Friday Y&R Update 5/19/17

The Y&R Update Friday 5/19/17


Written by Christine

At the hotel in L.A., Hilary and Lily traded barbs. Hilary admitted they did a pretty good interview, but she said she was worried her viewers would think Lily was overexposed. Lily said it was just an ad campaign; it wasn't like her ex gave her a syndicated shrine to herself to air five days a week. Hilary said that if only Lily was was this interesting all the time, someone might give her a show too. Lily said she was too busy as brand ambassador, which sometime entailed pretending to be pals with someone who made her sick. Hilary said she'd be conducting interviews with real celebrities from now on, so she wouldn't have time to waste on spokes-models shilling for their husband's company. Lily noticed the tense discussion between Billy and Victoria.

Billy promised to call the hockey league officials and straighten this out. Victoria told him it was going to take more than that. She revealed that she just received a terse email from the league. According to Victoria, the board of governors was understandably livid because unauthorized footage of their players discussing gambling was all over the internet. Billy swore he'd been only been joking with the players. Cane pointed out that the footage was never supposed to have been released to the public. Billy spat that the league gave Juliet the okay to air the video. Cane thought it was clear that Juliet was wrong. Juliet admitted she was no longer confident that the league signed off on releasing the video. Victoria told everyone to calm down and think about everything that happened since the video started filming.

In Billy's hotel room, Phyllis put on makeup and lingerie, then she sent Billy a text asking where he was. She spritzed several pumps of perfume into the air and stepped into the mist. Downstairs, Billy read her text and put his phone away without responding. Victoria said that she sent Cane to find Hilary. She wondered if Hilary or Howard could've altered the footage.

In another part of the hotel, Lily asked Cane why Victoria wanted to see Hilary. Cane claimed he wasn't sure. Lily asked if everything was okay. Cane said he was fine, but exhausted, and he wanted to get home to the kids.

Hilary met with Victoria, Juliet and Billy, who all tried to act like everything was fine. Billy asked if anyone on Hilary's side edited the footage. Hilary replied that she took the flash drive from Billy and gave it straight to Howard. Hilary got the feeling they were fishing for something. Victoria said they just wanted to thank Hilary for doing the segment. Hilary left. Victoria was frustrated that because they still didn't have answers. Billy told her that they conversation about gambling was just a meaningless joke. Victoria countered it was always serious when players discussed betting on their own sport. “How can this be news to you of all people?,” Victoria spat. She quickly apologized for snapping at Billy, but she said she wanted to get their stories straight. She asked exactly what the league said earlier. Billy replied that he could quote Juliet's side of the conversation – she'd said Lenny said they were good to go. Juliet agreed with Billy. Victoria told them that the league was saying they hadn't reviewed all the footage before it aired on Hilary's show. Victoria asked if Juliet ever got confirmation that the league watched the entire video. Juliet admitted she didn't. Victoria said that meant they had no defense. Juliet excused herself. Billy said their defense was the rest of the conversation, which proved everyone was joking. He told her that the segment that aired on Hilary's show was taken out of context. Cane returned. Billy noted that Cane hired the cameraman, Jesse. Billy wanted Cane to have Jesse come over so they could get the rest of the footage and show the league that it was all a misunderstanding. Cane accused Billy of trying to pin this on Jesse. Victoria agreed with Billy and told Cane to get Jesse.

Jesse arrived, and Victoria and Billy asked if he edited the clips. Jesse said he didn't. Cane didn't think they should waste time looking for a couple of seconds of scenes out of hours of footage. Billy insisted that it wouldn't take long to find the scene. They watched the video, and it cut out in the middle of the conversation between Billy and the players. Billy asked Jesse why he stopped filming in the middle of their talk. Jesse said he wasn't sure, but he could've been changing a memory card. Billy assumed Jesse had overheard the conversation and vouch for him, but Jesse said he hadn't been listening. Billy was frustrated with Jesse, but Victoria let him leave. Billy was adamant that the league needed to know the real story. Cane said the real story was that Billy, a recovering gambling addict, talked to players about betting on their own game and trashed the campaign. Billy offered to take a polygraph test, and he was sure the players would do the same. Cane said that the sports blogs were picking up the story and wondering if the championship was rigged. Billy complained that Cane wasn't helping. Victoria took partial responsibility for the crisis, because she'd rushed things so they could be featured on Hilary's show. However, Victoria said that it didn't matter who was at fault – they had to fix it. Billy decided to fly to Toronto and try to smooth things over with the league, and he left to went to pack. Cane told Victoria that Billy had no credibility. Victoria wondered if she should go to Toronto with Billy, but Cane advised her to go alone.

