Monday Y&R Update 5/15/17

The Y&R Update Monday 5/15/17


Written by Christine

Ashley called Phyllis into Jack's office. Phyllis assumed that Billy told Ashley that he was back with Phyllis. Ashley clarified that Jack told her, and she theorized that Billy didn't say anything because he was ashamed of being with Phyllis. Phyllis pointed out that Billy and Phyllis told Jack together. Phyllis thought that Billy didn't come to Ashley because he wasn't in the mood for a lecture. Ashley made it clear that she didn't approve. Phyllis noted that she and Billy were adults, and Jack was okay with it. Ashley was adamant that Jack wasn't okay with it. She suspected that Phyllis didn't care how her relationship affected Jack, Victoria or Johnny and Katie. Phyllis refused to apologize for caring about Billy. She said that he deserved affection and respect. Phyllis added that Jack did, too.

Phyllis swore she'd loved Jack with all of her heart and that their wedding was the best day of her life. She blamed Victor for destroying their happiness. Phyllis insisted that she tried to fix her marriage, but it didn't work, and she and Jack moved on. A skeptical Ashley asked if Phyllis thought she had a future with Billy. Phyllis admitted there were no guarantees, but she felt that what they had was worth fighting for. Phyllis accused Ashley of being self-righteous and judgmental. Phyllis challenged Ashley to think of the last time that she'd felt a legitimate connection to someone or took a risk to be with someone who could make her happy. Phyllis snapped that Ashley was unwilling to admit that she wanted to be more than friends with Ravi, but she criticized Phyllis for being capable of love. Ashley hoped that when she got into a relationship, it was real, instead of the fantasy that Phyllis was living in with Billy. Ashley accused Phyllis of being obsessed with Billy and pointedly noted that he was in L.A. with his ex wife. Phyllis was adamant that Billy was coming home to her and that Ashley was going to have to accept it. Phyllis stormed out. Phyllis had a series of flashbacks. She remembered Billy telling her that they were going to be together, she recalled accusing Billy of using her to get back at Victoria. Next, Phyllis remembered spying on Billy and Victoria and watching them hug, then Victoria telling Phyllis that she and Billy were going to have a memorable trip to L.A.

Abby dropped in to visit Ashley. Abby marveled that Ashley had become a great mother, despite lacking a role model. Ashley wondered why Abby was rehashing the topic. Abby confessed to calling her grandmother. Abby explained that she wanted to hear Dina's voice, but she wasn't ready to introduce herself, so she said she was calling from Newman about the sale of Mergeron Enterprises. Abby admitted that she made the call partially to impress Victor, but she now realized it was wrong to call Dina behind Ashley's back. Abby said she'd envisioned healing the family while making a business deal. Ashley asked how the conversation went. Abby said that Dina was cold, and she hung up on her. Ashley said that was why she never introduced Abby to Dina. Abby pointed out that Dina didn't know who she was, but Ashley didn't think that would've made a difference. Abby mentioned that Dina liked the company she was currently in talks with. Ashley revealed that it was the Hamilton-Winters Group. Ashley thought Dina was stringing Devon and Neil along for her own amusement and that she had no intention of selling them the company. Ashley left work and went to the Abbott mansion looking for Jack. She looked displeased to find Dina in the living room. Dina stated that it had been far too long.

In Los Angeles, Victoria spoke to someone at the hotel front desk, then she gave Billy and Juliet their room keys. Victoria was surprised that Billy was able to put things together so quickly. Billy admitted he was a little panicked when they had to move up the shoot date. Billy told Juliet that he had a bunch of assignments for her to do. Victoria felt entitled to some rest and relaxation since she'd worked on the plane ride, but Billy told her that they had too much to do. Cane, Lily and Jordan were on the hotel balcony. Lily admired the view of the Hollywood sign, while Jordan and Cane enjoyed the warm weather. Lily was ecstatic when she saw her ad for Dare on a billboard. Jordan went to take some stills of the city. Lily praised Cane for being professional in his interactions with Billy. Cane said he'd expressed concerns, but he wanted to make sure the trip was worthy of his beautiful wife. Cane and Lily kissed. Cane looked over Lily's shoulder and saw Billy and Juliet. Later, Juliet, Cane, Billy, Victoria had their meeting with Caille, the director. Caille left, and everyone was optimistic about her. Billy was surprised when Cane admitted that they were right to move up the shoot in order to work with her. Cane offered to handle the behind the scenes footage for the video for the website. Billy countered that it wasn't Cane's arena, but Cane said it was just taking a cameraman and telling him to shoot things. He said he wanted to make Lily and the company look good.

Jordan snapped some pictures of Lily in front of her billboard. She worried that it was overkill to take pictures of her in front of a picture of her, but Jordan assured her that people would love it. Later, Victoria glanced over at Billy while she worked. Lily looked over her lines as Juliet assured her that she'd be a natural. Cane watched, from across the balcony, as Lily and Juliet said that they appreciated each other as friends. Jordan walked over and took a few pictures of Lily and Juliet. Juliet was bashful, but Lily encouraged her to get into the impromptu shoot. Billy came over and announced that the pictures were going on the website. Elsewhere on the balcony, Cane told Victoria that he'd found a cameraman to film and edit the footage. Cane had the idea to have the camera crew follow Billy around. Victoria was impressed with Cane's willingness to let Billy have the spotlight. Cane said he got his airtime on the GC Buzz set and it was Billy's turn.

