Wednesday Y&R Update 6/7/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 6/7/17


Written by Christine

At the church, Chloe gently shook the unconscious Kevin and urged him to wake up. Kevin's eyes opened and as his vision focused, he saw Chloe. As Kevin scrambled backward, Chloe assured him that this wasn't a dream. Chloe promised to explain everything, but she asked him to trust her and follow her instructions. A confused Kevin raised his voice as he struggled to understand how Chloe was still alive. Chloe told Kevin that they were coming to get her. She gave Kevin an address to meet her at and she told him not to say anything to anyone. Chloe said she needed Kevin to be a badass again. Kevin was full of questions. Chloe said she had to get back into the casket, but she promised to meet him later. On Kevin's way out, he passed two men entering the building. After Kevin was gone, the men began to remove the casket from the room.

Dr. Harris arrived and said the crematorium sent him to collect Chloe's remains, so he'd take it from here. The other men left, and Dr. Harris helped Chloe out of the casket. She was shaken by her experience; the drug he gave her made her paralyzed, but she was able to hear everything. She confessed that she'd been starting to wonder if she was actually dead. Dr. Harris assured Chloe that she was alive and that everything was going as planned. Chloe thought that the nuclear option – faking her own suicide was creepy. She admitted that Victor was right – the only way to make people stop searching for her was to fake her own death. Chloe was scared someone would come into the church and see her, but Dr. Harris stated that Victor made sure that wouldn't happen. Dr. Harris said that once it got dark, they'd return to his home in Louisiana, where she'd be safe.

Michael and Lauren hosted Sharon, Scott, Gloria, and Paul after the funeral. Gloria was worried because Kevin wasn't there yet. Michael explained that Kevin had wanted to say a private goodbye to Chloe. “The woman is dead! How long could that possibly take?” Gloria bellowed. She didn't want Kevin to be alone, so she decided to go back to the church. Michael was adamant that Kevin needed space. Gloria assumed that, as mothers, Lauren and Sharon would side with her. Lauren agreed with Michael. Michael assured Gloria that Kevin would come to them.

Sharon took Paul aside and asked if he heard from Dylan. Paul said he hadn't, and he didn't expect to. Sharon revealed that she'd heard from Dylan through her attorney; the divorce was final. Paul felt bad for Sharon, but he wanted her to be happy, and he was sure Dylan did too. He told her that they had to move on with their lives. Sharon thought that was good advice. Lauren noticed that Scott was staring at Sharon from across the room. Mariah arrived and explained that she missed the service because she was away on assignment. Lauren started to question Scott about Sharon, but Kevin arrived before he could answer.

Mariah apologized to Kevin for missing the service, but he told her that she was here now. Scott offered Kevin a drink. Kevin zoned out, prompting concerned looks from the group. He apologized and asked if Paul was still willing to give him some time off to take a trip. Paul agreed to give Kevin anything he needed. Michael and Mariah supported the idea of Kevin taking some time away. Paul asked where Kevin was going. Kevin announced that he was going to Tahiti, which was where he, Chloe and Bella were going to go for their honeymoon. Kevin said that the time he spent alone with Chloe made him feel at peace.

Kevin told Mariah that he almost punched Nick because Nick and Chelsea drove Chloe to suicide. Kevin was grateful that Mariah came in spite of the fact that Chloe wasn't her favorite person. Mariah stated that Kevin was one of her favorite people; he'd taught her how to be a friend. Kevin thought it was a good thing their attempt to date didn't work out, because they'd never break up as friends. Lauren offered to get Kevin some food. He told her that Michael lucked out when he found her. Kevin said he admired her relationship with Michael, and he used to look at Chloe and think that he'd found his Lauren. Lauren was moved by his words, and they hugged.

Paul asked Kevin not to stay away too long, because the department needed him. Kevin stated that Paul's faith in him changed his life. Kevin said that if it weren't for Paul teaching him that things weren't just black and white, he might still be breaking into houses and stealing things. Kevin told Scott that he'd been a good friend. Scott thanked Kevin for saving his life and wished him the best on his trip. Scott thought the trip would be good for him and Bella. Kevin said it was too risky for him to take Bella along. Scott was confused because he thought Kevin was going to a resort. Kevin said he didn't want to subject Bella to a 12 hour plane ride. Scott started to question Kevin's decision, but Gloria walked over and asked to steal Kevin away. Gloria told Kevin that he'd been a great parent to Delia and Bella. Gloria was grateful that he didn't follow in Gloria's footsteps as a parent. Kevin admitted they had some tough times, but he noted that she'd been there for him when he needed her, after Chloe ran out on the wedding.

