Wednesday Y&R Update 6/14/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 6/14/17


Written by Christine

Scott walked into Victor's office and asked to run some ideas by him. Victor's chair swiveled around, and Scott looked annoyed to see Abby sitting in it. She announced that Victor was in a meeting. He turned to leave, but she stopped him and instructed him to research some companies for her. Scott stated that he wouldn't be pitching in on this or any of Abby's other little projects. Abby wondered if this was Scott's childish way of quitting. Scott said no. An exasperated Abby said she didn't have time for riddles. Scott quipped that she also lacked the skill to solve them. Abby smirked and assumed Victor fired Scott. They traded barbs until Scott shocked Abby with the news that he'd been promoted. Scott said he was publisher and editor-in-chief of Hashtag, Newman's recently acquired news company.

Later, Scott brought Abby a cafe mocha as a peace offering, and he noted that she wasn't sitting in Victor's chair anymore. Abby felt slighted because she had to jump through hoops to get Victor to sign off on her project, then he just gave Scott a company to run. She thought it was clear which child Victor wanted sitting in his chair, and she noted that Scott wasn't even Victor's child. Scott said the Hashtag thing only happened because of Abby. He noted that Victor had purchased Abby's first choice on the list of potential acquisitions. This didn't make Abby feel better, and she told Scott to leave. Scott didn't understand why Abby was mad at Scott. He didn't think it made sense for Victor to give her a job at a media company. Abby had hoped to be involved in building the company from the ground up. Scott argued that he'd spent his career preparing for this, while Abby had no experience. Abby vehemently disagreed. Scott scoffed when he realized she was talking about her stint as the Naked Heiress. Abby said that her nudity was a tool to bring awareness to the plight of thousands of animals.

Abby vowed to prove her worth by making the company a fortune. Scott thought the credit should go to the creators of the startups, not their landlady. “It's called teamwork. A brilliant idea mixed with vision and investment,” Abby said. She added that her job was more difficult than crossing out semicolons. Scott said she was thinking of a copy editor, and he clarified that he was a news editor. Abby predicted that her incubator would dominate his news company, then she stormed out.

Victoria was pleasantly surprised when Neil dropped by Branch and Sassy. After a hug, Victoria made the assumption that Neil was there about the lawsuit. Neil explained that Lily filled him in. While Neil had given his daughter a pep talk, he wanted to get the details before he made any more assurances. Victoria stated that Michael was cautiously optimistic that he could get the case thrown out. Neil was glad to hear that since he didn't want to see his family be torn to pieces. Victoria was sure they'd win because she was certain that Cane would never do such a thing. Victoria hesitated and wondered if Neil was keeping some relevant information from her. Neil assured her that he wasn't withholding any bombshells. He'd seen cases like this and he said that it was best to go in armed with as much information as possible. Victoria noted that Juliet had a lot of reasons to want to shake down the company, while there was no reason for Cane to do what Juliet accused him of. Victoria thought the judge would throw out the case.

At the Ashby house, a concerned Mattie asked Cane if he was okay. He said yes. Mattie noted that Cane and Lily kept changing the subject whenever she entered the room. She added that Cane was currently staring intently at his coffee mug. Cane said he was waiting for it to cool, but Mattie pointed out that it was empty. Cane shifted gears and asked how Mattie liked The Underground. Mattie noted his attempt to change the subject. She told him that he could confide in her. Cane assured her that it was just work politics and that it would all blow over. He asked her to promise that she wouldn't worry. Mattie agreed, on the condition that Cane took the advice he always gave her when she panicked about school – remember that it wasn't as bad as it seemed and that it would look better in the morning. They hugged.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary was surprised when she spotted Juliet about to take her suitcase upstairs. Hilary thought Leslie told Juliet to lay low until the trial. Juliet explained that Leslie advised her to come back, because things had accelerated. Hilary wanted details, and Juliet revealed that Leslie thought she might be able to settle for a very big check. Hilary was adamant that she wouldn't let Juliet settle. Juliet thought getting a cashier's check without the public inquisition was a win-win. Hilary argued that it was a lose-lose. She said that Juliet would only get a fraction of what she deserved. Juliet only wanted enough money to relocate and pay off her debts. Hilary countered that Juliet deserved adequate compensation for the pain and suffering Cane put her through. Juliet was tired of fighting, and she didn't see anything wrong with taking a settlement. Hilary said that people would assume Juliet didn't have a case and that the company paid her off to make her go away. Hilary asked if Juliet wanted Brash and Sassy to get a free pass or if she wanted the truth to come out. Juliet was afraid of what the trial would do to her reputation. Hilary thought the reward justified the risk.

