Friday Y&R Update 5/12/17

The Y&R Update Friday 5/12/17


Written by Ellen

At her apartment, Phyllis unpacks a bag of Mexican takeout and one of baking ingredients.

Victoria won’t be able to stay for Reed’s open mic performance at the Underground. Billy calls from Brash & Sassy to report a problem with the commercial they’re to shoot in Los Angeles, but he has a solution. In the private office, Cane complains to Juliette about the cost of the commercial. Billy enters and tells them to pack their bags. They’re all leaving tonight. Victoria approved Billy’s idea. Billy meets Cane’s resistance. They need to strike now if they want to work with a big-time director, expense be damned.

At Sharon’s, she and Scott share their first kiss. Wow! He admits he’s been thinking about it for a long time. Full disclosure: Her divorce isn’t final yet. Sharon isn’t sending mixed signals; she’s just stating a fact. Scott is glad, because he’s eager to get to know her better. He senses she has a story to tell and his curiosity has nothing to do with his journalistic instinct. Whatever Scott might have heard, Sharon isn't a weak female in need of saving. The thought never crossed his mind, but he thinks she’d like to be heard.

Hilary and Mariah get into it again at the GC Buzz studio—the usual about the show, about Devon, and so on, until Jordan arrives. Mariah gives them privacy. Jordan is cool toward Hilary, which is understandable. She hasn’t been honest with him.

At the ranch, Nikki takes a pass on open mic night, even though Tessa promises not to drag her onstage. Tessa loves her room and thanks Nikki profusely for inviting her to stay. She’s worried about Victor’s reaction, but Nikki says he won’t be a problem. Still, Tessa is uncomfortable in her new surroundings and feels as though she should pitch in and help with chores or something. Nikki won’t hear of it. Tessa is her guest.

At the Underground, Victoria apologizes to Reed. He volunteers to take charge at home while she’s gone until he gets a clear picture of what it’s like to take care of his two younger siblings.

At Sharon’s: As a matter of fact, Sharon would like to vent about keeping up with her schoolwork and her volunteer work with the crisis hotline while running the coffeehouse and taking care of her daughter. He asked for her story, and there it is. Would he care to trade it in for a mystery prize? No mystery really: an invitation to open mic night at the Underground. He accepts.

Billy ducks into the office long enough to tell Juliette and Cane that travel arrangements have been made. Juliette asks Cane what’s bothering him. Is it her working so closely with Billy? No, Cane just has a bad feeling.

At GC Buzz: Hilary explains how she hid while Devon and Mariah made love in the penthouse. Jordan sympathizes. It explains her odd behavior. But, she says, it doesn’t excuse her for mistreating Jordan. It turns out divorce has been harder on her than she thought it would be. On the verge of tears, she wonders whether she was right to leave Devon. So now Jordan knows the truth: She’s not the strong woman she pretends to be. He thanks her for her honesty. She says she’s sorry. She’s trying, which is good enough for him. They kiss but can’t linger. Jordan is summoned to Brash & Sassy.

At the Underground, Sharon introduces Scott to Noah. Noah teases them a little and shows them to a cozy booth. Tessa arrives and without giving details says she got out of her previous living arrangement and moved into the ranch. On her way to the office to tune up, she’s harassed by a male patron.

At home, Phyllis follows along with a cooking video.

At Brash & Sassy: Lily is excited and a little nervous. Billy knows she’ll knock ’em dead. In the office, Cane tells Juliette his problem isn’t with her. It’s with Billy and Victoria. Lily walks in and senses tension. She asks what’s wrong.

Over drinks at the Underground, Scott ventures to ask a follow-up question regarding her rant earlier. What is her involvement with the crisis hotline? She did some work for course credit. He hopes that’s not the only reason. No, it’s actually a service she could have used at points in her life and she believes in giving back. He admires her.

Reed startles Tessa in the Underground office. They chat briefly about her move-in day at the ranch and the duet they plan to perform.

Again at Brash & Sassy: Juliette vaguely explains their troubles over the commercial and Lily is satisfied, for the time being. Jordan arrives and he and Juliette leave to select Lily’s wardrobe. Lily hangs back. Cane apologizes for giving her a hard time about doing the commercial. He knows it’s a big deal for her. She understands his issues with Billy, but he needs to dial back his aggression and play along. Cane still can’t get over Victoria’s solicitous behavior toward Billy after the way he humiliated her. Lily guesses Victoria accepted Billy’s proposal to go to LA in order to separate him from Phyllis.

Phyllis’s kitchen is a disaster area, but she manages to create a perfect soufflé.

Victoria pops in on her mom at the ranch and asks her to look in on the kids occasionally. Nikki wonders why Victoria didn’t delegate oversight of the commercial to someone else. That’s one of the benefits of being the boss. Victoria says she wants to show support for Billy’s project, but it’s obvious she wants more than that. Nikki is sorry for encouraging Victoria to lie to Billy. Not to worry. Victoria is still in the game.

At GC Buzz, Hilary gets a call from Jordan that lifts her spirits. Do tell, says Mariah. Jordan invited Hilary to LA, where she can interview Hollywood celebrities for the show. Mariah is excited about the prospect too until it becomes clear she’s not invited. Mariah will make the best of remaining in town, though. She and Devon plan to jet off somewhere for dinner this week. Hilary should enjoy her coach accommodations to Los Angeles.

At the ranch: Victoria blames her dad for her trouble with Billy but, as Nikki points out, Victoria and Billy remain connected through their children and their work. What does Phyllis have to offer? Victoria intends to make the most of her time with Billy in California. She’s flying the children out so that they can have a little family vacation.

At Brash & Sassy: Jordan presents Cane with a list of Billy’s proposed sites for the photo shoot. It’s doable, but in his professional opinion, it’s ambitious and could invite problems. Cane takes note. In the lab, Billy helps Juliette and Lily select clothes. He gets a text from Phyllis inviting him by for a tasty surprise and he can’t get out the door fast enough. Cane attempts to engage him about the cost and risk of doing the commercial in this hurry-up fashion, but Billy says the decision has been made. No guts, no glory—and no negotiation.

The Underground patron who sized up Tessa earlier becomes unruly during Tessa and Reed’s performance and then disappears. He turns up again as she returns to the office for her guitar case and assaults her. She fights back until Noah comes to her rescue.

Scott sees Sharon to her door. They had fun and will talk again. She suspects he has a dark secret or two of his own. They conclude they have a lot in common and kiss goodnight.

Billy is blown away by the spread Phyllis put out, including candles and wine. Unfortunately, he can’t stay. When she hears about the commercial project—his baby—she sends him off with her blessing. But the sound of the closing door causes her soufflé to fall and she hangs her head in disappointment.

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