Thursday Y&R Update 6/8/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 6/8/17


Written by Ellen

Jordan finds Hilary enjoying a glass of champagne at the athletic club bar. He guesses she’s behind Juliette’s sexual harassment suit against Cane and shames her. Hilary thinks Juliette deserves justice if she was wronged. True, Jordan says, but he observed Juliette and Cane together and didn’t see anything improper, and Juliette’s timing is suspect. Hilary says they’ll just have to wait for the truth to come out. It always does.

At home, Cane tells Lily about the suit. She can’t believe Juliette would do such a thing. Cane is sure Victoria will nip it in the bud. But he might think again. At that moment, Victoria meets with Michael at Brash & Sassy. No matter Juliette’s demands, Victoria won’t settle.

The open mic night crowd gathers at the Underground. Mariah asks Noah what Tessa decided about Devon’s contract offer. He shrugs. Tessa appears in the doorway and waves to them.

In the Abbott living room, Jack is flooded with memories of his mother singing to him and showing a little affection. He’s brought back to the present when Ashley walks in, just back from a meeting in Milwaukee. She can’t stop thinking about Graham, their mother’s constant companion.

Again at the Ashbys’: Cane denies Juliette’s accusation. Who knows why she made it? Perhaps for money. In any case, he’s sorry to put his wife through such an ordeal, but they have to deal with it. Lily is prepared to do so, but she asks directly whether anything happened in Tokyo that might be construed as harassment.

Graham returns to the suite with a peace offering for Dina. The flowers are lovely, but she’s already forgiven him for getting short with her. That’s fine, but he doesn’t think Ashley has. From what he’s seen, Dina’s children haven’t been very respectful and he feels protective toward her. She responds with a peck on his cheek.

At the Abbotts’: Ashley describes what she saw in their mother’s hotel room. After Dina refused to return to Paris with Graham, he grabbed her by the wrist. Frankly, Ashley is worried about her. Considering Ashley’s original hostility toward their mother, Jack takes her concern to heart. They’ll get to the bottom of things.

Mariah corners Tessa at the bar. Is she excited about signing with Devon’s company? Tessa demurs. Mariah doesn’t owe her any favors. It’s not a favor. Mariah didn’t have anything to do with it. Tessa can ask Devon. Here he comes now.

Abby meets her first entrepreneur/tenant in the athletic club dining room. He has a few complaints about the infrastructure---plumbing and electrical work---but otherwise, the space is a dream come true. Big-ups to his investor/partner. Abby blushes. This project has personal significance, so she’ll do anything to make it a success. It won’t hurt that Victor has decided to make the incubator part of Newman Enterprises. Their meeting concludes. Abby spots her grandmother across the room and greets her with a hug. Over wine, Dina asks about the young man Abby had been sitting with. Business only with Zach, Abby says. Dina says there’s nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure. She’s so proud of Abby for pursuing her project despite others’ doubts and offers advice, should Abby desire it.

Victoria tells Michael that Juliette’s accusations are baseless. Cane had no power over Juliette. He couldn’t give her a job; he just put in a good word with Victoria. Victoria didn’t give Juliette the position she applied for, but the one she got was pretty darn good. This is nothing more than Juliette’s taking revenge for her termination. Once again: Victoria will not settle. She’ll go to court, if necessary.

At the Ashbys’: Lily understands that after closing the deal in Tokyo, Cane and Juliette celebrated together, and that’s it. This lawsuit sounds like Hilary’s doing. Cane thinks Lily might be onto something. He needs to know Lily is in his corner and she is. They go their separate ways when Cane is summoned to Michael’s apartment and Lily takes off on an errand.

Mattie and Erin made it to the Underground. Reed is glad she took him up on his invitation and introduces the girls to his cousin Noah, who runs the place. Mattie marvels at Reed’s nerve. Is it hard to get up and perform in front of everybody? At first, he says, but then he gets into the music. It’s how he expresses himself. He runs off to prepare. Mattie is clearly smitten but plays it cool in front of Erin. Across the room, Tessa feels indebted to everyone she’s met in Genoa City and it makes her uncomfortable. Nonsense, Devon says. She’s a talented musician, and he’s running a music business---not a music charity. He tells her to take her time deciding. Noah bounds onstage to introduce Reed, the first act of the night.