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked Juliet if she was claiming Cane sexually harassed her. Juliet said it was a fact, which she intended to prove in court. Billy thought this was nuts. Juliet told Billy that if he was smart, he'd be on her side since Cane had been trying to get him fired for quite a while. Billy found it hard to believe Cane was capable of sexual harassment. He conceded that Cane was a tool, but he said he loved his wife. Billy said he never saw Cane treat Juliet or anyone else inappropriately. He asked what Cane supposedly did, and she told him to read the complaint.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria told Cane that Juliet alleged that Cane used his position at the company to force her into a sexual relationship in Tokyo. Victoria wanted Cane to look her in the eye and swear that he didn't do what Juliet accused him of. Cane swore he'd never do something like that. He said Victoria could attest to the fact that he always defended Juliet. Victoria asked Cane to give her a detailed account of everything that happened in Tokyo. Cane explained that after the business deal, Juliet rented a car to take them on a tour of the city. Victoria asked if that was it. Cane admitted that they drank, but not as much as Juliet alleged. He said that this was her attempt to shake the company down after she was fired. Victoria hoped Cane was right, because the company didn't need another scandal.

Reed dropped in to see his mom, and Cane said he had to leave. Cane bumped into Reed's guitar and knocked it over. Reed yelled “my guitar!” and Cane snapped that Reed needed to do a better job looking after it. Cane stormed off. Reed wondered why Cane was so mad, and Victoria told him not to worry about it. Reed reminded Victoria that he was going to the Underground so he might be a little late coming home. Billy came and asked if Reed heard from Mystery Girl. Victoria was curious, and Reed told her that he invited a girl to watch him play tonight. Victoria asked what her name was, and Reed said it didn't matter since she turned him down. Victoria said it was her loss. She was glad Reed had moved on from Zoey. Reed let Victoria know he needed to use her laptop.

Victoria and Billy went into the conference room, and he told her that he ran into Juliet. Victoria and Billy discussed Cane and Juliet's conflicting accounts of what transpired in Tokyo. Cane said nothing happened but barhopping and a few too many sake bombs, but Juliet claimed he pressured her into having sex in exchange for a permanent job at Brash and Sassy. Billy recalled that Cane had pushed Victoria to hire Juliet. Victoria noted that she hired someone else as division manager, but she assumed Juliet would be an asset to the company. Victoria now realized she was wrong about Juliet. While Billy wasn't a Cane fan, he found it hard to believe Cane would risk his marriage for a one night stand. Victoria agreed with Billy, but she said that, as they learned in L.A. sometimes the perception of wrongdoing could do as much damage as the real thing. Billy hoped Victoria wasn't going to pay Juliet off to keep her quiet. Victoria said she wouldn't because that would be an admission of guilt. Victoria said she already gave Juliet a handsome severance package and she wasn't getting any more money. Back in the lab, Reed finished up with the computer. He spotted a bottle of Dare Cologne, and he spritzed himself with it several times, then he left.

Juliet ran into Hilary at the Club. Hilary wondered why Juliet had her suitcase. She explained that attorney suggested that she lay low. Juliet thanked Hilary for recommending Leslie, then she left. Later, Cane found Hilary at the bar, and he snatched the phone from her hand and slammed it on the counter. Cane had been told that Juliet checked out of her suite, and he demanded that Hilary tell him where she went. Hilary said she had no idea, since she barely knew the woman. Cane made it clear that he knew Hilary was involved. Hilary pretended not to know what Cane was talking about. Cane hissed that he knew Hilary overheard him and Juliet agree that their one night stand was a mistake. Hilary pointed out that she didn't reveal his secret on her show. Cane suspected that she had other plans. He recalled that Hilary had hinted to Lily that their marriage might be destroyed by secrets and lies. Cane said he knew Hilary knew about the lawsuit. “My my my, whatever you did to poor Juliet, it's probably going to disgust Lily,” Hilary said with a grin. Cane thought Hilary had hit a new low. Hilary wondered if Lily knew. “Don't. I promise you. You will regret it,” Cane said. He left. Hilary called Mariah and insisted that they meet immediately. Mariah refused to leave Kevin in his time of need. Hilary spat that if Mariah valued her job, she'd give Kevin a hanky and come now.

