Wednesday Y&R Update 5/31/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 5/31/17


Written by Christine

Victor, who was in his office, was on the phone with Nick, who was still at the hotel in Louisiana. Victor scolded Nick for hurting the family by helping Chelsea search for Chloe. Nick didn't think Victor really cared that the family would be hurt. He thought Victor was only concerned about himself. Victor angrily reminded Nick that the family agreed not to let the truth come out. Victor accused Nick of betraying his family, then he hung up on Nick. Nikki returned. She sensed that Chloe had been found, and she said they had to prepare for the consequences to the family. “It doesn't seem to bother your son very much, does it?” Victor grumbled. Nikki said Nick cared about Chelsea and didn't want their relationship to be tainted with mistrust. She thought Victor should be proud that their son had so much integrity.

Chelsea found an unresponsive Chloe lying on the floor at Dr. Harris's house. Chelsea noticed the pills surrounding Chloe, and she frantically tried to shake her awake. Dr. Harris returned and demanded to know what Chelsea did. Chelsea clarified that she found Chloe that way. Dr. Harris checked Chloe and didn't find a pulse. He made a phone call and reported a possible suicide. Chelsea placed a tearful phone call to Nick and asked him to come over.

Chelsea hugged Nick tightly. He felt bad about letting Chelsea go to the house alone, but she didn't think it would've made a difference. Chelsea cried that she was supposed to confront Chloe, then call the police. “I didn't want this,” she said, as Nick comforted her. The EMTs had questions for Chelsea, so Nick stepped outside. He called Victor and told him that Chloe committed suicide. Victor said Chloe probably panicked because Nick had to play the knight in shining armor. Nick was sure Victor was thinking he was off the hook, because Chloe died before she could implicate him. Victor said that wasn't true, and he called Chloe's death an unnecessary tragedy. Nick noted that Chelsea still needed justice and closure. “Chloe might not be able to tell Chelsea the truth, but I can,” Nick snapped.

Back inside, Chelsea explained that when she found Chloe, she thought she was breathing. The EMTs asked Dr. Harris to sign the death certificate and attest to her death being a suicide. Dr. Harris agreed. Chelsea thought Dr. Harris should confess to hiding a killer. Dr. Harris said he had no idea Chloe had done something so horrible. He assumed Chloe killed herself because she knew Chelsea and Nick had gotten close. Chelsea asked how Chloe reacted when they left, and Dr. Harris admitted she was alarmed, but he was adamant that he wouldn't have left Chloe if he'd known she would commit suicide. Chelsea felt that Dr. Harris should've told her that Chloe was staying with him. Dr. Harris wished he did, because if he had, Chelsea and Nick never would've lured him away, giving Chloe the opportunity to kill herself. Dr. Harris asked if Chelsea wanted to body transported to Genoa City, and Chelsea said yes. As Chelsea held Chloe's sketch, she cried that it wasn't supposed to end this way.

Nick and Chelsea returned to their room, and he asked if there was anything he could do. Chelsea said that when she left the room, she thought she'd be confronting the woman she hated for killing Adam. Chelsea admitted that she also loved Chloe, and Chloe loved her too. Chelsea tearfully acknowledged that Chloe believed she was protecting Chelsea from Adam. She felt that she should've known that Chloe would never be okay after what happened to Delia. Nick said that Chloe didn't get to rewrite history and make herself responsible. Chelsea said that Chloe knew Chelsea would find her and have her put away. Nick asked if Chelsea really thought Chloe was so afraid of a confrontation with Chelsea that she killed herself. Chelsea showed Nick the sketch of the wedding dress. She said Chloe wanted a life with Bella, Kevin and Esther. Nick urged Chelsea to remember what she wanted – justice for her husband. He asked if she felt cheated. Chelsea thought Chloe's death was a form of justice, but she felt that the cost was too high. She thanked Nick for standing by her, and he promised he always would. Chelsea hoped Chloe and Adam were in a better place, free from their demons.

Chloe's body was shown in the morgue.

