Tuesday Y&R Update 5/23/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 5/23/17


Written by Christine

At the Ashby's, Cane was anxious because he hadn't heard from Victoria. He complained about everyone deviating from the plan. Lily reminded him that Juliet's contact said it was okay to air the clips on Hilary's show. Cane noted that the league hadn't finished watching the video. He said that if he'd known there was a plan to air the clips on a live broadcast, he would've prevented it from happening. Lily asked why Cane would've tried to stop them from promoting their work. Cane said that they only needed Lily's interview, not the behind the scenes footage. Lily asked what the worse case scenario was. He replied that there would be no hockey tie in, Brash and Sassy would get bad press, and they'd waste money on a commercial that no one would get to see. Cane felt bad that all of Lily's hard work might go down the tubes. Lily was only worried about the company. She admitted it would be sad if her commercial didn't air, but she said that she had other options. Lily told him about her meeting with Barry Strickler, the agent who thought she could have a future as an actress or television host. Cane didn't realize she was interested in those things. Lily said that she didn't either until now. Cane felt like he was out of the loop, but Lily assured him that she wouldn't make a decision without his input. Lily was thrilled when Cane told her to go for it and predicted that she'd be a star. They hugged, then Cane decided to go to the office. Lily urged Cane not to be hard on his coworkers over an honest mistake.

Chelsea kissed Nick hello when he arrived at her penthouse. She revealed that she'd flown to San Francisco and met the administrator of the mental hospital where Chloe stayed. They discussed what Chelsea learned – Chloe did check herself into a hospital, as she'd claimed, then she got out on a pass and ran Adam down with a car. A judge involuntarily committed Chloe at a more secure facility, just outside New Orleans. Chelsea explained that this hospital was used to house people who were considered to be dangerous, and most of the patients were never released. Nick noted that Chloe had been declared sane, or claimed that she was. Chelsea theorized that Chloe met her accomplice in this hospital. Nick looked uncomfortable when Chelsea brought up the accomplice. He asked what she was going to do next. Chelsea intended to go to New Orleans and bribe someone into giving her the information she needed. Nick was concerned that Chelsea was getting her hopes up, and he warned her that she might hit a wall. Chelsea said she'd break through it. She stated that getting information out of people who didn't want to talk was her specialty, and she vowed to use every trick she had to get justice for Adam. Nick asked Chelsea to keep him updated. Chelsea gave him a deep kiss and told him how much his support meant to her.

Phyllis and Billy entered Brash and Sassy. He sighed that the commercial wouldn't air unless Victoria was able save the day. Billy castigated himself for joking with the athletes about gambling. Phyllis hoped Victoria was able to convince the Board of Governors to let it go. Billy said that Victoria didn't want him at the meeting, and he didn't blame her. Phyllis was optimistic that Victoria would be able to turn this around. She assured Billy that he'd get through this. Juliet walked in just as Phyllis kissed Billy goodbye. After Phyllis left, Billy noted that Juliet didn't look so good. Billy was desperate to call Victoria, but he figured that she wouldn't answer, either because she was busy or because she was angry with him. Juliet predicted that Victoria would still be upset even if she was able to pull of a miracle with the league. Juliet said that when a situation when this bad, someone had to take the fall. Billy assured Juliet that Victoria didn't say anything about anyone getting fired, but Juliet was still worried. She criticized herself for not confirming that the league had watched the whole video.

Cane walked in and overheard Juliet blaming herself. He told her that this was Billy's fault, not hers. Cane maintained that Billy should've reviewed the footage before it got to Hilary, since he was in charge of the hockey deal. Billy stated that Cane had been M.I.A. and he ordered Cane not to start an argument. Juliet tried to calm things down, but Cane snapped that Billy screwed up all the time and got away with it. Cane predicted that it would be different this time. Billy told Cane to shove it, and Juliet reminded them that they were all on the same side. She stepped out to take a phone call. Cane thought they should cancel production, because the editing suite in L.A. cost several thousand dollars an hour. Billy wouldn't hear of it. Exasperated, Cane said they didn't need the commercial if they lost the hockey tie in. Billy had faith that Victoria was going to be able to work something out. Billy was adamant that the commercial would be finished on time, the campaign would be profitable and everything would go back to normal. Cane was skeptical.

