Wednesday Y&R Update 5/17/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 5/17/17


Written by Christine

In L.A., on the set of the commercial, Cane asked Juliet to call Billy and make sure he was on his way. Juliet didn't think that was necessary because they had at least an hour before they even started rehearsal. Cane said he and Juliet would have to do the troubleshooting since Billy wasn't there yet. Juliet said she would, if Billy and Victoria didn't arrive by the time Juliet went to meet the hockey players. Cane told Juliet to send a PA to meet the players. Juliet called someone with the change of plans.

Jordan took some pictures of Lily, who was practicing her lines. Cane stated that Billy was MIA and asked if he laid out her clothes. Lily said yes, and she noted that Billy had been very efficient on her end. Jordan added that Billy had already given him specific instructions too. Jesse, the videographer arrived, and Cane told him to capture candid moments. Lily was nervous about working with a professional director. Cane assured her that she was a natural in front of the camera. Jordan agreed with Cane. Lily noted that she'd only done print work, but Jordan reminded her that she'd done well on GC Buzz.

Phyllis lounged in bed and watched Billy get dressed. She suggested lunch. He kissed her and told her he had to focus today. He said Victoria would kill him if he screwed up the shoot. Billy told Phyllis not to let Victoria find out she was in L.A. She agreed.

Down in the hotel lobby, Victoria wondered where Billy was. She called his phone and asked if she needed to drag him out of bed. Just then, Billy exited the elevator and made up an excuse about oversleeping. Victoria told him she'd talked to the kids and they were excited about the zoo. She was glad that they were taking a family trip, but Billy said he wanted to focus on today first.

Hilary was on the rooftop bar. She grumbled when she saw Lily's billboard. Hilary told Howard that they had to scramble to get another interview. Howard admitted he wasn't surprised that the teen internet star had canceled on Hilary's Wisconsin based show. Hilary insisted that he face would be on a billboard bigger than Lily's one day. Howard thought it was weird how things worked out – Devon bought the show from Howard, then Hilary left Devon, and now she'd hired Howard as her producer. Hilary was excited when she noticed Julie Chen, host of The Talk, up on the rooftop. Hilary thought of Julie as her journalistic hero, but she vowed to play it cool. Hilary approached Julie and introduced herself as the host of the Hilary Hour. Julie hadn't heard of it. Hilary stated that it was a nationally syndicated show that was gaining popularity, thanks in part to Julie. Hilary explained that she'd followed Julie's career and patterned her show on Julie's example. Julie was flattered. Hilary acknowledged that Julie was busy, but she asked to do a piece with her. Julie apologetically told Hilary that such a request had to go through the proper channels. Hilary persevered, but Julie said turned her down. Hilary was disappointed, and Julie invited her to come to the set of Talk to check things out. Hilary accepted.

Hilary went back to Howard. He realized from Hilary's fake smile that Julie turned her down, but Hilary was determined to score an interview with Julie. Hilary recognized Phyllis, who was relaxing on a lounge chair. Hilary went over, and Phyllis pretended she was there for vacation. Hilary marveled that it was a coincidence that Phyllis just happened to end up at the same hotel as so many people from Genoa City. Phyllis acted like this was the case, until she noticed Hilary's disbelieving expression. Phyllis asked Hilary not to tell anyone she saw her there. Hilary noted that this would mean Phyllis owed her. Phyllis agreed, and she said it was for Billy. Phyllis explained that everyone knew she was with Billy, but they still wanted to tar and feather her. Hilary said she had an interview with Julie Chen, so she didn't have time to drag Phyllis through the mud. Hilary agreed to forget she saw Phyllis.

Dina arrived at Devon's penthouse. She gave him a something in a gift bag and thanked him for the invitation. Dina was pleased that Devon and Neil agreed to her terms that she remain on the board of Mergeron Enterprises. She was ready to sign the papers, so Neil called Michael. Devon proposed that they throw an extravagant party to announce the acquisition, but Dina said no, because she knew some people wouldn't approve. Devon assumed she was talking about her family. Dina said that her family was her main priority. Dina admitted she'd gone to see them, and it didn't go well, but she wasn't surprised about that. Devon said that Abby was one of his best friends and that Neil was close to Jack. He told her that the Abbotts were good people, and he urged her not to give up. Dina admired his optimism. She said she didn't want to cheat him out of his moment, but she was afraid her family would take it the wrong way. Devon had an idea.

