Monday Y&R Update 6/5/17

The Y&R Update Monday 6/5/17


Written by Ellen

Chelsea and Nick meet Paul at the police station. It’s official: Chloe’s death has been ruled a suicide by overdose of prescription medication. They’re stunned that Kevin has planned Chloe’s funeral for today.

Scott comes to Crimson Lights to pick up Sharon. He thanks her for accompanying him to the funeral. No problem. Although Sharon wasn’t exactly a friend of Chloe’s, she understood her. Both lost daughters and were treated for mental illness. Even Victor showed sympathy toward Chloe, believe it or not, but Scott is worried about Kevin’s state of mind.

Michael and Kevin get ready at the Baldwin apartment. Kevin recalls the last time Father Todd was in town---to preside over Kevin and Chloe’s wedding. Like Scott, Michael is concerned about Kevin and with good reason. Kevin admits he’s not OK. He gets worked up thinking about all the haters in Genoa City. They didn’t know Chloe as he did. Lauren overhears and encourages him to refocus. Today is about honoring Chloe and reassuring Bella. She and Michael think Kevin should take some time off after the funeral. He’ll consider it, but for now he needs to get to the chapel to make final arrangements.

Hilary comes to Victoria’s office, hat in hand. She feels partially responsible for the problems with the hockey league and assures Victoria that all footage relating to the commercial has been destroyed. Victoria thanks her but turns down Hilary’s offer of further assistance. Before Hilary leaves, she comments on the tough decision Victoria had to make to keep the deal alive. That’s what the boss has to do, right?

Billy sees Juliette alone on the Crimson Lights patio. He approaches, asks how she’s holding up, and apologizes for his role in the debacle that led to her firing. She bears no ill will toward him or anyone else, which he finds odd. He admires her resilience, though, and offers a reference, should she need one. Juliette thanks him and wishes nothing but the best for Brash & Sassy. As for Juliette, she intends to make her own luck.

At the athletic club, Cane and Lily enjoy a leisurely breakfast. They reflect on Chloe’s tumultuous life, including her brief marriage to Cane and untimely death. The funeral is by invitation only, but Cane sent flowers. Cane is still preoccupied with Juliette’s firing, but regrettable as it is, the company must move on. Lily doubts it will be so simple. She admits she’s disappointed that the commercial didn’t come off as planned and her career was grounded just as it was about to take off. Barry is still interested in handling her, but she’s decided to take a step back for now and focus on her family and her modeling job. Cane is pleased. Hilary finds the two of them mid-kiss and holding hands. Well, isn’t this romantic. They look more like secret lovers than an old married couple. Lily takes offense at her sarcasm but Hilary insists she’s being genuine. Despite Hilary’s own poor track record, she’s glad to see that a solid, lasting marriage is possible. Lily and Cane are proud of themselves. They’ve endured some tough times and are stronger than ever. Hilary nods and smiles. Good to know. . . .

At Brash & Sassy, Billy tells Victoria about his encounter with Juliette. Victoria becomes defensive about firing her. She had no choice. The league insisted. Billy tells her to relax. Juliette’s taking it like a champ. Victoria gets a call that strikes fear in her heart. It’s the hockey league. She takes it in her private office.

Todd meets Paul at the station. Paul is surprised that he’s conducting the funeral. Todd felt it was his place. He’s fond of Kevin. He also has compassion for Chloe and is familiar with the damaging effects mental illness has on a family. Paul is worried that Kevin will never be the same. It seems a part of him died with Chloe.

Nick and Chelsea continue their discussion at Crimson Lights. She can’t believe she wasn’t told about the funeral. She wants to go. Nick thinks it’s a bad idea and she should show her respect by giving Kevin space. She insists she needs to go to make peace. Chloe was once her best friend. Nick can’t tell her what to do, but she shouldn’t expect him to go along. Chloe killed Nick’s brother.

Todd meets Kevin at the chapel. Esther arrives shortly after. Kevin greets her and then goes to Bella, who is with her nanny in another room. Esther tells Todd she now understands what Chloe went through burying a child. Todd comforts her with a biblical verse. Gloria enters next and offers Esther her condolences. Esther bristles at Gloria’s phony sympathy. Everyone knows Gloria hated Chloe. Gloria is sincere in her grief---for her granddaughter and her son. Kevin appears in the doorway. Esther sees him and, for his sake, embraces Gloria. He’s not fooled but thanks them. By now Lauren and Michael and Sharon and Scott have arrived. They’re all worried about Kevin, and everyone but Gloria thinks Kevin should take time for himself. She thinks he should be surrounded by family.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria withholds the news from Billy until Cane and Lily arrive. When they do, all enter the conference room. On the way in, Billy scolds Cane for being late; Cane taunts Billy about winning Victoria’s trust. Victoria makes everybody happy when she announces the hockey league’s desire to begin work on a new promotion, including more photos of Lily. Billy is beyond delighted. Cane smirks. Good old Teflon Billy. Privately, Cane puts Billy on notice. No impropriety will be tolerated this time around. Why doesn’t Billy just bow out now? Billy thinks Cane should do the bowing out, now that Juliette is no longer around to stroke his ego.

All attendees are present, so Todd begins the funeral service. In the middle of his speech, Chelsea walks in. Kevin rises to meet her and is especially distressed when Nick appears behind her. He yells at Nick for hunting down Chloe. Her death is his fault! Kevin lunges and Michael restrains him.

Again at Brash & Sassy: While Lily takes a call, Cane has a moment alone. He’s haunted by thoughts of his one-night stand with Juliette but shakes them off when Lily returns, bubbling over about the agreement. Does he think they’ll shoot another commercial? He does and he intends to oversee it this time, so that there are no mishaps. She throws her arms around him and says she loves him.

Hilary manages to run into Juliette on the Crimson Lights patio. Juliette is surprisingly chipper, much better than the last time they met. Indeed, Juliette says. In fact, she just told Billy she has no animosity toward Brash & Sassy. It’s unclear what she means by that, because at that moment, Victoria is served with papers. Billy is in the office when she learns Juliette is suing the company for sexual harassment.

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