Leslie and Michael met with the judge in his chambers. Leslie stated that, despite Michael's statements to the contrary, Juliet's claims were legitimate. Leslie said that although Juliet was an independent contractor at the time of the alleged sexual harassment, she still played a crucial role in Tokyo. Michael was startled when Leslie revealed that Juliet had secured the partnership with the Asian distributor after Cane botched the deal. Leslie continued that Juliet hoped that her contribution would lead to an offer of full time employment. Leslie conceded that Cane never claimed he could hire Juliet, but she said he manipulated her by promising to give her a recommendation in exchange for sex. Michael countered that there was no proof that this conversation occurred.

Leslie contended that Juliet struck a Devil's deal with Brash and Sassy and Cane. She noted that after Juliet was passed over for the role of division manager, something highly unusual happened - the company created a new position and offered it to her the same day. Leslie added that Juliet was later fired for another male superior's error. Leslie argued that Cane had been planning for Juliet to be fired from the moment he slept with her. Michael said that the only fact in Leslie's speech was that Juliet had been fired. He stated that everything else, particularly the motivations ascribed to Cane, were total conjecture. Leslie announced that there was a witness prepared to testify that they heard Cane tell Juliet to move back to Tokyo. Michael noted that there was no proof of a sexual encounter. Leslie said she was prepared to share evidence to back up Juliet's claim.

Cane arrived at Brash and Sassy, after Neil left, and he and Victoria waited for word on the case. Michael arrived and broke the news that the judge wouldn't dismiss the suit. Cane was disappointed that the judge sided with Juliet. Michael clarified that the judge didn't side with anyone; he'd only decided to let the case move forward. Victoria recalled that Michael thought the case would be thrown out. Michael said that Leslie didn't have many cases thrown out because she had an incredible ability to captivate judges and juries. Michael was confident that Leslie wouldn't be able to keep her promise to show evidence of Cane's guilt. Cane still feared that the world would believe Juliet.

Leslie walked in. Victoria accused her of being there to do a highway robbery, but Leslie countered that she was there to negotiate a fair settlement. Cane asked Leslie if she'd ever seen him sexually harass anyone when they used to work together at Jabot. Leslie noted that sexual harassment usually took place in private. Michael was curious how much the settlement would be. Leslie wrote down a figure, and Victoria burst into laughter, noting that it twas more than Juliet would earn in a decade of working at Brash and Sassy. Leslie rose to leave, and Cane promised her that Juliet was lying. Leslie told them to discuss the number and get back to her.

After Leslie left, Victoria wondered what to do. Cane thought it was obvious that she should settle. Victoria showed Cane what the settlement price, and he was shocked. Michael was sure he could reach a lower agreement, but Victoria was adamant that she wouldn't settle. She said a settlement would damage the company's reputation. Victoria refused to let the company become a target for blackmail from other disgruntled employees. She vowed to fight and win. Victoria felt bad that Cane and his family were in the middle of this, but she assured him that he would be redeemed. Cane left to be with his family. Victoria asked Michael about their options. Michael said he could file a motion to expedite discovery – Leslie claimed to have a strong case, and the motion would force her to present it. Victoria told Michael it was imperative that they keep this very quiet. Michael noted that she sounded like her father. “Well, if that's what it takes,” Victoria replied. Later, Michael promised to dig up everything he could on Juliet. Victoria said she didn't care how private or shameful it was; she'd do anything to get to the truth. Michael said Leslie revealed something that Victoria neglected to mention – that Cane almost torched the Asia deal and Juliet salvaged it. A shocked Victoria said this was the first she'd heard of it.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon recognized her customer as Abby's friend. Zack said maybe someday, but right now they were business partners. Sharon recalled that he and Abby were working on a dating app. Zack said it was coming along nicely, and he added that it helped to partner with a Newman. Zack said he couldn't go into detail because Abby was strict about confidentiality. Tessa walked in. she saw Zack and scurried out to the patio, but he followed and grabbed her arm. Tessa jerked away and demanded to know why Zack followed her to Genoa City. Sharon watched from a distance. Zack snapped that he had no idea she was in town. Tessa didn't believe him. Zack said he was a different person now – a respectable entrepreneur. He said that he never thought about Chicago and added that those years didn't even seem real anymore. Tessa found whatever happened there to be too horrible to forget. An unsympathetic Zack told her to fake it and move on. He said he had a real life now and he didn't want her in it. Tessa didn't want to be in his life, and she never wanted to talk to Zack again.

