Tuesday Y&R Update 6/13/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 6/13/17


Written by Ellen

At Dr. Harris’s home, Kevin overhears him on the phone with his accomplice and demands to know who it is. John Doe is not an acceptable answer. He turns to Chloe. Does she know?

In Victor’s office, Abby learns that Dina changed her mind and has decided to stay in town, thanks to Abby. Graham told Victor. Abby is thrilled but doubts her mother is. Dina’s abandonment hurt Ashley deeply. Playing up to Victor, Abby says she and her mother have one thing in common: excellent fathers.

At Jabot, Jack and Ashley share their feelings about Dina’s decision. Ashley is happy for Jack and Abby, but not necessarily for herself. She tells Jack about her disturbing meeting with Graham. Jack agrees their mother is vulnerable, but she’s no longer alone.

As Lily prepares dinner at home, she complains to Neil about Juliette. Lily thought they were friends and then Juliette turned around and accused Cane of sexual harassment. She apologizes for monopolizing the conversation. She invited Neil to hear about what’s going on with Hamilton-Winters. Neil is more concerned about his daughter. Is there more to the story than Lily lets on?

Michael meets with Victoria and Cane at Brash & Sassy. He thinks their case is solid. Juliette has no proof, so it’s her word against Cane’s. Still, Cane is visibly worried. Victoria confirms that Cane was in no position to promise and grant Juliette a job, so there’s no way he could have demanded sex for favors. In addition, Juliette screwed up in her marketing position---which Victoria offered and Juliette accepted enthusiastically---and she was fired for it. Victoria hopes that’s enough to get the case dismissed. Lord knows she doesn’t need another mess to clean up.

Billy arrives at Phyllis’s apartment laden with lots of stuff, including sports equipment of all kinds. Phyllis wonders where they’ll put it all, but that can wait. She fetches a bottle of bubbly from the fridge and they celebrate first.

Leslie meets Hilary at a table in the athletic club dining room. She thanks Hilary for referring Juliette. The case is moving forward but it will be tough. Does Hilary have any further information or insight that might help Leslie?

Again at the Ashbys’: Neil senses doubt. Lily denies it. Although she witnessed an argument between Cane and Juliette at work, she trusts her husband. He says nothing happened in Tokyo besides a little overindulging in sake, so she believes him. Their marriage is stronger than ever, and Cane wouldn’t put it at risk. Neil is now behind her 100 percent.

Phyllis and Billy, now half dressed, relax on their sofa and talk about the difficulties they’ve overcome in the past year. The future looks bright. Just then Billy gets a call summoning him to the office. Phyllis promises to have dinner waiting on his return, and she promises not to cook it.

At Dr. Harris’s: Chloe lies to Kevin. Dr. Harris is working alone. Kevin doesn’t buy it. He opens his duffel bag slightly. It contains a gun [which he did not discard in the trash, as this writer erroneously reported in a previous update] and Bella’s teddy bear. He gives the bear to Chloe and she clutches it to her chest. Kevin announces that he’s here to rescue Chloe. Dr. Harris says that’s impossible. Chloe asks for a moment alone with the doctor and Kevin retreats. The doctor warns Chloe what will happen if she runs. They’ll all get caught and suffer the consequences, including Victor’s wrath. Chloe sees no other solution. She needs Kevin---and Bella. If the doctor doesn’t tell Victor that he released Chloe, Victor will never know.

At the club: Hilary recites Juliette’s sob story, embellishing as Hilary will do, and tells Leslie to go get 'em. After Leslie leaves for the judge’s chambers, Hilary takes a long sip of wine and smiles. Phyllis happens upon her and asks why she’s so happy. Hilary says she just had a good meeting. Hilary turns the conversation toward Phyllis and Billy. Hilary is sorry for blowing Phyllis’s cover and for her role in the hockey debacle. It’s no sweat to Phyllis. Life is good. In fact, it’s great. She’s there to pick up dinner for her and Billy---their first in their shared apartment. Hilary mentions the potentially ugly lawsuit filed against Brash & Sassy, which Phyllis considers bogus. Hilary suggests she think again.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria warns Cane to steer clear of Juliette. Trying to talk to her will make things worse. Victoria is confident that Cane did nothing intentionally malicious and he’ll be vindicated. Billy overhears. In Victoria’s absence, Billy and Cane get into it. Billy hopes Cane told Michael everything so they can put this incident behind them. Cane resents the implication that he did wrong and refuses to confess to something he didn’t do.

Graham finds Dina at the club bar. They’re all set to extend their stay a few more days. She wants more than that, but he discourages it. Ashley’s negativity is toxic, and Jack isn’t much better. Speak of the devil. Jack appears. He hopes he’s not interrupting. He requests a moment with his mother to discuss family stuff.

Dr. Harris frets. It’s not safe for Chloe to go wandering off. Victor is a clear threat to her as is neglecting her treatment. Chloe considers this a moment and decides he’s right. She has another wild idea. Kevin will stay with them in the house. That’s the last straw. Dr. Harris begins to dial Victor until he looks up and sees Chloe pointing a gun at him. Kevin returns. What on earth is she doing? He’s not crazy about her new plan, but Chloe insists she needs the doctor’s help as much as she needs Kevin. Dr. Harris eventually consents. Both can stay.

After a meeting with Ashley at Jabot, Ravi senses trouble on the home front. She marvels at his intuition and unloads about Dina and Graham. Ravi thinks Graham is worth investigating. He opens his laptop and gets to it.

At the club: Jack is glad Mother is staying. That Abby is a tenacious one, isn’t she? Dina thinks she’s a fine blend of Newman and Abbott. Jack prefers to think she’s more Abbott, naturally. He invites Dina to stay at the house instead of at the club.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy apologizes to Victoria for missing the meeting and gives his reason. Victoria is a bit shaken but keeps her cool. Her only stipulation is no sleepovers with the kids at Phyllis’s apartment. Billy acquiesces and is willing to do whatever necessary to make Victoria’s life easier.

In the judge’s chambers, Michael states his case. The upshot is Juliette was a freelancer at the time of the alleged harassment, which means she was not Cane’s subordinate and hence no coercion could have taken place. He urges dismissal of the suit. The judge adjourns for the day. He’ll hear Leslie’s rebuttal tomorrow. Michael can’t help gloating a little bit.

At the club: Hilary defends Juliette to Phyllis and says the truth will come out. She shakes her head. She’s no fan of Lily, but this could be a devastating blow to her marriage. What a shame. . . .

Cane comes home to his loving and supportive wife. Lily embraces him and says it will be over soon.

Dr. Harris feels responsible for Chloe and is committed to her treatment. He steps outside the house, ostensibly to get the mail, but in fact he calls Victor. Everything is going fine---no problems, no surprises. Victor tells him to keep up the good work. Inside, Kevin asks Chloe if this is really what she wants. It’s not ideal, she admits, but she needs all of them: the doctor and Kevin and Bella.

At Jabot: Ravi’s search is made more difficult because Ashley doesn’t know Graham’s last name. Ravi tries the Mergeron corporate website. He suggests Dina might actually enjoy the man’s company. Ashley agrees it’s possible. Dina has always had a penchant for younger men, but this time it’s different. She thinks he’s after Dina’s money. Ravi says if Dina needs protection, that’s what they’ll give her.

At the club: Dina considers Jack’s attractive offer, but Graham comes along and puts the kibosh on it. Dina saves face by telling Jack she wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience, and besides, she and Graham are already settled at the club.

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