Tuesday Y&R Update 5/30/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 5/30/17


Written by Christine

In their hotel room in Louisiana, Chelsea told Nick that she saw a detailed sketch of the wedding dress she designed for Chloe in Dr. Harris's house. Nick suspected that Chelsea was imagining things. He didn't see why Dr. Harris would hide a fugitive. Chelsea wasn't sure why Dr. Harris was harboring Chloe, but she was sure of what she saw. She told Nick that she understood if he wanted to back out, but she wasn't giving up.

Dr. Harris warned Victor that the people who'd come asking about Chloe were still suspicious. Victor somberly said he hoped it wouldn't come to this, but Dr. Harris would have to employ the “nuclear option.” Chloe overheard Dr. Harris promise to take care of her. Dr. Harris gave Chloe something to drink and asked why she looked so frightened. Chloe said she was afraid that the people would come back. Dr. Harris assured her that he'd protect her. She asked about Victor. Dr. Harris said that he and Victor both wanted her to be safe. Dr. Harris handed Chloe a pill to take. Chloe wished the medicine didn't make her feel sleepy and confused, but she said she felt better knowing that Bella was with her father. Dr. Harris told her she was doing so well because the medicine was working. Chloe appeared to swallow the pill, so Dr. Harris left the room, but she'd actually hidden it in her palm. Dr. Harris returned with some food for Chloe. He watched her sketch and complimented her drawing. Chloe dropped something on the floor, and when the doctor knelt down to pick it up, she prepared to stab him in the neck with a pair of scissors. Dr. Harris turned back and jumped out of the way. Chloe tearfully apologized and dropped the weapon. Dr. Harris told her it was okay, and he asked why she wanted to attack him. Chloe said he'd been so kind, so she didn't want to hurt him, but the people scared her. Dr. Harris assured her there was nothing to be afraid of.

Nikki entered Victor's office just as he hung up with Dr. Harris. She demanded to know what he'd done now. Victor told her that Chelsea and Nick were looking for Chloe. Nikki was alarmed because she, Victoria and Nick had agreed that they had to preserve the family. Victor noted that Nick always had a mind of his own. Nikki thought that if Nick could do this, there was nothing stopping him from telling Chelsea that Victor's actions lead to Adam's death. Victor told Nikki to blame Nick if the truth came out, but Nikki argued that it would be Victor's fault. Victor accused Nikki of enjoying assigning blame, but Nikki said she took no pleasure from this. She felt that Victor seemed to have the ability to step away from the pain he caused, but she said that she wasn't wired that way. Nikki stated that it hurt her to see their kids suffer because of Victor's actions, and it was even more painful to think about how happy she'd been when she thought he'd changed his priorities. She recalled the trip he took her on. Victor said he enjoyed that trip, and he snapped that she could have it all back if she wanted to. Nikki noted that she'd accepted his apologies, his explanations and even broken the law for him, but she didn't think she was capable of more forgiveness. She said they couldn't turn back the clock so they'd have to live with this. “So be it,” Victor replied. Nikki asked Victor what he was going to do if Chelsea or the police found Chloe, but she abruptly changed her mind and said she didn't want to know. She walked out of the office and looked overwhelmed as she leaned against the wall.

Back in Louisiana, Dr. Harris's phone rang – it was Nick. Nick said he only agreed to go on the search for Chloe because he loved his wife, but it was starting to become an obsession. Nick explained that she was threatening to go to the police. Dr. Harris said there was no need for that. Nick said his wife saw something at the house that had her wound up. He asked Dr. Harris to meet with them and reassure her. Dr. Harris agreed. Chloe was frightened when she realized Dr. Harris was leaving, but he promised he'd take care of her.

Back at the motel, Chelsea told Nick he was a natural at this. Later, Dr. Harris arrived and asked where Nick's wife was. Nick said he sent her off on an errand. Nick announced that he knew Victor bribed Dr. Harris to sign Chloe's release papers. Dr. Harris denied it, but Nick said he was Victor's son, so he knew the truth. Nick told Dr. Harris that his greed lead to Adam's murder. Dr. Harris insisted that he signed the forms because he thought Chloe had recovered. He admitted that he knew Victor had some tasks for Chloe, but he swore no one ever mentioned murder. Dr. Harris noted that Nick couldn't blame the murder on him without implicating his own father. Nick warned Dr. Harris that Victor wouldn't protect him. Nick promised to make Dr. Harris suffer for what he'd done unless he revealed Chloe's whereabouts. Dr. Harris tried to leave, but Nick blocked the door.

Meanwhile, Chelsea broke into Dr. Harris's house. She gasped when she saw Chloe lying motionless on the floor with pills strewn about next to her.

Nick called Victor and announced that Dr. Harris admitted everything and was going to lead him to Chloe.

Jack ran into Phyllis in the hallway. He asked if she was working late on the special assignment he gave her, and she confirmed that she was. Jack noticed that Phyllis seemed upset, and he assumed it was because Victoria fired Billy. Phyllis informed Jack that Billy still had his job. Jack opined that it was very kind of Victoria to keep Billy on, despite the amount of money her company would lose now that the hockey deal was dead. Phyllis revealed that Victoria had salvaged the deal. Jack took the news in stride. He said he'd learned not to underestimate Victoria when she was going after what she wanted, and he thought Phyllis would be wise to learn the same lesson. Phyllis insisted that Victoria was keeping Billy around because he was an asset to the company. Jack noted that Billy had been caught on camera talking about gambling. Phyllis admitted that Billy shown poor judgment, but she noted that he'd offered to resign. Jack said it was typical of Billy to cross the line, then regret it.

