Thursday Y&R Update 6/1/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 6/1/17


Written by Ellen

Victor visits Chelsea at her home. He knows that she tracked Chloe to Louisiana and that Chloe is dead. Chelsea is overwhelmed and feels responsible. Victor insists she is not.

At Brash & Sassy, Nick tells Victoria about Chloe’s suicide. Their father knew all along that she was staying in Louisiana with a doctor, whom Victor bribed. Nick isn’t the least bit surprised. He can’t tell Chelsea the truth about their dad because he promised Nikki he wouldn’t, but he doesn’t regret helping Chelsea.

In the athletic club dining room, Neil and Devon’s meeting with Dina doesn’t go well. She digs in on certain details of the company transfer, such as who will serve on the board of directors, and is insulted by Neil’s condescending tone.

Jack greets Gloria outside his office. She suspects he’s been seeing another woman, maybe last night. He’s amused. Jealously doesn’t become her. He did in fact spend the evening with a woman---his mother. It was Ashley’s idea and it went surprisingly well. Jack gives details. Dina sang a song from his childhood and he was touched. Gloria is happy for him but warns him to be careful. Dina hurt him once before.

Over tea at the Abbott home, Ashley and Traci discuss the evening. Traci calls it an unqualified success and expects to see their mother again very soon. She wouldn’t be surprised if Dina remained in town. Ashley disagrees. Dina came to Genoa City to sell her company. It’s sold, so there’s nothing keeping her here. Traci says she felt a connection with their mother she never thought possible and thinks she’s changed. She’s more mellow and candid, and she seemed bent on ingratiating herself. Maybe there’s a more personal reason behind her visit.

Again at the club: Another stipulation of Dina’s is that Neil and Devon not mess with Graham’s bank acquisition. Neil proceeds cautiously. It seems Madame Mergeron doesn’t trust Neil and Devon. Dina assures him she does. Devon is distracted by Hilary on the television screen over the bar and wanders away. Hilary scored an interview with Julie Chen while she was in LA, which now airs.

Jordan watches the interview with Hilary at the GC Buzz studio. Hilary pats herself on the back and says Julie is an inspiration. She pulled herself up by her bootstraps, and Hilary intends to do likewise. She’ll show all the haters. Jordan is behind her 100 percent.

At the penthouse: Chelsea didn’t want Chloe to die. She just wanted her to pay for her crime. Victor callously says all’s well that ends well. A killer is no longer on the loose. He offers to help Chelsea in any way he can and moves toward the door. Kevin arrives as Victor leaves. Chelsea doesn’t beat around the bush. She tells Kevin that Chloe is dead, and she’s sorry.

In the club dining room: Devon sweet talks Dina and smooths things over. He tells her about the hot new singer he intends to sign for the music division, but Dina couldn’t care less. She wants to know how he intends to preserve her legacy.

At the Abbotts’: Traci attributes Dina’s change in demeanor to age or wisdom. She says farewell to Ashley and proceeds to the club to say goodbye to their mother.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria concedes that all may have worked out for the best, not because Chloe is dead but because the Newmans will no longer have to act like a happy family. Lord knows she has enough to contend with---the hockey partnership, Billy and Phyllis’s romance, and the care of her children. Nick hopes this doesn’t mean she’ll soften toward Victor. Rewarding bad behavior will only encourage more of the same.

At GC Buzz: Hilary grouses about Lily. She’s flaunting her budding career and her relationship with Hilary’s would-be agent. Jordan takes up for Lily. She’s not Hilary’s competition, and furthermore she’s Jordan’s friend. He distracts Hilary with a kiss, which Devon walks in on. He came to escort Mariah to lunch, but she’s out on assignment. Devon compliments Hilary’s interview. She seems stunned and thanks him.

Traci meets up with Neil and Dina as they conclude their meeting at the club. Neil leaves. Dina is disappointed that Traci is taking off for Milwaukee and then heading home to New York. She had hoped for more time together.

Ashley barges into Jack’s office and chases Gloria away. She wants to talk to Jack about their mom’s state of mind. He attributes it to age and emotion, but Ashley senses something deeper, and maybe more sinister. Specifically, she wonders about Graham. Nobody knows anything about him. She’s determined to investigate. Jack teases her (she doesn’t have a heart of stone after all) but supports her.

Nick arrives at Chelsea’s and offers his condolences to Kevin, but Kevin blames Nick and Chelsea for pushing Chloe over the edge. They hunted her down to punish her. He wants details about Chloe’s hiding place but can’t accept them when he hears them. No way would Chloe willingly leave Bella. And she wouldn’t have taken her own life. He won’t rest without proof. He wants to speak to the doctor who held Chloe captive.

At GC Buzz: Devon learns that Jordan was in Los Angeles with Hilary. Hilary plays up the good time they had together, the luxury suite they shared, and so on. Jordan's phone rings and he excuses himself. Devon pries about Hilary and Jordan’s relationship. It looks serious. Hilary demurs and then asks why Devon cares. He and Mariah are an item now. They’re so hot for each other, they couldn’t even make it upstairs to the bedroom! Devon wonders how Hilary would know such a thing. Mariah wouldn’t have mentioned it, so Hilary must have been inside the condo that night.

Victor goes to Victoria’s office and offers his assistance with the hockey deal. She refuses. She knows Chloe no longer poses a threat, but he shouldn’t expect things to return to normal as a result. Victor questions her devotion to family.

At the penthouse, Nick discourages Kevin. Questioning the doctor would do no good. Chelsea shows Kevin the sketch she found in the doctor’s house. He recognizes Chloe’s wedding gown. She was so happy. They both were and were poised to have it all. He breaks down and Chelsea consoles him.

At the club: Dina announces she might not return to France. Her business and family are here. Traci seems pleased at prospect, says goodbye, and promises to return. Graham, having overheard Dina’s statement, gently reminds her that staying wasn’t part of their plan. She becomes agitated.

At GC Buzz: Hilary finally admits she was in the condo. She came to fetch some of her things but was trapped when Devon and Mariah returned. Devon and Hilary are mutually disgusted and decide it’s for the best they divorced. He’s happy with Mariah but doubts Hilary is happy with Jordan, despite what she says.

Alone with Nick at the penthouse, Chelsea says telling Kevin about Chloe was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. She doesn’t know how she’d get through this ordeal without Nick.

Kevin goes to Gloria’s suite at the athletic club. As soon as she opens the door, he falls into her arms and cries. Gloria comforts Kevin and is sure he’ll pull himself together for his daughter. That’s the kind of guy he is. Kevin doesn’t respond to this. He continues to blame Nick and Chelsea for Chloe’s death.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria gives no ground. This is Victor’s mess, and Victoria can’t turn a blind eye to his role in two deaths. Victor does what Victor does best: He passes the buck. Nick and Chelsea are to blame for Chloe’s death. To be honest, Victoria is a little bit relieved, but she can’t forget the series of events that led to this point. Victor’s appetite for control ruined many lives. Her resistance to his manipulation pushes him to do something else he does very well: issue threats. She’ll regret mistreating him. Someday she’ll need his help.

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