Thursday Y&R Update 5/18/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 5/18/17


Written by Christine

After the commercial was filmed, Lily and Juliet chatted on set. They agreed that the players were adorable. Lily thought it was too bad Riley was taken. Juliet told her to stop matchmaking, but Lily said she just wanted Juliet to be as happy as she was. Juliet asked how Lily knew she wasn't. Cane walked over and gave Lily a kiss. Juliet said she had to send the behind the scenes footage to the league for approval. Lily was nervous about how she came off on camera, so Juliet suggested that they take a look. Cane said they couldn't because the league wanted to be the first to view it. Juliet left to deliver the file. Cane apologized to Lily. Lily explained that Jordan always let her see the proofs he took. Cane assured Lily that she was fabulous on camera. He suggested that they make the most of the time they had left in California.

Hilary arrived on the hotel's rooftop bar and noticed that Victoria was about to see Phyllis. Hilary loudly called for Victoria, which both distracted Victoria and gave Phyllis a heads up. Hilary asked Victoria about the shoot. Victoria chatted for a minute and tried to excuse herself, but Hilary insisted on telling Victoria about her interview with Julie Chen. Hilary's stalling gave Phyllis the chance to leave without being seen. Victoria offered Hilary an exclusive chance to air some of the behind the scenes footage of the players. Hilary appreciated the offer, but she said she could get that story in Genoa City. While Hilary was in L.A. she wanted to film segments that she could only get in California. Victoria persevered. She predicted that the segment she proposed could be even more popular than the episode featuring Jordan, Cane and Lily. Victoria offered to throw in an interview with Lily. Hilary still wasn't interested, but her producer, Howard arrived and overheard Victoria's pitch. He accepted the offer and announced that they could do a live stream. Victoria left. Hilary seethed, but Howard was unapologetic. He told her that she'd need another segment to air after the Julie Chen interview. He said they needed Lily and the jocks, but Hilary was adamant that she was the one doing Lily a favor.

Billy was concerned because Phyllis wasn't in his hotel room. He sent her a text. Phyllis returned and he reminded her that she was supposed to stay in the room. Phyllis said she got stir crazy, and she assured him that Victoria didn't see her. Phyllis noticed that he was tense, and she began to massage his shoulders. Billy said he had another meeting with Victoria, and he kissed Phyllis and left. Billy went to the rooftop, and Victoria told him about the interview. Billy said that they couldn't air footage without the league's approval. Victoria told him to go charm the league into approving the video ASAP. Billy went to the set and brought Juliet up to speed. She called Lenny, at the league. He told her they were already watching the footage and it was so far, so good. Juliet hung up. Billy asked if they were good. Juliet said that's what she was hearing. She gave Billy the flash drive.

Back in Billy's room,Phyllis glumly finished her meal from room service. She was going to put the tray in the hall, but she heard Victoria's voice, and she quickly closed the door. Victoria walked up and saw the door closing. She called out to Billy.

Hilary and Howard went into the lobby to prepare for the segment. Hilary griped about having to do a live interview with the “Hometown Hayseed,” Lily. Jordan walked up and heard her complaining. He asked if there was a problem. Hilary said that Lily already had Cane defending her and she didn't need Jordan too. Howard understood that Hilary didn't like Lily, but he told her that if she wanted to be a professional in the industry, she had to suck it up. Jordan tried to put a positive spin on it, assuring Hilary that she'd spin this into gold. Hilary made a snide comment about Lily's billboard, and Jordan sensed that she was jealous. Billy arrived and delivered the flash drive containing the footage. Victoria appeared and told Billy that someone was in his room. He said it was probably housekeeping. Billy told Victoria that the league signed off on the video. Victoria said that Billy had proven himself to be trustworthy and responsible. Billy appreciated her compliments because he'd been eager to earn her trust back. Victoria stated that Hannah was ready to bring the kids to California if Billy still wanted to go to San Diego. Billy confirmed that he did. Victoria said she was really looking forward to it. She said that everything was falling into place.

Cane and Lily were on the rooftop bar. They decided to go back to the restaurant in Malibu. Juliet ran into them and asked if they didn't get the messages. Lily explained that they'd turned their phones off after work. Juliet told them that Victoria scheduled an interview for Lily. Lily was dismayed to learn that she'd be talking to Hilary.