Tessa walked up to the counter and cheerfully greeted Sharon. Sharon asked if Tessa was okay, noting that Tessa had looked to be involved in a stressful conversation earlier. Sharon asked if Tessa knew Zack. Tessa admitted that he was the guy she told Noah about. Sharon was surprised this was the ex who had her so shaken up. Tessa clarified that he was never really her boyfriend. She said he was a face from the past, and it wasn't a big deal. Sharon said that wasn't the impression Noah got. Tessa said Noah was sweet to worry, but he had nothing to be concerned about.

Sharon and Scott met at the park, and she asked what his stance was on weird coincidences. Scott found them fishy. Sharon told him about Tessa's connection to Abby's partner, Zack. Scott asked if she thought Scott was trouble. Sharon was trying to make sense of the dynamic between Tessa and Zack. Sharon thought Zack seemed successful and charming, and her conversation with Tessa gave her no reason to doubt that, but she saw Tessa and Zack having a tense conversation. Sharon added that Abby seemed to trust Zack, and Sharon doubted that a guy who made a dating app was that dangerous. Scott was surprised and amused that Abby's million dollar project was a dating app. Sharon said that if the problem wasn't Zack, it was Tessa. Her intuition told her that something was off with Tessa, and it made her concerned for Noah. Scott compared Sharon to Lauren. He said his mom's reaction to Sharon made him feel like he was in high school. Sharon admitted that she thought she made Noah feel the same way the other day. Scott urged her to trust Noah's decisions. Sharon thought it was good advice. Scott shifted gears and said Sharon made his homecoming better than he could've expected. Sharon noted that Scott had made the past few months better than she could've imagined Sharon invited Scott to her place for dinner, adding that Mariah and Faith wouldn't be home. He accepted and they kissed.

Abby met Zack at Crimson Lights. They were pleased because they were about to start beta testing their new app. Abby wanted to take part in the testing, so she decided to use the app to set up a date. Zack suggested that she go on a date with him. They grinned as they arranged a date with each other using the app.

At the Park Cafe, Reed sent out texts asking if anyone knew Mattie. None of his friends did. He was elated when Mattie suddenly walked up. Reed said he wanted to contact her, but he didn't have a way to get in touch. Mattie said she didn't give those details out to strangers. Reed thought they were friends, or becoming friends. Mattie agreed with the latter part of the statement. She added that she was a cautious girl, with a strong dad and a jock for a brother. Reed joked that his little sister took karate. Mattie smiled then she gave Reed her number and screen name. Reed wondered why Mattie's screen name was Waltzing Matilda. Mattie explained that it was an Australian song, which was where her dad was from. She added that her real name was Matilda, but she didn't waltz, and she never went by Matilda. Reed asked her to sing it, but Mattie laughed and said no. Reed found the song on his phone, then he played it for Mattie. They talked about the bands that covered the song, then Reed asked Mattie out to the movies.

Charlie walked up, and he was unhappy to see Mattie with “Indie poseur.” Mattie was surprised that they knew each other. Reed angrily announced that he caught Charlie making out with his ex. Mattie realized Reed was the guy Charlie talked about over dinner. Reed asked what Mattie was doing having dinner with Charlie. Charlie told Mattie that he had to drop her off at home before practice. Reed didn't understand why Charlie would be taking Mattie home, and he offered to give her a ride instead. Mattie said she had to go with Charlie because he was her twin brother.

Leslie met Neil at the Athletic Club. She was pleased to see him again, but she was not surprised by his invitation. She told him that she was just doing her job with the case and that it was nothing personal. Neil stated that he had a good relationship with Cane, who swore he was innocent. Neil wanted to know how Leslie ended up with the case. Leslie revealed that it was a referral through Hilary. After Leslie left, Neil spotted Hilary and disclosed what he knew. He asked when she was going to stop trying to tear his family apart. Hilary said she simply recommended a lawyer to her friend. Neil didn't buy it, and he asked if she really wanted to do this. Hilary told him to save the vitriol for Cane. She said Cane's perfect son-in-law routine was an act, and she told Neil to open his eyes. Cane walked in. He looked toward the dining area and appeared to notice Neil and Hilary. Cane headed upstairs and knocked on Juliet's door. Juliet said her lawyer wouldn't allow her to talk to him. She tried to close the door, but Cane forced his way in and demanded to be heard.

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