Tuesday Y&R Update 6/6/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 6/6/17


Written by Christine

“How can you show your face here after what you did?” Kevin demanded, when Nick entered Chloe's funeral service. Chelsea tried to explain that she asked Nick to come, but Kevin's tirade drowned her out. Kevin contended that Nick's relentless pursuit of Chloe had driven her to suicide. Kevin grabbed Nick, but Michael and Scott pulled him back. Nick tried to express his condolences, but Kevin accused him of being glad Chloe was dead. Kevin blamed both Chelsea and Nick for Chloe's death. Fr. Todd asked everyone to refrain from doing anything to dishonor Chloe. He noted that they were all sinners, but he reminded everyone that Bella was blameless, and he asked them not to do anything to confuse or frighten her.

Nick promised to leave, but first, he gave Kevin his sympathies. Chelsea hoped that Kevin would eventually understand that she and Nick weren't responsible for what happened. Chelsea said she cared about Kevin and that her heart broke for him. Chelsea and Nick left. Paul walked in. The sermon started, and Fr. Todd acknowledged that the loss of Chloe was complicated by the difficult life she lead. He suggested that they honor Chloe by looking out for the people around them and offering them the support that they wished Chloe had received. Kevin lifted Bella off his lap, then he walked to the casket. Kevin told Chloe that others had misjudged her, but he knew and loved her. Kevin stated that Chloe had been through things no one should have to endure. He believed that she did her best to handle it and that it wasn't her fault that she wasn't able to. Kevin said that Chloe had unlimited love for Esther, Delia, Bella and Kevin. He stated that she was with Delia now, and he promised to take care of Bella and to make sure Bella knew who Chloe was. Kevin silently wept and Michael guided him back to his seat. Fr. Todd assured everyone that Chloe would never be gone as long as she lived on in their hearts.

Later, Kevin told Bella that Chloe would always be in her heart. Bella touched the portrait of Chloe that sat by the casket. Everyone watched as Kevin helped Bella put a stuffed bear on the top of the casket. The others left, but Fr. Todd stayed behind to offer a listening ear. Kevin thanked him for the offer and apologized for losing his temper before. Fr. Todd told him not to worry about it, and they hugged. After Fr. Todd left, Kevin returned to Chloe's casket apologized for letting her down. He felt that he should've known she needed help. Kevin confessed that he'd been too awestruck by the notion of them finally being together again to notice that anything was wrong. Kevin placed his hand on the casket, and the lid suddenly swung open. Kevin fainted.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea wondered if Nick was mad at her for making him go to the funeral. Nick assured her that he made that decision on his own, and he understood why Chelsea felt that she needed to be there. Nick noted that he and Chelsea both understood what Kevin was going through. Chelsea and Nick realized it had been a while since they got Christian and Connor together. Chelsea thought they should do that soon, because it would help things feel normal again. Nick suggested they do it later today.

Later, Nick and Chelsea took Christian and Connor to the park. As they enjoyed the warm weather, Chelsea wondered if the little boys were old enough for their first professional game. Nick felt that you were never too young. Ballgames were Nick's idea of bliss. Chelsea preferred outdoor concerts under the stars. Nick suggested that they attend one as a foursome. Chelsea liked the idea. Nick's thoughts drifted to Chloe's memorial service, but he and Chelsea decided that they shouldn't dwell on it. Chelsea used her phone to buy baseball tickets, and she suggested that Nick get tickets to a concert. Nick was happy that they were doing everyday things as a group. Chelsea told him to be careful, because the way he was talking, the four of them might start feeling like a family. Nick said he hoped she'd say that. Chelsea snuggled up to Nick's shoulder.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary assured Juliet that Juliet was taking the correct course of action. Although Juliet agreed with Hilary, she looked shaken. Hilary felt that Juliet had just used a power move instead of allowing herself to be a scapegoat. Juliet just hoped it worked. Their discussion revealed that Hilary asked Leslie to take the case. Hilary believed Leslie would win and that it would be a victory for everyone who'd been sexually harassed. Juliet felt guilty for not trusting Hilary when Hilary first about the one night stand with Cane. Juliet stated that Hilary had been her only really support since the firing. Juliet wondered if Hilary was so invested in the case because she'd been a victim of sexual harassment. According to Hilary, she hadn't experienced anything like that, but she'd done a lot of research.

