Monday Y&R Update 6/12/17

The Y&R Update Monday 6/12/17


Written by Christine

In Victor's office, Scott recalled that Victor had him write up an offer for a digital media company to acquire. Scott had turned in the assignment the next day, but since he hadn't from Victor, Scott assumed that Victor wasn't serious about buying it or letting Scott be involved in its operation. While Scott was grateful that Victor paid his ransom, he was no longer willing to work at Newman. Victor called his secretary and said it seemed that he'd have to rescind his offer to buy Hashtag. Scott backpedaled when he learned that Victor was in the process of buying the outlet Scott recommended. Victor noted that Hashtag had been losing money lately, so he bought it for a bargain. Victor said he'd been planning to put Scott in charge, but now he'd resigned. Scott rescinded his resignation. Scott thought it was an amazing opportunity and asked when he could start. Victor explained that Scott would be working out of Genoa City, not traveling the world, and he'd be expected to assign and edit stories. Most importantly, according to Victor, Scott was to make the company profitable. Victor also told Scott to remember that there was only one boss. Scott accepted Victor's terms, but he also wanted Hashtag to be a credible news source – he wanted to be able to write objective stories about Victor and Newman. Victor agreed, noting that he hired Scott for his integrity.

Chloe and Dr. Harris finished dinner at his home in Louisiana. He was pleased that she'd been so cooperative, and he offered to let her choose the movie. Chloe moved to the window and silently stared out. Dr. Harris asked how she was, and she said she was great, now that her funeral was over. Dr. Harris thought Chloe might want to talk about what must have been a frightening experience. Chloe didn't want to discuss it. She assured Dr. Harris that she didn't have post-traumatic coffin disorder. Dr. Harris asked if she understood why they had to go to that extreme. Chloe said it was best for the people who loved her. Dr. Harris felt that Chloe's ability to adapt showed tremendous growth. Chloe stated that there was no use in fighting it – she was stuck there and she'd never see her family again. Kevin crept up outside the house and removed a gun from his duffle bag. Back inside, Chloe said being a ghost had its advantages; she was less anxious now. Dr. Harris had noticed, and he remarked that she did it without her medication. Chloe wanted to stop taking her pills, and Dr. Harris said they could revisit that once the drugs they used to make her appear dead were out of her system. Chloe said her regular pills made her feel loopy. She vowed to prove that she didn't need them.

Later, Chloe mentioned that she loved the movie. Dr. Harris said he bought it because he remembered her watching it numerous times in the hospital. Chloe asked if he was doing this for the money or because he wanted to help her. Dr. Harris admitted he did it for the money at first. He said he'd been greedy, which was why he signed her release forms before she was ready. Now, he wanted to make amends. They heard a noise outside, and Dr. Harris grabbed a flashlight and went to check it out. Somehow, Kevin slipped into the house and greeted Chloe. Chloe asked about Bella, and Kevin said she was with Esther, for now. Kevin happily shared the news that he was Bella's father. Kevin had questions, but Chloe said they had to go. At that moment, Dr. Harris returned and saw Kevin. Dr. Harris told Chloe that she ruined everything by telling Kevin the truth. Kevin demanded to know why Dr. Harris was holding Chloe prisoner. Chloe clarified that she wasn't a prisoner and that she chose to fake her death and come to Louisiana. Chloe told Dr. Harris that she loved Kevin and couldn't live without him.

Kevin asked how Chloe ended up with Dr. Harris. Chloe said she showed up on his doorstep. She said Dr. Harris was the only one at the hospital who cared about her. She explained that Dr. Harris admitted he made a mistake releasing her, and he promised to make it up to her. “By helping you fake your death?,” Kevin asked. Chloe admitted that was unforgivable, but she said she couldn't let Chelsea, Nick, or the cops find her and send her to prison. Dr. Harris said she might end up there after this stunt. Kevin said he wouldn't tell anyone, because he didn't want Chloe to go to jail. Kevin thanked Dr. Harris for looking out for Chloe, and said he could take over now. Dr. Harris didn't know what Kevin and Chloe were planning, but he refused to let them leave. “And there is someone who won't be pleased with this turn of events,” Dr. Harris said, while pulling out his phone. Kevin grabbed the phone and demanded to know who he was calling.

At The Underground, Nikki demanded to know why Tessa talked to Victor behind her back. Tessa explained that she was giving Victor an update because he asked her to help Nikki prepare for the concert. A suspicious Nikki asked how many other times Tessa called Victor. Tessa was startled to realize Nikki thought she was spying on her for Victor. Nikki accused Tessa of being Victor's latest minion. Tessa swore she'd never talk to Victor again. She didn't want Nikki to be mad at her. Nikki calmed and blamed the stress for her reaction. Tessa sensed that there was more to it, and she asked if Victor did something to make Nikki mad. Nikki said that when she was at the piano, feelings and emotions that she usually kept hidden bubbled up to the surface. Tessa understood. Tessa suggested that Nikki pull out of the concert, but Nikki said she had to do this to prove to herself, and everyone else, that she could. Nikki appreciated Tessa's help, but she thought she needed to do this on her own. She returned to the keyboard and began to play.

