Wednesday Y&R Update 5/24/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 5/24/17


Written by Christine

Lily came home from shopping and called out to Charlie and Mattie to help with the bags. The twins weren't home. A short time later, the teenage Mattie came home and helped Lily out. Lily commented on Mattie's heavy backpack. Mattie grumbled that she had tons of homework. Lily assured Mattie that she'd finish it, as she always did, but Mattie said she wanted it to be perfect. Lily was pleased that Mattie had high standards, but she urged her daughter to cut herself some slack. Later, Lily found Mattie studying for her AP Bio test. Lily wondered why Mattie was studying for a test that wasn't until next week. Mattie was concerned about her college placement scores. Lily didn't think that the tenth grader should be worrying about college yet. Mattie said that if she were as gorgeous as Lily, she could skip college and be a model, but she wasn't, so her grades had to be perfect. Lily was stunned that Mattie said that. Mattie shrugged and said it was no big deal that Charlie got the looks and she got the brains. Lily insisted that Mattie was gorgeous. Lily wondered where Charlie was. Mattie said he was probably with some poor girl who'd soon realize that worshiping him only lead to heartache.

At The Underground, Reed thanked Noah for letting him and Tessa practice there. Tessa kept messing up the song she was teaching Reed, and she asked him to give her a few minutes. He went into the back. Noah suspected that Tessa was struggling because she was upset about the guy who gave her a hard time. Tessa said she was just having a bad day, and Noah asked why she was lying. Tessa took offense, and Noah assured her he didn't mean to upset her. He asked if they were still going out tonight, and Tessa said she had to work on things for the benefit. Noah was skeptical about her excuse. Kendall dropped by, and Tessa called Reed out from the back. Kendall noted that she hadn't seen him since she returned his wallet. Reed explained that he'd been keeping to himself. Kendall assumed Zoey hated that, but Reed said Zoey was busy too. Kendall suggested they go to a movie, but Reed told her he was dating Zoey. Kendall said she just wanted to be friends. She looked disappointed when Reed said that they could get a group together and go next weekend. Kendall left.

At Crimson Lights, Zoey told Kendall that the hot lacrosse player she liked was going to meet her at the coffeehouse. Kendall asked what about Reed, and Zoey said she and Reed weren't serious. Kendall secretly sent Reed a text asking him to come meet her and Zoey.

Reed left The Underground after he received the text. Noah urged Tessa to confide in him. She told him that she wasn't the type of person who shared things. She said Noah was cool, and she was just a weird chick who never had friends. Tessa admitted she overreacted and went crazy on that guy. Noah teasingly offered her a job as a bouncer. Tessa snapped that sometimes you have to defend yourself because no one else would do it for you. Noah was caught off guard by her outburst and asked what was going on. Tessa said she was leaving town. Noah asked what about Reed's lessons, Nikki's benefit and whatever she had with Noah. Tessa said she was replaceable, but Noah disagreed. He said she was running away, just like she did with her family. Tessa called it a cheap shot, and Noah said he'd fight dirty when he was trying to talk someone he cared about into sticking around. Tessa confided that she spotted someone she knew from Chicago at the coffeehouse. She said the man didn't see her, and she wanted to keep it that way. Noah was curious, but Tessa kept things vague. She said that the guy was nice at first, but then he wasn't. Noah asked if they dated, and she said sort of, but not the way Noah thought. Tessa didn't want to discuss it anymore. Noah suggested that the guy was just passing through town, but Tessa said she couldn't take the risk. Noah said Tessa shouldn't have to live in fear. He promised to protect her and asked her to trust him

Reed arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Zoey kissing Charlie. Reed rushed over and shoved Charlie, who pushed him back. Charlie asked Zoey if she knew Reed. Reed yelled that he was Zoey's boyfriend, but she said they only went on a couple of dates. Zoey snapped that Reed would rather spend time playing music than hanging out with her. Charlie laughed and told Reed he'd take care of Zoey while Reed was at band practice. Reed asked Zoey who this guy was, and Charlie introduced himself. Reed and Charlie traded barbs, and Charlie threatened to knock Reed's teeth out. Reed said Charlie could have Zoey. Reed told Kendall he hoped she was happy, then he stormed out.