Jack referred to Phyllis and Billy as the king and queen of bad judgment. Phyllis angrily told Jack that he didn't get to rewrite history. She contended that Victor was the reason their marriage ended. Jack argued that Phyllis made a choice. He said she wanted something different; something that would salve her anger when she couldn't work through it with Jack. He snapped that she'd been ready to end their marriage and she didn't care who got hurt. Jack yelled that he'd surrounded himself with people who made excuses for their cheating and lying. Phyllis suspected that Jack was referring to Dina. Jack said he met with Dina, hoping to get insight on why he ended up with Phyllis. “At least the person I'm seeing isn't married,” Phyllis snapped. She revealed that she saw Jack with Nikki in his arms. Jack stated that he and Nikki were just friends, but Phyllis countered that he'd been sniffing around Nikki's marriage for weeks now. She said he could deny it, but she knew what she saw.

Ashley and Abby dined at the Club. Abby was surprised that Ashley invited her there, because she assumed Ashley would want to avoid the place where Dina was staying. Ashley stated that she chose the Club because Dina had a suite upstairs. Ashley revealed that she knew Abby met with Dina. Abby explained that she accepted Dina's invitation because she was her grandmother. Abby was worried that Ashley was upset with her. Ashley didn't blame Abby for wanting to meet her grandmother. Abby confided that Dina claimed to be afraid of how Ashley would react if Dina reached out to Abby. Abby suspected that Dina was telling the truth. Ashley said she wouldn't stand in the way of Abby having a relationship with Dina. Abby said that Dina wasn't what she'd imagined her to be. Abby saw a vulnerability in Dina, as if she wanted to connect with her family, but she was afraid. Ashley believed that was an act Dina had perfected to disarm people. Ashley apologized for the interruption and told Abby to go on. Abby admitted that she liked Dina, although she hadn't expected to. Ashley was concerned Abby would get hurt, so she warned her not to expect too much. Dina and Graham walked over. Dina said hello, then she mentioned that she had a meeting with Neil and Devon. Ashley asked Dina if she was free for dinner. She explained that Traci was in Chicago to meet with her editor, and she wanted to come visit Dina. Stunned, Dina wasn't sure what to say, and Ashley encouraged her to accept. Dina and Graham stepped away. Ashley privately told Abby she hoped she wouldn't regret this.

Ashley told Dina to meet them at the house at 8:00. After Ashley and Abby left, Phyllis arrived and introduced herself to Dina. Dina recalled that Phyllis had been married to Jack. Phyllis said those were some of the happiest days of her life. “If that were the case, why did you cheat on him with his brother?,” Dina asked. Phyllis said that Victor orchestrated some painful circumstances that broke up her marriage. Dina found it unattractive to shift blame. Phyllis said that at least she and Jack were civil, unlike Dina and John. Dina clarified that she and John had amicable periods. Phyllis stated that Dina had hurt Jack, and she added that he had trouble trusting women. “With good reason,” Dina pointedly replied.

Dina conceded that she cheated on John, but she said she had the decency not to sleep with his relatives or throw it in his face. She said she chose to leave town, rather than humiliate her husband. Dina added that if her son had relationship issues, it wasn't because of anything she did decades ago. Phyllis argued that Dina left a teenage son and two daughters. Phyllis said she fought like hell to have a relationship with her son, and she couldn't fathom how a parent could leave their child. “I think you've inflicted enough pain. So don't you dare hurt Jack any more than you already have,” Phyllis spat. Dina was fed up with being blamed for her grown children's problems. She said she was desperately unhappy with John and realized, far too late, that she wasn't cut out to be a parent. Phyllis said that wasn't an excuse, but Dina said she wasn't offering one. Dina admitted that she hurt Jack deeply, but she intended to make up for it. She asked if Phyllis could say the same. Dina left.

At Jabot, an excited Ravi told Ashley JabotGo was exceeding expectations. Ashley said that was wonderful, but Ravi noticed that she seemed detached. Ashley confided that she took Ravi's advice about killing Dina with kindness. Ravi asked how it felt to swallow her anger. Ashley said it felt liberating, and she added that her anger hadn't returned. Ashley stated that it was easy to forget Dina existed when she was halfway across the world. Now that Dina was in town, Ashley had found it exhausting to sort through her feelings and emotions. Jack walked up and was shocked when he overheard Ashley say she invited Dina to dinner at the house. He asked why the sudden change of heart. Ashley said it was thanks to Ravi. Ravi hoped the dinner would be a healing experience. After Ravi left, Jack said that was way too easy and asked Ashley what was really going on. Ashley snapped that it wasn't easy to invite Dina into the home that she walked out of. Jack admitted he shouldn't have used that word. Ashley that Jack, Abby, Traci and Ravi's influence helped her overcome some obstacles. Jack was pleased for Ashley, but she warned him that this was a one time thing. She said that she was doing this for Jack, Traci, and Abby, but once the dinner was over, Dina would get back on her plane and they could get back to their lives.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon struggled to carry a tray of dirty dishes. She nearly dropped it, but Scott swooped in and grabbed it. They kissed. Kevin walked in, and Sharon asked how things were going with him and Bella. Kevin said things were good, but it was hard when she asked when Mommy was coming home. Scott said Victor's people had found a promising lead in Mexico. Kevin wanted more details, but Scott said that Victor didn't elaborate. Kevin was sure that Victor would be able to find Chloe if the police didn't. Scott thought Victor would go to any length to find Chloe. Sharon sensed that Kevin didn't want Chloe to be found. Kevin couldn't envision himself taking Bella to visit Chloe in prison. Sharon thought that Bella and Chloe should get to be a part of each other's lives. Kevin didn't think that Chloe and Bella would be able to develop a loving relationship with Chloe behind bars. Scott thought Chloe would be sent to a hospital, but Kevin wasn't so sure. He said it broke his heart to say this, but he hoped no one found Chloe.

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