Victor was pleasantly surprised when Dina dropped by his office. He congratulated her on the sale of her company, but he wondered why she didn't approach him. Dina replied that he'd reached out to her. Victor denied it. Dina explained that someone from Newman phoned her direct line. Victor vowed to look into it. Dina noted that her children wouldn't approve if she'd sold to Victor. Victor asked how things were going with her kids. Dina said that she had a decent conversation with Jack, but she didn't think Ashley would ever get over the fact that Dina left John. Victor recalled how devastated Ashley was when she learned about her real father. He had a flashback to a tearful Ashley saying that she was a product of a woman who tried to murder a man to protect her. Ashley said that all she knew about her biological father was that he was a golden boy at a country club.

In the present, Victor told Dina that it took Ashley a long time to get her life back in order. Dina asked if they were still close. Victor said no, sadly, but they shared a beautiful daughter. Dina was curious about Abby. Victor said that she'd inherited his and Ashley's business acumen and Ashley's beauty. Victor was proud of the way Abby balanced being both an Abbott and a Newman. Dina recalled that Ashley had initially lead everyone to believe Abby was Brad Carlton's daughter. Victor stated that he and Ashley had moved on. Dina noted that Victor forgave Ashley's deception, and she wondered why Ashley was so judgmental of other people's sins. Victor sensed that Dina wanted him to help her mend fences with Ashley. Dina said despite all her success, there was a huge void in her life. She noted that she barely knew her children, and Abby was a complete stranger. Victor understood, because of his rift with Adam. Dina had heard about Adam's untimely death. Victor lamented that he and Adam didn't heal their wounds when they had a chance. Dina asked if Victor would help her. He promised to consider it. Dina left. She passed by Abby, who was on her way into Victor's office, but they didn't notice each other. Victor told Abby that Dina had come by and asked about Ashley and Abby. Abby was partially glad that Dina cared enough to ask, but for the most part, she felt like Dina had no right to the information. Victor thought Abby should get to know Dina and form her own opinion. Abby asked if Dina asked to meet her. Victor admitted that she didn't.

Ashley followed Jack into his office, while ranting. She accused him of being gullible for giving Dina a chance. Jack stated that Dina was the only mother they had, so he wanted to hear her out. Ashley argued that Dina had burned them over and over. Jack felt that it was worth the risk. Ashley told him to do whatever he wanted, but to leave Ashley out of it. Phyllis walked in and pretended that she was healthy again, after being so sick that she had to work from home. Jack revealed that he knew she'd gone to L.A. He'd figured it out because he had chicken soup sent to her apartment, and the delivery people tried to drop it off three times, but no one was ever home. Ashley wondered why Phyllis was sneaking around now that her relationship with Billy was out in the open. Phyllis clarified that she kept her plans private because she wanted to surprise Billy. Jack and Ashley were both aware of the clip of Billy talking with the hockey players about gambling. Phyllis said it was a joke. Jack asked how bad things were. Phyllis grudgingly admitted that it could do a lot of damage to Victoria's company and to Billy's future. Phyllis assumed Jack thought that this was good for Jabot. She reminded him that he tried to sabotage the original deal and accused him of playing dirty pool. Jack countered that he didn't have anything to do with this latest debacle.

Jack said he didn't want to fight with Phyllis. Ashley suggested they all get back to work, so Phyllis left. Jack laughed about Billy's misfortune. Ashley didn't think it made sense for Jack to forgive the woman who abandoned them as children, but not his own brother. Jack said he could turn that question around on Ashley. Ashley argued that there was no comparison. Ashley thought it was clear that they couldn't discuss this, so she left.

Billy passed Jack in Jabot's hallway. Billy acknowledged that Jack didn't want him there, but Jack said he'd give him a pass. Jack said he'd just had an enlightening conversation with Phyllis. Jack needled Billy about the video until Phyllis walked up and asked if there was a problem. Jack went into his office. Billy asked her why she told Jack about the video. Phyllis told him that Jack and Ashley saw Hilary's show so she didn't have a choice. Billy was stressed and he said the last thing he needed was a run in with St. Jack. Phyllis suggested they leave and spend time together, but Billy said he had to stay with the kids because Victoria was out of town. Phyllis understood. Billy left.