At Dina's suite, Abby asked Dina why she wanted to meet after all these years. Dina was impressed by Abby's blunt and direct question. Dina said that Ashley kept them apart, but Abby argued that Dina could've reached out when Abby was in a European boarding school, or when Abby and Ashley lived in London. Dina conceded that Abby was right, and she admitted she'd kept her distance because she was afraid of Ashley's reaction. Dina fought back tears as she said, despite what Abby may have heard, she had feelings too. Dina stated that she was haunted by her decision every day. She explained that she was young, immature, and didn't feel fit to be a mother. Dina said she wanted her own life, so she selfishly took the easy way out. Dina didn't think there was anything she could say to ease Ashley's pain or Dina's guilt. Abby realized that Dina didn't contact her because she didn't want to upset Ashley. Dina asked to have a relationship with Abby. Abby wasn't sure. Dina mentioned that Victor admired Abby and her loyalty to the company. She added that she and Victor went way back. Abby revealed that she called Dina's office on behalf of Newman, and Dina had seemed upset about the possibility of Victor buying her company. Dina said she and Victor didn't always see eye to eye when it came to business. Abby admitted she could relate. Dina was curious, but Abby refused to elaborate. Dina asked if Abby was accepted by her Newman siblings. Abby said they were family in all senses of the word, but Victoria was jealous that Victor chose Abby as his successor. Dina said, sibling rivalry aside, she was glad Abby had a happy and supportive family. Dina wanted the same thing for herself, and she begged Abby not to say it was too late.

Dina thought it was wonderful that Ashley and Abby were so close. Abby admitted they fought sometimes. Dina said she'd had her share of fights with Ashley too. Abby thought that Ashley wished she could be close to Dina. Abby also believed Dina was being sincere. Abby promised to do anything she could to help. Dina was grateful. Abby said she was glad she finally got to meet Dina. Abby asked if she should call her grandma, but Dina preferred to be called Dina. They hugged.

Ashley went into Jack's office and found him in a great mood. Jack predicted that Jabot could swoop in and land the hockey deal, now that Brash and Sassy lost it. Ashley told Jack that he shouldn't celebrate too soon because Victoria might be able to salvage the partnership. Jack was confident that it was only a matter of time before Brash and Sassy's deal was canceled. Ashley asked if he wanted Brash and Sassy to go out of business. Jack said he wouldn't shed a tear, and he didn't think Ashley would either. Ashley didn't like sharing a building with Brash and Sassy, but she didn't want it to shut down. Jack told her that Jabot would to pick up a giant piece of their market share, thanks to Billy's latest debacle. Ashley maintained that they should want the best for their brother, but Jack said that what was bad for Billy and Brash and Sassy was good for Jabot. Jack noted Ashley's desire to protect her family, and he suggested that she extend that sentiment to Dina. Ravi walked in to drop off a report. Jack left.

At Brash and Sassy, Hilary overheard Cane express remorse for what happened between him and Juliet in Tokyo. Hilary left without being noticed. Juliet apologized for being so emotional and explained that was worried about the company and losing her job. Cane understood. She wondered if there was anything they could do to fix this, and Cane said no. Later, Juliet took a call from a reporter about the scandal and refused to comment. Hilary texted Juliet and offered help. Juliet left. Jack arrived to talk to Cane. Jack recalled predicting that it was only a matter of time before things blew up in Billy's face. Jack asked how it happened. Cane explained that Billy mistakenly thought the league approved the behind the scenes footage. Cane was concerned that the entire company would be brought down. Jack assured him that Victoria would cut all ties with Billy if that's what it took to save the deal. Jack said that would put Cane in the perfect position to be Victoria's right hand. Jack said that best of all, Cane didn't have to get his hands dirty, because Billy did this all on his own.

Back at Jabot, Ravi observed that Ashley had a dark cloud over her, and he offered his services as a metaphorical umbrella. Ashley told him about Dina asking Victor to help her reconcile with Ashley. Ashley was adamant that no one would be able to convince her to mend fences with Dina. She said every time she was around her mother, she reverted back to an abandoned little girl – she felt scared, alone and confused. Ashley thought Dina manipulated her into feeling that way on purpose. Ravi told Ashley to trust her gut when dealing with Dina. He assured her she'd be able to tell whether Dina was sincere. Ashley thanked Ravi for understanding why she was reluctant to trust Dina. She wished Jack understood too. She thought it was ironic that Jack wanted her to forgive Dina, even though he kept seeking revenge against Billy. Ashley thought Jack had a soft spot toward Dina because he was always her favorite. Ashley added that Jack was just as scarred as she and Traci were. She said that Jack had a string of failed marriages, and she avoided personal connections. Ashley gave Ravi a lot of credit for helping her experience new things, but she was sure it was an uphill battle for him. Ravi got Ashley to smile when he said it was a battle he'd gladly fight. Dina walked in and introduced herself to Ravi. Dina happily said that she'd hoped to surprise Jack, but instead she got to see Ashley and meet her friend. Ashley said Ravi was her colleague. “Like Graham and me,” Dina replied. Ravi told Ashley he'd be in his office if she needed an umbrella.