Billy went back to his room. Phyllis asked what Victoria wanted this time, and he said it wasn't Victoria. Billy said he and Phyllis were going to have to cut this short because he and Victoria were taking the kids to San Diego. Phyllis pointed out that they were divorced, but Billy said they wanted the kids to have happy moments with their mom and dad. Phyllis wished she'd known about this before she flew out. Billy reminded her that she she'd surprised him. Phyllis conceded his point, then she asked how long the trip had been in the works. Billy said that he and Victoria had been considering it, then Victoria booked the tickets, and Billy didn't want to disappoint the kids. Phyllis looked dejected, but she said she understood. Billy motioned Phyllis over to him. They sat on the bed, and he told her that this wasn't how he wanted this to end, but his kids meant the world to him and he didn't want to disappoint them. Phyllis said they were lucky to have him as a father. Billy said he was lucky to have Phyllis. They realized they had a little time, so they made love.

Meanwhile, Victoria watched the GC Buzz interview and wondered where Billy was. Hilary said that Lily missed her so much that she'd followed her to L.A. Lily said that she missed Mariah. After the banter, Hilary chatted with Lily about the hockey players and announced that the show was going to air some exclusive behind the scenes footage from the commercial. Cane quietly told Juliet that they couldn't air the material before it was approved by the league. Juliet said she thought it was approved, but Cane said she was wrong. Billy joined Victoria. Everyone watched as GC Buzz aired a clip of Billy mentioning gambling to the hockey players. Both players had said they wanted to place a bet on the championship. Victoria quietly confronted Billy. He swore that they were all just joking, and he said that the rest of the video would prove it. Victoria got a call from the league about the scene, and she stormed off. Billy asked Juliet and Cane why his conversation with the players had been filmed. Juliet told Billy he knew that the cameraman was filming everything. Victoria returned, and Billy said she had to believe he was joking. Victoria said that the league was furious. Billy thought it could be fixed, but Victoria told him that the hockey deal was dead.

Jordan, Hilary and Lily didn't realize anything was amiss. Jordan told the women that they did a great job, and he predicted that they'd have matching billboards.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon brought Nick a coffee mug. He said he didn't order it, but she told him she brought it because she hoped it would cheer him up. She asked if he was upset about Chelsea. Nick confided that he and Chelsea hit a rough patch because he wanted her to stop searching for Chloe. Sharon was surprised because Nick had talked Sharon into helping him get Chloe to confess. Sharon pointed out that Chelsea had opened her heart and home to Chloe then learned that Chloe murdered Chelsea's husband. Sharon said that if that had been Dylan, she'd go to the ends of the earth to bring his killer to justice. Nick noted that Adam was his brother. He said he didn't want Chelsea to get her hopes up about something that could lead to a dead end. Skeptical, Sharon recalled that Nick had been determined to prove Chloe guilty, but she felt that his attitude had shifted once Chloe left town. She noted that he moved Faith out of the main house with his parents. Nick claimed that when he discovered Adam was murdered, he realized that life was too short and unpredictable to spend one more night away from Faith. Sharon didn't believe his story. Nick then said he he got fed up with Victor's games after Victor bought Reed a car without Victoria's permission. Sharon didn't buy this explanation either. She told Nick that Faith could tell something was off too. Sharon pointed out that Faith rarely saw Victor, even though he'd promised to play chess with her and help her with her homework. Nick noted that Victor often broke promises. Sharon made it clear that she knew Nick wasn't being forthright with hr, but she assured him that she wasn't going to pry. She shifted gears and told Nick that if he wanted to be with Chelsea, he should support her need to hold Chloe accountable.

At Newman, Victor was pleased to see that Scott was wearing a suit. He complimented Scott on choosing to wear that particular suit, but Scott admitted he only had one. Scott attempted to discuss the digital media companies with Victor, but Victor wanted to know if Abby was involved in any unusual business dealings. Abby arrived before Scott could answer. She presented Victor with a list of prospective digital media acquisitions. Abby explained that she'd already vetted some of the companies on Scott's list and narrowed it down to the companies most suited to Newman's needs. She'd also included a list of each companies most and least useful attributes. Victor asked how the partnership was going. In a strained tone, Abby said she appreciated Scott's outsider perspective, and Scott said he'd learned a lot from Abby. Abby got a phone call, and she left. Victor said that if Scott hadn't seen Abby do anything unusual, he should dig deeper. Scott said he'd talked to Abby and observed her during meetings, but he wasn't going to stalk her or hack her emails. He asked Victor to tell him what he was looking for. Victor explained that, while Abby was acting CEO, Newman received a large check from a company he'd never heard of. Abby had claimed not to know anything about it. Surprised, Scott noted that most CEOs wouldn't be concerned about tracing money coming into the company. Victor said he wasn't most CEOs.

