Tuesday Y&R Update 5/16/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 5/16/17


Written by Christine

In L.A., Hilary finished a phone call. Jordan joined her in the hotel lobby, and Hilary told him that all of her celebrity interviews had been scheduled. Hilary said she owed it all to Howard Green, the first owner of GC Buzz. He'd moved to L.A., and he made a lot of connections, so she'd hired him. According to Hilary, Howard thought she'd do well if she moved to L.A. Hilary loved the energy of the city – people were breaking new ground and following their dreams. Jordan asked if she was thinking of moving.

Phyllis, disguised in a head scarf and glasses, arrived at the hotel where everyone in L.A. was staying. Anthony, the person manning the front desk, asked if she had a reservation, and she said that the room was booked in her husband, Billy Abbott's room. She requested a room key, but Anthony told her it was against hotel policy to give a key to an unregistered guest. Phyllis produced a business card with the name Phyllis Abbott, as proof that she was married to Billy, and she pretended it was her anniversary. Anthony told her that he couldn't give her the key without Billy's approval. Phyllis tried a different tack, complimenting Anthony on the job he was doing, but he told her that he still wasn't giving her the key. Phyllis spotted Juliet, and she quickly opened a map to hide behind. After Juliet left, Anthony asked Phyllis why she'd hidden from her. Phyllis explained that Juliet was her husband's colleague and she didn't want Juliet to tell him Phyllis was here and ruin the surprise. Anthony realized Phyllis wasn't going away, so he gave her Billy's room number and said it was up to him whether or not to let her in. Phyllis thanked him, then she rushed up to Billy's room. A housekeeper had conveniently left the door open, and Phyllis slipped in while the woman's back was turned.

Up on the hotel roof, Hilary noted that her marriage was over, so nothing was holding her in Genoa City, except Jordan. Hilary asked if he'd miss her if she moved. Jordan said he would, but he also believed she'd do well in L.A. She asked if that meant he wasn't the jealous, possessive type, and Jordan said he wasn't. He said that he hoped she'd remember the little people who helped her get there when she got her network show and Bel Air estate. “Who are you?,” Hilary teased. Jordan kissed her. Hilary said that she came on the trip to take her show to the next level, and if it succeeded, it would be because of her. Jordan mentioned that there was a Vietnamese restaurant he wanted to take Hilary to. Juliet appeared, and Jordan told her that Lily's fans loved the photo he took of Juliet and Lily and put on the website. Hilary looked at it and thought it looked like Juliet and Lily were having a blast. Juliet said they'd become good chums. Hilary mentioned that Cane and Juliet looked friendly. Juliet explained that they bonded in Tokyo, and Cane encouraged Victoria to hire her. Hilary wondered what Juliet did to impress him, and Juliet said she was just good at her job.

At the hotel, Cane told Lily that he was taking her to the most beautiful restaurant he'd ever seen, although it paled in comparison to Lily. Later, they sipped champagne as they were driven back to the hotel. They'd had a wonderful time on their date. Cane told Lily that the commercial could make her a superstar. She said it was just a commercial, and while she hoped it was a success, she assured Cane that he and the kids would always come first. Cane told Lily he was proud of her, and they kissed. They returned to the hotel and were going to get a nightcap, but Lily changed her mind when she saw Jordan and Hilary. Jordan hated seeing two of his favorite people at odds, and he asked if they could be civil. Hilary said she'd like that, and she wished them both nothing but the best tomorrow. Hilary made small-talk about how well Cane got along with Juliet and how proud he must be of Lily. Lily said that she was proud of Cane too, for being a team player.

