Monday Y&R Update 5/22/17

The Y&R Update Monday 5/22/17


Written by Ellen

At Newman Enterprises, Scott passes Abby on his way to see Victor about a new assignment.

Nick and Sharon chat over coffee at Crimson Lights. Chelsea is bound and determined to find Chloe, he says. As they speak, Chelsea poses as Chloe’s sister at the Napa Valley Hospital where Chloe had been a patient.

Neil meets Ashley for breakfast at the athletic club. Obviously she’s heard about Neil and Devon’s acquisition of Mergeron. She caught Dina and Devon’s appearance on GC Buzz and found it disgusting. Dina spoke about her family as if she knew something about them.

At home, Jack remembers his mother as self-absorbed and inattentive. She wouldn’t even skip her tennis match to stay home with him while he was sick.

Again in Victor’s office: Scott’s job is to find a venue for a concert. The medical school is dedicating a new wing in Nikki’s name and Victor thinks it calls for a musical performance. Scott balks, but Victor reminds Scott that he’s senior VP of special projects, and this is a very special project. Do it.

At the ranch, Tessa presents Nikki with her latest work on the women’s charity benefit. Nikki, having overheard Tessa’s phone conversation, asks whether Tessa is meeting Noah later. Yes, she is, just to hang out. Nikki is pleased and mentions Noah’s recovery from a nasty breakup. Yeah, yeah, Tessa knows. And she knows her place, so Nikki shouldn’t worry. Nikki is taken aback.

Again at the club: Neil knows all about those old childhood wounds. Ashley says it goes beyond that. She has no qualms with her mother doing business with Neil and Devon, but Dina has no right to claim the family she renounced long ago. Neil suggests the television appearance might have been Dina’s attempt at reconciliation. He felt similarly about his own mother but was forced to learn the truth about why she left the family, and he’s glad he did. Ashley thanks him for his perspective but shows no signs of warming up to her mom.

Meanwhile, Jack takes a different approach. He knocks on Dina’s suite door upstairs. Graham, Dina’s latest boy toy answers the door, shows Jack in, and is dismissed. Dina is glad Jack accepted her breakfast invitation. Jack may be more open to his mother than Ashley is but just barely. He wants answers: Why reach out now? To assuage her guilt? She asks whether he’d prefer she return to Paris tout de suite.

At Newman: Scott resigns himself to his task but he can’t contain his sarcasm. Whom would Victor like booked for the concert? Adele? No, Nikki. The wing is dedicated to finding a cure for MS, which Nikki suffers from. Scott apologizes for his insensitivity. He had no idea Nikki was ill. She doesn’t appear so. That’s because of her brilliant doctors. At one time, Nikki was so affected by her disease that she couldn’t play the piano, one of her passions. So when she plays now, it’s a sign of hope. Scott promises to do as directed.

In California: The hospital administrator is a tough nut to crack, but Chelsea persists. She learns that Chloe was released October 2015 and grimaces. Legally, that’s all the information the administrator can give. Chelsea gives her a song and dance about Chloe’s inheritance from their mother. It could turn Chloe’s life around, and if she doesn’t claim it within 30 days, it will go to their ne’er-do-well brother. Please. Nope. Chelsea sighs and resorts to bribery. This works to some extent. Dangerous patients are not released into society, the administrator says. They are transferred to more secure facilities.

At Crimson Lights: Nick steers the conversation away from his relationship with Chelsea to Sharon’s return to college. She’s enjoying it. She likes volunteering with the crisis hotline. It feels good to give back. He’s always admired that side of her. Scott appears, which surprises both Nick and Sharon. Scott’s upper-level position at Newman is news to Nick. He warns Scott to watch his back. Victor does what’s good for Victor. He tells Scott if he tires of the suit and doing Victor’s bidding, he can have a job serving drinks. Nick leaves but turns around in time to see Scott and Sharon kiss. It seems to bother him.

In her suite, Dina tells Jack she left her marriage for self-preservation. That aside, why was she so secretive about selling her company? And then after the deal was done, why did she flaunt her family? What did she think was going to happen? In her mind that’s water over the dam, but not to Jack. Still, contrary to what she thinks, Jack doesn’t hate her. In fact, he hardly knows her.

Again at the ranch: Tessa knows she’s from the wrong side of the tracks and not the kind of girl Nikki would like her grandson to date. Correction: Nikki likes Tessa, and for her information, Noah makes his own decisions. He didn’t take her to dinner at the athletic club for any other reason than he enjoys her company. Why is that so hard for Tessa to believe? Nikki is interrupted by Victor’s call. Come to the office immediately and bring Tessa.

Ashley meets Graham at the club bar but doesn’t know his position until Jack and Dina approach. Ashley lashes out at her mother. Jack attempts to hustle Ashley to the office, but she won’t budge. Instead, Dina and Graham go for a walk. Ashley can’t believe Jack caved in to that woman. Jack hasn’t caved. He’s just being civil and doesn’t want to waste time on fruitless grudges. Ashley might consider following suit.

At the park café, Sharon and Scott discuss his difficult position. He owes Victor, but he can’t abide the menial work. She broaches the subject of his intelligence work. He opened up to her a little bit about it and he seemed relieved to do so. She encourages him to trust her again.

Nikki is surprised to find the dean of the medical school in Victor’s office. In front of the dean, Victor springs the idea of a piano recital on Nikki. She’s a fine example of what might be accomplished with more MS research. Tessa, who is introduced to the dean, could help Nikki prepare. Nikki is speechless for a moment but finds her words after the dean and Tessa leave. She knows this is Victor’s attempt to get back into her good graces, and it won’t work. Victor may have manipulated Nikki for a worthy cause, but it’s still manipulation and she resents it. Victor ultimately gets his way, though. He tells her that no one will ever love her the way he does.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nick tries unsuccessfully to reach Chelsea and leaves a voicemail. Abby enters and they talk about her duties at Newman. She’s excited to have more responsibility. Nick asks about Scott. It’s unusual for Dad to bring an outsider into upper management.

At the café, Scott tells Sharon that he took a simple intelligence job while he was working as a journalist in London. Things got complicated. He fell in love with one of the principals and called off the operation but not before he got the needed information. He took an assignment in the Middle East to remove himself from the situation and thereby protect the woman. Sharon praises his bravery, but he shrugs it off. He behaved unprofessionally and unethically.

At Crimson Lights: Abby thinks Scott is arrogant, but he’s smart and, most important, he’s loyal to Victor. Ah, yes. Nick gets the picture. Victor owns Scott, the poor sap. Abby has to run. She goes inside the coffeehouse, ostensibly to get a latte, but she meets a young professional type and hands him the keys to his new office. He’s her first tenant. Tessa witnesses this exchange from afar and withdraws to the patio to make a call. She knows the man but wants to avoid him.

In California: So where are these secure facilities located? Chelsea asks. The administrator says there are many of them throughout the country, but perhaps the one Chelsea wants is in Louisiana. Chelsea hands her a packet of cash.

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