Friday Y&R Update 5/26/17

The Y&R Update Friday 5/26/17


Written by Ellen

Scott meets Victor at the park café to reveal his choice of venue for Nikki’s concert: Chancellor Park. The investigative journalist in Scott just won’t die. He wonders why Victor is going to such great lengths to please Nikki. Victor won’t engage.

Chelsea’s attempt to bribe another hospital official isn’t as successful as the first one. This time she poses not only as Chloe’s sister but as Nick’s wife. He tagged along to look after Chelsea and hopes she doesn’t mind. Not at all. She’s grateful for his support. While they discuss their options, a janitor working nearby offers information about Chloe, for the right price.

Victoria comes home to a warm welcome from Reed. He tells her about Billy’s spending the night to look after the kids. She’s pleased about that but senses a problem. Reed found out about Billy and Phyllis the hard way. He saw them making out right there in the doorway.

At Brash & Sassy, Juliette is on pins and needles. Billy says Victoria should show up any minute now with news.

Cane gets Victoria’s summons and leaves home without eating breakfast. Mattie emerges from her room in time to say goodbye. She finds the flash drive containing Lily’s interview and begs to see it. Lily hasn’t seen it herself and invites Mattie to watch with her. Lily is nervous and it shows. Just as they’re about to view the video, Mattie’s timer goes off. She’s sorry. They don’t have time now. She needs to get to school early to prepare. Disaster is once again averted.

Reed thinks it’s inappropriate for Billy to entertain his girlfriend in Victoria’s house, but Victoria shrugs it off. She’s sorry Reed was blindsided. She should have told him sooner, but he and Billy were hitting it off and she thought Reed needed an adult male in his life. She thanks her son for his concern, but she’s fine. Reed updates her on his relationship status. He’s single too. He caught Zoey with another guy---some jerk from Walnut Grove. Victoria is more inclined to blame bad behavior on the young man’s parents than on the school.

Cane joins Juliette and Billy at the office and suggests they assume the hockey deal is history and plan accordingly. Billy isn’t ready to give up yet. Cane is such a pessimist. They argue, and Juliette tries to mediate. Victoria enters and announces the verdict. It took some negotiation, but the deal is still on. She did have to make some concessions, though. All traces of the commercial are to be eliminated and the league demands that one of the Brash & Sassy team be fired. Which one is up to Victoria.

Again at the park café: When Scott interviewed Victor’s children for Victor’s biography, he repeatedly heard that Victor liked to test others. That’s what Scott thinks his job is---a test. Victor says little and tells Scott to do as he’s told, but Scott persists. Is Nikki OK physically? Phyllis approaches and says Nikki seems fit as a fiddle. Phyllis just saw her in the arms of another man. Victor scoffs, but she keeps after him. Is there trouble in paradise? They trade barbs, which amuses Scott. After Phyllis leaves, Victor leans in and without batting an eye asks Scott if he’s sleeping with her.

At the hospital, Nick and Chelsea beg for whatever information the custodian can give. Her eyes dart here and there. Dr. Harris released Chloe, before he retired. That’s all she says before she flees. It turns out she’s not an employee; she’s a patient and therefore not a reliable source of information. But, Chelsea says, it’s all they’ve got.

Reed enters Crimson Lights through the front door, and Mattie through the patio. Both are texting and they collide. At first they’re angry but the mutual attraction is unmistakable. They chat awkwardly before he goes to the counter to order. She takes a seat at a nearby table and puts in her earbuds, so at first she doesn’t hear his offer to buy her a coffee. He gets her a latte and introduces himself.

At Brash & Sassy: Juliette assumes she’ll take the fall, but Victoria asks for a moment alone with Billy. Cane and Juliette wait in the lab. Juliette can’t believe Victoria is going to fire her ex-husband. In actuality, Victoria thanks Billy for tending to the children in her absence and they discuss Reed’s reaction to Billy and Phyllis. Billy can take no more suspense and tenders his resignation. In the lab, Juliette thinks it would be wrong to fire Billy. The hockey contract was his idea. He just made an innocent, although inappropriate, joke. Cane isn’t bothered. In his opinion, they’re all better off without Billy. Inside the office, Victoria refuses Billy’s resignation. She’s going to talk to all the team members before she decides. Billy insists, sends his letter via e-mail, and bolts. Cane edges into the office and assumes Billy has been fired. He highlights his own devotion to the company, which impresses Victoria. By the way, Lily’s agent has requested a video that pertains to the commercial. Victoria says under the new terms of the agreement, Lily may not send it.

At home, Lily is on the phone with Barry, her agent. She’ll e-mail the video of her interview ASAP.

Back in Victor’s office, Scott guards his privacy, in relationship to Phyllis or any other matter. Victor says if Scott wants Victor’s trust, he must earn it. For now, Scott is to compile a list of concerts that have been performed in Chancellor Park to date and deliver it to Victor by the end of the day. Scott rolls his eyes and gets to it.

Chelsea and Nick stand on Dr. Harris’s doorstep. He seems awfully young to be retired. He must have come into a lot of money. Nick has misgivings about the meeting and tells Chelsea to be careful, but she’s not afraid. She’ll work him like the pro she is. In the doctor’s living room, she pleads for his help finding her sister. Funny, Chloe never mentioned a sister to him. Chelsea asks where Chloe might have gone after her release, but the doctor has no idea. Follow-up isn’t standard procedure. Well, it should be, Nick says. Chloe returned to her hometown and killed a man.

Billy meets Phyllis at the park café and tells her what happened at Brash & Sassy. Phyllis wonders why Victoria wants to retain Billy so badly. Billy doesn’t believe Victoria has unsavory motives. She’s not vindictive like her old man.

At Brash & Sassy: Juliette is invited to give her insights about the bungled commercial. According to her, things were rushed and she was forced to cut corners. She takes responsibility for her mistake. Victoria thanks her for her input. After speaking to the others, Victoria has determined that Juliette’s oversight was the catalyst for disaster. Juliette is confused. Didn’t Victoria fire Billy? No. Juliette makes no excuses but pleads for her job. Victoria won’t budge. She promises Juliette a glowing recommendation.

At Crimson Lights: Mattie is a super-studious sophomore. Reed is a sophomore too. He wonders why he hasn't seen her at school until he sees the emblem on her backpack. She goes to Walnut Grove. He goes to GC High because it has a better music program. After a while, he leaves her to study but not before getting her name. The next time they crash into each other, he says, she can buy the drinks.

Cane comes home and frantically searches for the flash drive Hilary dropped off for Lily. Lily is not to send the content to her agent---league’s orders. She’s disappointed but takes it in stride. She hands him the drive. He takes no chances of it falling into the wrong hands and crushes it underfoot.

The doctor is flustered. Chloe is dangerous and on the loose. This has never happened with any of his other patients and he doesn’t know what can be done. He tells Nick and Chelsea to let him know what happens and hustles them out the door. While Nick and Chelsea stand outside the doctor’s house and ponder their next move, the doctor phones Victor to give him a heads-up. The woman showed up, as Victor said she might. A man passing himself off as her husband accompanied her. He got rid of them, but he’s afraid. This wasn’t part of the deal. Indeed it was, Victor says. He commands the doctor to do what he was paid to do. In the athletic club foyer, Scott overhears Victor’s end of the conversation. The doctor hangs up and Chloe, looking shaken, emerges from her hiding place.


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