On the rooftop, Billy declined Victoria's offer of more wine. He admitted he was nervous about the shoot, but Victoria was at ease. She gave Billy a pep talk. Billy said he couldn't relax until it was over, but Victoria urged him to enjoy this perfect evening. She reminisced about the last time they were in town, when he was trying to sell Restless Style. They'd nearly been arrested when they inadvertently trespassed. Billy recalled that Victoria had convinced him to swim in a beautiful pool, not realizing it wasn't part of the hotel. Victoria said that if she'd known it was private property, she would've insisted that they not swim there. Billy said he could always count on her to remind him of the rules. Later, Billy suggested that they split a dessert, but Victoria said she was going to go back to her room. Billy asked if she was okay. Victoria wished Billy didn't think she always had to follow the rules. Billy said it was a joke. He said he admired how organized and practical she was. Victoria sarcastically grumbled that those were fun and attractive traits, but Billy swore he found them attractive. Victoria said she always thought they clicked because she kept him focused and he brought out her fun side. Billy assured Victoria that he knew how wild and crazy she could get. Victoria said that no uptight person would get drunk on rum and marry Billy. Billy added that an uptight person also wouldn't get a tattoo or side with Billy against Victor. Victoria said that if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn't change a thing. Billy agreed with her. Billy and Victoria walked through the hotel. He stopped at his room and offered to walk Victoria to hers. She said it wasn't necessary, since she was just down the hall. She confessed that she'd booked the trip to San Diego for them and the kids. Billy thought it would be fun, and he decided that they should go on the trip. Victoria said she'd call Hannah. She told Billy that he'd do great tomorrow, and he thanked her for everything. Billy went into his room and found Phyllis waiting for him in bed.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley dodged Dina's hug and asked what she was doing there. Dina explained that the housekeeper let her in. Dina observed that Ashley was glowing, and she assumed that it was due to a special man. Ashley coolly said that she wasn't in a serious relationship. Ashley mentioned hearing that Dina was selling her company to Neil and Devon. Dina revealed that she was in town to finalize the sale. Ashley hoped that Dina wouldn't be in town for long. Dina said she'd like to stay and catch up with her kids, but Ashley said she and Jack were too busy running Jabot. Dina had heard about the brilliant things Jack and Ashley had done with the company. Ashley was surprised Dina kept tabs. Dina admitted that she always had, and she thought John would be proud. Ashley spat that Dina never gave a damn about his opinion before. Dina noted that Ashley was still holding onto Dina's failings. Ashley said she never thought about Dina, except as an example of what not to do. Ashley added that she'd promised John on his deathbed that she wouldn't repeat Dina's mistakes. Ashley noted that Dina had been conveniently absent when he was dying. Dina said she wouldn't waste any more of Ashley's time. She wished Ashley well and asked that Ashley to give her love to Jack and Traci,. After Dina left, Ashley quietly wept.

At Jabot, Gloria told Jack about his upcoming work schedule. She started to leave, and he asked why the rush – hot date? Gloria coldly told him it was none of his business. Noting that they hadn't been together in weeks, Gloria assumed that Jack wasn't interested in continuing their arrangement now that it was out in the open. She thought he was embarrassed to be with her. Jack admitted he'd been mortified the first time. Gloria had felt the same way, until she realized there was another side to Jack. She had hoped he'd see her differently too. Jack told her he'd been surprised by the way she handled things with Kevin and Bella. He assured her that he wasn't embarrassed by her and apologized for giving her that impression. Gloria told Jack that she'd be at the Club if he wanted to make it up to her.

At the Athletic Club, Graham told Dina that the suite was ready. Dina got a phone call, so Graham went to the bar and took the stool next to Gloria's. Gloria introduced herself and noted that he was new in town. Graham asked how she knew, and Gloria flirtatiously said that if he'd been in town for awhile, she would've spotted him a long time ago. Graham replied that he was visiting from Paris. Dina arrived and took the seat next to Graham. Jack walked into the Club and was caught off guard to see Dina. Dina was overjoyed to see her son and she gave him a hug. Jack admitted he'd heard she was in town, but he wasn't sure he'd get to see her. Dina explained that she'd looked for him at the house and ran into Ashley instead. Jack asked how it went, and Dina said it went as expected. She introduced Graham, as her companion. Jack shook Graham's hand and mused that Dina was nothing if not consistent. Gloria cleared her throat and Jack introduced her to Dina. Gloria extended her hand, but Dina didn't reciprocate. Dina recalled that Gloria had once been married to Dina's ex, John. Gloria confirmed that she had been, until John's premature death. Jack stated that Gloria had been dedicated to his father, and now she worked for Jack at Jabot. Gloria noted that she'd seen Dina once, in passing, and apologized for not recognizing her earlier. Dina said it was fine, and she added that women always noticed Graham first. Gloria excused herself and left. Jack assumed that Dina would be leaving town as soon as she'd concluded her business, but Dina said she'd like to spend a few days visiting her family. Jack was surprised, since she'd been eager to keep her last visit as short as possible. Dina said that was then. She hoped they'd be able to catch up. Jack suggested that they do it now, but Dina explained that she was jet lagged and needed to rest. She asked his permission to call him tomorrow, and he said yes. Dina and Graham left, and Jack's eyes filled with tears. Gloria sent a text that the bed was getting cold. Jack asked for a rain check.