Devon, Neil and Dina headed to the set of GC Buzz. Dina told Mariah that Devon said she sometimes talked directly to the audience. Mariah assured Dina that the show had an easygoing vibe and that guests were free to get personal if they chose. Dina was hesitant until Neil told her that Jack was friends with the owner of the show. She asked if her children and granddaughter watched. Devon knew Abby was an avid viewer, and he knew Jack watched on occasion. Dina was adamant that she wouldn't allow herself to be manipulated on air. Mariah told her she wouldn't be. Devon stated that Mariah had an amazing heart. He added that Mariah had helped a woman reunite with her estranged family on the Thanksgiving episode. Mariah said it wasn't a big deal, and Dina advised her not to minimize her achievements. Dina agreed to do the show, on the condition that the segment was about Devon and not her. Mariah took Devon aside. She was grateful that he brought this to her, but she knew they'd have to get Hilary's approval.

Mariah called Hilary and told her that Dina wanted to announce the sale of her company on the show. Hilary was elated and told Mariah to put her on the schedule. Mariah explained that Dina had been a hard sell, and she'd probably be going back to Paris soon. Hilary's mood shifted when she realized Mariah was going to do the interview. Hilary asked how Mariah got this offer. Mariah revealed that Hamilton-Winters was buying Dina's company. “So this is all about your new boyfriend,” Hilary snapped. Hilary asked if Mariah expected her to go along with this.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack had tears in his eyes. He held a picture of himself with Dina when he was a little boy. Ashley walked in. She saw the photo and assumed Mrs. Martinez told him Dina came by. Jack said he saw her at the Club, with her new man. Ashley didn't realize Dina had a boyfriend. Jack didn't know why she was surprised. Ashley just assumed, because Dina had been by herself when she came to the house. Ashley guessed that the man was much younger, slightly attractive and without any discernible career of his own. Jack said she was right about the first two and probably on target with her third guess. Jack added that he found Dina and Graham with Gloria. “An impromptu reunion of dad's ex-wives. All that was missing was Jill,” Jack said.

Jack thought they should let Traci know their mom was back, but Ashley didn't see the point because she didn't think Dina would go to NY to visit her. Jack revealed that Dina said she wanted to spend time with her family. He figured that Dina would want to meet Abby. Ashley spat that Dina's wants were irrelevant. She said she'd already warned Abby about her. Jack wondered if Abby wasn't curious. Ashley demanded to know why this was about her child? Why wasn't Dina trying to meet Jack's children? Jack pointed out that his children weren't in Genoa City. Ashley angrily pointed out that Dina didn't even ask Ashley about Traci. Jack admitted she didn't ask him about Traci either. Jack didn't think it was a big deal though, because Dina was jetlagged. Ashley accused him of making excuses for Dina. Jack accused Ashley of trying to send Dina out of their lives. Ashley countered that Dina had been out of their lives for decades. Jack didn't see any reason to make Dina feel unwelcome, but Ashley argued that it was exactly what they should do. Jack shifted gears and wondered why Dina chose to sell to Devon and Neil. He noted that she had her choice of international buyers, but she picked a Genoa City based company. Ashley just wanted to forget Dina came back into their lives. Later, Jack found Ashley staring at the picture of him and Dina. He said he was sure there was a picture of Ashley with their mother somewhere around here. Ashley said it would've been taken when Ashley was too young to know better. Ashley admitted that Dina looked almost maternal in the photo. Jack said that Dina wasn't a total monster, but Ashley said she didn't care about Dina. Gloria texted Jack and told him to turn on GC Buzz. He did, and they watched Mariah introduce Dina and Devon.

