follows her, leaving Cane with Charlie. Charlie tries to appear unfazed but he fears trouble between his parents. Cane assures him that isn’t so. He puts his arm around Charlie and tells him everything will be OK.

In the club dining room: Graham tells Dina about Ashley’s fishing expedition, but it looked like more than that to Dina. She says she’s tired and intends to retire to her suite---alone.

Ashley returns to Jabot and tells Jack what she discovered. Both are still on high alert. In fact, as they speak Ashley has Ravi searching the Internet for information on Graham Bloodworth. Jack isn’t willing to wait. They need to act fast to prevent Dina from returning to France with that guy, and by “we” Jack means Ashley. She has a rapport with him now. Ashley thinks Jack is nuts.

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