Friday Y&R Update 6/2/17

The Y&R Update Friday 6/2/17


Written by Ellen

Nikki finds Nick in the stable taking out his frustrations on the heavy bag, just as his father had been earlier. She’s angry with him for not telling her about his search for Chloe. He could have blown their cover story and jeopardized the family, all for the sake of his romance with Chelsea. Damn straight, Nick says. He wants a relationship built on trust, not one like his parents’.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria delivers the grim news to Billy. He’s overwhelmed with memories of Delia’s death. Victoria blames Chloe’s suicide on the doctor who released her prematurely, and she praises Billy for forgiving Adam. It’s too bad Chloe couldn’t. Billy shakes his head. Maybe Chloe had the right idea. His approach to dealing with Delia’s death cost him his marriage to Victoria. Billy is also angry at Chloe for stealing his sperm in order to conceive another child. He gets up to leave Victoria’s office and runs smack in to Phyllis. Victoria grudgingly gives them privacy.

Victor is pleasantly surprised to find Abby waiting in his office. He might not be after he learns the reason for her visit. He’s been so good to her and believed in her when no one else did. My goodness, what a buildup, he says. Has she been keeping secrets from him?

At Jabot, Jack shoots down Phyllis’s idea to goose up the Fenmore’s shopping experience. She defends it. Lauren likes it. Phyllis says he’s as arrogant as his mother is. Dina verbally assaulted Phyllis at the club the other night. Jack is amused and delighted that his mom stood up for him. Phyllis doesn’t see the humor and wonders about Jack’s double standard. He can forgive the woman who abandoned him as a child but not the one who loved him with her whole heart and soul.

At the athletic club bar, Ashley overhears Graham on the phone making plans to return to Paris. She demands to know the nature of his relationship to her mother.

Kevin walks into Paul’s office at the police station and without preamble tells him Chloe is dead. Paul is stunned and full of questions. Kevin explains she had been hiding in Louisiana with a doctor who treated her. Chelsea and Nick tracked her down, and while Nick distracted the doctor, Chelsea sneaked into the house and discovered Chloe’s body with a bottle of pills nearby. There was no note. As far as Kevin is concerned, Chelsea and Nick drove Chloe to suicide. He breaks down. Paul consoles him but urges him to look at the situation objectively. Chloe was disturbed. He mustn’t become consumed. Kevin understands but wonders how he’ll break the news to Bella.

Scott approaches Sharon at the Crimson Lights counter, but she’s in her own world. Her divorce papers, hot of the press, lie on the counter in front of her. Scott presumes to ask why her marriage ended. She vaguely says she had to let go. In any case, it’s time to move forward. She removes her wedding ring and puts it in her purse. He admires her positive attitude. She’s concluded that each of us controls his or her destiny. He agrees. If that so, she says, why is he still working for Victor?

Again in Victor’s office: Abby is stunned by Victor’s intuition. Victor isn’t angry, though. He’s glad she decided to come clean. She tells him that despite his disapproval of her incubator idea, she used company funds to implement it. But she had second thoughts and reversed it, which accounts for the receipt that crossed his desk. She was so determined to show Victoria she could play hardball and now regrets it. She assumes she’ll be fired, but no. Victor admires her guts and is sorry for dismissing her project. To prove it, he intends to make it part of Newman Enterprises. She’s thrilled.

Again at Crimson Lights: Scott has a debt to pay. To make it more palatable, Sharon suggests he look at his job as an opportunity rather than an obligation---a springboard to something more fulfilling. She’s right. In fact, that something better might be closer than he thought. Victor has been talking about acquiring a digital media company, which is right up Scott’s alley. But enough about him . . . this is a big day for her. She shrugs off her divorce. Scott’s presence makes her feel better.

At the police station: Paul gives props to Kevin for his professionalism in the office while others searched for Chloe. He offers to help Kevin in any way he can. Kevin needs justice for Chloe, but he knows Paul can’t deliver that.