On GC Buzz, Devon announced Hamilton-Winters' acquisition of Mergeron Enterprises. Mariah said that while many viewers were familiar with Dina's company, they might not be aware that it dabbled in everything from ship building to microchips to music streaming. Dina said that she was proud of what they did and of their broad scope. Mariah asked why Dina was selling her husband's life's work. Dina said that when you run such a company, you become conscious of your legacy. She said that she made these changes because of family. Mariah asked why she chose Hamilton-Winters. Dina said it was because Devon was the grandson of her dear friend, Katherine. Devon added that Katherine was smiling down on them. Dina felt that Katherine was fortunate to find Devon, even if it was so late in her life. Dina remarked that anything was possible – you could correct mistakes and reestablish a relationship with your family. Ashley clapped and sarcastically praised Dina, then she turned off the television.

Back in L.A., Hilary rushed onto the set of the Talk, after filming, and was dejected to find it empty. Hilary perked up when she saw Julie. Hilary introduced Julie to Howard and they chatted. Hilary asked for an interview again, and Julie said she was sorry, but she was busy. Hilary made a passionate speech, which touched on specific points in Julie's career. Hilary knew that Julie started as an intern, who worked long hours on the morning news and had overcome adversity to become a success. Julie seemed impressed, and Hilary asked for ten minutes. Julie eventually agreed to give Hilary five minutes. The interview started. Hilary noted that Julie had often been told that she'd never succeed, and she asked what motivated her to keep going. Julie said that she'd been driven to prove the naysayers wrong. Hilary mentioned that she had a co-host, who was more of a sidekick, who was difficult to get along with. Hilary asked if the claws came out on The Talk, once the filming ended. Julie said that she and the other ladies were truly friends and that their chemistry couldn't be faked. Julie had advice for Hilary - things might go more smoothly if Hilary made her sidekick a co-host and included her in the process. After the interview, Hilary thanked Julie for helping out her show. Julie found Hilary to be very determined and predicted that she'd have a bright future in the business. Julie asked Hilary to let her know when the segment aired, then she left. Hilary was thrilled.

Back on the set, Victoria and Billy personally escorted the hockey players to the set and introduced them to Cane and Juliet. Juliet took the players to meet Lily. Billy chided Cane for trying to send a PA to escort the players. Cane said he had to because Billy was late. Billy countered that he was right on time. Victoria groaned over the bickering, then she asked if they were on schedule. Cane said yes, because he took care of it. The players returned and they were curious about who thought of the idea to partner with the league. Victoria gave Billy credit. Juliet asked Jordan and Jesse to accompany the players to wardrobe. After Jordan, Jesse and the player left, Juliet let Cane, Victoria and Billy know that the league wanted to preview the footage of the players and approve the video that Brash and Sassy posted on the website. Cane, Billy and Victoria all said they understood.

After rehearsal, Juliet and Victoria kept Lily company while she was in makeup. Lily was relieved because her nerves had calmed as soon as they started practicing. Victoria called her a natural. Juliet was attracted to Riley, one of the players. Lily offered to find out if he was single. Juliet didn't want to be unprofessional, but Victoria said there was nothing wrong with a bit of harmless flirting. Meanwhile, Cane and Billy chatted with the players, as Jesse filmed. The players thought Lily was hot, and Cane said that as her husband, he agreed. Billy asked them about the hockey finals, and he mentioned that Vegas had 2-1 odds on one of the teams. The players both told him to place bets for them. Then they made it clear that they were only joking.

Later, after the commercial was filmed, Lily told Juliet that Riley had a girlfriend. Juliet sighed that she was always attracted to unavailable men. Cane praised Lily's work. She wanted to celebrate, but he said he had to get the footage cut and approved by the league. They kissed, and he walked away. Jordan came over and told Lily she'd been great. Victoria and Billy walked over. Victoria thanked everyone and began to talk about everything Billy did. Billy said it was a group effort. Jordan and Lily left, and Victoria suggested that she and Billy have drinks. At first, Billy said he was too tired, but Victoria talked him into it. They decided to meet at the rooftop bar.

Cane watched the video Jesse filmed. Cane instructed Jesse to include the part where the players said they wanted to bet on the game, but to delete the part where they said it was a joke. Jesse pointed out it would take their words out of context. Cane said that was exactly what he needed. He pulled out a roll of cash and gave it to Jesse.

Billy returned to his hotel room and stated that it wasn't his fault, but... He trailed off when he realized Phyllis wasn't there. Meanwhile, Phyllis was still up on the roof, doing something on her laptop. Victoria arrived, but the women didn't notice each other.

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