Cane told Lily that he wanted to make the trip special for her. They sipped champagne, and he revealed that he was going to take her out on the town. Cane left to take a call. Billy and Juliet worked together, then she decided to go up to her room so she could work without distractions. After Juliet left, Victoria joined Billy. He gave her all the credit, noting that she took Brash and Sassy back and now it was flourishing. Billy admitted he'd been a jerk earlier, when he told her there was no time for fun. Victoria confessed that it was fun to be the laid back one and watch Billy fixate on the details. Billy showed Victoria his schedule, and she realized he hadn't set aside time for a meal. She insisted that he eat, then she went to get them a table.

Hilary arrived in the hotel lobby, and she called someone to confirm that her interviews had been set up. She also instructed the person to arrange meetings with top level television executives. She said she wanted this trip to put her on the map. Jordan sneaked away to meet Hilary. They shared a kiss, then they headed up to their hotel room. Later, Hilary went up to the balcony and was dismayed to see Lily's face on a billboard. Lily spotted Hilary and demanded to know what she was doing there. Hilary said that she was going to be doing some segments for her show, and she hoped Lily wouldn't have a problem with that. Jordan joined Hilary and said he and Hilary were here to work and have fun, like everyone else. Jordan asked if he and Lily were okay. She said yes, but she made it clear that she didn't want Hilary on set for the commercial. Meanwhile, Cane asked the cameraman to shadow Billy and film every single second. Billy called Phyllis and told her about the hotel deck's view. Phyllis overheard Victoria tell Billy that she got them a table. Billy told Phyllis he had to go, but he'd call as soon as he could. Phyllis looked troubled.

Devon met with Neil and Michael at Devon's penthouse. Michael revealed that Dina accepted the counter-offer. Neil said she should have, since she was getting substantially more than they originally offered. Devon assumed that they'd reached a deal, but Michael revealed that Dina had a list of extensive demands. Among other things, Dina wanted a seat on the Mergeron board and a consultant title. Devon wondered why Dina didn't tell them these demands up front, but Neil wasn't surprised by what she was asking, because she'd put thirty years into the company. Michael warned them that Dina was known to be unpredictable and that she might cause problems once she was on the board. Devon thought he was okay with all of her stipulations. He thought she might be an asset on the board, since she knew the company. Neil predicted that she'd annoy them at times, but he still thought Devon was right. Neil told Devon that this was the beginning of the Hamilton-Winters dynasty. After the paperwork was signed, Michael and Neil left. Abby arrived. She congratulated Devon on his company and said Katherine would be proud. Abby asked if Dina asked about the Abbotts, and Devon said that she didn't. Abby admitted that she'd never met Dina. Abby said that Ashley had been trying to protect her, but Abby also thought Ashley had been trying to protect herself. Abby acknowledged that Dina had negative qualities, but she noted that John loved her enough to have three children with her. Abby asked Devon what Dina was like. Devon found Dina to be powerful, elegant and graceful. Devon admitted that she was tough and intimidating, but he thought she might be different in her personal life.

Nikki was pleasantly surprised when Noah arrived at the main house. She suspected that he wasn't there to see her. Noah admitted he'd come to check on Tessa. He explained that some creep had accosted her at the Club. Noah said that when he found them, the man was on the floor and Tessa was shaking. Nikki was glad Tessa was able to fend for herself and that she was okay. Noah thought Tessa seemed traumatized. He said he offered Tessa a ride home, but she refused. Tessa walked in and apologized for slacking off. Nikki assured her that everyone needed sleep. Nikki said she wished she'd known what happened to Tessa last night. Tessa swore she was fine. Nikki thought Tessa should eat. Tessa was going to eat a protein bar, but Nikki went to ask Cook to make Tessa a full breakfast. Tessa checked her phone and discovered that Noah had called her three times while she'd been sleeping. Noah explained that he wanted to check on her. Tessa admitted that she shouldn't have gone off on that guy, but she said it was a reaction to him getting in her space. Noah noted that she'd been shaking. Tessa blamed adrenaline. She grabbed Noah's hand and thanked him for his concern. Noah asked Tessa on a date tonight, and she agreed. Nikki returned with a platter of food, and Noah left. Nikki said she had Cook make a bit of everything. Tessa admitted she was uncomfortable with having people do things for her. Nikki assured Tessa that she deserved it. Nikki could tell that Tessa was tough and smart, but she also sensed that the altercation last night triggered something in Tessa. Nikki could relate since she learned at a young age that she had to depend on herself. Nikki revealed that she knew Tessa had been living out of her car. Tessa was upset. She asked if that was why Nikki asked her to move in. Tessa snapped that she didn't want Nikki's handouts or pity.

Tessa gathered her belongings and started toward the door. Nikki swore she invited Tessa to live there because they were friends. Nikki said she didn't look at Tessa with pity, but with awe. Nikki stated that Tessa was a strong, talented, and hardworking woman. Nikki said she wanted Tessa to have a safer, easier life. Tessa noted that offers for help usually came with strings attached. Nikki said there were strings attached – Reed needed his music lessons, Nikki needed help with the benefit, and she would also encourage Tessa to eat more. Nikki hoped Tessa could trust her someday, but Nikki's main concern was Tessa's safety. Tessa wept because Nikki was so nice. Nikki took her hand and assured her that she deserved it. Tessa admitted she was scared that she'd wake up one morning and all of this would be gone. Nikki promised that it wouldn't happen as long as Nikki was around.

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