Thursday Y&R Update 6/15/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 6/15/17


Written by Ellen

In Juliette’s athletic club suite, Cane begs for mercy. He warns her that Hilary, whom he suspects encouraged Juliette’s suit, is not her friend. If Juliette proceeds, she’ll ruin Cane’s family.

Meanwhile, Victoria goes to Cane’s house looking for him, but of course he’s not there. Lily doesn’t know where he is or when he’ll be home, and she’s a wreck over this lawsuit. Victoria doesn’t help matters when she tells Lily to brace for the worst. Lily doesn’t know the details of the case. Victoria doesn’t go into them but says it will come down to Juliette’s word against Cane’s. Victoria is firmly in Cane’s corner. Is Lily?

At the Underground, Phyllis urges Billy to put the lawsuit out of his mind and to focus on celebrating their reunion. Their rocky start gets rockier when they run into Nick and Chelsea. Chelsea congratulates them on their moving in together, but Nick can't work up much enthusiasm. Phyllis could do better. From his sister’s marriage to Billy, Nick knows the damage Billy is capable of. Nick excuses himself to the bar, where Noah and Devon discuss music. Nick hopes the bartender is on duty because he could sure use a drink. Chelsea appears and tells Noah to step aside. She’s mixing tonight.

Mariah comes home and finds Sharon in a flirty new dress, straightening up the house. She smells cheese soufflé, sees the table set for two, and draws her own conclusion.

Scott has another contentious encounter with Abby in the halls of Newman Enterprises. He teases her about her frivolous dating app project. She suggests he give it a try---he might get lucky. Then again, the app isn’t perfect yet. But that’s what testing is for. In fact, she's about to conduct some. For the record, she’ll pit the profitability of her app against that of his lame online magazine idea any day. Zach arrives and Abby makes the introductions before they head out on their research date. Scott is alarmed and asks a word with Abby in private. Dating subordinates is inappropriate. She blows him off.

At the Underground: Phyllis corners Nick and tells him to lay off Billy. Nick was no saint himself. Remember how he kept Phyllis dangling while he made up his mind between her and Sharon? Nick will try to be civil, but he’s disgusted with the situation and more so when he learns of Phyllis and Billy’s living arrangement. At the bar, Chelsea serves Billy. They talk about Chloe and Bella and Kevin. What a tragedy. Billy likes to think Delia, Katherine, and Chloe are together in heaven now. That’s sweet. Chelsea thinks Billy is an excellent dad. He mentions his living with Phyllis, which stuns Chelsea. Wow. That was fast. Why wait? he says. Life is short. Do Chelsea and Nick have any plans to do likewise? No, they’re taking things slowly. Across the bar, Devon and Noah are interrupted by Tessa. She takes Noah aside and tells him the man she knew from Chicago is no longer an issue, so she’s decided to stay in Genoa City. Whew! She feels a lot better now.

At the Ashbys’: Lily is worried not about her marriage but about what Juliette’s allegations will do to her husband’s reputation. Victoria is glad to hear it. She leaves a message for Cane: She supports him and would like to speak to him ASAP.

In Juliette’s hotel suite: She admits her problem is with Brash & Sassy, not any one individual, but it’s unfair that Billy, the bosses ex, made an inappropriate joke and Juliette got fired for it. Cane understands, but if she continues with the sexual harassment charge, she and Cane will suffer, along with other innocents. Juliette stands firm. She’ll tell the truth on the stand about what happened in Tokyo. Will Cane?

For the dating test, Zach booked the best table at the athletic club. Abby approves.

At home, Mariah helps Sharon select just the right lip gloss and says it’s good to see Sharon happy again, after Dylan. Sharon agrees. She pulled herself together pretty well. School helped her refocus as did working at the crisis hotline . . . and Scott gave her new perspective. Mariah answers the door, invites Scott in, and makes herself scarce for the night. Scott presents a bottle of wine to get the evening started.

Again in Juliette’s room: Cane reminds her that he was out-of-his-mind drunk when their close encounter took place. No one will believe that was sexual harassment on his part. Still, Juliette maintains, it happened. She kept quiet about it to help him, her friend, but when she was fired, instead of standing by her, he tried to railroad her out of town so that he could preserve his image. In a last-ditch effort to change her mind, he warns her that Victoria will attack with a vengeance, and Cane will be powerless to stop her.

Victoria greets Nick at the Underground. It’s good to see friendly faces. Just as things start to look up, though, she spots Phyllis and Billy cuddling on the dance floor.

At Sharon’s: Scott says the wine should complement whatever is cooking, which smells wonderful. He looks around the living room. Nice place. It feels welcoming. Sharon thanks him. She imagines he’s had to adjust to many changes since he came home---different scenery . . . different women. Scott decides he likes Genoa City. It might be a good place to put down roots. Sharon laughs at herself. She sure has done that. She’s still living on her in-laws’ property! He agrees that’s going a bit overboard. Perhaps they can balance each other out.

Mariah and Devon catch up in a booth at the Underground. She tells him about Sharon’s new romance and hopes Scott treats her right. Devon is amused and delighted by Mariah’s sensitive, romantic side. She credits Devon for bringing it out, but in the next breath she threatens to kick his butt if he discusses it with anyone else. That’s my girl! he says. Noah and Tessa join them. Devon is eager to settle the deal with Tessa. He promises her full creative control, if that’s a worry for her. Not at all. She’s ready to sign. All agree this calls for a toast. Across the room, Phyllis sees that Billy is distracted. She suggests they get the news from Victoria and then call it a night. Victoria is reticent. The suit is moving forward but will be resolved quickly, she hopes. She politely refuses Billy’s help and tells him and Phyllis to enjoy their evening. Victoria turns back toward the bar. Chelsea nudges a drink toward her---a double.

In the suite: Juliette doesn’t take kindly to guilt trips or threats. Cane tries again. It’s not a threat; it’s a fact. Victoria is a Newman and will use every resource at her disposal to bury Juliette. He asks her to consider the potential damage to her and to many others. In his presence, Juliette dials Leslie and asks for a meeting.

Shortly thereafter, Cane strolls into the house and calms his wife. There will be no trial. Lily wants to know why Juliette reversed herself and isn’t pleased that Cane met with her alone. Cane doesn’t see the harm. It worked.

Back in her suite, Juliette explains to Leslie her reason for withdrawal. Leslie’s reaction is similar to Lily’s. Cane’s meeting with Juliette alone was a serious mistake, and Leslie intends to use it against him. Juliette can’t back out now. Victory is assured.

At the Underground: As Noah and Mariah mix celebratory drinks for their table, it becomes apparent that Noah isn’t quite as excited for Tessa as he should be. He’s happy for her music career, of course. His problems run more to the personal. He’s now afraid of falling too hard and fast for another woman with secrets. Mariah tells him to give Tessa a chance to explain in her own time. She’s worth the wait.

In the club dining room: The test date is deemed a success by both subjects. Professional boundaries become blurred when Zach asks Abby for a review. After some consideration, she gives the experience four and a half stars. Why not five? There’s always room for improvement.

Sharon’s cooking is a big hit with Scott. Both stand to clear the table and they wind up kissing. Things escalate and they decide to head upstairs to the bedroom. [It must have been some soufflé!]

At the Underground: Mariah stands by while Devon takes a call from Neil. The lawsuit is big news. Mariah already knows. Hilary wants to do a story on it. Damn that woman! Devon says. She’s in deep. She recommended legal counsel to Juliette. For a welcome distraction, they turn to the stage, where Noah introduces Tessa.

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