Sharon and Mariah chatted at Crimson Lights. Mariah wondered if Sharon heard about how things went between Noah and Tessa last night. Mariah was taken aback when Sharon bombarded her with questions about it. Sharon confided her fear that Tessa would break Noah's heart. Mariah contended that Noah was an adult who could take care of himself. Sharon agreed that he didn't need his mom worrying about him, but then she tried to convince Mariah to get involved. Mariah chided Sharon for playing the “big sister” card. Sharon maintained that Noah was devastated when Marisa broke off the engagement. Mariah was skeptical about that, since Noah didn't mention it for weeks. Sharon argued that his silence showed how hurt he was. Mariah thought Sharon was overreacting. She noted that Noah and Tessa were just getting to know each other, and she advised Sharon to give Tessa a a chance. At that moment, Tessa walked in. Sharon asked Mariah to go talk to her. Mariah agreed to go, but she was adamant that she wouldn't ask about Tessa's ex. Mariah told Sharon she was wrong about Tessa, then she went over and struck up a conversation.

Mariah talked with Tessa, who recounted what just happened with Nikki. Tessa was afraid that she'd lose the job and be kicked out of the ranch. Mariah didn't think Nikki would throw her out. Tessa said that Nikki thought she was being a narc, but Tessa swore she'd never spy on a friend. Mariah said that the Newmans could be understanding if you were upfront and honest. Mariah said she never thought Sharon would forgive her. Tessa was curious about what Mariah did. Mariah admitted that she'd pretended to be her dead twin's ghost so she could haunt Sharon. Mariah added that it wasn't her idea and that she'd been paid to do it. Tessa laughed until she realized Mariah was serious. Tessa wondered why Sharon kept staring at her. Mariah pretended she didn't notice. Tessa got the feeling that Sharon didn't approve of her dating Noah. Mariah said Sharon was a good mom who wanted her kids to be happy. She assured Tessa that Sharon would back off once she got to know Tessa.

Meanwhile, Scott arrived and told Sharon about his promotion. Sharon was relieved to hear that it didn't involve going off on dangerous assignments. Sharon noted that the promotion meant he was still tied to Victor. Scott was optimistic that he'd be working on his own terms. Sharon warned him that Victor saw the world as a chessboard and had no problem moving pawns around. Scott said he wouldn't let that happen. Scott noted that he was young when his father died, so he lacked a strong male presence in his life. He theorized that this was why he was intrigued by Victor. Sharon cautioned him not to make Victor his role model. Sharon told Scott she was disturbed by something she overheard Tessa say – that she had to make things right with Nikki. Sharon suspected that Tessa was dating Noah in order to keep her gravy train with Nikki rolling.

In Dina's suite, Graham told her that this was the right choice. “It's better to leave before...,” he added. Dina understood that. Graham hated being the bad guy, but Dina assured him that he was performing the job she gave him. Graham kissed Dina's hand and left to get his bags. Dina was pleasantly surprised when Ashley dropped in. Ashley had heard from Jack that Dina was still leaving. Dina smiled and confirmed that she was packed and ready to go. Graham returned, and Dina told him she was just saying goodbye to Ashley. After Graham left, Ashley expressed surprise that Jack wasn't able to convince Dina to stay. Dina said her plans couldn't be changed. Ashley thought that was too bad. Ashley stated that Jack had been kinder and gentler since Dina's arrival, which was a side Ashley hadn't seen in a long time. Dina noted that Ashley was here on Jack's behalf. Dina smiled when Ashley said it would be highly suspicious if she'd claimed to be there on her own behalf.

Ashley confessed that she was still concerned about Graham. Dina insisted that there was nothing to worry about, so Ashley agreed to drop it. Dina was touched and surprised by Ashley's concern for her. Ashley wondered if it was enough to convince her to stay. Dina said she already had a life in Paris, and she couldn't be expected to divorce herself from her social obligations. Ashley felt that Dina had given up on reconnecting with her family. Dina countered that she had reconnected with them, and she thanked Ashley for inviting her to dinner. Ashley said goodbye, and Dina asked her to say goodbye to Abby. Ashley was angry and hurt that Dina didn't let Abby know she was leaving. “You are walking out on my daughter the same way you walked out on me. You haven't changed a bit,” Ashley snapped. Ashley's voice cracked as she accused Dina of not caring how it would make Abby feel. Ashley tearfully said she ignored her instincts and let her guard down around Dina. She wished she could go back and undo the family dinner. Ashley felt foolish for feeling protective of Dina, due to the unanswered questions about Graham. Ashley told Dina to go back to Paris and put herself first, like she always did. Ashley stormed off, leaving Dina shaken.