Victor sent Ashley a text asking that they meet. They met at Crimson Lights, and he told her that he talked with Dina. Ashley stated that Dina was trying to get back into her good graces, for what Ashley assumed were purely selfish reasons. Victor said that when you reached a certain age, there was no greater desire than to reconnect with your family. Ashley refused to give Dina's past apathy toward her family a pass because she was old. Victor said he regretted that he hadn't repaired his relationship with Adam before he died. He told Ashley that nothing hurt more than being rejected by your own children. Ashley was angry with Dina for dragging Victor into this, and she was angry with Victor for going along with it. Victor said he knew better than anyone how much Dina hurt Ashley, but he noted that they still had a chance to heal. Ashley was grateful to Victor for saving her all those years ago, but she said she'd moved forward without her mother. Ashley pointed out that Dina had several opportunities to reach out to her. Victor reminded Ashley that Dina tried. Ashley countered that Dina gave up. Victor thought it was because Dina knew Ashley wouldn't be receptive. Ashley asked why Dina was trying now. Victor thought that Ashley would understand when she was Dina's age. Ashley scoffed, so Victor shifted gears. He asked her not to interfere in Abby's desire to get to know Dina. Ashley asked what Abby had to do with it, and Victor told her that Abby and Dina wanted to know each other.

Ashley suspected that Dina saw similarities between herself and Ashley because Ashley didn't tell Victor that he was Abby's father right away. Victor contended that there were parallels, but Ashley vehemently disagreed. She argued that she didn't cheat on anyone or abandon her child to pursue selfish whims. Ashley was in tears. She noted that Brad always knew Abby wasn't his, and she added that she didn't tell Victor the truth because she didn't want him to feel responsible for a child she chose to have on her own. Victor gently pointed out that he missed out on part of Abby's childhood and he couldn't get it back. Ashley felt bad about that, but she was glad Abby and Victor had made up for lost time. Victor asked if she could make up with Dina. Victor explained that he never thought he'd forgive his mother, Cora, for leaving him in the orphanage, but he reconciled with her after Nikki tracked her down. Victor found the experience very healing. Ashley confided that Jack was willing to meet Dina halfway and wanted Ashley to do the same. Victor noted that it was Ashley, Jack and Traci's decision, but he warned Ashley that regret was poisonous.

Abby nervously approached Dina's suite and knocked on the door. Dina was thrilled that Abby came. Abby admitted she was surprised to get Dina's message. Dina said she was worried that Ashley made her sound like a monster, and she wanted to change Abby's perception of her.

At GC Buzz, Hilary told Mariah that she wanted to air the segment with Julie Chen as soon as possible. Mariah admitted she was envious of Hilary for landing the interview. Hilary commented that Mariah did a good job on her piece with Dina. Mariah was surprised, because she'd expected Hilary to criticize her. Mariah said Hilary should go to L.A. more often, and she added that Hilary and Lily looked like friends during their interview. Hilary said that she disliked playing nice with Lily, but she'd decided to be a professional.

Lily arrived at GC Buzz. In an annoyed tone, Hilary asked Lily since when she needed a demo reel. Lily explained that Barry told her to start working on one. Hilary noted that L.A. was filled with pretty faces, and she advised Lily not to get her hopes up. Lily revealed that Barry thought she had a shot as an actress or a TV host. “Clearly anyone can do it,” Lily laughed. Hilary argued that Lily didn't have the talent or creativity to be a talk show host. Lily countered that Barry knew more about the business than Hilary did. Mariah interjected that they should focus on the good things, and she noted that Hilary's interview of Lily got a hot of hits. Lily told them about the controversy surrounding the clip. Hilary worried that the blowback from the scandal could hurt her. Mariah urged Hilary to calm down, and Lily accused her of making everything about her. Hilary was concerned that people would ask why she didn't vet the video herself and that she'd lose credibility. She was adamant that they had to get out in front of this. Mariah suggested that they invite Billy to the show so he could make a personal appeal to Brash and Sassy and the hockey league. Hilary loved the idea, so she went to talk to Billy.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Juliet blamed herself for not being as careful as she usually was. Juliet said Victoria stared at her like she was a halfwit when Juliet admitted that she wasn't sure the league had signed off on the video. Juliet stated that she gave up everything when she moved here from Tokyo, and now she might not even have a job. Cane wished she hadn't gotten caught up in Billy's mess. Juliet smiled and wished this turned out like Tokyo. She reminisced about her and Cane fixing Cane's mistake with Sato. Juliet said she'd take their celebrating too much over this nightmare any day. Hilary walked in, but Cane and Juliet didn't see her. Hilary overheard Cane say he'd never forgive himself for what happened between him and Juliet in Tokyo.


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