Friday Y&R Update 6/9/17

The Y&R Update Friday 6/9/17


Written by Ellen

Sharon pours Scott a coffee at Crimson Lights. They reflect on Chloe’s death. It’s given each of them new perspective.

At the police station, Paul gets approval for Kevin’s vacation. He hopes the two weeks give Kevin time to heal. He assumes Bella will go along, but no. Kevin thinks she should stay with Esther. He casually asks about the circumstances of Chloe’s death and whether the doctor she had been living with in Louisiana will be charged. Paul says no charges are forthcoming and Kevin should put it out of his mind. Kevin will try. He thanks the chief and leaves. Outside the office, he checks his bag. The gun with the evidence tag is there.

Dr. Harris and Chloe return to his home. He tells Chloe to rest and then makes a call. He assures Victor that Chloe is in good hands.

At home, Jack and Ashley share their suspicions about Graham. Ashley thinks their mother might even be in danger. They hatch a scheme to find out.

Dina and Graham breakfast at the club. She’ll miss the place---not the club, specifically, but Genoa City. He agrees it’s been a good visit for her, but now it’s time to go home. He gets an unexpected call. Ashley found a photo album that Dina requested. Without hesitation, Graham offers to come pick it up. Ashley hangs up and Jack praises her intuition. Graham wants no more contact between Dina and her children.

Nikki thanks Noah for allowing her to practice the piano at the Underground. No problem, but the puny keyboard there is no match for the grand piano at the ranch. Nikki confesses she’s a bundle of nerves about performing. Noah tells her not to worry. The family will be there to cheer her on. He gets back to work and she begins to play. She stumbles repeatedly over a difficult section and becomes frustrated. Tessa enters in time to see.

Chloe returns to the doctor’s living room. She’s tired but can’t sleep. Doctor Harris says that’s to be expected. The drugs he gave her to fake her death were powerful and will make her groggy for a while. Chloe is uneasy about Victor’s nuclear option. Even though she knows it was necessary, she cries for her loved ones. This will be hard on them. She wants Victor’s guarantee that he’ll pull no funny stuff. The doctor places a second call. Victor insists he’s no murderer. Her death was an act and nothing more.

At Crimson Lights: Scott feels indebted to Victor, but he can no longer pretend to be interested in business. He’s a journalist meant for greater causes. Sharon supports him but doubts Victor will feel likewise. Does Scott have immediate plans for his career? He answers with a question: Does she need a barista? They laugh and kiss. Noah catches them and apologizes for his lousy timing. He needs an order to go, which Sharon fetches. At the counter, he tells her about Nikki’s practice session and Tessa’s coaching her. Sharon wants to hear more about Tessa. Noah really likes her, but she’s secretive, and that bother’s Sharon. She doesn’t want his big, generous heart broken again.

Dina is surprised by Jack’s visit to her hotel room. He sees the bags half packed and realizes she intends to leave as planned. Is that Graham’s decision or hers? Dina is evasive. When Jack persists, she insists she must go.

At the Abbotts’, Ashley hands over the album and offers Graham a cup of tea. She’s sorry they got off on the wrong foot. He accepts. Ashley doesn’t waste any time getting to her point. Dina sure is lucky to have someone like him. No, he says, he’s the lucky one. Ashley admires her mother’s business acumen. She’s amassed quite a fortune. Graham wasn’t born yesterday and he’s offended. Does Ashley think he’s after Dina’s money? Without flinching, Ashley asks whether he is.

At the Underground, Nikki comes unglued. The concert is too much pressure. She’s sure to screw up and drive away donors. Tessa tries to remain upbeat and encouraging, but Nikki continues her downward spiral. Victor hired Tessa to help Nikki prepare, but Nikki says it’s a lost cause and Tessa is free to quit. Nikki knows she’s being set up to fail. Tessa is stunned. Why would she think so?

At the park café, Kevin conceals the gun in a paper sack and deposits it in a nearby trash can. Then he opens his laptop and sets about finding Chloe’s location. He nearly jumps out of his skin when Victor approaches from behind and offers his condolences. Kevin accepts graciously despite Victor’s known animosity toward Chloe. Victor learns that Kevin is about to take a vacation and is full of questions. Tahiti? Alone? Kevin explains: Tahiti is where he and Chloe were to honeymoon, and is anyone ever really alone in a tourist area? Victor hopes Kevin finds solace.

Again at the Underground: Nikki apologizes for overreacting. Surely since she began living at the ranch Tessa has noticed the tension between Nikki and Mr. Newman. She promises Tessa isn’t the cause. In fact, Nikki likes having Tessa around. The two of them are much alike. Nikki had to pull herself up by her bootstraps too---until Victor came along and made her a lady of leisure. It was great at first, but somewhere along the line Nikki lost her sense of self and now stands at a crossroads.

At the Abbotts’: Graham resents the accusation. Dina is not so easily manipulated, and furthermore, Graham doesn’t need her money. He’s earned a nice living for himself. Ashley backs off a little but Graham won’t let it go. He wonders whether Ashley is the one concerned about her inheritance. And he thinks Jack and Ashley’s sudden concern for a mother they’ve shunned for years is highly suspect. Dina knew from the get-go that this would be a short visit, but she insisted on coming one last time. “One last time”? Ashley asks. Graham shrugs it off. The future is uncertain. He rises and wishes her good day.

In her suite, Dina dismisses Jack and Ashley’s concerns. Graham is protective of Dina, that’s all. Jack still doesn’t believe that one pleasant evening with the family is enough for her. It was meaningful to everyone, even Ashley. Dina tears up at the mention of the song she used to sing to Jack when he was a boy. She says she’ll be back someday, but that’s not good enough for Jack. He demands the real reason for her departure.

At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Sharon to relax. Scott backs him up and heads back to Newman, presumably for a showdown with Victor. Noah likes that guy. . . . Sharon isn’t so easily distracted from the topic of Tessa. Although Noah is a grown man, Sharon is still his mom and she hopes he’ll be careful.

At the Underground: When Nikki excuses herself, Tessa calls Victor. She doesn’t think Nikki is ready to perform publicly. Victor says she is and Tessa is to make sure it happens without a hitch. Nikki returns to the bar and overhears enough. Why was Tessa talking to Victor?

At the athletic club: Dina admits she’d like a bit more time, but it’s not possible. Jack fails to convince her otherwise and leaves reluctantly when Graham returns. He orders Graham to take care of Dina. Will do. After Jack is gone, Graham assures Dina she did the right thing. Dina disagrees and now plans to stay put. Graham reminds her that she didn’t want her family to know. She sighs and agrees. He tells her not to worry. He’s there for her.

Chloe sketches a still life of fruit in the doctor’s living room. He admires her work. She says drawing relaxes her. In that case, he’ll make sure she has plenty of supplies. He again explains why they had to fake her death. She understands and is grateful for his help, but when he leaves the room, she pleads under her breath for Kevin to hurry.

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