Jack and Ashley approach Dina in club dining room after Abby steps away to take a call. Ashley gets to the point. She and Jack don’t think Graham has her best interests. If Dina doesn’t want to return to Paris, she can stay at the house. Jack will speak to Graham. She objects. He mustn’t! Graham approaches.

Reed gets a big hand. At the bar, Tessa expresses pride in her pupil. Noah won’t let her divert attention from herself. What’s preventing Tessa from accepting Devon’s offer? Or should he say “who” is preventing her?

Abby runs into Victoria at the athletic club. She flaunts the early success of her project, the one Victoria shot down. Victoria sighs. She didn’t shoot it down, and she’s happy for Abby. Really. And it’s good that Dad has a child who’s interested in taking over at Newman. Abby is so insecure, she can’t take this as the compliment it’s meant to be. Meanwhile, in the foyer, Lily confronts Hilary about her role in Juliette’s lawsuit.

At Michael’s apartment, he invites Cane to sit and tell his side of the story. He should give details and leave out nothing. Cane tells the same version he told Lily. After the deal was sealed, he and Juliette toured the town in a hired car and returned to the bar for sake. A lot of sake---on an empty stomach. He was in worse shape than Juliette was, so she helped him to his room. Then he woke up the next morning. Michael nods. Is Cane willing to testify to that under oath?

At the Underground: Reed is eager to hear Mattie’s opinion. Not bad, she says. It takes guts, that’s for sure. Reed says once he’s in the zone, it’s a cinch. She laughs. Now he sounds like her brother after a lacrosse match. When Erin wanders away, Reed asks Mattie if she’d be interested in seeing a movie with him sometime. She says OK but nothing more. Erin’s mom is there to pick them up. As the girls rush out the door, Reed realizes he doesn’t have Mattie’s phone number. Across the bar, Tessa assures Noah her reluctance has nothing to do with her acquaintance from Chicago. Mariah intrudes and sends Noah back to work. Tessa tells Mariah there’s no deep, dark secret. The man she’s avoiding means nothing to her. She was just hoping to get a fresh start in Genoa City. She’s a loner and hasn’t had many friends over the years and she’s not used to being helped so generously by so many people. So, Mariah asks, is Tessa going to make a run for it? Mariah hopes not. Noah returns from the bar and Mariah recedes. Tessa apologizes for seeming ungrateful to Devon. No apologies necessary, Noah says. Just say yes.

At the athletic club: Victoria tells Abby to quit being so paranoid and enjoy her success. Abby softens a little bit. It seems about time for another family dinner. Whatever happened to those? Victoria supposes everyone got too busy. Hear, hear, Abby says. She’s been busy getting acquainted with her grandmother and launching a business. The sisters part amicably but not before Victoria offers a piece of business advice: Plan well, but expect obstacles. In the foyer, Hilary tells Lily to be ready to stand by her man because the story is going nationwide. When Hilary excuses herself take a call, Jordan, who had been standing beside Hilary, speaks up. He’s sympathizes with Lily. Lily can’t fathom what went wrong. She and Juliette were friends. Jordan plays devil’s advocate. Cane and Juliette got along well, but not always. He reminds Lily that she walked in on an argument between the two of them. She dismisses it. It was about a business schedule. Well, Jordan quotes Hilary, the truth will come out. The trouble is Cane’s reputation and marriage are at stake.

Before Cane leaves Michael’s apartment, Michael advises him not to speak to Juliette. All communication should take place through their attorneys from now on.

Dina bids a tearful goodbye to Jack and Ashley in the club dining room. As she walks away, Jack agrees with Ashley. Something is amiss and they can’t allow Dina to leave with Graham.

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