Back upstairs, Phyllis got tired of waiting, so she changed into regular clothes. Billy returned. Phyllis greeted him warmly and hoped he'd been celebrating that great segment. Billy told her that his stupid joke had caused a problem. He explained that he had to go to Toronto. Victoria knocked on the door. Phyllis hid. Victoria stated that she was CEO, so she'd handle the discussion with the league. She added that she let Hannah know that the trip to San Diego was canceled. Victoria told Billy to go home while she did her best to put out the fire. Billy asked why she decided not to let him handle it. He wondered if she didn't trust him. Victoria thought Billy had shown poor judgment in joking about gambling with the players. “You can come out now, Phyllis,” Victoria yelled. Phyllis walked out of the bathroom. Victoria assumed Phyllis had been in L.A. the whole time. Phyllis admitted she decided to surprise Billy. Victoria told her she could smell the perfume the moment she walked in. Phyllis said she didn't want to make things worse for Billy, and Victoria said that would be impossible.

Hilary was pleasantly surprised to run into Jack's friend, Barry. Barry asked if Jack had set her up with any more agents in an attempt to manipulate her husband. Hilary hoped Barry wasn't mad, and he assured her that he wasn't. He'd heard she got what she wanted. Hilary found it so rewarding to run the show that she didn't mind the fifteen hour days. She told him about her interview with Julie Chen. Barry was impressed and asked how she swung that. Hilary said she just asked, and she lied and said Julie was familiar with her work. Hilary asked if he could help her keep the momentum going. Barry was happy to help out and told her to give him a call. Barry was interested in working with Lily, and he asked Hilary to remind her that they'd talked in Genoa City. They went up to the rooftop bar, and Hilary reintroduced Barry to Lily. Barry said he'd heard good things about the new Dare commercial. Lily noted that it hadn't aired yet, but Barry said good news traveled quickly when new talent was involved. Lily wasn't sure about that, but Barry said modeling was a talent. He gestured toward her billboard. Hilary made a snippy comment about the billboard, and Barry asked her to excuse them. Hilary left, and Barry told Lily that he'd had success turning models into actresses and TV hosts. He asked how she'd like to be the next. Lily was flattered, but she explained that she had an exclusive contract with Brash and Sassy and she didn't want to move out of Genoa City. Barry noted that it was a modeling contract, which wouldn't prevent her from taking other kinds of jobs. Lily said Brash and Sassy kept her busy, but Barry was sure that their marketing strategy would change one day, and she'd be out. He told her that there was plenty of work in Chicago and that relocation wasn't always required. Lily was interested, and she said she'd discuss it with her husband.

Hilary ran into Juliet, who was clearly upset, and asked what was wrong. Juliet said the hockey league was freaking out, because of something that aired, and it had been Juliet's job to get full approval. Hilary offered some supportive words. Lily came up, and Juliet pretended everything was fine.

Jesse secretly met with Cane somewhere at the hotel. Jesse was glad Cane got his text. He noted that Cane asked him to permanently delete ten seconds of footage, and now there was an issue. Cane stated that Jesse was off the hook, and Billy was in the hot seat. Jesse predicted that Billy would pay a lot for Jesse to come forward with what he knew. Jesse wondered how much Cane was willing to pay him to disappear. Cane handed Jesse a wad of money. Jesse was satisfied with the amount, and he left.

Jack dropped by the ranch with a gift for Nikki – a book about classical composers. Nikki was eager to read it. She shifted gears and said she'd been concerned about Jack ever since she saw his mother on GC Buzz. Jack confided that he had a run in with Dina. Nikki hoped it wasn't disappointing, but Jack said that after all these years he had low expectations where his mother was concerned. Nikki thought it was a shame that his mother wasn't in his life. Jack said part of him – the stupid part – wanted a connection to Dina, while the rest of him wanted to cut her loose for good. Nikki knew it was hard to walk away from someone whose love you desperately wanted. Jack recalled that Dina had said it was never too late to connect with family. Although Dina had appeared to be talking about Devon and Katherine, Jack and Nikki both thought Dina was also referring to her own relatives. Jack thought it was weird that Dina would reach out to her family through a talk show instead of coming to them face to face. He supposed that was all she was capable of. Jack wanted to believe that Dina was in town for something more than a business deal. Nikki said she knew how hard it was to truly release all your resentment and hurt and forgive someone. Jack said he forgot Nikki could relate because she'd forgiven Victor over and over again. Nikki didn't think that Dina's actions were unforgivable. Jack considered Nikki one of the greatest mothers he knew, so he was surprised she was giving Dina a pass. Nikki didn't give Dina a pass, but she thought Dina regretted her choices. Nikki told Jack that if he wanted a relationship with his mother, he shouldn't let anyone talk him out of pursuing it. Jack said Ashley was convinced it would only lead to more pain. Nikki stated that Ashley had her own decisions to make. Nikki noted that Dina wouldn't be around forever, and she asked Jack if he wanted his painful childhood memories to be his only memories of his mother.