At the Abbott mansion, a somber Jack stared at a picture of his teenage self with John. The photograph sparked a flashback, and Jack remembered John taking a phone call from Dina. Afterward, a disappointed John told Jack that Dina wasn't coming back. Jack was worried that Dina would forget about them, but John assured him that she never would. Jack was hurt that Dina left without saying goodbye to him, Ashley or Traci. John sadly said he'd need Jack's help because he couldn't do this alone. They hugged. In the present, Abby arrived and asked if he was okay. Jack blinked back tears and said he was fine. Abby wanted to end her secret partnership with Jack. Jack was annoyed that she wanted him to pull out. He reminded her that he rescued her when she needed to sell the warehouse and believed in her when her own father didn't. Abby appreciated that, but she knew Victor would go ballistic if he found out Jack was involved, and she'd lose the chance to prove her idea had merit.

Jack said he promised Ashley a lab in that warehouse. Abby agreed to let her mom use the space. She assured Jack that she'd give him a generous settlement. Jack was miffed that he'd get a one time payment, while Victor would profit from Jack's idea for years. Abby surmised that Jack was hesitant because he didn't want Victor to win. She reminded him that this project was about her dream. She sighed that she was tired of being in the middle of the feud. Jack agreed to give her the project. Abby hugged Jack, then she asked if he'd heard from Ashley. Jack assumed she was saying goodbye to Dina. Abby was shocked that Dina was leaving. Jack thought Graham was forcing the issue, but Abby found it hard to believe anyone could force Dina into anything. Jack agreed that Dina spent her entire life doing whatever she wanted, regardless of the consequences. Abby felt bad that she wouldn't get to say goodbye, but Jack told her not to. He noted that it wasn't the first time Dina left without saying goodbye.

After Abby left, Nikki arrived, at Jack's invitation. He told her about Dina leaving and shared his suspicions about Graham's influence on her. Jack felt that Dina chose Graham over her family. Nikki spotted the picture of Jack and John and smiled. Jack said he was fifteen in that photo; it was taken right after Dina left. Nikki didn't recall Jack talking about Dina when he and Nikki were married. Jack said there wasn't much to tell – when Dina was there, she wasn't really present, and her later visits weren't very significant. Jack said this visit was different. He told Nikki about the family dinner; they'd had a wonderful time, but now Dina was leaving again. Nikki wondered why the people closest to you could hurt you more than a stranger ever could. Jack admitted that being abandoned by his mother was soul-crushing. He said it was difficult to trust after that. Jack said that his dad tried hard and did a great job, but it was like a part of John died after hanging up the phone. Nikki had no idea Jack had been carrying around all this pain. Jack said he'd tried to talk Dina out of leaving, but it seemed she'd had her fill of family. He added that he felt like he was losing Dina all over again. Nikki was glad Jack trusted her enough to confide in her about this. She acknowledged that the rejection hurt, but she advised him to let the pain go instead of letting it linger.

Victor ran into Ashley at the Club and she vented to him about Dina. Victor knew Abby would be upset that Dina was leaving. Abby arrived. She told her parents that it was unacceptable for Dina to leave without saying goodbye.

Graham told Dina that the limo was on it's way. Abby walked in and confronted Dina about leaving without saying goodbye. Dina stammered that time had slipped away. Abby suggested that she stay, since they were just getting to know each other, unless that wasn't what Dina wanted. Dina insisted that she loved spending time with Abby. Abby felt like she'd lost so much this year – a baby, her marriage, and now Dina. Dina assured Abby that Abby could come visit. Abby was near tears. She wondered if there was nothing she could do to change Dina's mind – even saying that she loved her? Dina loved Abby too, but she said it wasn't possible for her to stay. Graham said the car was there. Abby hugged Dina and left. Dina told Graham that she knew this was the right choice, but it seemed so wrong.

Downstairs, Ashley told Victor about Graham. Abby returned and told her parents that Dina was really leaving. Abby abruptly said she had to go back to work. Victor was surprised she was going to work so late. After Abby left, Graham came looking for her. Victor asked why, and Graham said he had a message from Dina. Ashley tensed and spat that Dina had caused enough damage. She told Graham to tell her the message, and she'd decide whether or not to tell Abby. Graham revealed that Dina was staying in town. Ashley questioned Graham – wasn't he anxious to return to Paris? Graham said he did what was best for Dina – she wanted to stay, so they were staying. After Graham left, Ashley asked for Victor's opinion of him. Victor sensed that Graham was a gold digger and told Ashley to watch Dina's bank account.

Back upstairs, Dina kissed the recent picture that she'd taken with her family.

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