Friday Y&R Update 6/16/17

The Y&R Update Friday 6/16/17


Written by Ellen

At the GC Buzz studio, Mariah calls out Hilary for using Mariah to run the Brash & Sassy lawsuit story. She’s knows Hilary coached Juliette to file the suit and even recommended an attorney for her. No use denying it. Mariah’s information comes from a reliable source: Devon.

At home, Lily tells Neil she isn’t surprised Hilary had a hand in the proceedings against Cane and Brash & Sassy, but her effort failed. Cane persuaded Juliette to drop the case. Neil takes issue with Cane’s method. Lily felt the same way at first, but Cane’s one-on-one with Juliette worked.

Unfortunately, Lily is wrong. The case hasn’t been dropped. At Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria are furious with Cane for talking to Juliette. To make matters worse, the details of the near disaster in Tokyo surfaced in the judge’s chambers. Everyone now knows that Juliette got the deal done and saved Cane’s reputation. Billy is ready to throttle Cane.

Sharon wakes alone and is alarmed, but she pads downstairs for a delightful surprise. Scott has coffee on and breakfast in the oven. They decide to go back upstairs while the frittata cooks.

In Jack’s office, he and Ashley discuss Dina’s extended stay in Genoa City and her choice to stay at a hotel, not the Abbott home. Graham controls Dina, but why? Ashley intends to find out.

Devon meets with Dina and Graham at the athletic club. He’s surprised and maybe a little concerned that she’s sticking around. Not to worry. She doesn’t consider herself a partner in the company she sold to Devon, but she does hope he’ll consider making use of Graham’s skills. Across the room, Lauren, at breakfast with Michael, worries about her grown son. He was out all night, and with Sharon, of all people---the baby stealer. Michael appreciates her point of view, but the situation was nothing like what happened with Scott and Sheila. In the midst of this conversation, Juliette marches up to the table and tells Michael she wants no more surprise visits from his client. Michael now has big problems of his own.

Still at the club: Devon respectfully asks what Graham might add to Hamilton-Winters. He’d be an excellent adviser, according to Dina. Devon is willing to consider such an arrangement, but he’ll need to consult with Neil. Dina beams. She likes Devon. With his drive, he reminds her of her granddaughter Abby. Devon accepts the compliment and counts himself among Abby’s many admirers. After Devon leaves, Dina turns to another matter preying on her mind. She hurt Jack when she turned down his invitation to stay at the house. Over Graham’s protests, she intends to go to Jack’s office to clear the air.

At the GC Buzz studio: Mariah reminds Hilary that Cane is innocent until proven guilty. Fine. Hilary will do the story, and Mariah will be sorry when Hilary gets all the glory. Mariah slips away to call Lily. The news is about to break, and it won’t be objective. Lily understands completely and thanks her for the heads-up.

Michael arrives at Brash & Sassy with his phone to his ear. After he hangs up with Leslie, he scolds Cane for giving the opposition a neatly wrapped gift. Cane can’t believe Juliette has changed her mind again. Victoria is beside herself and ready to go to plan B: taking depositions from all witnesses in an effort to forestall a trial. That means Cane will have to testify. He dreads it.

During breakfast at Sharon’s, Scott gets a text from the boss: “Where are you?” Scott fires off a reply, indicating he won’t be at the office anytime soon. Sharon admires his gall, ticking off the Great Victor Newman. Back to more interesting subjects. Scott is quite a chef himself. He admits it’s the one thing he can cook. Sharon surmises it’s his go-to morning-after meal. Maybe . . . he says, but this time he really put his heart into it.

Lily confronts Hilary at GC Buzz. She’ll sue if Hilary airs her story full of lies. Hilary enjoys toying with her. Obviously, there’s a lot at stake for Lily, including her job and her marriage. But who could blame Cane for seeking a little action on the side? Lily did. Jordan arrives in time to restrain Lily.

Jack is pleased to see Dina at his office. She apologizes for refusing his offer and insists Graham had nothing to do with it. Jack isn’t convinced and presses her. She depends on Graham. But she can’t depend on her children? Jack retorts. Dina is forced to acknowledge that she doesn’t have much of a relationship with her children, and the Abbott house holds no memories for her, just reminders of lost opportunities, and she knows she has only herself to blame.