Abby met with Zach at Crimson Lights. She told him that his dating app intrigued her, especially the concierge service he offered, which arranged the date's time and location. Abby noted that all the user would have to do is show up, but the question was will they? Zach said it was in beta testing now, and it was working well. Abby had some ideas to improve the app, but she said Zach could only use them if he agreed to work with her. Zach asked what she'd get in exchange for giving him free space. Abby said that she'd get a piece of his company, which she thought was a small price to pay in exchange for covering a lot of his overhead. Sharon walked by, and Abby asked what she thought about dating apps. Sharon wasn't interested in them. Sharon noted that in real life, you met someone and got to know them before deciding to date, but on dating apps you try to find everything you can about the person before you meet them. Sharon thought it sounded backwards, and she pointed out that there were a lot of frauds on dating apps. Sharon walked away. Abby thought Sharon had a good point about frauds. Zach said they were already working on blocking scammers. Abby liked Zach and his idea. She told him she'd need a small piece of his company in exchange for moving into the warehouse. Zach thought that sounded fair. Abby promised to draw up the paperwork.

Chelsea steeled herself, then she went to Victor's office. She handed Victor the passports he made for her and Adam before he died. Chelsea said she needed to find out if the person who made those also made a passport for Chloe. Victor asked why Chelsea thought Chloe was in contact with his source. Chelsea noted that there weren't many forgers who could make a passport that could get past the TSA. Chelsea asked where his guy was based. Victor thought it was best that they didn't discuss locations. Chelsea insisted that she needed all the information she could get. She admitted she was consumed by her quest to get justice for Adam and find Chloe, and she was sure Victor felt the same way. Victor said he was infuriated that Chloe escaped justice. Chelsea admitted that she already owed Victor for the check to her company, but Victor clarified that the money was a gift. Chelsea asked Victor to ask his contact if he made a passport for Chloe. Victor promised to see what he could do. He asked for privacy. Chelsea left, but she pressed her ear against his closed door. Scott returned and told her that Victor wasn't a fan of eavesdropping. Chelsea told Scott what she asked Victor to do. She asked if Kevin had heard from Chloe. Scott said not as far as he knew. Victor called Chelsea in and told her that his contact hadn't worked with anyone who fit Chloe's description. Chelsea thanked Victor for loving Adam and for wanting justice for him. Chelsea felt like she and Victor were the only ones who still cared. She said the police seemed to have given up, Kevin was focused on Bella, and even Nick seemed to have lost interest. Victor was sure that Nick cared about Adam, but Nick didn't want this to consume Chelsea's life. Victor promised that they'd find Chloe. He and Chelsea hugged.

Chelsea left, and Scott asked if she had any luck with the passport. Chelsea said no. She couldn't figure out who helped Chloe, and she didn't think anyone in Genoa City would help her get away with murder. Scott suspected that it was the same person who helped her get out of the mental hospital. Chelsea recalled Chloe saying that the doctors released her because she'd done the work and recovered. Scott pointed out that Chloe was dishonest. Chelsea decided to talk with people at the facility in California where Chloe had been treated. Scott warned Chelsea that the privacy laws might make it difficult to get answers, but she said she had her ways.

Victor showed up at Nick's office. Nick said they had nothing to talk about. Victor told Nick about his encounter with Chelsea. Victor realized that Nick hadn't told Chelsea to stop looking for Chloe. Nick said that Chelsea had a mind of her own, which was one of the things he liked about her. Nick wasn't surprised Victor didn't understand, and he accused Victor of trying to control Nikki since the day they were met. Victor didn't want to hear it. He felt that Nick should be protecting the family. Nick ranted about Victor's role in Adam's death, but Victor refused to have this conversation with him. Victor ordered Nick to spy on Chelsea, learn what progress she'd made in tracking Chloe down and report back to Victor. Nick assumed Chelsea would eventually ncover the truth about Victor being Chloe's accomplice. Victor demanded that Nick tell Chelsea to stop looking for Chloe. Victor left.

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