Thursday Y&R Update 5/25/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 5/25/17


Written by Ellen

Cane responds to Juliette’s text and meets her at Brash & Sassy. Heads up: Hilary knows about their one-night stand in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, at GC Buzz, Hilary watches the video she made of Juliette’s confession---without Juliette’s knowledge, of course. Hilary seems pretty proud of herself. Devon and Mariah startle her. They’re surprised to find her still hard at work. Is it on tomorrow’s big story?

Jack runs into Phyllis at Jabot. Why isn’t she with Billy? He’s staying with the children at Victoria’s house while she’s in Toronto trying to salvage the hockey league partnership. Jack revels in Billy’s failure, but Phyllis tells him not to celebrate prematurely.

Reed is home and in a foul mood. He’s surprised to find Billy there but not displeased. He hopes this means Billy and Victoria made up in California.

Tessa meets Nikki at the athletic club to discuss Nikki’s music selection for the medical school dedication. Tessa is brutally honest: It’s depressing. Not to overstep, but Tessa wonders what’s bothering Nikki.

Again at Jabot: Phyllis says Billy was joking about betting on the hockey finals, but it backfired in a big way. Must Jack kick him while he’s down? Jack isn’t the least bit surprised that Billy made a mess of things again. It’s only a matter of time before Phyllis learns the same lesson Victoria learned and kicks Billy to the curb.

At Victoria’s: Billy explains that he’s taking care of the children while Victoria is in Canada. Reed is disappointed. Billy refocuses on Reed. From the way he slammed the door, Billy assumes something is amiss and guesses it has to do with a girl. Bingo. Reed caught Zoey at Crimson Lights kissing another guy---a dumb jock, no less.

Charlie comes home, greets his mom, and argues with his sister. Lily tells them to cool it. It was a rough day at work and Dad is still there.

At Brash & Sassy: Cane panics. Juliette told Hilary of all people? Juliette tells him to chill. She did no such thing. Hilary overheard Cane and Juliette, but Juliette took care of it. Even if Hilary mentions the incident on her show, it will be the word of a known gossip monger against two respected executives.

At GC Buzz: Hilary glosses over her latest project and asks Mariah’s purpose for coming back to the studio. She has to retrieve a copy of Lily’s interview and drop it off for her review. Hilary offers to do it, allowing Mariah and Devon to get on with their evening plans. Her kindness is out of character, but they accept. After Mariah and Devon leave, Hilary transfers the interview label from Mariah’s flash drive to the one containing Juliette’s confession and smiles.

Mariah and Devon greet Noah at the Underground. While Devon takes a call regarding the Mergeron acquisition, Noah tells Mariah he thinks Tessa is in some kind of trouble.

At the club: Nikki insists she’s fine. Well if that’s true, Tessa thinks Nikki should consider playing something a little more upbeat. You know, music to donate by. Nikki likes her style. Tessa gets carried away elaborating on that theme and then realizes she’s due at open mic night soon. Jack arrives and is introduced to Tessa before she leaves. Nikki invites Jack to sit. Victor won’t mind. He’s not with her.

Again at Victoria’s: Billy wonders about the timing of Reed’s discovery. Reed knows Kendall set it up. Some friend, huh? Billy advises him to rise above it. Reed will try. He runs upstairs to practice his guitar. Phyllis knocks. Billy is surprised and a little nervous but invites her in. She didn’t like the way they left each other at Jabot. Is he angry with her for telling Jack about the disastrous experience in LA?

At Brash & Sassy: Juliette manages to talk Cane off the ledge. Hilary has no proof and she wouldn’t risk her reputation by airing hearsay.

At that moment, Hilary arrives at Lily’s. She presents the flash drive and says she felt it was her responsibility. Lily is skeptical and rightfully so. Hilary takes potshots at Lily’s short-lived modeling stint should the hockey deal fall through. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if Cane had put his heart and soul into the commercial the way he did the negotiations in Tokyo. Lily shows her the door and then settles in front of her laptop. She’s about to insert the flash drive when the phone rings.

At the Underground: Mariah tells Noah that the sight of a guy at Crimson Lights caused Tessa to freak out. Tessa appears, ending the conversation. Noah greets her with a hug and then pops along to tend to business, leaving the girls to talk. Mariah reveals that Noah told her about Tessa’s desire to leave town. It wasn’t Noah’s place to do so, but she’s not angry. Mariah understands wanting to keep one’s past under wraps and volunteers that she spent her early years in a cult, not something she’s eager to talk about or relive. This impresses Tessa and seems to ease her discomfort.

At the club: Jack is pleased to hear about Nikki’s upcoming performance. She must have found a way to get her mojo back without his help. She explains ruefully that it’s a command performance. Guess who commanded? Even though it was Victor’s idea, Jack admits it’s a good one. Nikki knows it’s for a good cause, but she still wonders about Victor’s motives. He might be setting up a situation wherein he plays her rescuer again. Jack is puzzled.

At home: Lily is about to view the video, but she’s interrupted again when Cane comes home, looking harassed. He fibs about Juliette’s emergency. She had an idea to salvage the hockey agreement, but he doesn’t want to talk shop. He wants to enjoy his family.

At Victoria’s: Billy assures Phyllis that they are good. She understands his parental responsibilities and seems satisfied. He gives her a passionate goodbye kiss at the door, which Reed witnesses.

At the Underground: Tessa promises not to bug before she and Mariah have a girls' night in. Noah returns. Tessa is up first. As Tessa heads for the stage, Mariah tells Noah she might have gotten through to Tessa, but who knows. It’s a good sign that Tessa decides not to sing the goodbye song she’d planned.

At the Ashbys’: The kids beg to see Lily’s commercial, but they can’t yet. It has to be edited. Cane delights the whole family with a gift, though---a photo of the Hollywood billboard bearing Lily’s image. Cane wants to hear about the kids’ activities. Unlike Mattie, Charlie is more about sports than grades. Next lacrosse season looks promising. Also, he was at the center of a bit of drama at the coffeehouse. He hooked up with a girl who neglected to tell him she had a boyfriend. The boyfriend showed up and made a scene, but Charlie refrained from roughing him up.

At Victoria’s: Reed calls out Billy for betraying Victoria. No betrayal, Billy says. Victoria knows that Billy and Phyllis are dating. Reed isn’t placated. He’s crushed and he’s angry, and Billy’s honoring his responsibility to the younger children impresses him not. He’s glad Billy is their dad and not Reed’s.

At the club: Like everyone else, Jack suspects Nikki is hiding something. Why else would she appear in public without her husband, not once but twice, and throw herself into multiple new projects? OK, she’ll tell. She gives a version of the truth: She and Victor are having marital problems, but divorce is not in the offing, so she’d appreciate Jack’s discretion. Jack couldn’t care less about Victor, of course, but he wants to help his friend if possible. She appreciates the offer, but there’s nothing Jack can do.

At the Underground: Tessa’s song gets a tremendous round of applause. Noah, Mariah, and Devon praise her, especially Devon. He’s now in a position to make good on his offer to sign her. She’s stunned and asks for a little time to think it over. It’s OK with Devon, but Noah tells her not to take too long.

At the Ashbys’: Cane, looking like that cat that swallowed the canary, listens as his teenage daughter lectures her brother about cheating and guilt by association. While the kids set the table for dinner, after Lily’s repeated asking, Cane learns that Hilary was there and delivered a video. Uh-oh. He persuades her to set it aside by romancing her and then whisks her to the bedroom.

Jack and Nikki say goodbye to each other at the club door. Phyllis, from the bar, sees them embrace.


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