Monday Y&R Update 5/29/17

The Y&R Update Monday 5/29/17


Written by Ellen

At Newman Enterprises, Scott overhears Victor talking on the phone about Chloe Mitchell. Victor tells the person on the other end to do as instructed. That person, a doctor who is holding Chloe in his home, attempts to calm her. She came unglued when she heard a man and woman talking in the living room. She fears going to prison. The doctor suggests she draw to relax.

In a car outside the doctor’s house, Chelsea gets the feeling the doctor was holding back. Nick asks whether she’d like to try again and she says yes.

Cane returns to Brash & Sassy. He assumes Victoria fired Billy, but she didn’t. She fired Juliette. Cane is upset that Victoria misled him about her decision. Victoria makes a case for retaining Billy, but Cane doesn’t accept it. Victoria admits that Billy screwed up, but ultimately it was Juliette’s error that almost cost the deal. That’s her final word.

Billy and Phyllis relax on a park bench. Billy feels responsible for the hockey catastrophe and hopes Victoria accepts his resignation, not because he wants to leave the company but because it would be fair. Phyllis thinks he should cut his losses and take a job at Fenmore’s. She’s sure Lauren would be amenable. Billy laughs. Jack might have a problem with it. Phyllis lobbies hard. Billy has nothing more to prove at Brash & Sassy.

Juliette takes a seat at the athletic club bar and orders a vodka martini. Might as well start a tab. She’ll be there a while. She has no job to go to.

Hilary gets a visitor at GC Buzz. Lily would rather be anywhere else, but she came to see that all traces of the hockey commercial are erased, by orders of the league. Hilary is surprised. She thought Lily came to talk about the clip of Juliette confessing to a one-night stand with Cane, which Hilary hand-delivered to Lily on a flash drive. When she realizes her mistake, she asks Lily for details. Cane destroyed the drive before Lily had a chance to view what she thought was her interview with Hilary. Lily wonders why Hilary is so concerned.

In Victor’s office, Scott questions Victor’s desire to find Chloe. Is it for revenge? No, for justice. Scott doesn’t seem convinced. He speculates that Chloe must have had help to disappear so completely. Victor glosses over the suggestion and says there have been no leads other than a false sighting of her in Mexico. On Scott’s advice, Chelsea went to the psychiatric clinic where Chloe had been a patient to search for clues. Victor already tried that and had no luck. He expects Chelsea to get the same results.

The doctor’s doorbell rings. The man and woman are back. Chloe ditches her sketchpad in the living room and hides. The doctor answers the door and tries to get rid of his visitors, but Chelsea won’t take no for an answer.

At GC Buzz: Hilary stalls. Lily accuses her of playing games and of envy. Lily’s career is poised to take off and with the help of Hilary’s agent. Obviously Hilary is threatened. Hilary scoffs. Lily humbles herself and asks a favor. Now that she’s unable to use her interview as an example of her work, she needs the promotion for DARE, which Hilary has. Hilary agrees to provide it but deems it low priority. And another thing: On Cane’s behalf, Lily asks that Hilary pull all video pertaining to the commercial from the GC Buzz website and delete the master copy---immediately and under Lily’s watchful eye. Hilary flounces over to her computer, makes a call to her webmaster, and, because Lily has worked her last nerve, moves the cursor over the video of Juliette’s confession. Before she can depress the play button, though, an emergency with the television show crops up and Hilary has to see to it.

At Brash & Sassy: Cane agrees to go back to business as usual, which is a relief to Victoria. Billy returns to finish his conversation with Victoria, in private. She tells him he’s not fired. In fact, she has a new assignment for him regarding the hockey promotion. Juliette is history. It’s too bad, but they must move forward. Although Billy is an integral part of the team, he’ll suffer consequences for his actions. He accepts this and promises to toe the line from now on, both and work and at home with the kids. Speaking of the kids, Victoria revisits the idea of a family trip to San Diego. He puts her off for now. He’d rather concentrate on work.

Scott tosses a list of all concerts held at Chancellor Park on Victor’s desk, as requested. He’s insulted by the trivial assignments Victor gives him, but he’s a man of his word. He thinks his skills would be better used in the search for Chloe, but Victor has no interest in employing him so. He gives Scott another simple task and dismisses him. Scott has a confrontation with Abby in the reception area. She’s upset to have been excluded from yet another meeting. Scott tells her to get over herself. Not everything revolves around her. Back in the office, Victor recalls his final conversation with Chloe at the doctor’s home. He made it clear they were severing all ties.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane taunts Billy. That he got to keep his job after such a colossal screwup is a travesty. Poor Juliette. Yes, Billy feels terrible about her. Cane doubts that very much. Billy should have insisted on resigning.

Hilary joins Juliette at the club bar. She realizes she’s not Juliette’s favorite person and apologizes for forcing the issue of Juliette and Cane’s hookup. On the bright side, Hilary hears the hockey agreement is still in place. True, Juliette says blankly, but she won’t be part of it. Hilary smells a story. She says drinks are on her and Juliette is welcome to vent.

In his office, Victor has more memories of Chloe at the doctor’s house: The doctor wants to help her. She resists to no avail. The doctor and Victor restrain her and sedate her. Victor tells the doctor to keep her under 24-hour surveillance and to call if there are problems. Abby enters and greets her dad with a kiss. They talk about Adam and Victor’s contentious relationship and the tragic outcome. If there’s one thing Victor hates it’s untrustworthy children. Abby gulps.

At the doctor’s house: He insists Chloe made no acquaintances and had no visitors while she was under his care. How odd, Chelsea says. The doctor agrees. On top of that, Chloe claimed no family. Chelsea is hurt. Patients often don’t acknowledge family, he explains. He quickly wraps up the discussion and nudges Nick and Chelsea toward the door. En route, Chelsea spots Chloe’s sketchpad but leaves without incident. In the car again, Chelsea tells Nick what she saw. In the house, the doctor calls Victor with an update. Victor tells him they have no choice but to take the “nuclear option.” Chloe overhears.

Scott loiters on a park bench and sees Abby walk by with a Fenmore’s shopping bag. He can’t resist teasing the spoiled heiress. She defends her shopping habit and tells him that she gives back in the form of charitable donations. How dare he judge her, by the way. He had his title at Newman handed to him by her dad, so Abby and Scott aren’t so different after all. Scott is amused by her tirade.

Juliette takes Hilary up on her offer [which she’ll probably regret]. Hilary suggests that Victoria showed poor leadership by firing a team member. She should have stood up the league and refused that particular demand. Well she didn’t, and now Juliette is in a pickle. She gave up everything for this job. Now she doesn’t have it or any prospects and her bills are piling up. Of course, Hilary has an idea.

At Brash & Sassy: Cane and Billy argue about which of them has more right to be there. Phyllis wanders into the lab area, chats with Victoria, and compliments her great save. Victoria cites Billy’s contributions to the company and considers herself lucky to have him on staff. Billy emerges from the office and gives Phyllis a peck. Phyllis congratulates him. She’s glad he kept his job. Victoria seconds that. Phyllis appears threatened. Billy is oblivious to the unspoken dialogue between the women and says it’s too bad about Juliette. Phyllis agrees, but as in every situation, there’s a winner and a loser.

At home, Cane and Lily talk about the day’s events. Lily is disappointed about Juliette’s termination too, but you know what they say, when one door closes, another opens.

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