Sharon sees Scott to the door. Clearly her feelings for him have deepened, literally overnight. She knew he was a good person they day he walked into her coffee shop and offered to help her---a total stranger---with an academic paper. Scott admits it wasn’t completely altruistic. He did get something out of it. She convinced him to stick around. They kiss goodbye.

At GC Buzz, Lily tells Jordan about Hilary machinations. Lily turns to Hilary before leaving and assures her that the case will go nowhere and that Lily and Cane’s marriage is rock solid. Jordan quizzes Hilary about her role in the lawsuit and she confirms all. Disillusioned, Jordan heads for the door. She tries to stop him.

Michael, Victoria, Cane, and Billy strategize at Brash & Sassy. This will be an uphill battle. Juliette’s record is squeaky clean, going all the way back to her college days. Victoria explodes when Cane and Billy resort to sniping at each other again. It’s not helping. Cane apologizes directly to Victoria and promises to do whatever he’s asked, but for now he needs to tell Lily in person that the case is back on.

In Jack’s office: Dina denies choosing Graham over her children. In reciting Graham’s credits, she mentions he helped her decide to sell the company. Jack furrows his brow, and she explains. It’s the logical thing to do, considering her age and other related factors. When this also fails to satisfy Jack, she says Graham makes her happy. Her further attempts to explain the reason for and terms of her temporary stay bring more questions from Jack, which upsets her. He softens. She wants to make the most of her time with her family, and with Graham.

At the club, Ashley has another go at Graham. They sit opposite each other at a table and try to be civil. Ashley explains that although she and Dina have had an unusual relationship, Dina is still her mother. Graham is her companion, so naturally Ashley would like to know as much as possible about him. Surely he can understand that. Graham tries to ease her mind but he’s not effusive. He tells Ashley only what he thinks she needs to know. No one, not even he, controls Dina. He loves Dina, but they are not lovers. Ashley is skeptical but has no choice but to accept his word. She opens up to him much more about the odd position she’s in. She’s concerned about her mother but has a feeling she’s setting herself up for disappointment. Graham smiles. That’s natural. In response, he divulges a little more about himself. He had a full life before he met Dina and is tired of being treated otherwise, but Ashley wouldn’t be interested in hearing about it. Who says?

Mariah comes home. Sharon is alone and hunched over a textbook, but she has that telltale glow. He cooked! Sharon gushes. And not only was it edible; it was delicious. He’s one in a million. Unlike other men Sharon has been attracted to, he doesn’t seem to want to protect her.

Scott returns to the Baldwin apartment, where Lauren lies in wait. She wants to talk and it’s no mystery about what. Scott refuses to judge Sharon by her past. He has one too. She’s a good person and is a big reason for his remaining in Genoa City, so will Lauren let him live his own life? She can’t help worrying. She’s a mom. He hugs her and asks her to trust his judgment.

Again at Brash & Sassy: Michael says the opposition is at a disadvantage. Juliette is Leslie’s sole witness. It’s up to Billy and Victoria whether to proceed with the discovery process. Victoria is ready to pull out the stops and tells Michael to go ahead.

Devon runs into Cane at the club bar. Cane is stunned that Devon knows the suit is back on and he’s terrified of what comes next. On the bright side, Devon says, the news hasn’t hit the media outlets yet, but he suggests Cane be completely honest with Lily before it does.

At GC Buzz, Hilary is caught off guard when Juliette asks her to be a character witness. Knowing this would prevent Hilary from reaping the benefits of reporting the story on her show, she makes up excuses. She barely knows Juliette. Juliette is stung. Hilary encouraged her to file the suit in the first place, and she set her up with a fine attorney. Now she bails?

Jordan pays Lily a visit at home. He’s sorry for what she’s going through, and for the record, she was right about Hilary. She’s a shark and she scares him. Lily finds solace in his arms---just one friend comforting another, but Cane walks in and sees.

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