Hilary felt that Cane used his position as Juliet's boss to get Juliet to have sex with him in Japan, in exchange for his support in her career advancement. Hilary continued that Juliet gave Cane what he wanted, and he got her the job at Brash and Sassy. Juliet clarified that Victoria offered her the job. Hilary pointed out that Cane recommended Juliet to Victoria. Hilary noted that Cane had encouraged Juliet to go back to Tokyo after she was fired. Juliet was worried that the fact that she and Cane were drunk during the one night stand would weaken her case. Hilary maintained that Cane's inebriated state was no excuse for what he did. She noted that he was Juliet's superior and in control of her future in the company. “So even thought he was super drunk and barely able to walk, he had all of the power?” Juliet asked. “Exactly,” Hilary replied. Hilary contended that Cane was a bully who used sexual coercion. Juliet didn't think that sounded like Cane. Hilary was skeptical that Cane was too drunk to walk, but not too drunk to have sex. Juliet couldn't stop thinking about what this would do to Lily. Hilary noted that Juliet barely knew Lily, yet she showed more concern for her than Cane did.

Hilary said from what she read, the case needed to encompass more than the act of sex. Juliet noted that she and Cane hadn't worked together before the night they had sex. Hilary said that Cane took advantage of Juliet's womanhood to land the deal. Hilary said that he used her as a “sexy subordinate” that he could show off to local businessmen. Hilary asked Juliet if she thought Cane would've given her such a prominent role in the dealings if she'd been a man. Juliet didn't think so, given Cane's competition with Billy. Hilary said that after the deal was closed, Cane turned Juliet into arm candy to take barhopping. Juliet looked uncertain. Hilary acknowledged that it might have seemed harmless and mutual at first, but she asked if Juliet had ever been in a position where she could say no to any of it. “No, not really,” Juliet said, after she thought about it. Juliet sounded convinced now, and she vowed to stand up for herself. Hilary told Juliet not to let anyone intimidate her.

In the Brash and Sassy lab, Cane and Lily shared a long goodbye kiss. Meanwhile, in the conference room, Billy and Victoria reeled over Juliet's sexual harassment lawsuit. Billy thought Juliet had lost her mind. Victoria was stunned that Juliet would do this after Victoria gave her a nice severance package and the promise of a glowing recommendation. Victoria wasn't sure whether to be more disgusted with Juliet or with herself for hiring Juliet. Billy recalled his recent run in with Juliet – she'd been crushed, but didn't appear to be resentful. Victoria wondered if there was something to this lawsuit. Billy thought Juliet just wanted money.

Billy asked if he was mentioned in the lawsuit, and Victoria said no. Billy asked who it was about. Victoria wanted to discuss this with each staff member separately. She promised to talk with Billy in detail, later. Barry Strickland, Lily's agent, called to discuss Lily's modeling contract. Victoria explained that Lily had an exclusive modeling contract with Brash and Sassy. Barry wanted her to consider loosening the terms. Victoria made it clear that this wasn't a priority for her, then she hung up the phone.

After Billy left, Victoria called Cane and Lily into the room, and she testily told them about Barry's call to her private number. Lily had no idea that Barry was going to try and renegotiate her contract. Lily apologized for Barry bothering Victoria. Cane assured Lily that she hadn't done anything wrong, and he added that they'd been dealing with miscommunication ever since they left L.A. Lily decided to text Barry.