Scott met with Victor at Newman. Scott announced that while he hadn't discovered much, he'd learned that Proven Success LLC, the company that sent Victor the cashier's check, was based in Delaware. Victor told Scott that all companies filed their paperwork in Delaware for tax purposes. Scott also found was a post office box, but he wasn't sure whether the people who sent the cashier's check were trying to remain anonymous. Victor already knew that. He wanted to know if Abby was connected to the company. Scott had no idea. Victor said he hired him for his investigative skills. Scott stated that Abby had given Scott no reason to be suspicious. Scott brought Victor some research which showed that accounting errors were common in Fortune 500 companies. Victor was adamant that Newman Enterprises' accounting was spotless. Victor was troubled by the fact that a large sum of money came into his company while Abby was acting CEO. Victor thought Scott would've found some useful information by now. Scott promised to do his best. He left.

Scott ran into Abby in he hallway. At first he claimed he'd been chatting with Victor, but Abby said Victor didn't chat. She asked what they really talked about. Scott said they were talking about her. Scott said that Victor was impatient because Scott didn't understand the ins and outs of Newman finance. Scott said he needed her to give him a crash course in accounting. Abby scoffed. She said people go to business schools for years to learn that stuff. Scott asked what school she went to, then he said it was “The University of My Daddy just Handed me this Job.” Abby told Scott that she was busy, so he was on his own. Scott told Abby that Victor wanted her to teach Scott. Victor left his office. Abby asked if Victor really wanted her to tutor Scott on the enormous subject of business finance. Victor said she would be perfect for the job, given how quickly she'd learned. Victor left. Scott said that while Abby might think he coasted through life on charm and good looks, his brain happened to be above average. He promised he wouldn't let her down. Abby rolled her eyes.

Abby dropped by Jabot to see Jack. He said he always had time for his favorite niece and business partner. Abby announced that she found their first tech startup for their incubator. She told him about the dating app. Jack felt too old for dating apps, but he had faith in Abby's opinion. Abby told him he had no idea how good it felt to be trusted for a change. She filled him in on her interaction with Victor and Scott. Abby said she had a paranoid flash that Scott was digging for answers about that warehouse check from Jack's LLC. Jack assured her that there was no way to trace that company back to him. Jack asked if Victor believed her when she said she didn't know anything about the mystery payment. Abby didn't think Victor had a reason to doubt her, and she was sure she could handle Scott.

Nick dropped by Chelsea's penthouse. He admitted he should've called first, but he wasn't sure if she would've taken the call. Chelsea confessed that she wasn't sure either. Chelsea told Nick about the passports Victor obtained for her and Adam. She explained that she'd asked Victor if he thought Chloe used the same forger. Chelsea said Victor dropped everything to look into it, but it turned out to be a dead end. Chelsea had wondered if Chloe was still in the U.S., but she thought Victor would've found her by now if she were that close. Nick said that Victor convinced everyone that his money could fix any problem, but it was only an act. Chelsea stated that Victor listened to her and actually wanted to help her. She thought that Nick wouldn't want to hear that, but Nick said he wanted to hear whatever she wanted to tell him. Nick admitted that Victor already told him about Chelsea's visit. Chelsea questioned whether Nick was there to discourage her from searching for Chelsea. Nick said he wanted to prove that he was there to listen to her. Chelsea said it felt like Nick was being supportive, and she asked if he was on her side now. Nick maintained that he'd always been on her side, but Chelsea thought that things unraveled between them when she admitted that she couldn't rest until she got justice for Adam. Chelsea said that if they were really on the same side, Nick would want Chloe to be caught. Nick tried to explain that it wasn't that simple. Chelsea didn't want to lose what they had, but if he couldn't support her, she couldn't do this anymore. Nick encouraged Chelsea to do whatever it took to find Chloe. Nick told her that this situation had caused him and his family pain, so he couldn't join in the search, but he wouldn't hold her back. Nick understood that Chelsea needed closure, and he said he wanted it too. Chelsea hugged him, then she told him about Scott's suggestion to look into the mental hospital that treated Chloe. Chelsea said that no one knew what Chloe did in California. Nick thought that was a good idea. He told Chelsea that they should keep this between them. Nick left, and Chelsea booked a flight to San Francisco.

Back at the Ranch, Nikki recounted her discussion with Victor. “So you saw Chelsea, and then you asked our son to spy on his girlfriend for you,” Nikki stated. She was appalled and told Victor this might be a new low for him. Victor warned her that it could be disastrous for the family if Chelsea found Chloe. He said he needed Nick and Nikki to keep him informed. Nikki was stunned that Victor was ordering them around after everything that happened. Victor said that was what Nikki wanted, but she replied that she never wanted this. Victor said he knew he and Nikki still had feelings between them. Nikki warned him not to push her. Nick arrived. He lied and told Victor and Nikki that Chelsea wasn't going to pursue this further.

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