Dina commented that Ashley had a young man, just like Dina. Ashley turned to leave, until Dina mentioned that she had a lovely visit with Abby. Ashley was hurt and angry. She ordered Dina to stay away from her daughter. Ashley said she wouldn't let Dina destroy Abby's life the way she'd destroyed Ashley's. “I regret everything I did to you, but I will not stand here and let you trash my character when you have done the same thing in your life,” Dina spat. Ashley growled that she never abandoned her child. Dina noted that Ashley lied about Abby's paternity. Ashley said she never cheated on Brad or lied to the man she loved for years. Ashley said that Victor and Abby had a relationship, and Abby was never burdened with a secret about her true paternity. “Don't you dare stand there and judge me, you self-righteous, sanctimonious...,” Ashley screamed. Jack's arrival cut off Ashley's tirade. Distraught, Ashley ordered Jack to get Dina out of there. Dina said she came to see Jack with wonderful news. Ashley told Jack not to listen, but Jack wanted to hear what Dina had to stay. Ashley stormed out. Jack handed his crying mother a glass of water and asked what was going on. Dina told him about her talk with Abby. She said she wanted her family together again. Jack said a part of him wanted that too, but it was going to take some time. Dina understood, given all the horrible wounds she'd inflicted on Jack and his sisters. Jack assured her that she wasn't to blame for everything that went wrong in their lives. Dina told Jack that he was always such a special, sensitive child. Jack wasn't sure anyone would believe that, these days, but Dina said mothers always saw what others didn't.

Ravi ran into Ashley in the hallway. She told him that Dina was trying to get Jack and Abby to believe her version of events. Ravi told her that getting angry would give Dina the upper hand. He said if she swallowed her pride and showed kindness, she'd take the power back.

Back at the Ashby's, Lily asked what Charlie and Mattie did with Neil, while Lily and Cane were in L.A. Mattie said she'd asked Neil lots of questions about his new business, which had bored Charlie. Mattie noted that business management was one of her electives. Mattie added that if her Aunt Olivia been there, she'd ask her all about medicine, because she wanted to be a surgeon. Cane returned, and Mattie hugged him. Mattie asked when the commercial would air, but a timer went off, and she announced that it was time to do her French homework. After Mattie left, Lily told Cane that she didn't want to tell the twins about the turmoil at Brash and Sassy. She said Mattie put enough pressure on herself, and she didn't want her to get stressed out. Cane noted that the twins couldn't be more different. Lily said that everything came so easily to Charlie, and he didn't have a care in the world, unlike his parents. Cane told Lily that he and Lily would survive even if the hockey deal fell through. Lily wasn't so sure, but Cane pulled her onto his lap and said he'd have enough confidence for both of them. They kissed.

At GC Buzz, Hilary told Juliet that she accidentally overheard her conversation with Cane. Hilary was shocked that Juliet spent the night with Cane in Tokyo. Juliet unsuccessfully tried to convince Hilary that she misheard. Hilary said didn't judge Juliet, because Hilary had been in the same position. Hilary said she'd need the whole story if she was going to help. Hilary asked how long the affair had been going on. Juliet clarified that it was only a one night stand. Hilary was surprised because Lily and Cane seemed solid. Juliet said they were. She explained that it was meaningless sex that happened because they had too much to drink. Hilary asked if Juliet was hired because of the one night stand. Offended, Juliet said no. Juliet said that if Hilary did a story on this, Juliet and Cane would deny it. Hilary assured her that the Hilary Hour didn't run salacious gossip anymore. However, Hilary said that her show empowered women, and she was concerned that Juliet was being taken advantage of by her supervisor. Juliet said she wasn't. Hilary also felt that Lily had the right to know she was being cheated on. Juliet said Lily was a good friend, and she didn't want Hilary to destroy her family. Hilary clarified that she never said she was going to tell Lily, but Juliet argued that Hilary implied it. “If you tell anyone what happened in Tokyo, I will personally make sure you live to regret it,” Juliet hissed. Juliet left. Hilary smirked as she started a video. She'd secretly recorded Juliet's confession.

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