Victor went to the stables and used the punching bag. Nikki walked in, and she was shocked when Victor told her about Chloe. Victor revealed that he'd paid a doctor to watch and treat Chloe. Nikki was angry because Victor had pretended he didn't know where Chloe was. Victor said he kept the truth from Nikki because he didn't want her to be implicated down the road. A dejected Victor said he thought Chloe would be better off with Dr. Harris than in an institution, but it didn't matter now. Nikki said she didn't think Victor was heartless, but she was sure he realized he was now in the clear because Chloe wasn't around. Victor told Nikki that Nick was already telling Chelsea the whole story. Nikki asked if he would really do that. Victor said he didn't trust Nick anymore. Nikki wondered if Victor expected her to try and convince Nick to keep quiet. Victor spat that he didn't expect a damn thing from Nikki, since she made it clear that she wasn't going to help him. Victor yelled that he didn't care if Nick told Chelsea the truth. “I've lost everything. I've lost my family!,” he said. Victor turned his attention back to the punching bag, and Nikki left.

Hilary ran into Lily at Crimson Lights. With a smirk, Hilary wondered if Lily would get paid for the un-aired commercial. Lily said this was serious – the league pressured Victoria to fire Juliet. Lily didn't think Juliet's mistake was that bad. Hilary noted that some people would call what Juliet did was unforgivable. Lily told Hilary not to assume the worst of Juliet, whom Lily said had worked very hard. “I'm sure that Cane values all of her contributions,” Hilary replied. Lily was sure that Juliet would figure out her next move and be better for it.

Juliet met Cane at the Club. He told her he was sorry for how everything turned out. Cane added that he told Victoria that she should've fired Billy instead of Juliet. “So, you didn't attempt to save my job, so much as you tried to get Billy fired,” Juliet said. Cane clarified that he reminded Victoria that Juliet saved the Asian deal. Cane wished that he'd paid more attention in L.A. He said he wouldn't have let Hilary have the footage before the league approved it. Juliet noted that he was saying that none of this would've happened if he'd been doing Juliet's job.

Cane gave Juliet a list of headhunters and promised to give her a glowing recommendation. Juliet knew her reputation would take a hit when other companies learned that she was fired. Cane suggested that Juliet go back to Japan and make a fresh start. He said Hilary and the hockey league would be a distant memory. Juliet asked what Hilary had to do with any of this. Cane whispered that Hilary knew about them. Juliet insisted that she handled it. Cane wasn't confident about that, because Hilary's life mission was causing trouble. Juliet suspected that Cane was glad Victoria fired her, because it gave him a chance to convince her to move 6,000 miles away.

Lily arrived, and Cane said he was just telling Juliet how unfair this was. Lily offered to try and get Juliet a job at Hamilton-Winters. Juliet appreciated the offer, but she revealed that Cane thought she'd be better off in Tokyo. Lily said she'd hate to see Juliet go. “At least someone would,” Juliet grumbled. Lily assumed Juliet was referring to Victoria and didn't notice Juliet glaring at Cane. Lily assured Juliet that Victoria didn't want to fire her. Lily thought the hockey league overreacted, and she disclosed that they weren't allowing her to use the segment with Hilary for her reel.

After Juliet left, Lily asked Cane if Juliet was mad at him. Cane said no. Lily thought things seemed tense between them. Cane said she was just upset at the situation. He assumed that relocating from Japan to Genoa City left her trapped for cash, but he thought she'd be okay once she got over the shock. Lily said that Juliet was lucky to have Cane as a friend.

At Crimson Lights, Juliet thanked Hilary for meeting her. Juliet wanted to know what Hilary meant the other day, when she said Juliet had more power than she realized. Hilary advised Juliet to file a sexual harassment suit. Hilary was confident that Juliet would win big.

At the Abbott Mansion, Traci and Ashley hugged hello. It was clear that Ashley wasn't looking forward to dinner with Dina. Traci asked Ashley arranged dinner when she felt that way. Ashley explained that Ravi convinced her that she was giving Dina power by letting her anger dictate her actions. Traci thought Ravi was wise beyond his years. She was glad that Ashley was curbing her anger toward their mother. Traci revealed that she channeled her anger at Dina into her writing. Ashley asked if Traci forgave Dina. Traci hadn't forgiven her, but she didn't see the point in focusing on the past. Ashley said she couldn't help herself sometimes. Traci thought it was easier for her because she was so young when Dina left. Ashley said that she remembered every ugly minute. Abby arrived and had a warm reunion with Traci.