At the police station, Sharon noticed Scott talking with his Aunt Christine, and she went over to say hi. Scott asked how the shift went, then he informed Chris that Sharon was volunteering at the Crisis Center there in the building. Sharon said it was intense, but she loved it. Chris agreed. She'd worked there in the past, and she said it was difficult, but rewarding. Sharon said after taking calls, she realized that she didn't really have problems. Sharon asked if Scott was ready, and Chris said she needed to talk with him first. Sharon stepped outside. Chris asked what was going on with him and Sharon, but Scott refused to give her an explanation. Chris noted that Sharon was just out of a marriage, and Scott said he knew. Chris was curious to hear how Sharon explained the split. Scott said that Sharon said her marriage ended over trust issues. Scott knew what Chris wanted to talk about, and he said he wouldn't take any more Intel assignments, because Victor hired him as senior V.P. of special projects. Chris didn't understand why Scott took a desk job, and he said he owed Victor. Chris showed him some photos, hoping they'd convince him to work for her. Scott called them gruesome, and Chris told him that these women were the lucky ones. They were victims of sex trafficking that was taking place in the Midwest. Chris explained that she needed more evidence to break up the ring. Scott wished her luck, but he told her he was the wrong man. He noted that he blew his last assignment, got kidnapped and put a lot of people in danger.

Tessa and Noah entered the Club. She was impressed with the restaurant, but she admitted she would've been happy with a drive through. Noah told her that she deserved to go somewhere nice. Tessa admired her fancy salad and promised not to embarrass Noah by taking a picture or using the wrong utensil. She teased Noah by grabbing a spoon for her salad. Tessa assumed Noah felt at home there, but Noah said he preferred dive bars. Skeptical, Tessa guessed that he brought his last date there. Noah said that he had, right before she told him the engagement was off. Tessa spotted Sharon and Scott dining across the room. She thought it would make Noah uncomfortable to see his mom on a date with someone who wasn't his dad, but he said he was glad Sharon was having a good time. Later, Noah finished a story about his past. He thought it was good that Marissa was in Spain with her daughter. Noah asked about Tessa's past. She explained that she was born in Chicago, but her family moved a lot. Tessa said that she left at 17 and didn't look back. She had been on her way to L.A. when she ran out of money in Genoa City. Noah asked if she kept in touch with anyone from her past, and Tessa said she was in contact with her younger sister.

Sharon stated that Scott seemed preoccupied. He said it was because her son and his date kept awkwardly looking over at them. Sharon noticed too, but she'd decided not to go say hi, because she didn't want to embarrass Noah. Sharon added that Scott had been quiet on the ride to the Club. She wondered if his conversation with Chris was troubling him. Scott explained that Chris had asked him for his opinion on a case. Sharon was surprised because Scott was a journalist, not a cop, but Scott said that Chris knew he was good at research. Scott asked Sharon about her work at the hotline, and she said she enjoyed being able to help. Scott said that from the moment they met, he could tell she was genuine and empathetic. Sharon hoped to make a difference one day, like Scott had. Scott admitted that he'd made his share of mistakes. Sharon asked how, and Scott said he'd let his guard down when he shouldn't have.

Sharon was concerned that her question had made Scott uncomfortable, but Scott was glad she'd asked because he'd been debating on whether or not to tell her something. Sharon was sure it was about Chris. Scott asked how she figured it out. Sharon said she could usually tell when someone was fudging the truth, because she used to be an expert liar. Scott said that he used to make a career out of lying. Sharon asked if his articles were lies. Scott assured her that they were all real, but he admitted he used to live a double life. He said he wanted to confide in Sharon because he cared about her. Scott explained that he was living in London, working for a British news organization, when he started covering the Middle East. Sharon asked why the Middle East, and Scott said it was because of his other career. He continued that he was recruited to work in intelligence – government work, analysis, translations, looking for assets and some field assignments. Sharon thought it sounded dangerous. Scott told her that he was no James Bond.

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