Cane told Victoria that Lily had said all she wanted to do was work at Brash and Sassy. He thought it was clear that Barry went around Lily and tried to force Victoria's hand. Victoria believed Lily and Cane and apologized for the way she acted earlier. She explained that she'd been under a lot of stress lately. Lily understood, and she promised to cut ties with Barry. Victoria thanked her. Lily and Cane were about to head home, but Victoria said she needed to talk to Cane. Lily left, and Victoria told Cane about the lawsuit. Cane assumed it was a wrongful termination suit, and he encouraged Victoria to settle. Victoria was surprised that Cane was being so defeatist, since he was usually such a fighter. Cane said he was being pragmatic. Victoria clarified that Juliet wasn't suing for wrongful termination, but sexual harassment. She revealed that Juliet was accusing Cane.

Reed strummed his guitar on the Athletic Club patio. He noticed Mattie at another table, and she told him that she liked the song. Reed mentioned that an old man dropped a dollar coin into his coffee cup. Mattie had never seen one before, and Reed gave it to her. Reed was trying to write a song about his day, but he couldn't come up with the right word. Mattie noticed that Reed was scribbling lyrics onto a pad, and she realized that music was his thing. Reed wondered what Mattie's thing was. She told him it was schoolwork, and she showed him her class notes. Reed marveled because Mattie was in all advanced classes. He invited her to open mic night at the Underground. Mattie seemed caught off guard. She thanked him for the offer, but trailed off, trying to find the right words. Reed assured her that it was okay if she didn't want to come. Mattie realized it was late, so she grabbed her things. She suggested a word for Reed to use in his song, and he thanked her. Mattie left.

Billy walked onto the patio and ran into Reed, who gave him the cold shoulder. Billy understood that Reed was upset about him and Phyllis, but he hoped they could still talk. Reed softened. Billy wondered if Reed would've got so upset with Billy that night if Zoey hadn't done what she did. Reed admitted he probably wouldn't have, but he didn't want to waste another second thinking about Zoey. Reed confided that he was interested in another girl, but he thought he'd scared her away. He told Billy how she'd ran off after he mentioned open mic night. Reed was about to leave when Billy asked him to give Victoria some space. Reed was concerned, but Billy said Victoria was tough and she knew what she was doing. Reed wished he did. He said he had no idea what this girl thought of him, and he had no way of contacting her since he didn't know her last name or number.

Billy went to Crimson Lights, where he bumped into Juliet. He confronted her about her lawsuit and accused her of making it up to get back at Victoria. Juliet explained that her lawyer advised her not to talk to Billy. Billy noted that they both made mistakes in L.A. and he said that if Victoria had fired him, he would've accepted it and walked away. Juliet was adamant that she wouldn't be bullied into discussing this with Billy. She walked away, but he followed. Billy admitted that it wasn't fair that Juliet lost her job over a shared mistake, but he thought she was wrong to make up a fictitious claim. He warned her that she'd be embarrassed when the courts realized her claim was baseless. Juliet said she had a good case. Billy asked who she was accusing, because it wasn't him. Juliet confirmed that it wasn't Billy.

At the Ashby home, Lily filled Mattie in on her day. Lily said that her conversation with Victoria was like getting called into the principal's office, which Mattie had yet to experience. Mattie said she'd heard details from Charlie. Lily was sure Mattie was happy that summer vacation started next week. Mattie informed Lily that she planned to take some summer classes. Lily encouraged Mattie to go out and have some fun. Mattie asked for permission to go to The Underground for the open mic night. Lily wondered if Mattie was going to hear someone special, and Mattie was adamant that she was just going to hang out. Lily said she could go. Mattie went to her room and returned in a more dressy outfit. Lily commented on Mattie getting dressed up just to go listen to music. Mattie got defensive and accused Lily of prying into her social life. Lily assured Mattie that it was okay to like a boy. Mattie insisted that she didn't like anyone. She blurted out that she barely knew him, then she looked mortified. Lily wanted details on the boy. Mattie said there was nothing to tell because she barely knew him. Mattie said the boy thought she was a nerd. Lily suggested that he was impressed by her intelligence, but Mattie scoffed at the suggestion that boys liked smart girls. Lily said that any boy who was intimidated by Mattie's intelligence wasn't worth her time.

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