In the stable: Nikki understands Nick’s position, but was he completely honest with Chelsea about Victor’s role in Adam’s death? Nikki ponders a future without Victor in it. Can she survive? Nick thinks she has no choice. The happy-family charade ends now. Nikki wavers. What will the rest of the family think if she and Nick and Victoria desert Victor? Especially the younger children? Nick doesn’t really care.

At the club: Graham is Dina’s protector? From what, her family? Ashley asks. He nods, but all went better than expected and now it’s time for Dina and Graham to go home. Ashley asks point-blank if something is physically wrong with her mother.

Victoria finds Nikki in the stable alone. They talk about the tragedy and Billy’s reaction to it. Shortly after Victoria told him, Phyllis swooped in to offer comfort, damn her. Keeping Dad’s secret has hampered Victoria’s efforts to reconcile with Billy, and she no longer thinks it’s worth it. Nikki insists they continue, for the good of the family. Victoria says she doesn’t necessarily want her father in her life anymore and wonders whether Nikki does.

Scott strides into Victor’s office. He heard Abby fessed up, so does that mean Scott is off duty? Nope. In frustration, Scott demands acquisition of the digital media corporation. If it doesn’t happen within six months, Scott will quit. To his surprise, Victor tells him to draw up an offer. Before he can leave to get started, Kevin barges in and demands details about Chloe’s death.

At the club: Graham scoffs. Dina is the picture of health. Why does Ashley ask? Dina was overly emotional at dinner with the family. Traci noticed too. Graham promises to be honest: Dina isn’t dying. She’s just more appreciative of life now. Now? Ashley asks. Before he can elaborate, Dina appears. Graham leaves. Dina gushes about what a good companion Graham is---a real blessing. Maybe someday Ashley will understand. Ashley takes offense. She doesn’t need a man. Dina didn’t mean to imply it. Ashley sure is touchy.

In the stable: Nikki still cares about Victor, yes. On some level, Victoria understands. She’s in a similar situation with Billy. Nikki expands on her position and tells Victoria why now wouldn’t be the best time to cut ties with Victor. She’s due to give a concert in association with the medical wing Victor donated in Nikki’s name. If she were to expose their rift now, it might discourage donations. Good old Mom, always thinking about others. Nikki will make a decision after the concert. Changing the subject, Nikki worries about Victoria’s stress level. Victoria has a suggestion to alleviate it: Nikki should decide now whether to keep Victor or cut him loose.

Sharon and Nick sit a table on the Crimson Lights patio and discuss Chloe. Sharon is more sympathetic than most, having endured treatment in a psychiatric hospital. Nick is almost afraid to ask: Did Sharon ever contemplate suicide? No, she couldn’t do that to her loved ones.

In Victor’s office: Scott tries to rein in Kevin, but Kevin insists the doctor be held accountable. He must have been her accomplice all along. Scott and Victor defend the doctor, but Kevin’s mind is made up. Victor tells him to pull himself together for Bella’s sake. Scott agrees and offers to accompany Kevin to pick up Bella. Kevin accepts and they leave.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy shares his philosophy with Phyllis. He wants to live life to the fullest, with Phyllis, starting now. He proposes they move in together. She hesitates. Perhaps he should think it over more carefully. He doesn’t need to. Good enough for her. Let’s do it!

In Jack’s office, Abby tells him about her confession. It worked out for the best, and she didn’t mention Jack’s involvement in the incubator project. Jack is less concerned about preserving his anonymity than he is about losing out on a sure money maker. Abby doesn’t pick up on his disappointment. She throws her arms around him and thanks him for his help.

Dina returns to her hotel room and finds Graham packing. Why? She doesn’t want to leave. He insists. She refuses. From the hallway, Ashley hears him shout at her to stick to the plan and Dina’s crying out, presumably in pain. Ashley peeks in the open door and sees Graham with a hold on Dina’s wrist. She demands an explanation. Dina covers and chides Ashley for overreacting again. Then she asks why Ashley followed her upstairs. Ashley doesn’t answer directly but tells her mother not to leave without saying goodbye.

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