Back at the Baldwin home, Mariah left, then Kevin asked Michael to join him on a walk. Lauren privately asked Sharon if she was seeing Scott. Sharon confirmed that she was. Lauren noted that Sharon was recently divorced from husband number six, or eight; Lauren said that she'd lost count. Lauren assured Sharon that she wasn't trying to be insulting, but she didn't think Scott's life needed any more drama. Sharon insisted that she'd never hurt Scott, and she said she understood why Lauren was so protective. Lauren thought that Sharon would understand why she wanted to protect him from a woman who stole another woman's child. Lauren said she wasn't talking about Sheila, but about Sharon's attempt to raise Sage's son. Gloria was about to enter the room, but she overheard the discussion and lingered to listen in. Lauren assumed that Scott didn't know about Sharon's past. Sharon told her to ask him, but she noted that it was neither the time nor the place. Scott walked in and commented on the tension. Lauren said she and Sharon were talking about history. Sharon suggested that they leave it in the past where it belonged. Lauren walked away. Gloria joined Lauren and said she couldn't help overhearing. Lauren vented about the many times Michael had to defend Sharon in court, her stays in Fairview and the drama she'd had because of men. Gloria advised Lauren to calm down before she pushed Scott into Sharon's arms.

Kevin and Michael's walk took them to Chancellor Park. Kevin thanked Michael for hosting the reception after the funeral. Michael was glad that Kevin was going on a trip. Kevin said he needed to find some resolution and figure out a way to be happy again. Michael put his arm around Kevin. Kevin asked Michael to keep their mother out of trouble while he was gone. Michael said Gloria had a new man to keep her in line. Kevin asked who. Michael told him about Gloria and Jack, and Kevin grimaced at the mental picture. Kevin said Michael was the best brother and friend a guy could ask for. At first, Michael suggested that he accompany Kevin to Tahiti, then he realized Kevin needed to be alone. Kevin asked Michael to look after Bella and Esther while he was gone. Michael reminisced about Kevin's arrival to Genoa City. Michael said he'd expected Kevin to be trouble. Kevin admitted he had the mugshots to prove it, but Michael noted that Kevin had turned his life around. Michael said that Kevin was good and strong, and he assured Kevin that he'd get through this. Kevin said had to get going and say goodbye to Bella. They hugged, and Kevin said he loved Michael. Michael left, and Kevin looked at the address Chloe gave him.

Mariah met Hilary at the Club. Hilary said she knew how much Mariah liked sexual harassment stories, so she had one for her. Hilary said Mariah shouldn't worry about a replay of the Gloria debacle, because they were going to vet everything before the broadcast. Mariah asked what it was about. Hilary said a reliable source informed her about a major lawsuit being filed against Brash and Sassy.

At the Ashby house, Lily asked Mattie for the name of the boy she was going to see. Mattie didn't want to answer. She changed the subject and talked about a school paper she was writing. Lily asked Mattie to just tell her one thing about the boy. Mattie said she'd only met him twice, so there was nothing else to tell. Mattie said the guy invited her to open mic night. Lily smiled and noted that he was a musician. Mattie grudgingly confirmed it, and she rolled her eyes when Lily asked what instrument. Lily said that Mattie couldn't go unless she answered, so Mattie disclosed that he played guitar. Lily wasn't comfortable with Mattie going to a club alone, and she wanted her to take Charlie along. Mattie refused, and she said Charlie had a lacrosse team dinner anyway. Mattie was adamant that she wouldn't drink, but Lily already knew that. She suggested that Mattie take Erin with her. Mattie went to text Erin. Cane came home, and Lily told him about Mattie's plans. In a serious tone, Cane said there was something Lily should know. Mattie returned, and Cane shifted gears and greeted his daughter. A car horn honked, and Mattie said Erin's parents were driving them to The Underground and back. She promised to be home before midnight. Lily wanted Mattie home by 11:30, while Cane said 11:00. Mattie got them to agree to 11:15, since she knew someone who was performing. Mattie left, and Lily told Cane that she thought their daughter had her first crush. Cane was sure Mattie would be fine. They resumed their talk. Lily was stunned when Cane told her about Juliet's allegations.

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