Jack went to the Club and met Dina and Graham in the lobby. He offered to give Dina a ride to the house. She accepted and promised to text Graham for a ride home. Graham stepped away. Dina was excited about the dinner, but she wondered if Jack was as surprised by Ashley's invitation as she was. Jack said he'd been thrown, but he shouldn't have been, because Ashley always came through where family was concerned. Dina was happy that Ashley considered her family. Jack advised Dina to hope for the best, but to expect an interesting evening.

Dina hugged Traci hello, then she thanked Ashley for putting the evening together. They all sat down to dinner. Dina recalled that Jack and Ashley used to compete to get the seat at the head of the table when John wasn't around. Jack admitted those fights still happened. Dina suspected fights took place in the boardroom these days. Jack told her not to believe everything she read. Dina said that she knew Jack and Ashley had a sibling rivalry – it was something a mother didn't forget. Mrs. Martinez walked in, and Dina brought up Mamie, the previous housekeeper. Ashley clarified that Mamie was more than a housekeeper; she practically raised the Abbott children. Things grew quiet. “It doesn't have to be awkward. It's the truth,” Dina admitted. Jack asked Dina about business. Ashley assumed Dina would go back to Paris after her meeting with Devon and Neil. Dina wasn't sure about her plans yet, and she said she'd have to ask Graham. Traci asked who Graham was. Dina said Graham watched over her and doted on her. Ashley said they were all curious about Graham. Dina wondered if their interest was due to his age. She assumed Ashley got similar questions about her young friend, Ravi. Traci asked how they met. Dina explained that they met at work. According to Dina, Graham was from the U.S., but he'd been with her in France for some time. Dina called him a dear friend and trusted associate. Dina then repeated what she'd said about Graham watching over and doting on her. Traci appeared to notice.

Dina told everyone about her conversation with Phyllis and noted that Phyllis was still protective of Jack. Jack said he and Phyllis had found a way to coexist. Dina and Ashley both agreed that Jack was better off without Phyllis. Dina mentioned that Victor was very proud of Abby for balancing being a Newman and Abbott. Jack pointed out that Dina hadn't asked about Traci. Traci assured everyone that she didn't feel ignored. Dina asked Traci about her book, then Dina predicted that it would be just as big of a hit as her first. Ashley clarified that Traci wrote several other books. “That's what I meant,” Dina stammered. Traci told Dina that she brought her a hardcover copy of the book. Dina was pleased. She said that if she knew motherhood had all these perks she would have come back a long time ago. Everyone was speechless until Ashley broke the tension by laughing.

Dina thanked Mrs. Martinez for the meal. Ashley privately asked Traci if she really thought Dina read her other books. Traci decided to give Dina the benefit of the doubt. Everyone headed into the living room, and Dina reminisced about old times they spent there. She said they'd build a fire, then she'd sing to the children. Jack remembered, but Ashley and Traci didn't. Dina said maybe the girls were too young, or they didn't remember the good times because she caused them so much pain. Dina sang a song about a deep and unconditional love. Jack joined in. Afterward, Dina said that her father used to sing it to her when she was little. Jack said he hadn't heard that song in decades, but the words came right back. Dina wished Traci and Ashley had the memories Jack had, and she said she'd never forget those moments. She thanked them for the evening, and she gave special thanks to Ashley because she knew how difficult it it must be, given their relationship. Ashley quietly said they didn't really have one. Traci stated that it was never too late, and she suggested that they take a selfie. Everyone gathered for the picture.

Graham came to pick Dina up. She hugged Ashley and thanked her profusely, then she hugged Traci. Jack walked Dina to the door. After Dina left, Jack got Abby alone and he mentioned Dina's conversation with with Victor. Abby made sure they were alone, and she told Jack she made a decision. Jack asked if it involved their private partnership. Abby said she hated lying to Victor, and the nice things he said to Dina made her feel worse. She decided to come clean. In the dining room, Ashley fixed herself a drink. Traci said she couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something very different about Dina.

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